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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1795 Perfect Test Subject

In the face of Lu Zhongqi's unrepentant attitude, Meng Chao thought of the end of his nightmare: the land that had been melted into lava by ten thousand suns.

The skeletons that were once human were about to turn into ashes as they struggled bitterly in the magma.

Perhaps, on a certain level, both Lu Zhongqi and Gao Ye were not wrong.

If the space-based orbital weapons left behind by the ancient civilization fired again, and the target was Dragon City, the naked apes from Earth would definitely not be able to survive in the raging flames.

Only by being reborn and completely changing his form would he have a chance of survival.

"I don't understand."

Meng Chao did not want to waste his breath and engage in a meaningless battle of ideas. He only said, "Even if you want to carry out an experiment to 'fuse human genes and monster genes to create perfect carbon-based creatures,' why must you use your beloved granddaughter as an experiment?"

"In the beginning, I really didn't think about letting Siya participate in this highly dangerous experiment," Lu Zhongqi said calmly.

"The research on creating perfect carbon-based creatures has actually been going on since the old Blood Alliance excavated the ancient relics a long time ago.

"Although the old Blood Alliance was destroyed, the farsightedness and strategic nature of the research was too important. In the decades that followed, in the open and in the dark, it kept going intermittently.

"However, under normal circumstances, we would use fallen superhumans who had committed unpardonable crimes and were sentenced to death to conduct the experiments. If not, there volunteers who had become mentally deranged or disabled and had a strong desire to adopt radical therapy. Then, there were those who had gotten infected with the zombie virus, who would become infected zombies in a very short time even if they didn't undergo the 'man-beast fusion experiment.'

"Through these experiments, we accumulated a large number of failed cases and detailed data. We gradually blurred the line between humans and monsters and grasped the key to gene fusion.

"Right when you defeated the Supernatural Entity, Earthquake, who's also Gao Ye, the biochemical expert, you obtained a lot of experiment logs and related data about the transfer of human souls into monster shells. You also gave us wings to make rapid progress in our research.

"Besides, we captured the monster mastermind and obtained the latest research progress from the perspective of the monster civilization.

"Just like that, our research finally achieved a theoretical success, and we could carry out real, long-term experiments.

"However, this experiment is extraordinary.

"The failure rate of previous experiments was above 99%. The purpose of the experiments was not to create 'perfect carbon-based creatures' but to explore our future direction, accumulate data, and sum up what we've learned. You could say that we already knew that the test subjects could not live for more than twenty-four hours before the experiments even started. Even if the test subjects that were injected with monster cell extract and turned into deformed monsters could live for more than twenty-four hours, we would still destroy them on our own initiative to make sure that nothing would go wrong.

"However, the perfect carbon-based creature this time has a high chance of surviving for a long time. It has wisdom and power that far surpasses that of ordinary people. It can even digest and absorb the monster civilization's legacy more than most superhumans and become an existence that surpasses godhood. One day, it will lead the entire civilization forward as the 'strongest person in Dragon City.'

"It is impossible for us to destroy such a perfect carbon-based creature in a short period of time. It is even impossible for us to forcibly imprison it and carry out all kinds of cruel experiments on it to make it feel a strong resistance, hostility, and even hatred toward us. No one knows how powerful our creation will be. We hope to create the future of Dragon City civilization and its guardian god, not a monster that may destroy Dragon City's civilization.

"As a result, the scope of the experimenter's selection has become very small.

"We can't choose unpardonable criminals on death row like we did in the past and give them the power to destroy the world.

"We also can't choose those who are seriously injured or infected with the zombie virus. We've consumed an astronomical number of resources, and the 'monster essence that we extracted from the monster core and even more than a dozen Apocalyptic Beasts is extremely limited. We can't waste even-single gram.

"The test subjects with serious defects in their bodies can hardly withstand the impact of the 'monster essence.' It is possible that they will fall apart from the cellular level and turn into a pool of flesh foam within twenty-four hours after the drug is injected.

"We cannot choose the experts and rookies who are closely related to the authorities and have a bright future in society yet.

"Let's not talk about whether or not the people with vested interests will accept the ideology of the Blood Alliance and cooperate with us obediently, abandoning everything they have to gamble on a hope that is highly uncertain.

"Let's just say that the physical mutations of those people after the experiments can hardly be hidden from the authorities.

"Finally, as the leader of the Blood Alliance in the past decades and the main promoter of the research, I have my own selfish motives too.

"If the research is successful, the genetic advantage of both humans and monsters can be integrated into a 'perfect soldier.' I hope that this 'perfect soldier' will be my blood descendant.

"That way, not only can this person lead Dragon City's civilization to triumphant progress, but this person can also make the Lu family and Sky Pillar Corporation continue to prosper and thrive in the long future.

"You see, with so many conditions put together, Siya is pretty much the only choice.

"First of all, she's not only my blood descendant, but also an explorer I personally trained. She has inherited my legacy to a large extent.

"Although being an explorer isn't a combat profession, the tempering that you've received during your learning process is no less than that in any combat profession.

"As an excellent explorer, you have to go deep into the sunless, high-temperature, high-pressure, and radiation-filled underground gaps for a long time to get in touch with the highly dangerous crystal mines.

"During the exploration and excavation of the crystals, the cells and even genes of the miners will be bombarded by the spirit and magnetic radiation repeatedly.

"Under the bombardment of the microscopic level, one will either suffer from genetic mutations and suffer from all kinds of incurable diseases, or one will be able to withstand more and more harsh tests after undergoing countless trials and tribulations and obtain an upgrade.

"Moreover, I know Siya's ambition. She has never been a person who follows the rules. to stand at the top of Dragon City and create an unparalleled future, she will not hesitate to break the rules of the game and use all means to gamble on an illusory possibility.

"also, if it was Siya who got injected with the 'monster essence,' I would have a legitimate and sufficient reason to observe her changes up close and guide and treat her in time. You must know that as the owner of Sky Pillar Corporation, I'm always in the spotlight. It's easy to arouse suspicion if I come into contact with an irrelevant outsider.

"Finally, if the research is successful, Siya will become the first 'perfect carbon-based organism' that transcends human and monster genes. Compared to others, she will be more likely to accept my ideals, my career, and my everything."

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