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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 21: Elite Monster

Chapter 21: Elite Monster

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Ning Shewo was stunned for half a second before he nodded repeatedly. “That’s what I was thinking as well.”

A notification popped up in front of Meng Chao’s eyes.

[Elite citizen Ning Shewo has received guidance from you, and his knowledge regarding the semi-mature Seven-eyed Dragon Wolf Spider has improved. Increased contribution points by 15.]

‘Wow, lookie here, an “elite monster”!’ Meng Chao was delighted.

By then, he had discovered three types of citizens.

There were normal citizens like Chu Feixiong, elite citizens like Ning Shewo, and special citizens like Bai Jiacao.

Since there were normal, elite, and special citizens, were there golden citizens, epic-level citizens, immortal citizens, and pseudo-perfect citizens?

‘That’s right. There’ll be countless heroes who will emerge in Dragon City in the future, and they’re all hot-blooded boys and ignorant girls right now. It’s a pity that I don’t remember their names and faces, or else, I’d immediately find them. If I could just guide them...’ Meng Chao’s eyes sparkled.

This was something for him to consider later. He had to seize the “elite monster” and farm as many contribution points as he could.

In the next ten minutes, Ning Shewo performed his most comfortable harvest in ten years.

The young lad seemed to have crawled into his mind. He never needed to open his mouth before he was handed the perfect instrument.

There were two times when he wanted something, but the young lad gave him something else. But just as he was about to scold him, he realized that the boy’s choice was even better.

The marks Meng Chao made for incisions were also easy spots for him to cut. He could perform the perfect separations from those places.

And when Ning Shenwo started feeling pain in his nerves and subconsciously started to tremble, Meng Chao sprayed some gel on him to provide support so that he could rest for a while.

The young lad was not an assistant. Instead, he was using a feather to tickle his old bones.

‘Just who is his master? With this sort of skill, he should have become famous a long time ago!’ Ning Shewo was incredibly puzzled.

As the second assistant, Ning Xueshi had nothing to do. She could only be dumbfounded by the side, and her pride was completely shattered.

In almost no time, they harvested most of the materials.

Only the poison sac remained, and it was located at the deepest part of the lower abdominal cavity.

It was an organ which shuddered and looked like tofu pudding. It was covered in nerve cords and blood vessels. Forget about touching it, it looked like it would shatter even if someone blew on it.

“Young Meng, if it were you, what sort of method would you use to remove it?”

They had saved up three and a half minutes before reaching the last step. The decay of the organ was controlled very well, and Ning Shewo felt slightly relaxed. He began to admire Meng Chao’s talent.

“I’d do it from below, along the central apophysis. I’d use the fourth dissection method from the Seven Dissection Methods Performed in Reverse—the Three Consecutive Diagonal Plucks.”

Meng Chao held a curved bladed needle that was as thin as hair and spun it a little to tap the organ lightly three times, as if he was tapping it with a feather.

This was an advanced method mentioned in the future version of Basic Harvesting Skill. It was incredibly difficult, and his Skillfulness had to be at Ultimate Level before he could even have a 10% chance of success.

Before becoming a superhuman, a normal harvester could forget about using this method.

Meng Chao did not quite understand it. He just put on airs while the electric signals in his nerves controlled his body.

“This is...”

Ning Shewo sucked in a sharp breath, and his white hair stood up on end.

No one knew just how much were the emotions in his heart surging.

The Seven Dissection Methods Performed in Reverse were a top-tier technique discovered by the veterans in the field. It was known as “a harvesting skill made for the next ten years”, and it was only spread within an incredibly small number of people.

The technique itself was incredibly high-tier, and each move was still in its testing stage.

And Meng Chao’s fourth dissection method was slightly different from the fourth dissection Ning Shewo knew.

As Ning Shewo pondered it carefully, he noticed to his shock that Meng Chao’s fourth dissection was even more precise and effective. It could reduce harvesting time by 5%, and it could ensure the wholeness and freshness of the material.

This was a modified version of the fourth dissection method!

Someone had already upgraded the Seven Dissection Methods Performed in Reverse, and he was behind this mysterious teenager!

‘Who is he? Who is his teacher? Just how large is the faction of power behind him, and just how massive is the research team behind him?’

In an instant, Ning Shewo thought of many things.

At the same time, a notification popped up in Meng Chao’s field of vision.

[Elite citizen Ning Shewo has received your guidance, and his understanding toward the fourth dissection method of the Seven Dissection Methods Performed in Reverse has increased. Increased contribution points by 55.]

‘The “elite monsters”‘ learning ability is great. I just made a few random motions and he understood them?’ Meng Chao was delighted.

He had been trying his hardest to recall all of the memory fragments regarding the fourth dissection method of the Seven Dissection Methods Performed in Reverse, and he performed the Three Consecutive Diagonal Plucks based on the pulses from the electrical signals in his nerves.

His movements were, of course, stiff, clumsy, and even in pieces.

But the spirit contained within them was ahead of its time. In Ning Shewo’s eyes, he opened a brand new, shining door.

The old man could see Meng Chao’s goal, and he asked in disbelief, “My young friend, w-won’t your parent...”

‘Won’t your parent punish you if you casually teach the secret ultimate technique they spent their blood, sweat, and tears researching to someone else?’

Since Meng Chao was dealing with an “elite monster”, he could not fool him by saying that he “learned it on his own”. He thought over his words and said, “I’m sorry, I was just joking with you now. But please forgive me, because I have my own troubles. I can’t tell you who my master is.

“But before my master asked me to come out here to train, he said that regardless if it’s the Seven Dissection Methods Performed in Reverse or the knowledge of monsters, they’re all the accumulation of knowledge slowly gathered together by all Dragon Citizens fighting to survive.

