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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 89: Saber Technique Reaches Ultimate Level!

Chapter 89: Saber Technique Reaches Ultimate Level!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The last sentence crushed Meng Chao’s hopes and determination like a hammer.

He had a vague feeling that he understood the difference between elite citizens and heroic citizens now.

It was not measured based on something that could be quantified, like speed, punching force, intellect, realms, amazing skills, spirit energy magnetic fields, or spirit magnetic field rotation energy.

Instead, it was a determination that could not be shaken or crushed.

He knew that it was impossible for him to convince Principal Sun, and he could sense the greedy and terrified gazes trained on them in the darkness.

The wolf pack did not run far, just as Principal Sun said.

The wolf king was watching them nearby. It had its papillae covered tongue out and was licking its sharp fangs. Its single eye shone with a greedy light.

But it was suppressed by Principal Sun’s spirit flames and did not dare to step into the area.

Meng Chao did not try to convince him anymore. He knelt down on one knee in front of the old principal and did some simple first aid on his wounds.

In truth, there was nothing he could do to treat him.

The old principal’s blood had long since flowed dry.

His withered nerves and dried up organs were serving as fuel for the flames right now. He looked just like a fearless teenager.

Meng Chao gulped down wolf blood and wolf meat. He had never longed for dawn to arrive so much.

Time passed bit by bit. Under Principal Sun’s protection, the examinees remained in their sitting stances and entered deep meditative states to recover.

Principal Sun became weaker as time passed. His heartbeat and breathing became quicker, and the spark in his eyes became dimmer.

But whenever the monsters howled nearby to test the waters and grew restless, the old principal grit his teeth and squeezed out the last bits of strength from his cells and the depths of his soul so that his “demon subduing poles” could release golden light that resembled sabers and intimidate the evil creatures in the dark.

He lasted for half an hour.

When a red ray of light that was as brilliant as fire appeared in the horizon and the golden rays of dawn finally arrived, the old man grunted and fell backwards.

Meng Chao caught him and discovered that his body was cold, but his arms were hot. It was as if he had poured all of his life into the “demon subduing poles”.

The old headmaster lay in his student’s arms and smiled in slight embarrassment.

It was as if he was saying “I’m sorry, it looks like this sack of old bags can’t last anymore.”

The brilliant spark in his eyes dimmed, and it looked like a cluster of stars had darkened.

Every time he sucked in a breath, a wound tore open, and more blood flowed out.

And every time he exhaled with great difficulty, pink bubbles gushed out of his nose.

Meng Chao did not grab his emergency health kit.

He understood that the old principal’s life had come to an end. He was just like a tree that had been struck by lightning. It released all the energy it had accumulated for hundreds of years to turn into flames that burned up to the heavens and lit up the wild, which was shrouded in shades of black and red.

“Meng Chao...”

As he lay dying, Principal Sun stared at the dark clouds and the sky above the bloody moon. His gaze seemed to penetrate the sea of stars and look far beyond them. In fact, he seemed to be seeing a time in the distant future.

The old principal finally shifted his gaze and glanced at his student with a smile before asking. “Say, do you think that the future Dragon City will be as prosperous as it is today?”

Meng Chao was slightly stunned.

He did not know whether Principal Sun had mentioned it by chance or whether he did it intentionally.

“Principal Sun, don’t worry. The future Dragon City will definitely be more prosperous than it is today!” Meng Chao said in a low but firm voice.

Principal Sun’s gradually dimming eyes shone with a light called hope.

“Then, will the children in the future live even more blessed lives than they do today? Will they not need to worry about imminent danger anymore? Will they not need to worry about being eaten by monsters at all times?” the old man asked with a face full of expectations.

Meng Chao hesitated for a moment before he nodded. “Yes, the children in the future will definitely live even more blessed lives than we do today!”

“That’s good,” Principal Sun mumbled. His eyes dimmed, but his smile grew brighter. “Then, in the future, will we conquer the Other World and return to Earth?”

When Meng Chao saw the old man looking as expectant as a child looking forward to a lollipop, he found himself unable to continue coming up with false stories.

“I’m sorry, Principal Sun, I-I don’t know whether we’ll conquer the Other World in the future. We...” His voice quivered as he spoke.

What could he say? Was he to say that he had a nightmare and that Dragon City perished during the apocalypse in his dream?

Or was he supposed to create a beautiful lie and say that Dragon City swept through the armies and was incredibly amazing?

Meng Chao said nothing. A deep feeling of powerlessness shrouded him.

“Silly boy...” Principal Sun let out a bark of laughter. He placed his palm, which still burned with spirit flames, gently on Meng Chao’s shoulder. His spirit tattoo shone once more on his arm. He burned the final bits of his spirit magnetic field rotation energy into his student’s right arm. “It’s fine even if you don’t conquer the Other World. It’ll be fine...”

His voice grew weaker. It was like a candle in the wind that would be snuffed out at any moment.

Meng Chao placed his ear near the old principal’s chest, and it was only then that he could hear the tremors in his chest. “It’ll be fine... as long as you’re not conquered by the Other World.”

When Meng Chao looked up, the old principal’s smile had already frozen on his face.

He held the old principal’s still burning palm and remained silent for a long time.

