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Chapter 13: ?Embarrassed

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When Timothy picked up her call, Penelope’s arrogant expression instantly turned pitiful. Her menacing tone also turned tender as she sobbed,” Timmy, someone’s bullying me…”

Then, she exaggerated what had happened.

Seeing this, the manager was astonished. It was such a shame that Penelope did not venture into the entertainment industry. Her acting skills were impressive.

After hanging up the call, Penelope smiled triumphantly. “Timmy will be here in a while. Just get ready to be fired!”

Then, she picked up the flower tea and sipped it.

Noticing how confident she looked, the manager became anxious. Penelope and Timothy were not of the same level. If Timothy actually showed up because of Penelope, his career would really come to an end…

About an hour later, an impeccably attired man strode in.

Penelope hurriedly put down the magazine she was reading. Next, she took out her powder and lipstick, swiftly reapplied her makeup. After that, she pulled her clothes, showing off her impressive bosom.

When she was done, she stood and walked out with a smile.

“Timmy…” she said as soon as she saw the man.

However, the person was not Timothy, but Timothy’s executive assistant, Ronald Crawford.

Penelope’s smile froze, and she asked, “Why are you here?”

Ronald raised his hand and pushed the glasses on his nose. Then, he spoke in a formal tone, “Ms. Schmidt, Mr. Barker is busy. I’ll handle your problem.”

Penelope wanted Timothy to be there. That way, everyone would know where she stood, yet in the end, he arranged for his assistant to come over. Would that not make her seem like she was a joke?

She could see from the corner of eye that the manager and salesperson were laughing at her.

Moreover, most debutantes in their circles visited this shop. Now that she embarrassed herself, the incident would surely reach everyone’s ears soon. When that happened, they would surely ridicule her!

Hence, she would never allow that to happen!

Penelope’s face instantly darkened, and she coldly said, “Mr. Crawford, I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle the matter today. Timmy must be here. If he doesn’t come, I won’t leave!”

After she said that, she showed a “figure it out yourself” expression. Then, she arrogantly turned around and walked into the VIP room.

Ronald frowned.

Penelope was rude and unreasonable. This was not the first time Timothy sent Ronald to handle her trivial matters. As an executive assistant, Ronald was annoyed that he had to do such things. Moreover, Penelope did not respect him at all.

In an instant, Ronald was angered by her attitude.

He really wanted to know what else could stump him, a senior executive assistant who graduated from Harvard University!

Then, Ronald walked toward the manager and asked, “Where’s the bracelet?”

The manager hurriedly took the bracelet out, politely showing it to Ronald. “Mr. Crawford, this is the bracelet.”

Ronald glanced at it, and his initial disapproving gaze froze. He blinked, then proceeded to take a closer look at the bracelet. After that, he carefully placed it back into the box.

It seemed that the arrogant lady was right. It was not something that she could handle.

Next, Ronald picked up his phone and called Timothy.

As soon as he finished the call, Ronald walked into the VIP room too and informed Penelope, “Ms. Schmidt, Mr. Barker is on his way over.”

Penelope smiled. “Good!!”

She was sure that Timmy adored her. Hence, he would not let her suffer any grievance. Nevertheless, once he was there, she not only wanted to fire the manager but all of the staff there too!

Everyone was initially at ease, but the call made them anxious again.

Timothy arrived not long after. About 40 minutes later, he walked into the shop.

The man’s figure was slender and tall, and he had a noble face. The angular jawline made him sexier. As soon as he appeared, everyone’s eyes unconsciously fell on him.

Penelope was elated, and she immediately rushed toward Timothy, acting wronged and pouting coquettishly. “Timmy, you’re finally here. I only want a jade bracelet, but the manager won’t sell it to me. He even said I don’t have the right to have it. You must help me.”

Timothy lowered his gaze, looking at her indifferently. Then, he turned to Ronald.

Ronald knowingly passed the box with the jade bracelet in it to Timothy. “Mr. Barker, please take a look.”

With just a glance, Timothy recognized the bracelet. It was his grandmother’s, and she gifted it to Samantha when she became her granddaughter-in-law.

It should be with Samantha, yet it was in this jewelry shop.

Timothy frowned, and his eyes were gloomy, causing everyone present to sweat cold sweats.

Mr. Barker was going to fly into a rage for a beautiful woman!

Only Penelope was staring at Timothy with a gaze full of love. Since he was willing to show up for her, no one would dare to disrespect her anymore!

Unexpectedly, the first thing Timothy did was not to question who was at fault. Instead, he asked, “How did you get the jade bracelet?”

The manager thought he was about to be reprimanded. Thus, he was stupefied when he heard Timothy’s question.

“Spill it!” Timothy ordered impatiently.

The manager was so scared that he immediately regained his senses. Even though he was puzzled, he still answered truthfully, “Mr. Barker, Ms. Larsson pawned the jade bracelet.

Indeed, she was willing to simply pawn such a meaningful jade bracelet for the sake of money.

Timothy’s eyes were fierce. Although his voice was calm, his aura was overbearing. “When did she do this?”

The manager replied, “The day before yesterday.”

The day before yesterday.?

The timeline caught Timothy off guard. He was dumbfounded, and he asked the manager again with uncertainty, “She pawned it two days ago?”

“Yes, Mr. Barker. I can show you the receipt.”

Then, the manager asked someone to take the receipt, and he politely presented it to Timothy.

The pawned date was clearly written on the piece of paper, and it was really two days ago.

Timothy had promised Samantha that he would pay Corey’s medical bill that day. However, he was angered by Samantha on their wedding night, so he did not ask anyone to transfer the money.

He wanted Samantha to know he was in control of this game!

Nonetheless, Timothy had been waiting for Samantha to admit her mistake that whole day. However, Ronald told him that Corey’s medical bills in arrears had been paid.

Samantha and the Larsson family could not fork out such an amount of money. Otherwise, they would not have plotted against him.

Therefore, where did the money come from?

Later, he received Zachary’s call, telling him that Samantha was fooling around with another man at Dark Room. At that time, he thought that the medical bill was paid by the money she got from accompanying other men.

That thought made him find her in a rage.

Could it be that the medical bill was paid by the money she got from pawning the jade bracelet? Hence, the matter that night was not as what he thought?

Timothy’s heart suddenly sank.. Did he misunderstand her?

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