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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 5: The True Meaning of Contribution Point

Chapter 5: The True Meaning of Contribution Point

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Come, let’s go to the toilet.” Meng Chao’s eyes sparkled.

They went up by two floors and found the most remote toilet possible.

When Meng Chao saw that there was no one around, he sneakily opened a cubicle and gestured for his best friend to get inside.

“What do you want to do?” The huge, white bear was nervous.

“Don’t worry. I just want to examine your muscles for a bit.”

Meng Chao pulled and yanked at Chu Feixiong until he got his best friend into the cubicle. Before the huge, white bear could shriek, he quickly said, “When you circulated Reckless Bull Force until it reached below your ribs, did you feel your ribs going a little numb, and did you feel as if your strength was about to spill out?”

Chu Feixiong was stunned.

He pushed down on his ribs, and his expression was a little sour.

“Also, when I observed your feet, I found that your lower body wasn’t too stable, but when I observed the muscles and tendons on your legs, I found that there were not many problems in them.”

Meng Chao thought about it. “When you stepped on the floor, did you first feel a sharp pain at the soles of your feet, and half a second later, it went to your knees?”

Chu Feixiong was surprised. “How did you know?”

Meng Chao smiled. “You haven’t mastered the profound skill of Reckless Bull Force at all. At most, you’ve only brought out fifty percent of your strength. The other half is running rampant in your body, and it rebounded on your legs and feet, which brought extra pressure to your knees and ankles.

“If you continue training blindly like this, you will not be able to bring out your full strength, and if things turn for the worse, you may even suffer osteoporosis. Your joints will age, and the pressure on your blood vessels will exceed the limit. You won’t be able to cultivate then, but will be marching to an early death.”

If everyone ignored the toilet behind him, Meng Chao would actually look like an otherworldly sage.

Chu Feixiong was stunned.

He obediently let Meng Chao examine his height, weight, the length of his limbs, body fat percentage, and his muscle distribution in the upper and lower body.

Meng Chao closed his eyes and calculated in his mind for a moment. A series of force execution formulae from the future appeared in his mind.

He opened his eyes again, and they sparkled. He raised a sharpened pencil. “Come, let’s have you execute your force again.”

When Chu Feixiong circulated Reckless Bull Force, his muscles swelled up, and his blood vessels popped up.

Meng Chao suddenly poked him with the tip of his pencil.

Chu Feixiong was about to cry out in pain, but he felt numb, as if he had been electrocuted.

A strange force was micro regulating every muscle, every blood vessel, and every bundle of nerves.

The brute strength which had been scattered through his body was brought together.

Soon, the huge, white bear’s expression turned from puzzlement to delight. “What’s this method? It’s much easier for me to execute force now, and I’m not hurting anywhere. Even my strength feels like it has increased!”

“That’s the result of years of diligent training. I just helped you look for the way to release all of your strength.”

Meng Chao moved his pencil as if he was making it fly, and his movements were becoming smoother by the second. He poked Chu Feixiong from three hundred to five hundred times before he stopped.

He flung his numb back wrist. “Give me a punch. Let’s see the results.”

Chu Feixiong brought forth all his strength.

The pain from the acupressure points Meng Chao had poked with his pencil guided him to put up a slightly different stance.

His muscles tensed up to their limit, and he looked as if he had shrunk by half, but his muscles were more sturdy than before. He looked like high-density granite.

He delivered a punch, and a few faint ripples appeared in the air. They tore at the air, making it cry out. The sound was like cloth being ripped apart.


Chu Feixiong was shocked by how easily he executed the punch.

He had never executed such a comfortable punch before.

It gave off the force of a flash flood in a mountain that could easily destroy everything in its path.

Even though Chu Feixiong had not tested it, he was certain that this punch was at least three percent more powerful than his strongest punching strength.

With just a few minutes of adjusting his force execution, his punching strength had increased by three percent.

Meng Chao’s technique could no longer be described as just extraordinary.

Chu Feixiong’s face was full of amazement.

At the moment he executed the punch, the strange flame at the corner of Meng Chao’s eyes shone magnificently once more. The spark turned into two rows of words.

[Gave guidance to normal citizen Chu Feixiong regarding the basic technique, Reckless Bull Force. His learning progress is now at 10%.

[A normal citizen has become stronger. The overall fighting strength of Dragon City has increased. Congratulations for making your civilization become stronger. Increased contribution points by 10.]

‘Huh?’ Meng Chao was surprised and delighted.

There was a great deal of meaning behind what he just read.

‘So, does this mean that I don’t need to pick up trash? I just need to teach the current Dragon Citizens the martial arts from the future, and I will be considered to have contributed to civilization?

‘Well, that makes sense. A strong civilization is not created by a lone hero fighting for it. No matter how strong I’ll become, it’d be impossible for me to fight alone against all the monsters and the extraordinary beings of the Other World.

“But if I can become a top-class teacher who is one hundred times better than Demon Yan and teach the martial arts from the future to all the citizens so that we can all be one hundred times stronger than we were in my nightmare, then I believe that we’ll be able to pummel the extraordinary beings of the Other World.

‘So, the true meaning of the contribution points is that the stronger the civilization is, the stronger I will be as well!’

When he thought of this, the strange flame before his eyes changed.

[Congratulations to the Fire Relayer on making a contribution that is worth more than 1 point for civilization. Please choose your reward for your first contribution.

[You can choose to upgrade Reckless Bull Force from Specialist Level to Master Level.

[You can also choose to awaken a new skill. Please choose between Basic Gun Technique and Ripple Force.]

Kindling even kindly put the contribution points he needed in exchange for the three options.

If he wanted to upgrade Reckless Bull Force, he needed 756 contribution points.

