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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 81: Instant Kill Record!

Chapter 81: Instant Kill Record!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Hundreds of Rapid Biting Rats crawled out of the drainage pipe.

They blocked each other’s paths and shoved one another while squirming forward with all their strength.

The Rapid Biting Rats who rushed out had bloodshot eyes, and their breathing was labored as they pounced on the rice balls in a frenzy. Meng Chao did not exist in their eyes.

Dozens of Rapid Biting Rats surrounded the rice balls, yet more and more kept coming out. They stepped on the others’ spines to crawl over them toward the rice balls. In an instant, they formed ten rat hills that caused everyone to shudder in fear!

“How did he do it?”

The invigilators were flabbergasted. “Why aren’t the Rapid Biting Rats afraid of him? They’re even so tightly packed together. They’re basically handing their lives to him on a silver platter!”

“Did you notice that all of them are male rats?” A military officer with a scruffy beard and face marred with the claw marks of monsters narrowed his eyes.

“If my guess is correct, Meng Chao harvested five reproductive glands from the female rats just now, then used the dope he created from crawler liquid and the medicine he got from the emergency health kit to stimulate the hormones in the reproductive glands. Then, he sent the scents into the depths of the drainage pipe, so the Rapid Biting Rats inside thought that it’s mating season.

“Controlled by their instincts to reproduce, those Rapid Biting Rats ran out in a frenzy. They’re not even able to think about preserving their lives anymore.”

The invigilators and powerful fighters fell silent.

To many creatures, reproducing was much more important than surviving.

The Rapid Biting Rats were monsters with astonishing reproductive abilities. The female rats became mature in just a few months, and in a year, they could give birth to hundreds of offspring. Because of such large numbers, they had even once posed a huge problem for humans.

Now, humans could use chemicals and infrasounds to stimulate the Rapid Biting Rats until their minds went into a disarray. And since such a method existed, it naturally meant that it was very easy to control the rats in other ways as well

The number of rats near the mouth of the drainage pipe reached thousands.

While the male rats were twitching with all their strength, Meng Chao quickly tugged off the firing pins of all his hand grenades and flame bombs. Then, he tossed them all out.

After doing so, he quickly retreated and hid in a drain.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Dozens of hand grenades and flame bombs exploded. While it did not cause the world to shake, they still created a deafening sound.

The light from the flames rose up, shocking countless examinees.

“It’s the sound of hand grenades. Who brought so many hand grenades?”

“Forget about him bringing so many hand grenades over. He just tossed all of them out. Does that idiot want to kill a single Rapid Biting Rat a hundred times?”

“I saw him just now! I think it’s that idiot from Ninth High School!”

The balls of flames overlapping with each other also caused a wave of shock in the monitor center.

“How many Rapid Biting Rats did Meng Chao manage to kill?”

“He must have created a new record for instant kills in the history of practical tests, right?”

“In just a second, he killed more rats than many of the elites from the three famous schools in half an hour!”

The hand grenades had exploded near the heads of the Rapid Biting Rats. Their explosive might rained down on them like scorching steel and hundreds of Rapid Biting Rats died on the spot.

Even if wariness won over their instincts within some of them, their comrades kept jostling them about to the point that they could not move. The mud beneath their feet was rather sticky as well. The explosion had also happened half a second after their wariness won over, which meant that there was not enough time for them to crawl out. They could only be burnt to a crisp.

Hence, it ended with Meng Chao killing numerous Rapid Biting Rats in an instant. The system had to work over its limit, and even the superbrain experienced a delay in its calculations.

A total of ten seconds later, a red figure finally appeared on the screen.

[Meng Chao’s current score: 672]

One Rapid Biting Rat was worth one point. Before the explosion, Meng Chao had only gotten five points from the five Rapid Biting Rats he killed.

This meant that with a wave of hand grenades, he managed to kill nearly seven hundred Rapid Biting Rats through explosions and fire.

It has to be known that even the best three elites in the exam area had only managed to score around seven hundred points by then.

This did not mean that Luo Hai and the other two’s accuracy was not good. They just had a limited number of bullets.

