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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1794 Plan B

Lu Zhongqi coughed violently as he spoke.

His coughing was like a gale, causing the fire of life in his eyes to shake violently, and it clearly grew dimmer.

His voice was now even lower and more mysterious, as though it were coming from the gaps at the bottom of an abyss. "If everything is developing in the smoothest direction, and we can conquer the Other World and develop civilization while maintaining the social system, traditional virtues, and even individual forms of the Earth era, it will certainly be the best thing.

"However, before thinking about how to win, think about how to face failure-this is a basic quality that a qualified decision-maker must have.

"What if the war potential of the indigenous people in the Other World is much higher than the level of the monster civilization, or even far beyond our imagination?

"What if the torrent of steel built on the foundation of complicated and even bloated logistics and modern technology is not suitable for the battlefield in the Other World with abundant spirit energy and extremely strong individual combat power? What if the mechanized army that the Dragon City civilization has spent astronomical resources and decades to build is completely defeated by the experts in the Other World who are comparable to Apocalyptic Beasts?

"What if the Dragon City civilization not only failed to conquer the Other World, but was instead conquered by the Other World? What if 99% of the descendants of the Earthlings were killed, and our civilization was only left with the last wisp of fire, like a candle in the wind, dying?

"Don't think that I'm trying to scare you. Since the monster civilization with dozens of Apocalyptic Beasts, thousands of Hell Beasts, and hundreds of thousands of Nightmarish Beasts are suppressed at the southernmost corner of the Other World, there's a high chance that the indigenous civilization occupying the center of the Other World continent will be an order of magnitude stronger than the monster civilization.

"In addition, the other side has the home ground, and Dragon City has to go on an expedition to fight on the outside. How can it be so easy to conquer the Other World?

"Even if there is only a 1% chance that the nightmare will become a reality, we will have to do our best to stop it. At least, we have to keep a part of Plan B as insurance.

"Thoroughly combining human genes and monster genes to create a 'perfect carbon-based life form' that possesses human wisdom, creativity, and coordination, as well as the unparalleled and destructive individual combat power of the Apocalyptic Beasts is the 'insurance' I want to leave for Dragon City. It's also Plan B. It's the last hope for humans once they fall into a desperate situation!

"Is it the 'last hope' of humans or the 'last hope' of monsters?"

Meng Chao frowned deeply and laughed coldly. "The so-called 'perfect carbon-based creature that combines human genes and monster genes,' isn't that the crazy plan that the biochemical expert, Gao Ye, who is also the monster civilization's Supernatural Entity, Earthquake, came up with?

"Gao Ye failed.

"He transferred his soul to the body of a Giant Sandworm. In the end, his free will as a human being was completely swallowed by the monster's body, and he became an inhumane killing weapon.

"What's the difference between your Blood Alliance's way of doing things and Gao Ye's madness?"

"That's right. Part of the technology that the Blood Alliance used on Lu Siya did indeed come from Gao Ye's exploration. Gao Ye and the monster civilization failed, but that doesn't mean that all their explorations were wrong. In the field of scientific research, it's not true that the winner is the king and the loser is the villain. Failure is the mother of success. Each failure will lead to a little progress. In the end, countless failures will pile up to form the only path of success. This is something that is inevitable," Lu Zhongqi said softly.

"In the Earth era, countless civilizations of different forms emerged. The civilizations with distinctive features and different styles also developed a myriad of strange tactics and weapons.

"However, after thousands of years of cannibalism, the civilizations that have survived to the end all have the same weapons and tactics-which are to pour the greatest amount of steel and fire on the enemy's head precisely in the shortest amount of time and with the highest efficiency.

"Even if the concept and the route are at odds, and the planes, tanks, and warships of the hostile parties are more and more like each other's replicas, there is only one optimal solution when faced with the problem of life and death.

"In that case, no matter how big the difference between the Dragon City civilization and the monster civilization was in the beginning, after decades of brutal war and in-depth contact, both sides gradually came up with the same 'best solution to the war.' Is it strange?

"Besides, Dragon City's victory in the Monster War was because of the right time, place, and people. It's like a butterfly flapping its wings in the dark, making all the tiniest factors develop in our favor. Among them, the biggest factor is you, Meng Chao.

"If it weren't for your inconceivable miracles time and time again, we might've been struggling in the quagmire of war for many years, and we might've even lost the war.

"If that's the case, what's wrong with acknowledging that monster civilizations have some redeeming qualities and actively learning from them?"

"The problem is that 'the deep fusion of human genes and monster genes to create a perfect carbon-based life form that is half-human and half-beast' has been proven to be a dead-end path that cannot be taken," Meng Chao said in a deep voice.

"The Turan civilization has walked down this path to the extreme. After ten thousand years of evolution, they 'succeeded' in transforming themselves from an interstellar race that could dominate the universe to an era where they ate raw meat and drank blood. Do you want the future Dragon City civilization to follow in the Turan civilization's footsteps?"

Lu Zhongqi could not help laughing.

"A lone boat, crossing the sea of stars, arriving in an alien world with a different environment, danger, and formidable enemies, and still surviving ten thousand years of civilization... You actually think that this isn't a kind of 'success'? You must know that Dragon City civilization has only transmigrated for more than half a century, and they have encountered many disasters. No one knows if we can survive the next half a century, let alone the next ten thousand years, or even one hundred centuries!"

Lu Zhongqi said, "You, who come from the Dragon City civilization that may not even be able to hold on for a century, actually think that the Turan civilization, which has been tenaciously holding on for a hundred centuries, has taken the wrong path in the choice of evolution?

"Such ridiculous arrogance is no different from an empty beggar who despises the filthy rich, who indulges himself every night, who is immoral, and who is even worried that he will be addicted to wine and women and empty his body like the filthy rich after he becomes rich overnight.

"Perhaps, the Turan civilization today is indeed vastly different from when they were roaming the universe ten thousand years ago, but at the very least, they survived. As long as they are alive, there is hope. As long as they are alive, there will be change. As long as they are alive, that is everything!"

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