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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1796 Stepping Stone

"Will she accept your ideas or your manipulation?"

Meng Chao could not help but mock him. He paused for a moment before he said, "You can't convince Lu Siya. She might be willing to risk her life to obtain unparalleled power, but she definitely won't be willing to become anyone's puppet, not even her own grandfather's."

"Indeed. That's why I didn't tell Siya the truth."

Lu Zhongqi smiled. "Ever since we joined hands, Siya's cultivation has been soaring at an unbelievable speed. please visit 𝚒𝓷𝘯𝓇e𝒶𝒅.co𝘮.

"In just two or three years, she has crossed the entire Heaven Realm and touched the edge of the Deity Realm. Of course, she has many questions that only I can answer.

"While I was helping her adjust her vitality magnetic field and taking care of her injuries, as well as confusion, I secretly mixed 'monster essence' that had been repeatedly refined and extracted from dozens of Apocalyptic Beasts and the monster mastermind into the gene medicine she consumed daily. It's that simple."

Only then did Meng Chao understand why Lu Siya's realm had increased even faster than his in the short few months after they won the Monster War.

"Are you saying that Lu Siya doesn't know about this?" He frowned.

"At the very least, she didn't know at the start."

Lu Zhongqi was calm. "There's no need to put her in a dilemma, and there's no need to make her choose the Blood Alliance. I'll take all the blame. In the situation where Siya knows nothing and accepts the blame passively, she will only be an innocent victim even if the truth comes out, not an accomplice of the Blood Alliance's leader."

"Is this the only kindness you have for your granddaughter?"

Meng Chao snorted coldly and said, "If that's the case, I still don't understand. Lu Siya has already accepted the 'monster essence' and her cultivation has broken through to the Deity Realm. She's making huge strides toward the direction of the 'perfect carbon-based life form.' Logically speaking, your research should be considered a great success, right?

"In that case, why are you trying your best to capture her, frame her, and even destroy her?"

Lu Zhongqi's face was filled with confusion, fear, and regret. It was a complicated expression that could not be described with words.

"This is because... This is because I realized that my plan had deviated from its original direction. The speed of Siya's evolution was far beyond my imagination. She seemed to be a little out of control.

"In the beginning, experimental data of the past decades showed that even if a lot of 'monster essence' was injected into her body, it would take Siya about three to five years, or even five to ten years, to slowly digest and absorb the gift from the ancient era.

"During this period, the Blood Alliance should have already seized the highest power in Dragon City. I could also mobilize more resources and guide Siya to develop in the right direction step by step and finally inherit everything from me.

"I didn't expect that it would only take her a few months to show signs of rebirth.

"What's more terrifying is that I could clearly sense that she was deliberately hiding and suppressing her strength.

"Others might not have been able to detect it.

'But since I personally pushed for everything and fought against the monster mastermind many times, I could smell its presence in Siya more and more.

"In the end, there was the battle between you and Siya at the peak of Mist Mountain.

"Although I didn't witness the entire process of the battle, after the incident, from the analysis of the traces left on the battlefield, I realized that the monster essence that I implanted in Siya's body had grown at a shocking speed into a monster that was out of my control, or at least... off track.

"This discovery both shocked and angered me.

"I wanted to have a good talk with Siya and even confess everything to her.

"But I didn't know if Siya was still my granddaughter or a monster who had stolen my granddaughter's body.

"And she seemed to have noticed this as well.

"She didn't give me the opportunity to communicate with her in private to study, treat, and make adjustments. Instead, she left the Lu family very soon and joined Superstar Company, establishing the Azure Alliance and forming her own faction.

"Because this matter involved the Blood Alliance's secret, I couldn't mobilize the huge power of Sky Pillar Corporation to forcefully recall her back to the Lu family.

"And in the following year, her impeccable performance was so perfect that it sent chills down everyone's spine.

"I really don't know what she is now, or what she wants.

"All I know is that the monster civilization won't be destroyed so easily. The monster mastermind exposed its lair so easily that more than a dozen of us Deity Realm experts with high authority swarmed over and killed it... It's very likely that it set up a trap on purpose—its final trump card!

"You're saying..."

Meng Chao said, "The monster mastermind exposed itself on its own and used its own death to set up a trap?"

"The monster mastermind's life force is very different from that of the monsters and even us humans," Lu Zhongqi said.

"According to the analysis of the ancient memory information that we retrieved from the monster mastermind, before the monster civilization was born, the monster mastermind had been sleeping for billions of years in the form of hibernating cells. Before that, it was just a small part of a gargantuan creature that occupied the surface of the planet.

"Who can guarantee that just by controlling the the mental organ that resembled a human brain in the monster civilization's ultimate lair, it will completely kill the monster mastermind?

"Who can guarantee that this mental organ that is similar to a human brain is really under our control?

"You have to know that the transmission of information is usually two-way. When we think that we're studying the monster mastermind in depth, the monster civilization's genetic information and life philosophy will also flow into the brain and heart of every human researcher in an endless stream."

"I understand."

Meng Chao fell into deep thought. "In other words, the monster mastermind's... soul or something similar to the soul might have infiltrated Lu Siya's brain through your hands and eventually took over her body.

"That's why you've been trying to capture her and destroy her?"

"No, I don't want to destroy her."

Lu Zhongqi shook his head and said, "What Yun Feidian knew was only part of the plan.

"In fact, if everything had gone well, Siya would have been transferred to my place. I would find out what happened to her and find a way to get the research back on track. After that, even if there was still some strange power left in Siya, I could push all the blame to the Blood Alliance and Yun Feidian."

"I see."

Meng Chao looked at the huge grave next to the two of them. "Yun Feidian was just a stepping stone that you put in so much effort to build from the start. It's no wonder you killed him without any care!"

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