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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 84: The Battle Began One Month Ago

Chapter 84: The Battle Began One Month Ago

“Right now, you should understand why I fought in such a frenzy before, right?”

Meng Chao’s expression gradually turned solemn. His voice was like sticks striking a drum. It struck at the three elites’ eardrums moderately. “You should only give it your all when it’s necessary. Once you have accumulated enough capital, you can have the right to be calm and relaxed when you’re in danger and in trouble. You can then choose the best strategy.

“Information is the most important part of a battle. The true practical test did not begin a few hours ago. Instead, it has started the moment the index for the crippled and dead was announced around a month ago.

“From the moment the possibility of the crippled and dead increased by one fold, you should have known that the boss monsters this year would be fiercer than in the past years. It’s not a good idea to fight head-on against them. The key in winning is to get as many points from the small monsters and elite monsters to be certain of your advantage in terms of your rank.

“That’s why I started racking my brains when the time came for us to choose our weapons. I used hand grenades and flame bombs to preserve my stamina, and when it came to the Illusion Cats, I drained my stamina and even got injured. It might seem completely lunatic, but honestly, I was just avoiding having to fight head-on against the bosses.

“As for you, you’re searching for perfection too much. You seek elegance and not having a single speck of dust landing on you. You want to remain uninjured after a fierce fight, like rich young masters who shine in glory.

“Perhaps this is something you can achieve in school and in the virtual reality battlefields, but in a real battle, the loafing about and hesitation during the first part of the fight will just drive you into a corner, and you will sink into a dangerous situation that is ten times worse than the original one!”

Luo Hai, Fang Da, and Xie Feng shuddered. All of them were enlightened.

“Did you really start guessing what the bosses would be since a month ago and start planning your strategy?” Luo Hai asked in disbelief.

“That’s right. Since this is a fight that will change my destiny, I had to think about every detail.”

Meng Chao did not lie.

Even though he could see some blurry pictures based on the memory fragments from his previous life, the limitations were actually very high.

In his previous life, he did not join the practical test for university entrance. Instead, he went to the monster research center to join the practical test for postsecondary specialized colleges.

At that time, he had been very depressed, and his hidden injuries flared up. He could not even get into a higher vocational college, so how could he pay attention to the contents of the tests for university entrance?

Hence, he did not know that the bosses this time were Blade Shattering Pythons.

But when he thought about it carefully, if the higher ups wanted to increase the difficulty of the national college examination, they needed to bring high-grade monsters with high offensive powers. Yet they could not increase the death rate among examinees too high either, which was why the high-grade monsters could not be too aggressive. It would be the best if they were the type to not attack unless provoked.

Also, the high-grade monsters were not allowed to be able to kill instantly. The invigilators had to have enough time to save the examinees.

There were not many high-grade monsters who fulfilled all three criteria.

Meng Chao searched for dozens of monsters’ fighting styles, physiological parameters, weaknesses, and the best way to fight them. In a month, he thought about it carefully and came up with dozens of different strategies.

And the core of all his strategies was that he had to get as many points as possible at the start so that he would not lose later on.

After a moment, Luo Hai and Fang Da looked at him with respect.

Notifications popped at the corner of Meng Chao’s eyes.

[Normal citizen Luo Hai obtained your guidance, and his fighting experience increased. Increased contribution points by 15.

[Normal citizen Fang Da obtained your guidance, and his fighting experience increased. Increased contribution points by 13.]

Xie Feng still refused to admit that his logic was right. He gritted his teeth while feeling humiliated.

Meng Chao frowned a little. “Really, why am I looking for trouble on my own? I’m telling you practical fighting experience that money can’t buy. If those with brains think about it in all aspects, they might thank me, and they might be saved by this experience if they enter the depths of the fog in the future, but those who are petty will think that I am too conceited, and they’ll hate me to the core. Why should I bother myself with it?

“Just now, I should have kept quiet and followed you so that I can just snattch your kills. Why should I give you reminders?”