On Earth, the standard allowance of ammunition in the arm was around three hundred bullets.

But after they came to the Other World, the physical strength of the soldiers increased by leaps and bounds. Their allowance of ammunition then increased as well. The elites could bring with them seven hundred bullets.

Even if they could kill with each shot without missing once, they could only get seven hundred points. But they would have to use up a lot of their stamina and focus and strain their eyes.

It has to be known that delivering accurate shots was not as simple as standing and pressing the trigger. And it was especially so when killing small, fast, and nimble targets like the Rapid Biting Rats. Every time the examinees held their breaths, aimed, and fired, they had to activate around ten thousand muscle fibers and nerve bundles. This was more tiring than swinging a saber ten times with all their strength.

Luo Hai, Fang Da, and Xie Feng worked hard to the point that their eyes were bloodshot to get this score, while Meng Chao easily caught up to them without requiring even the slightest bit of strength. He even did it while humming and ate chocolates.

“This is seriously...”

The powerful fighters who saw this felt really complicated emotions in their hearts, but the examinees in the exam area were naturally even more shocked than they were.

Since everything in the exam area emulated a real fight, everyone was comrades. Their scores were available to everyone in the area, and they knew each other’s points.

This caused the examinees who had fallen behind to be able to modify their strategies in time to catch up.

Meng Chao had been stuck at the bottom, but he instantly reached the top of the ranks. It was impossible for the examinees who had been fighting with everything they had to not be stunned for a long time, even if they were in the national college examination where every second counted.

Luo Hai, Fang Da, and Xie Feng also stopped killing at the same time in the first department, which was located in the depths of the exam area and had the densest population of Rapid Biting Rats.

They swiped at their blood and grime covered faces as they stared at the blinking screens on their wrists. They could not believe their eyes.

“He instantly killed around seven hundred Rapid Biting Rats? How did he do it?!”

“He didn’t even get a single bullet. How could he kill so many with just hand grenades?”

“The population of Rapid Biting Rats is the densest in this part of the machine factory, and the explosions clearly came from outside. How did he manage to find so many Rapid Biting Rats in that place?”

For a period of time, Fang Da and Xie Feng stared at Luo Hai in surprise.

They looked as if they were asking him ‘Just what sort of monster has Tiger Forest Region produced?’

Luo Hai was stunned for a long time just like time and could not understand it either.

He could only smile. “Why are you daydreaming? He just killed a few rats. Next is the main event.”


With a flash of his sword, three Rapid Biting Rats were sent flying. All their throats were slit. The slash only took 0.1 seconds, and all Luo Hai did one was a single attack.

“That’s right. The Rapid Biting Rats are just the appetizers. In the second half of the night, the education department will release fiercer monsters. Their points will be ten times or even dozens of times higher than those given for the Rapid Biting Rats.

“I remember that Meng Chao only got himself the cheapest Lightning Saber. He probably mastered some kind of deviant skill, which is why he wanted to get as many marks as possible from the Rapid Biting Rats. I reckon he won’t be joining the next stage of the test.”

Fang Da and Xie Feng looked at each other before they cast aside their emptied cartridges. They drew their super alloy sabers and started killing swiftly.

After Meng Chao caused such a major ruckus at the perimeter of the exam area, he looked at the marks and rank on the screen. He also took a look at the notification that popped up at the corner of his eyes. It told him that he had gained nearly one hundred contribution points for killing Rapid Biting Rats.

Meng Chao whistled.

Up till now, his rewards were pretty good.

But if he wanted to get into the best course, he could not let his guard down. He had to fight with everything he had.

Meng Chao’s gaze was intense as he scanned the perimeter of the exploded area.

The Rapid Biting Rats were not the only ones harmed by the explosion.

A large number of Other World insects had aso crawled out of the underground.

Meng Chao used the military shovel to kill them and scooped up numerous carcasses.

Among them was a Black-tailed Bullet Scorpion, which was a small spider-shaped monster. It was no more than ten centimeters long, but it had venom, which was the most dangerous part about scorpion-type monsters. They could attack the central nervous system directly.