If he wanted to awaken Basic Gun Skill, he needed 3,100 contribution points.

If he wanted to awaken Ripple Force, he needed 1,500 contribution points.

‘They’re both from the three basic force execution methods, so why is there such a major difference between the cost for Reckless Bull Technique and Ripple Force?’

Meng Chao remembered that he had spent 3,5000 contribution points to awaken Reckless Bull Technique.

He thought about it carefully. Reckless Bull Technique was an extremely fierce and powerful force execution technique. After he was injured last year, he did not train it much. But Ripple Force was flexible and long-lasting. It had great benefits for rehabilitation purposes.

He had set aside all other cultivation methods over the year, but he still persisted in practicing Ripple Force.

‘Is it because I know bits of Ripple Force, which is why the price to awaken it is cheaper?’

Meng Chao thought about it. Reckless Bull Technique and Ripple Force were a fierce and gentle technique respectively. One of them was an upgrade, and the other was an awakening. Which should he choose?

He thought about it and chose Basic Gun Technique.

Since the option was free, of course he should choose the most expensive thing. Was there even a need for him to think about it?

In his mind, he heard rapid gunfire. It was as if there was a bullet shower flying over his head.

Meng Chao immediately remembered countless structures of guns and the essentials for shooting.

The memories from his past life flashed before his eyes like crystalline fragments.

He saw himself firing and firing and firing at various otherworldly creatures.

Some of the otherworldly creatures looked like an octopus which had a roasted chicken stuffed into it. It was much uglier than the monsters they encountered now.

Meng Chao had managed to kill nearly one thousand of such monsters in an instant.

His experience in shooting shot up by leaps and bounds. A tingling pleasure surged into every nerve ending, and he felt so delighted that he started humming.

Chu Feixiong watched Meng Chao shut his eyes with an intoxicated look and even make strange sounds. He could not help but shudder.

The fatty weighing more than one hundred kilograms shrank into a corner.

After a long while, Meng Chao opened his eyes. There was a profound look in them.

Once he awakened to a new technique, he became even hungrier.

Resources! He needed those damn cultivating resources!

Chu Feixiong looked at him like a monster. His skin crawled.

“Meng Chao, where did you learn that strange technique?” the huge, white bear stammered as he asked his question.

“We can talk about that later. Let’s test your maximum punching strength first.”

Meng Chao made calculations in his mind before his thoughts came to a screeching halt. “Wait, let’s hear whether there’s anyone peeing outside right now, and when we open the door, we have to use our clothes to cover our faces, or else, when someone sees us walking out of a cubicle together, my reputation will be ruined.”

They ran back to the cultivation room, and Chu Feixiong strode to a punching force gauge. He activated it eagerly.

The huge and exquisite crystal machine let out creaking sounds when it was activated and the display screen lit up.

The huge, white bear began making loud sounds, and like a gorilla, he punched his chest. Then, based on the force execution technique Meng Chao had taught him, he put on the starting stance for Reckless Bull Force.

He was just about to execute his strength when someone suddenly stood in front of him.

It was Zuo Haoran.

The huge, white bear’s body was filled with strength, and his muscles were so tense that he felt miserable. “What’s wrong?” he asked stiffly.

Zuo Haoran’s face was cold. “Who allowed you to touch the punching force gauge? This might be a self-study period, but you need to obey the rules in class. Everyone is training seriously, but you and Meng Chao snuck out right after class started, and you only came back after around twenty minutes. Then, you immediately said you wanted to test your punching strength. Did you get permission for that?”

His voice was neither soft nor loud. It was at the volume where all the people in the cultivation room could hear despite him not shouting.

The huge, white bear was so angry that his eyebrows nearly bunched together.

“Don’t get angry, Chu Feixiong, I’m doing this for your own good.” Zuo Haoran looked at Meng Chao. “After all, you’re different from a ‘certain person’. You still have a chance of getting into college. There’s one and a half months left. Just focus on training. Don’t mix around with a ‘certain someone’ anymore, in case your future is ruined. It’ll be too late for regrets by then.

“Alright, go and train first. I’ll organize everyone into a line and have everyone test their punching strength ten minutes before class ends.”

The class rep swung his hand as if all of this was only logical.

The huge, white bear was furious.

“O high and mighty Class Rep Zuo, do you seriously think you’re a teacher now? You’re just using the power given to you by the teachers to order us around! I gained some understanding toward Reckless Bull Force, so that’s why I was in a hurry to test my punching strength. Even if our homeroom teacher or Demon Yan came over, they wouldn’t stop me, so why are you butting into my business? Would you be able to make it up to me if you made me waste my epiphany?”

He was born with a loud voice, and it immediately attracted the students’ attention.

Everyone perked up their ears. They wanted to know why the two best fighters in class suddenly went into a conflict in public.

Zuo Haoran’s face turned dark.

He did not expect that Chu Feixiong would make a scene in public. He was trying to be nice by showing respect to him, but he refused to take it!

“Epiphany?” Zuo Haoran sneered coldly. “Chu Feixiong, I saw your stance when you were going to execute your force just now. It was crooked and stange, and it’s completely off from the standard Reckless Bull Force. If you execute force like this, you will not be able to deliver a powerful punch. How could you be considered to have gained an epiphany?

“I’m in charge of overseeing this self-study period. Your Reckless Bull Force is clumsy. Forget about delivering a powerful punch, if your strength goes awry, you will end up hurting your tendons and bones, and you’ll miss your national college examination. Indeed, I won’t be able to make it up to you then.

“If you truly want to use the punching force gauge, sure. But go to the side and truly understand Reckless Bull Force before you even think about trying!”

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