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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1776 The Comeback

The caller remained silent for another three seconds before he continued in a hoarse voice, "That's good. It's safer to bring it to me so that I can destroy it."

"I'm not planning to visit your place," Yun Feidian said.

"I don't plan on giving you anything."

"Yun Feidian..."

The caller suppressed his anger and asked, "What are you planning to do?"

"Wait a moment."

Yun Feidian's tone did not change at all. He slowly stepped on the brakes, lowered the window, and accepted an inspection.

Two armed volunteers wearing the armbands of the Azure Alliance leaned into his car and shone their flashlights at Yun Feidian's face and the military backpack in the back seat. They had been temporarily transferred.

"Give me half a minute. I'm still being examined. The d*mn Blood Alliance has messed everything up!"

Yun Feidian mumbled a few words to the communicator on his wrist. He narrowed his eyes and spread his fingers to block the bright light.

The military backpack in the back seat was only half zipped up, revealing a bunch of crumpled clothes and a torn pack of cigarettes.

"Do I need to open the trunk?" Yun Feidian asked the armed volunteer impatiently.

His appearance fooled the armed volunteers.

At this moment, Dragon City was in chaos and burning everywhere.

In some blocks, the battles against the rat tide, zombies, and the remnants of the Blood Alliance were still ongoing.

Even the streets that were temporarily safe were under great pressure to pacify and evacuate the crowd.

Almost every street was blocked by vehicles, big and small.

Not to mention, the professional law enforcement officers and members of the disciplinary forces were all exhausted from running around.

For instance, these armed volunteers had to face all kinds of unexpected situations every minute and second, as well as countless complaints and requests for help from the people. They were facing immense pressure at work.

The two armed volunteers spent a few seconds longer on Yun Feidian's car, and dozens of honks behind them urged them to hurry up.

The two of them hesitated for a moment. However, they did not fully unzip the military backpack and pull out all the clothes inside, exposing the super crystal bomb's debris that was hidden below.

Instead, after exchanging glances, they put away their flashlights and waved their hands to let Yun Feidian pass.

Their actions saved their lives.

Perhaps the lives of several thousand ordinary citizens might have also been lost.

Yun Feidian rolled up the window and continued to move forward.

"Listen, I won't leave Dragon City. In the next few decades, this place will be the center of the Other World's storm. It will be the tip of the pyramid where countless resources gather. If you leave Dragon City, you'll be leaving victory, and you'll automatically give up on your efforts to break through the limits of human life!"

Yun Feidian continued speaking to the mysterious man on the other end of the communicator. "I will not listen to your arrangement and go to the shelter that you've 'carefully prepared' below Dragon City.

"Don't worry. You're not the only one who knows that a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on. You don't have to worry about it. I've prepared more than 10 secret shelters both inside and outside Dragon City, above and below the ground. I also have dozens of fake identities. Meng Chao and the others definitely won't catch me.

"Escape into the wilderness, hide in the caves, and be a savage who feeds on raw meat? Only an imbecile would do such a thing.

"Use the power of the Deity Realm to control your facial muscles exquisitely and even perform a few minor surgeries to completely change the structure of your face and bones so that you can look completely different from the past. You can live comfortably in Dragon City with a new identity and wait for the victors of this game, like Meng Chao, to reveal their flaws. That is what a smart person would do.

"As for the three pieces of super crystal bomb debris, I don't think it matters whether you or I keep them.

"After all, we are comrades who share the same interests. We'll never betray each other, will we?"

The person on the other end continued to remain silent.

He was too shocked.

He had expected that Yun Feidian, the helmsman of Thundercloud Technology and the leader of the new Blood Alliance, who had created countless flesh puppets to remotely control them, would not be so easily controlled.

"Relax. Of course, I've never thought of threatening you with these three super crystal bomb fragments, and I don't need you to risk exposing your identity to save the Blood Alliance and the name, 'Yun Feidian.' The Blood Alliance and Yun Feidian can't be saved. It's obvious. This time, Meng Chao has the right time, place, and people. We don't need to fight him head-on.

"However, as we've discussed many times, both the Blood Alliance and Yun Feidian are just names. A name can be defeated, but it cannot be destroyed.

"As long as human beings still desire to be stronger, to evolve, and to advance by any means possible, the Blood Alliance and Yun Feidian will soon make a comeback with a new name and a new appearance.

"But next time, I hope that you'll be the one to charge into enemy lines.

"After all, I've already done enough for the Blood Alliance.

"There's no reason that Thundercloud Technology and I have to be the ones giving everything, while you and the interest group behind you sit in the middle and reap the benefits!

"Alright, for safety's sake, I'll destroy all means of communication between us. There's no need for you to look for me. I'll contact you at the right time and the right opportunity. I only hope that you'll carry out all the preparations for the reestablishment of the Blood Alliance by then!"

Before the mysterious man could answer, Yun Feidian ended the call.

Then, he took off the communicator on his wrist and crushed it into a pile of broken parts as if he was kneading plasticine.

Yun Feidian rolled down the window and shook the broken pieces of the communication device out of the window.

The road ahead had seemingly been through an explosion not long ago. The wires and the spirit energy transmission tubes were all broken, and the street lamps had all been blown up.

Dozens of cars squeezed into a ball on the narrow and twisted street, making it difficult for them to move.

Yun Feidian pondered for a moment. He put his palm on the bottom of the central console and sent a stream of spirit energy into the crystal engine.

With a boom, the crystal engine instantly exploded. A cloud of white smoke pushed the engine cover open and lifted it seven or eight meters into the air. With a clang, it landed heavily, almost hitting the roof of the car in front of him.

On such a night where smoke and spirit energy were all over the place, it was perfectly normal for crystal engines to overload and explode.

Yun Feidian barely managed to move his car out of traffic and onto the side of the road so that it would not affect the rest.

He cursed and got out of the car before he went around to the front to check the situation. Following that, he choked on the white smoke and coughed violently.

After half a minute of vivid acting, he seemed to have given up the hope of repairing it on the spot. He got into the back seat, picked up the military backpack, and left everyone, as well as the range of all the surveillance systems, on foot.

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