“Skills must be exchanged, and they do not fear exchange. If we can make the Seven Dissection Methods Performed in Reverse even more perfect through an exchange of skills so that we can provide more resources for warriors and superhumans, Dragon City will have more hope to rise in power. This is a great thing that has endless merit, so why should we keep it to ourselves?”


If Meng Chao’s rich theoretical knowledge and solid foundation of basic skills had resulted in Ning Shewo regarding him highly, then his enlightening words increased the old man’s appraisal of the boy to a whole new degree.

‘This boy is not even twenty years old, and yet he has such a magnanimous heart already?’ Ning Shewo’s heart trembled in shock.

Ning Xueshi was incredibly perplexed as well.

She had just learned the Seven Dissection Methods Performed in Reverse, and she could not tell how profound were Meng Chao’s skills. She just felt that his hands were twitching.

But based on her grandfather’s expression, she knew that this boy who was even younger than her possessed unimaginable knowledge regarding the Seven Dissection Methods Performed in Reverse.

And hilariously, she had just been mocking him for coming to steal their technique. Unbeknownst to her, he had an ultimate technique with him, and he did not even bother to hide his skill.

They were of the same age, yet they were a whole level apart.

The girl’s face flushed red in shame, but her stubborn nature made her grumble softly, “Then why did you ask for three hundred thousand from me?”

“Miss Ning, it’s been a short time since we’ve come to know each other, and I’m afraid you have some misunderstandings about me.”

Meng Chao smiled faintly and looked up at the bright red moon. “Honestly, I don’t have a lot of interest in regards to money, but recently, I came to a great revelation. I want to do my best to contribute to society. And to better achieve this goal, I wanted to form my own group.

“I’m not asking for this three hundred thousand for myself. It’s just an initial capital for me to contribute to society. It’s so that I can allow Earth’s civilization to burn brightly in the Other World. It’s the first amount of money I want to use to pass down our legacy.”

The expressions of Elder Ning and Miss Ning changed at the same time.

“Let’s not continue talking. Come, I’ll support the operating area for the last poison sac. Please separate the nerve cord.” Meng Chao was worried about his father, so he increased his speed.

Ning Shewo noddedm, and his knife flashed even brighter than before.

The semi-transparent poison sac shaped like a polygonum multiflorum was swiftly removed.

It was in perfect condition. Not a single nerve or blood vessel was destroyed, and not a single drop of poison had spilled out. It was even thumping like a heart.

Its appearance was perfect!

Ning Shewo held his breath and put the poison sac into mithril stabilizing solution. Then, he removed his mask before he took the secret ointment from his granddaughter’s hands to take care of his hands.

He did not even take a look at the poison sac, which retained a perfect appearance.

Instead, he used a complicated gaze to stare at Meng Chao for a long time.

Meng Chao seemed downcast as he admired the notifications that popped up in his field of vision.

A large amount of Skillfulness points and contribution points were given to him after he served as the first assistant to harvest a mutated superbeast. He was wondering what sort of skill he should level up or awaken next.

The old man saw his expression, and he thought that the young lad was level-headed, humble, and kept a low profile.

“Xueshi, how much money do we have in our account?” Ning Shewo suddenly asked.

Ning Xueshi was slightly stunned. “I think... it’s about eight hundred thousand?”

“Send it all to our young friend here. Don’t keep even a single cent,” Ning Shewo said.

“Grandpa?” Ning Xueshi was incredibly shocked.

“Senior, that’s too much. We agreed on five hundred thousand.” Meng Chao gulped.

“My young friend, those Three Consecutive Diagonal Plucks just now aren’t just for removing the poison sac for the Seven-eyed Dragon Wolf Spider. You can remove the poison sacs for nearly one hundred poisonous monsters with this technique. The level of bleeding is low, the speed is fast, and the possibility of poison spilling is also low.

“If we have to talk about it, then this technique is worth more than a few hundred thousand, but because of having to treat my injuries, I’m a little short of money lately. Keep that money first. Once I examine the materials, I’ll talk to you again,” Ning Shewo said sincerely.

Meng Chao immediately spoke up. “Since you gave me this money, I’ll appear vulgar if I continue to reject your offer. How about this then.

“In truth, I have some findings regarding the remaining six dissection methods of the Seven Dissection Methods Performed in Reverse as well. But I think you’ll need another year and a half before you can fully recover from your wounds. Should we exchange our skills in the future?”

“My young friend, y-you know about my injuries?” Ning Shewo’s voice suddenly rose in volume.

Meng Chao was stunned. “I saw that your hands shuddered once every three to five seconds just now, and the veins on the back of your hands are protruding slightly. They’re a deep purple color, and there’s faint hints of black wafting out of them too.

“They stretched up your hand, and this is the sign of the ulnar nerve, radial nerve, and median nerve in your hands being poisoned by the Purple-crowned Halys Viper. In fact, it has affected your vision as well, right?”

“Since you can tell that my grandpa is injured, how could you say that he’ll be recovered in a year and a half? This is clearly an illness with no treatment!” Ning Xueshi spoke with a quiver in her voice.

“A terminal illness?” Meng Chao was shocked.

Based on the memory fragments from his previous life, it was an injury that harvesters often got. Even though it was rather troublesome, it was not to the point that it was untreatable.

He thought about it for a moment. ‘Oh, right. Our wars haven’t gotten more dangerous yet. Many of the monsters haven’t mutated. The Purple-crowned Halys Viper is still a very rare monster.’

The monsters were evolving, but humans were evolving too. Once the number of Purple-crowned Halys Vipers surpassed the number of earthworms, humans naturally figured out all sorts of antidotes and treatment methods.

Many of the terminal illnesses were no longer untreatable based on the memory shards from his previous life.

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