Xie Feng’s face turned red.

He was prideful, but he was not unreasonable. When he thought about it carefully, he found that Meng Chao did indeed have no need to give them this reminder.

He had selflessly provided them with guidance, but he hated him for that. His mindset was too narrow.

“Meng Chao, thanks for your guidance!”

Xie Feng was someone who was very adaptable. Once he figured out the details, he immediately cast aside his bigotry and thanked Meng Chao sincerely.

[Normal citizen Xie Feng obtained your guidance, and his fighting experience increased. Increased contribution points by 17.]

Meng Chao smiled faintly.

At that moment, they were competitors, but after the national college examination, they would have to face hoards of monsters together and would be comrades who fought on the same side.

This was the reason behind why Meng Chao was willing to guide them.

Fortunately, the three had pretty decent temperaments, and they were slightly grateful, so Meng Chao had not wasted his breath on them.

“If you really want to thank me, please injure a few more Blade Shattering Pythons later so that I can snatch some kills. They’re coming!”

As Meng Chao spoke, he retreated into a shadowy corner.

Rustle... rustle...

A foul stench came in through the window, and it was accompanied by the sound of something crawling. It was enough to make their skins crawl.

Four large pythons craned their heads through the window. Under the illumination of the blood red moon, they looked incredibly monstrous.


The Illusion Cats shuddered while the Rapid Biting Rats ran off.

Luo Hai, Fang Da, and Xie Feng gulped.

The pressure given off by large monsters and the fear they generated was completely different from small monsters like the Illusion Cats.

But the trio had no other choice. They could only shout, swing their sabers, and jump up.

Luo Hai and Xie Feng were a little lucky. They went up against one Blade Shattering Python each. While it was a difficult fight, they did manage to launch some offensive attacks.

But Fang Da of First High School was not as lucky. Perhaps it was because he was rather plump, which was why he was treated by the monsters as tasty meat. Two Blade Shattering Pythons went up against him, because they wanted to first get rid of him, the “weakness”.

Fang Da was able to last only for a few rounds before his gel fighting suit was cut up to pieces by the Blade Shattering Python’s erected scales. Multiple bloody wounds appeared on his fair flesh.

He became incredibly regretful. If he was going to be injured anyway, it would have been better if he imitated Meng Chao and turned himself into bait to attract the Illusion Cats. At the very least, every drop of blood that he shed could have gotten him precious points!

He would not be forced into a corner and only be able to jump around while moving around like a spinning top. If he were the slightest bit careless, a Blade Shattering Python would rip off a piece of his flesh.

Fang Da was angry and anxious. His stamina was gradually drained, and he could only turn tail and flee.

The two Blade Shattering Pythons opened their mouths wide and chased after him.

Fang Da ran around the department three times and wanted to jump out the window, but the pythons forced him back, and he crashed into a corner.

Even though there were unmanned aerial vehicles above, invigilators keeping watch nearby, and it took a long time for a Blade Shattering Python to bind and kill its prey, Fang Da still felt that he was going to die when he saw the two monster pythons crawling down toward him with their mouths wide open while smiling savagely at him.

Then, he saw a swift slash.

The saber glare shot out like lightning that suddenly clapped in darkness, but it was also like a shooting star that came charging forward from somewhere beyond their sky. It left behind a searing image in his retina.

A monster python jumped and slithered away. It vanished without a trace.

The other monster python looked like it had been struck by lightning. Its vertical pupils completely froze over. A thin, red line appeared on the back of its head, and it continued growing thicker until blood gushed out from it.

The huge snake’s head fell and rolled to Fang Da’s legs. Its mouth continued opening and closing.

Fang Da’s face was pale.

Meng Chao drifted forward from the shadows like a ghost. He did not even look at Fang Da and just filled up the plastic bag from the MRE with the blood that was gushing out from the python.

