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Chapter 10: Cuckolded

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When she said those words, Samantha could feel Timothy’s grip on her wrist increase as if he wanted to crush her bones.

It hurt so bad that her forehead started to sweat. Nonetheless, she gritted her teeth, not letting herself make any painful cries.

Men were indeed b*stards! Even though he did not love her, he did not let her violate his dignity.

All these years abroad, Samantha had long learned how to judge the situation and think twice before acting. This was to ensure she would not get herself in trouble nor let herself fall into an irremediable danger.

Hence, even though she was forced by her parents and Mason who purposely gave her trouble, she could still calmly handle them.

She knew well that nothing good would come out of being against Timothy. Similarly, if she provoked Timothy, the consequences would be terrible too.

She was well aware of this, but f*ck being calm!

Why should she be the only one who was hurt and heartbroken? Two years ago, he publicly broke off their marriage. Moreover, he left her with just a simple sentence saying that he was bored of her. Not only was he not feeling guilty, but he was also constantly misunderstanding her and spurting harsh words at her!

Since he was concerned about whether he was being cuckolded, then she would disgust him further! He made her so miserable, so she would do the same to him too!

Samantha smiled, and she looked very charming. “Mr. Barker, you wanted me to strip for you, yet you get angry when you see it. What’s the point?”

However, she felt that it was not hurtful enough, so she added, “We both know what’s the purpose for this marriage. You don’t regard me as your wife, and I don’t deem you as my husband either. I don’t interfere with you fooling around however you want. Hence, you should turn a blind eye with what I’m doing…”

“Samantha Larsson!” Timothy shouted her name, and it sounded so terrifying as if he was a messenger from hell. “I dare you to say that again!”

Samantha felt a chill running down her spine. Those gloomy eyes that stared at her made her tremble, and she suddenly felt timid.

Nonetheless, she suppressed it the next second, and she continued with a smile on her face. “Timothy, can’t you stand what I said? I’ll just be honest with you. Do you think Mason is the only man? You’re really looking down on me! When I was abroad for the past two years, I’ve messed around with countless men! You have beautiful ladies surrounding you, and I also have men queuing up for me. Furthermore, I’ll still look for more men after this! Timothy, if you don’t want to be cuckolded, then you should divorce me. Otherwise, I’ll keep bringing men to your villa and turn it into a brothel!”

After saying all that, the sadness in her heart slowly dissipated.

On the other hand, Timothy’s expression darkened, and veins were showing on his temple. His eyes were scarlet, and even his breathing was heavier.

Timothy was burning with rage.

“Amazing, Samantha! You’re really something else!” Timothy laughed but from anger. “You show your true colors when you can’t get any money from me! Once we divorce, you’ll find another wealthy man and extort him! Samantha, you’re such a greedy and scheming woman!”

As long as they could get a divorce and sever her relationship with him, Samantha did not care how Timothy thought of her. “Since you can see through it, then I have nothing else to say. Mr. Barker, I’m sure you don’t want to be entangled with a woman like me. It’s so degrading for you!”

What a sharp tongue.

Timothy had never seen this side of her. Samantha used to be so gentle and loveable when they were together back then. Hence, he reckoned that she was never sincere to him!

The murderous flame in his eyes reignited, and Timothy grabbed Samantha’s face forcefully. Then, his beautiful face inched closer to her as he uttered word by word, “Samantha, since you’re acting as if no man could satisfy you, let me do it!”

Samantha widened her eyes in surprise.

Knowing Timothy, he already hated her to the core. In addition to that, he had mysophobia. Samantha had said such horrible words, so he should be highly disgusted with her and never want to see her again. She did not see this coming at all.

Had Timothy gone mad from her provocation?

She subconsciously pushed him away forcefully, wanting to escape.

However, Timothy was quicker. He directly carried her on his shoulder and swiftly walked to the bedside. Then, he threw Samantha onto the large bed without mercy.

Next, the man’s tall figure pressed on her.

Then, he pressed her hands beside her cheeks, and she could not break free. The only thing she could do was to kick Timothy. As she had been learning Muay Thai for two years, she was no longer the delicate socialite she once was. Hence, she aimed at his vital part, ready to attack.

Nevertheless, Timothy had sharp eyes, and he dodged her kick, causing her to only hit his knee.

There was a hint of surprise in Timothy’s obsidian eyes. Then, there was a mix of playfulness and anger. “Samantha, just show all the tricks up your sleeves. I’d like to see how much you’ve grown in the past two years!”

The man was much stronger than her, and soon, Samantha was completely under his control, unable to move. Timothy laughed in contempt, and he lowered his body, violently kissing her with his thin lips.

Kissing? It was more like nibbling. It was as if he was getting his revenge on her for saying those irritating words.

Samantha turned her head, trying to dodge his kiss, but to no avail.

Timothy used to kiss her so gently and so lovingly—each kiss was moving. Now, it had turned into his method for tormenting her.

Samantha was angry and miserable. She bit his lips hard, and soon the taste of iron spread in their mouths.

Timothy was in pain, and he actually stopped in his act.

Looking at her from above and seeing her angry and resentful gaze, Timothy felt even more furious.

Samantha was all smiles with another man, throwing herself into their arms, yet when she was with him—her actual husband—she pretended to be a chaste woman who would rather die than give in to him.

Moreover, divorce was the only thing in her mind!

“Alright. You like to play it this way, right? I’ll join you!”

With a clunk, Timothy removed his belt, grabbed Samantha’s hands, and tied them.

Then, he pinched Samantha’s chin, making sure she could not bite him anymore.

Samantha was vexed. “You’re so shameless!”

“This is shameless?” Timothy snorted. “You should leave some energy for screaming later!”

After he said that, he rudely tore her clothes open.

Samantha was getting goosebumps all over, and she started to panic.

It seemed that Timothy would not let her go easily. However, she did not want to do such a thing with him, especially when he deliberately did this to humiliate her

Samantha closed her eyes and held back the tears. Then, she endured the pain and broke free from the belt.

She quietly touched the pocket of her trousers, grabbed the fine needle inside between her fingertips.

Since Timothy insisted on treating her this way, there was no point treating him so kindly! At worst, they would just end in mutual destruction!

He chose to be heartless, and she would do the same to him too!

Samantha opened her eyes and looked at the man in front of her. She held her breath and pursed her lips.. Then, she slowly raised her hand, and she immediately aimed the needle at Timothy’s neck!

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