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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1843 - 1843 Shocking

1843 Shocking

“Lightning Gun” Zuo Lang…

“Thunder Slash” Zhou Yang…

“Shadow Hunter” Jin Heli…

There were more than a dozen people on the same level as these individuals, whose names triggered awe in others.

They were all heroes who had fought bloody battles decades ago and saved many lives from the gates of hell numerous times. Their bodies were covered in scars, and there were even fragments of monster fangs embedded in their flesh.

Meng Chao had also heard about them from a young age, and he had sworn countless times that he would learn from them. They were superstars among the superhumans!

On top of that, they were core figures in major corporations and important departments of the Supernatural Tower. Some were also tenured professors at Dragon City University and the other institutions in the alliance of the five universities.

In fact, Meng Chao had previously identified a few of his university professors as well as the old seniors from the Research Department and the adjudicator court.

It was reasonable to say that these brilliant and striking names had always been associated with defending Dragon City.

However, according to the confessions of the Blood Alliance members, they had all become protectors of the Blood Alliance.

Even if they were not privy to the inside story of the Blood Alliance, they were “temporary partners” who had once “shown mercy” and temporarily enabled some of the Blood Alliance’s illegal and criminal activities. They had helped to cover things up too.

There could only be two reasons for their willingness to collude with the Blood Alliance.

One, the Blood Alliance had offered conditions that they could not refuse and crushed their resolve with astronomical training resources.

Two, the Blood Alliance had something on these heroes, and it was more or less the same for every one of them.

These big shots who had distinguished military achievements, distinguished reputations, and sanctimonious attitudes probably had chaotic private lives. They had multiple lovers and illegitimate children for instance.

With their status and regular income, it was more than enough to satisfy their own cultivation needs under normal circumstances.

However, an insane amount of resources was required to raise many illegitimate children and have them all awaken their extraordinary powers. As such, they had to resort to questionable or even illegal means to achieve their goal.

Not to mention, if their children were one step ahead of others, they would be able to advance in school or find a job at lightning speed.

All of this required them to step on the rules a little.

In the end, heroes who had been unaffected by the overwhelming beast hordes would often be dragged into the mud by their families, and they would not be able to free themselves from it.

“How did this happen?”

Meng Chao had known for a long time that the circle of superhumans followed a different set of morals from the ordinary people.

People who had the power to turn the world upside down and even destroy it had to dance before the gates of hell before the fangs and claws of bloodthirsty beasts every day. Even if they managed to escape in one piece, they would often see their comrades lose their lives. One moment, they would be talking and laughing, and the next, they would be corroded into a pile of flesh by the acid from a beast.

It was hard to expect a superhuman to find a partner, have one or two children, and live a carefree life like an ordinary person.

Therefore, many superhumans had seven to eight lovers or even more.

Ordinary, legal forms of entertainment could hardly satisfy their desires. Their nerves had been torn and healed so many times to the point that they had become extremely tough and numb.

There was only a slim chance of survival on the battlefield. Yet, they rarely took advantage of the break between beast horde attacks to share their anxieties and fears with their closest comrades even though it was necessary.

As a result, they ended up having three to five or seven to eight children due to their messed up mental state. This was common and understandable to the public.

However, they wanted to support many lovers, as well as illegitimate children, and still use their powers to wantonly plunder cultivation resources. They wanted to train their children to become superhumans and help pave the way for them to enter politics, academia, the military, and key departments of the Supernatural Tower so that Dragon City would always be in their hands.

This was all too much and too preposterous.

Meng Chao found it hard to imagine and believe.

One of the statements mentioned a very respected old professor at Dragon City Agricultural University.

Meng Chao had come into contact with this old professor a few times and also received plenty of valuable advice from him. He had even met the old professor’s family, and the way the old professor interacted with his family reminded Meng Chao of the olden days on Earth. One could say that they had a close relationship.

However, the confession pointed out that the old professor had a total of twenty-seven lovers and thirty-five children in the past few decades.

To raise these thirty-five children into superhumans, the old professor used his position in the Agricultural University and his influence in the field of monster genetics to engage in illegal transactions with many mega corporations. He issued fake experiment reports, disrupted the financial market, carried out illegal secret experiments, and so on.

The confession stated that the old professor had been commissioned by Heaven Pharmaceuticals to secretly develop a new gene-strengthening drug.

It violated the law because the raw materials of this new drug included the spinal fluid of zombies.

Due to an accident during the experiment, the atomization drug containing the zombie spinal fluid leaked. As a result, many innocent personnel, including the old professor’s students, were infected and turned into zombies.

To ensure that the experiment could continue smoothly and that he could collect more data, the old professor worked with Heaven Pharmaceuticals to create the illusion that the researchers had been attacked by monsters and no bodies were left behind.

The families had no idea where the bodies of their loved ones were.

In reality, the researchers who had turned into zombies were locked up in the old professor’s secret laboratory. Following half a year of research, they were “destroyed” once they lost all value.

The old professor had successfully developed a new gene-strengthening drug.

This drug made him famous, and part of the patents he owned granted him rich returns that were enough for him to awaken more children.

Heaven Pharmaceuticals also took the opportunity to make a lot of money in the financial market, consolidating its position as the largest pharmaceutical company in Dragon City.

It was a real “happy ending” for them.

However, those students were pitiful. They trusted and worshiped the old professor so much, yet they ended up being at his mercy. They could not escape exploitation even if they turned into zombies.

While the old professor’s children thrived and grew up, they were reduced to ashes and their relatives’ dried tears.

The Blood Alliance later used this as leverage to drag the old professor down with them.

No, it was not so much “leverage” as it was a chance for both sides to hit it off.

According to the statement, this highly respected old professor no longer needed “persuasion” when he heard that there were benefits. With the speed of a hundred-meter sprinter and the strength of an Olympic champion, he jumped at the opportunity without looking back.

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