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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1793 - 1793 Evolution Wall

1793 Evolution Wall

Lu Zhongqi’s words made Meng Chao fall into deep thought.

He thought of the Turan civilization, which had tenaciously lasted for ten thousand years with its half-human, half-beast citizens, and also the fact that they could contend with the Holy Light faction, which occupied the center of the land, while they took a corner in the south of the Other World continent.

Aside from that, he also recalled the scenes of ancient war that he had read from the depths of the monster mastermind’s memory cells.

At that time, the ancestors of the monster civilization had occupied the Other World’s entire land and even ocean. They could create several hundred million killing creatures in a minute.

Not only did those ferocious, murderous creatures boast individual combat abilities that were more terrifying than that of today’s monsters, but they could even gather together like a swarm of bees and form a heavenly tower of flesh and blood that pierced through the clouds and reached above the atmosphere. They also relied on the tower of heaven to attack the circular bases that the ancient civilization had set up in the planet’s orbit.

In the end, even though the ancient civilization used the orbital weapons in the sky and burned the surface of the entire planet into a purgatory overflowing with lava, they were unable to completely destroy the ancestors of the monster civilization.

Whether it was the monster mastermind near Dragon City, or Picturesque Orchid Lake’s mother of origin.

They were the “offspring” that their ancestors had given birth to after sleeping for hundreds of millions of years.

Humans might have been lucky enough to win the war before them, but Meng Chao did not think that they had completely defeated the legacy of the fierce ancient beasts that had lasted for several hundred million years.

Even in his fragmented nightmare, when the civilization of mankind was facing a catastrophe and it was annihilated by thousands of fireballs that fell from the sky, the descendants of the fierce ancient beasts were still lurking, cultivating, and reproducing in various corners of the Other World.

“Our bodies weren’t designed for the great mission of ‘conquering an alien world and dominating the universe’ in the first place.”

While he was deep in thought, Lu Zhongqi continued to speak in a low voice. “The original purpose of our bodies’ evolution is to pick berries in the jungle, to move around on the treetops, and to dance around the weak flames in caves.

“The enemies we’re supposed to encounter with this body are just stupid wild boars, clumsy rhinoceroses, and ferocious wolves, tigers, and leopards that lack endurance.

“For these purposes, our bodies are quite perfect, or rather, it’s exactly because the body is so perfect that it has fulfilled the mission of its design beyond expectations that we have become dominators and unique creatures on Earth in only a few hundred thousand years. We have even developed a brilliant and glorious civilization. That’s why we’ve hit the ‘evolution wall’ brutally in the most violent way.

“Our civilization is advancing too fast, much faster than the speed of cell evolution and gene mutation that the body can bear, especially in the last three to five thousand years.

“Only three to five thousand years ago, the body was supposed to do nothing more than chop wood, hunt, plant, herd, polish rough stone tools, forge simple metals, and process simple information that was carved on slates and bamboo slips.

“Now, the body needs to control enormous machines weighing tens of thousands of tons, develop smart chips that are on a nanoscale, build skyscrapers that reach the clouds, deal with astronomical information on large and small screens that flash with fluorescent light, and even build spacecraft that can cross billions of stars to explore the deepest parts of the universe.

“The enemies that the body has to deal with have also changed from stupid boars, clumsy rhinos, and ferocious wolves, tigers, and leopards that lack endurance into war machines armed with advanced technology.

“Back on Earth, the limits of this body severely restricted the development of our civilization.

“In the middle of the turbulent twenty second century, local conflicts and the total nuclear wars on earth were, on the surface, the continuation of the twenty first century’s economic crisis and super plagues. The underlying reason was, after the great development of network information technology and automation technology, human beings were no longer able to create any disruptive new technology. The technological stagnation for a full hundred years caused global infighting and internal friction.

“It was mainly because the path of evolution for the people of Earth had come to an end.

“No matter how strong a dynasty is, it eventually falls.

“The creatures that once dominated the sky, the land, and the ocean could also be annihilated overnight because of the drastic changes in the natural environment.

“The dinosaurs that had ruled Earth for a hundred and seventy-four million years could disappear in a short million years to the point where it’s impossible for them to find any trace of them.

“Yet, human beings, who have ruled Earth for less than a million years, believe that they can maintain the glory of their civilization and rule every part of the sky, ocean, and land that they have set foot on with their weak bodies forever. Even after total war broke out on our home planet repeatedly and a small part of the survivors fled to the Other World in a hurry, they’re still clinging to such an unreasonable creed after being trapped in a corner of the Other World for half a century. Isn’t it too arrogant and ridiculous?

“This is especially so for you and me, Meng Chao. We’ve both reached godhood, so we should be able to see the limitations of our physical bodies better than ordinary people. The path of the old human beings, who use this weak body as a carrier, has come to an end. The Other World is full of spirit energy but is fraught with danger. If the new human beings in the future want to continue surviving here or even dominate it, and regain the glory of the Earth era, they need to open up a new path of cultivation and evolution!

“This should be the consensus of many people in Dragon City.

“Otherwise, everyone wouldn’t have been so active in researching runic automation, monster neuron transplantation, drone technology, beast taming techniques, as well as the Ultimate Style, Overkill Style, and all kinds of other cultivation techniques.

“However, the creation of seemingly advanced and dazzling new technologies are nothing but minor tinkering. They cannot, and dare not, modify or even recreate the fleshly bodies that human beings have been using for tens of millions of years.

“For example, the current ‘monster neuron transplantation’ only implants the cerebral cortex and neural network of monsters into war machines that are engraved with ancient runes to strengthen the intelligence of the war machines. They’re too afraid to implant the brain cells and neural network of monsters into human bodies. They can even deeply fuse human and monster genes together in the embryonic stage to create a new life form that has the advantages of both humans and monsters!

“If tinkering can help us defeat the natives of the Other World who were born in an environment with abundant spirit energy, ancient relics, as well as mysterious heritages, and develop a brilliant civilization that is no less brilliant than Earth’s, it will certainly be great.

“However, as the decision maker of a civilization, you have to consider the worst case scenario.

“What if you can’t?”

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