Half of the python’s carcass remained hanging high on the eave. A constant stream of python blood rained down like a shower. It covered Meng Chao’s head and face with blood, making him look like a murderous god who walked out of a sea of blood and mountains of corpses.

Fang Da was stunned for a long time before he realized that while he had been running about, he had not attacked the Blade Shattering Pythons even once for more than a minute.

Hence, even though the two monsters had been chasing after him, they had stopped being his prey.

And Meng Chao had used a single slash to cut into the part seven inches under the Blade Shattering Python’s head. From the perfect angle, he found the gap in its spine and beheaded it cleanly.

What terrifying saber skills!

And his understanding toward monster structures had already reached a terrifying degree as well!

The blood moon hung high, and blood evaporated to turn into fog. When Fang Da looked at Meng Chao, he found that in his heart, Meng Chao was shrouded in a fog named mystery.

Fang Da gasped for breath for a while before he asked, unable to help himself, “What... are you doing?” .

“Most of the fresh blood from snake-type monsters contains a lot of spirit energy. They can even stimulate the central nervous system to release the potential of cells. They are natural stimulants,” Meng Chao explained. “There’s a lot of snake blood here. It’s a waste to not use it.”

As he spoke, he opened a bag of snake blood and gulped it down. Then, he wiped off the blood at the corners of his lips and smacked his lips, as if he had just drunk good wine.

Fang Da fell silent.

Naturally, he knew the benefits of snake blood.

But most of the snake-type monsters’ blood was foul and astringent. It had to be processed before it could be made into a serum fit for consumption.

And yet this guy just drank snake blood without batting an eyelid. Was he a savage?

Meng Chao did not have the time to care about the strange looks from the protected flowers.

He had just used his body as bait to kill the Illusion Cats and used up a lot of energy.

After he drank two bags full of snake blood, his mind cleared a little, and he could now do something that required him to be even more meticulous.


The scalpels spun and jumped about at his fingertips. Then, as if the Blade Shattering Python’s scales were made of air, he cut open the python’s body.

He plunged his entire arm inside and moved about before he dug out two bloody materials.

They were the python’s gallbladder and heart.

A python’s gallbladder could clear the mind and one’s sight. It was very good for stimulating cells and increasing the upper limits of a person’s strength.

The python’s heart was a ball of flesh, but it had a few drops of blood from the heart, and it was a natural stimulant that was one hundred times more powerful than normal python blood.

Meng Chao whistled softly and put away the gallbladder and heart. He smiled at Fang Da before he retreated into the shadows.

“Fang Da!”

Luo Hai and Xie Feng had killed one Blade Shattering Python each after a lot of effort, but they did not even have the time to catch their breath. They wanted to snatch a kill from Fang Da.

When they saw the shredded monster carcass on the ground, they sucked in sharp breaths. “Wow, I couldn’t tell before, but you’re pretty brutal, huh?”

“It’s not me.” Fang Da felt dejected. “It was him.”


Luo Hai and Xie Feng looked at each other at a loss. It took them a long moment to locate Meng Chao, who lay in wait in a corner.

He had already blended together with the darkness, so only his eyes shone brightly in the shadows.

When Meng Chao saw the trio staring at him intensely, he grinned at them.

For some reason, his smile caused them to feel their skin crawl.

Rustling sounds rose, and three more Blade Shattering Pythons appeared at the window.

Fang Da gritted his teeth. No matter how difficult it was, even if he had to risk his life for it, he had to behead these monsters.

But against his expectations, a light tremor ran through the ground, and the three Blade Shattering Pythons froze for a moment before fear appeared in their eyes. They shrank back and disappeared.

“They ran?” Luo Hai, Fang Da, and Xie Feng looked at each other.

Their auras were not so strong that they could intimidate Blade Shattering Pythons.

Even Meng Chao felt goosebumps break out on his skin.

He sensed an incredibly dangerous presence in the air.

Beep, beep, beep, beep!

The four people’s communicators suddenly screeched and shone with an ominous red light.

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