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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1780 The Mastermind Behind The Scenes

Yun Feidian's eyes were as cold as a venomous snake struggling for its life. "So, on the outskirts of Dragon City, when tens of thousands of cannons were fired at the same time and my double was blown to pieces... it was all an act?"

"That's right," Meng Chao said.

"During the Monster War, Thundercloud Technology was in charge of building many underground tunnels that connect the inside and outside of Dragon City. It's a fact that everyone knows. If you really wanted to escape in secret, you definitely wouldn't be able to pass through these underground tunnels.

"On the other hand, if a guy who looked like Yun Feidian passed through these underground tunnels and appeared on the outskirts of Dragon City, he would have to be a fake. It'd be a puppet that you could remotely control via a chip.

"Think about it carefully. 'Yun Feidian,' who appeared in the suburb, never fought his pursuers from the beginning to the end. He didn't even let anyone see his face clearly. In the middle of the rumbling cannonballs, he chose to 'self-destruct,' which wouldn't leave any evidence behind. The spirit energy from a Deity Realm expert would certainly cause an appalling explosion, but a puppet tied to a crystal bomb could also be spectacularly blown into nothingness!"

"So I never had a chance from the beginning," Yun Feidian mumbled.

"The second the Golden Roc exploded, you were ready to trick me with fake pieces of the super crystal bomb!"

"You're half right, half wrong," Meng Chao said unhurriedly.

"From the moment you decided to stand against the millions of Dragon City citizens, indeed, you didn't stand a chance at all. Now, your reputation will be ruined, and your name will go down in history for ten thousand years.

"With that said, I didn't intentionally create the fake crystal bomb fragments to lure you into the trap.

"Now that the Blood Alliance's scheme has been exposed, you've become a rat on the street and a stray dog. You aren't worth my time or worth wasting even a single brain cell on.

"The one I really want to trick isn't you, but this old senior whose identity is still unknown. But he must have gained outstanding military achievements in Dragon City and must be highly respected to be called a pillar of support!"

Meng Chao and Yun Feidian focused their gaze on the gray-haired office worker at the same time.

Perhaps it was because his facial muscles had been shaped by spirit energy and they were covered by a human-skin mask that was as thin as cicada wings, or...

Were his nerves as tough as steel after they had been tempered by decades of war?

The office worker's expression did not change at all.

Not only was he not shocked or flustered, but he appeared highly interested. He sized Meng Chao up without blinking, and his eyes were filled with curiosity, inquiry, and even praise.

"You knew from the very beginning that the Blood Alliance had more than one supreme leader?" the office worker with gray hair asked.

His voice was no longer as sharp as when he was talking to Yun Feidian.

It became deep, thick, and filled with a power that elicited trust and admiration from others.

The hidden answer to the question above was enough to make one's heart jump.

Meng Chao shook his head slowly.

"I didn't know at first. I just found it a little strange. because the Blood Alliance's organization structure shouldn't be the way it is.

"It wasn't until I discovered the super crystal bomb installed on the Golden Roc's engine that I realized Yun Feidian wasn't necessarily the Blood Alliance's president. There was someone else who was at least on par with him, if not slightly above him."

His conclusion seemed to make Yun Feidian a little unhappy.

Despite that, he just snorted coldly, unable to refute.

"Why?" The gray-haired salaryman was even more curious now.

"Because the super crystal bomb was too sophisticated.

"I've never seen such an exquisite crystal bomb before," Meng Chao said. "Crystals of different attributes and levels release different kinds of spirit energy ripples. The thinnest one is only 0.01 millimeters thick, the smallest one is no bigger than dust, and the thinnest one is thinner than a baby's hair. They'd twist and break with just a light breath, not to mention a touch.

"Yet, the creator managed to nest and arrange so many thin, fragile, and sensitive crystal components precisely with a marvelous technique. Then, he embedded runes that could only be observed clearly under a microscope into a well-structured, exquisitely-made spirit and magnetic field. This ensured that the super crystal bomb could not be deciphered, dismantled, or stopped by outsiders, and it could unleash the most powerful destructive force instantly.

"The device was beyond the scope of a weapon, and it was also a unique piece of art. It was the most brilliant crystallization of more than half a century's study and exploration in the field of spirit energy.

"I don't think that an ordinary crystal scientist or rune mechanic would be able to create such a masterpiece...

"No, even the experts and scholars at Dragon City University and the alliance of the five universities, or the chief engineers of the nine mega corporations, might not be able to do it.

"In the entire Dragon City, there are only few who can produce such a super crystal bomb. You can count them with ten fingers.

"And each of them is a giant pillar that holds up the sky. They're all influential figures who have the ability to support or overturn Dragon City!

"Such an influential figure would at least be on par with Yun Feidian in terms of strength and status.

"How could someone like that be tricked or threatened by Yun Feidian and be forced to produce such a super crystal bomb to fulfill his evil mission of 'blowing up the Golden Roc'?

"If the person went ahead with this, there can only be one answer. He wasn't forced to do it, but he did it out of his own will. He was even the one who proposed to blow up the Golden Roc.

"This guy is the real mastermind. Yun Feidian is just his deputy, his executor!"

Meng Chao's words caused rage to fill Yun Feidian's face.

Obviously, he was not satisfied with the titles of "deputy" and "executor."

The change in his expression also confirmed the fact that the gray-haired office worker was the real mastermind behind the scenes.

The office worker quickly swept his gaze past Yun Feidian's face before landing it on Meng Chao's face.

"As I expected." He sighed. "Did the super crystal bomb reveal a flaw?"

"It can't be considered a flaw."

Meng Chao said, "I believe that you wouldn't have made a super crystal bomb so perfectly if there had been a slight glimmer of possibility.

"It's a pity that there's nothing we can do about it. The Golden Roc was too large, and it floated in the sky with air leaks on all sides. It also had strong anti-fire and anti-explosion features.

"If the crystal bomb had been slightly less powerful, it would have only been able to blow up a few functional modules at the Golden Roc's core. That wouldn't have been enough to shock the entire city and intimidate all the citizens.

"To finish the job in one fell swoop and destroy the Golden Roc, you had no choice but to do everything you could to create this masterpiece, which was enough to expose your identity!"

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