It might not be fatal, but the victim’s wounds would burn as if they had been shot by a bullet. That was how the creature got its name.

Another one of the insects was the Red Gigantic Centipede. It was a vicious creature with strong venom. Its victims would suffer from muscle spasms, hallucinate, and even get cramps so bad that they would faint.

Meng Chao harvested the venomous glands and sacs from around eight types of Other World insects. He mixed them together with the stimulants in the emergency health kit. Then, he added the sugar and gels from the MREs to make a sticky liquid.

Next, he used the clamping jaws of the multi-purpose military shovel to make dozens of small chips on both sides of the Lightning Saber.

After that, he dipped a small brush in poison liquid and swiped it lightly over the blade.

“He’s making poison!”

“He actually made natural poison that can attack the nerves and muscles and put it on the saber!”

Meng Chao’s rather strange actions, of course, caused a wave of surprise in the monitor center.

Quite a number of military officers gasped in amazement. The boy looked as if he was not even out of his diapers yet, so why were his movements so skillful and why did he look so calm? One would think he was a veteran who had been fighting for decades in the depths of the fog from his actions.

Meng Chao carefully coated the saber in venom before he brandished it to be certain that it would not be flung off.

Then, he moved forward swiftly and did a roundhouse kick to sweep two Rapid Biting Rats who did not manage to hide in time into the air.


He executed the One Hundred Saber Techniques at lightning speed.

He intentionally made sure that he did not aim at the Rapid Biting Rat’s throat. He only aimed at their back ends, because there was thick skin there and he wanted to test the effects of his concoction.


The Rapid Biting Rats that he struck did not seem to have been injured badly; their wounds were not fatal. But they released piercing screeches and twitched violently in pain. When they fled, they did so while staggering left and right.

Meng Chao observed them carefully while seated on the ground. He calculated the time it took for the venom to take effect.

He used the answer he obtained to deduce what sort of strategy he should choose when he ran into larger monsters, such as the Illusion Cat.

Without anyone’s knowledge, two hours of the practical test had already passed.

The examinees gradually managed to differentiate who was strong and who was weak, and all of them were tired.

A relaxed voice sounded a warning in the exam area.

“Releasing the second wave of monsters.” i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

Buried deep within Dawn Machine Factory was a pipe that was now slowly opened, and a large group of monsters who had been trapped for a few days and were now ravenous charged out.

They were lean and shaped like small jaguars. Their eyes were jade green, and their vertical pupils resembled those of venomous snakes. They shone with an eerie light in the dark.

Their entire bodies were black, and they walked without a sound. They were like drifting souls, but their sharp fangs and claws revealed just how dangerous they were.

They were Illusion Cats. Among small feline-type monsters, they were the kings in terms of speed and ability to hide.

Illusion Cats were the mortal enemies of Rapid Biting Rats. When their scent spread out, the Rapid Biting Rats who had been restless and uneasy shuddered. Some of them were even so terrified that they peed.

Since the Illusion Cats had a lot of food around, they did not take the initiative to bother the fully equipped humans.

Of course, if the humans provoked them, they would show no mercy.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Soon, some examinees noticed the tracks of the Illusion Cats. Their weapons clashed with their claws and they engaged in an intense bloody fight.

The offense of the Illusion Cats was much higher than that of the Rapid Biting Rats, and some people were immediately injured.

Most of the examinees grit their teeth to endure it, but some lost too much blood, and their physiological parameters slid down on the monitors.

They were immediately located by the invigilators and brought out of the exam area, which meant that their practical test ended.

Meng Chao opened his eyes in the darkness.

“Perfect timing.”

He covered himself in Rapid Biting Rats’ blood so that he released a pungent smell that attracted the Illusion Cats.

Three Illusion Cats jumped at him simultaneously from the back and front. They were like ghosts without weight.

Meng Chao hunched himself and stuck close to the ground. His muscles trembled, and like an invisible wave, he moved close to five meters forward.

With a casual swing of his arm, he struck an Illusion Cat.

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