The Bloody Moon Wolf King appeared again, almost the moment Principal Sun stopped breathing and the smell of blood in the air grew stronger.

Wolf howls delighting in his demise rose from the depths of the forest. The wild creatures did not bother to hide their greedy and bloodshot eyes.

Principal Sun was right. The wolf pack had been patrolling the area and did not step away for even half a second.

If he had continued burning his life and being a pillar of fire that lit up the small area, Meng Chao and the others would have never lasted until dawn.

But even now, when Principal Sun’s body had stopped functioning, his spirit remained like an erupting volcano that crashed at the planet’s magnetic field. It surged together with the spirit energy in the world and turned into scattered sparks.

This light was like an invisible wall that separated humans from monsters.

Under the illumination of Principal Sun’s spirit, the Bloody Moon Wolf King crouched into a ball and hesitated.

The creature knew that Principal Sun was already dead.

But it could still sense a power coming out from the dead Principal Sun’s body. It was full of life and gushed out from him. It was a power that demanded respect.

It was as if the devastating “demon subduing poles” were still pulled back and could ram into its head.

The Bloody Moon Wolf King was badly injured. The dagger stuck in its spine touched its spinal cord, which made it stagger and limp.

The skull’s left side had also caved in. The wolf king suffered a major hemorrhage in its brain, which led to major pressure. A trickle of blood mixed with shattered bone continued flowing out of it.

The left eye had also completely popped out of its eye socket. It hung outside like a rotten grape. It was only connected to the eye socket with one pitiful nerve cord, and every time the wolf king shook its head, great pain seared through its body.

The pain made it angry and fearful. It could not tell whether it should retreat in dejection and lose all of its might, thereby forfeiting its position as the wolf king, or charge forward regardless of the cost, tear apart all the humans’ throats, and dig out all of their eyeballs so that they could experience the same things it did.

The terrifying old man was already dead, but the flames that gushed out from the depths of his mind reached out to the younger human who held him, which made the young human burn as well. Now, he released the same presence as the old man, and it was becoming increasingly terrifying.

The wolf king released a fierce howl at Meng Chao, and its right eye shone with a brutal and cunning light.

It swung its claw in the direction of the city.

It was as if it was saying “Run. Let go of that damn corpse and run to your shiny nest! I’ll spare you!”

Meng Chao understood what the Bloody Moon Wolf King meant.

Indeed. Right now, the wolf pack’s numbers were largely reduced, and practically all the Demonic Bloody Moon Wolves were covered in injuries.

It was impossible for the wolf king to launch a long hunt to catch all the humans.

But it needed to deliver an even bloodier and brutal kill to reestablish its might and retain its position as the leader.

Yet it was afraid. It did not dare to pounce on Meng Chao, because he was tough. He wanted to kill a few examinees and return to its nest to recuperate.

If Meng Chao turned around and left, he would most likely survive.

The lowest requirement for the Bloody Moon Massacre quest was to survive the encirclement of the wolves.

As long as Meng Chao could protect his life, he would get five thousand contribution points.

With his points, he would then have absolutely no problem in getting into university. Even if he did not enter the ace courses in the top universities, he could exchange his contribution points and push his studying efficiency to the limit. As long as he had enough cultivation resources, even if he drank just serums, he could still climb to the top regardless of what course he took.

Running was the most logical choice.

But “there are still humans who will risk everything even if they know that they will die. Even if all their bones are shattered, they will carry on with the task that they must do. There are people like that, don’t you agree?”

Meng Chao gently and solemnly put the old principal’s corpse down.

Something similar to a human smile appeared on the wolf king’s face. It seemed to be saying “That’s right, boy. That’s the right choice.”

Meng Chao smiled at it as well. Then, he grabbed his saber with the bent and chipped blade, which now resembled a chainsaw.

The wolf king’s smile froze. It felt like it had just been hit by the human.

“You want to spare me? But I don’t want to spare you!”

To hell with the quest, to hell with the contribution points, and to hell with university.

At that moment, Meng Chao only had one thought in his mind.

He wanted to take over the old principal’s “demon subduing poles” and pierce the wolf’s throat until his saber came out of its butt!

‘Push One Hundred Saber Techniques to the Ultimate Technique! DO IT!’

In the frenzied push that lasted for a month before the national college examination, Meng Chao had managed to gather more than five thousand contribution points.

And during the practical test, where he had been motivating and saving the students while also killing Demonic Bloody Moon Wolves, he had gathered nearly two thousand contribution points. His Skillfulness with the One Hundred Saber Techniques had also reached near Perfect Level.

At that moment, without even blinking, he poured all his contribution points into the One Hundred Saber Techniques, pushing this saber technique that countless Dragon Citizens used to hit insects, snakes, rats, ants, jackals, wolves, tigers, leopards, and all sorts of supernatural entities in the future to the max.

What was the meaning of ultimate?

Perfection meant that it was the limit of a skill. It was when every cell was perfect, and each action fit into the maxims of ergonomics and life sciences. Logically, there was no longer room for improvement.

But humans were not logical beings.

All rules could be broken.

When a skill was refined to the point of perfection, a person could channel their anger, hate, determination to protect something, will to survive, and resolution to take revenge into their saber and fists so they could deliver a fatal strike that made no logical sense.

That was what was meant by the Ultimate Level!

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