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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1773 - 1773 Useless Evidence

1773 Useless Evidence


Among the countless fireballs, a mushroom cloud that was almost blood-red rose up and spread out in all directions with the momentum of a surging tide. It swallowed the space within a hundred meters in an instant.

The ground that had been ravaged by the carpet bombing suffered a destructive blow again. A giant crater dozens of meters in diameter appeared, piercing through the rocks and into the center of the planet like a meteorite.

Even the forest a hundred meters away was attacked by the heat and blast waves. The grass and trees withered, blackened, and crumbled instantly.


A large number of snakes, insects, rats, ants, birds, and beasts became even more fearful, and they fled in all directions.

It took a full three minutes for the big explosion to settle down.

Not even Yun Feidian’s bones were left deep inside the enormous crater. Every part of him had blown up, down to the very last cell.

Such a violent explosion was not the result of the railways guns.

It was likely that Yun Feidian had detonated all of his Deity Realm spirit energy.

Perhaps, he realized that even if he could resist the railway guns’ carpet bombing and escape the burning, destructive land, he would still be in a terrible state.

Meng Chao, who was in his peak condition, was waiting for him at the front. Plus, Meng Chao was wearing the totem armor.

As one of Dragon City’s second-generation powerhouses, Yun Feidian had the pride of a Deity Realm master.

Seeing that he had yet to completely replace Shen Yuanbao and the other first-generation Deity Realm warriors of Dragon City, Meng Chao, the leader of the golden generation, had unbelievably caught up to him and tried to replace him.

Yun Feidian really did not want to face Meng Chao and the Dragon City citizens that numbered in the tens of millions while he was in a terrible state.

Dying in the midst of several thousand cannons might have been the best release for this ambitious hero.

Ten minutes later, the turbulence of spirit energy caused by the explosion gradually subsided.

Hundreds of drones formed a swarm like bees and began to perform a search in the net formation.

Deep in the enormous crater, they found a few metal scraps that had been melted into bizarre shapes that had been frozen into colorful glass.

Perhaps they were parts of the all-terrain SUV.

They might have also been the weapons and ammunition that Yun Feidian carried with him, or the fragments of some special device.

In any case, they were the only things left by the president of the new Blood Alliance.

Just as Yun Feidian self-destructed in despair, the interception and search for the Blood Alliance members inside and outside Dragon City also entered a climactic stage.

With Thundercloud Technology’s headquarters as the “trigger,” the entire Dragon City welcomed an earthquake.

A large number of high-level Blood Alliance members were intercepted while they were escaping in a hurry. Some were caught, and others were killed on the spot because of their last-ditch resistance.

Meanwhile, a few of the lower-level Blood Alliance members could not bear the immense mental pressure and turned themselves in.

The clues that they gave in full detail provided more directions for the search operation.

Of course, not every search and capture went so smoothly.

Not all of the Blood Alliance leaders would choose the most straightforward ending when they were at their wits’ end like Yun Feidian.

Some of the well-dressed leaders of the Blood Alliance went completely mad the moment they realized that their identities had been exposed. They turned into demons that were even more terrifying than monsters and engaged in fierce battles with their captors in the crowded downtown area. They ignored the heavy casualties caused to the citizens nearby.

A couple of them even chose to set fire and create explosions before they ran away to muddy the water. With the help of the raging flames and billowing black smoke, they snuck into the twisted darkness.

Of course, these people could not escape the judgment of justice.

However, it would still take a long time to clean up these monsters and demons in human skin.

Night fell, but Dragon City was still brightly lit.

The streets that had turned dark due to the power outages and the explosions of spirit energy transmission tubes were often illuminated by the fires around them. The flickering flames outlined a vague silhouette.

It was destined to be Dragon City’s longest night.

What the members of the Blood Alliance had done on this extremely long night was far from as simple as “fleeing in panic.”

In the high-tech industrial park, southeast of Dragon City, in the Ancient Ruins Research Center’s Special Equipment Testing Area No. 2…

Thanks to the research results extracted from the ancient ruins, this was one of the best equipment testing centers in Dragon City with the highest technical strength, the most abundant relevant documents, and the strongest testing team.

Even the Red Dragon Army and the adjudicator court would send samples there if they wanted to test certain equipment or analyze unknown materials and equipment.

At this moment, a specially modified fully-enclosed container truck was slowly driving into the parking lot of Special Equipment Testing Center No. 2.

There was also a light armored vehicle, specially designed for urban combat environments, at the front and back, firmly guarding or escorting the container truck.

On the roof of each light armored vehicles were three automatic Vulcan cannons and anti-monster beehive rocket launchers. They rotated at three hundred and sixty degrees constantly and did not have any blind spots. They were ready to lock on and eliminate suspicious targets at any time.

However, compared with the requirements in the operation procedure, the standard of protection for this container truck was greatly reduced.

According to the operation procedure, the container truck should have been escorted by a total of six light armored vehicles, with three at the front and three at the back.

In addition, the crew in each light armored vehicle, needed to have at least one Heaven Realm superhuman.

It was because the container truck was carrying key evidence that Meng Chao had risked his life to protect during the Golden Roc’s explosion. It was a small piece of the super crystal bomb.

Special Equipment Testing Center No. 2 would have probably found the maker of the super crystal bomb through the piece and revealed the mastermind.

However, the Blood Alliance had already revealed themselves, and Yun Feidian, the president of the Blood Alliance, had been annihilated by the bombardment of several thousand cannons.

The debris of the super crystal bomb was much less important now.

Besides, the capture of the remaining Blood Alliance members was still ongoing.

The more powerful the captors were, the earlier they could capture or eliminate a remaining member of the Blood Alliance. That way, the precious lives of more innocent people would be saved. i𝑛𝗻rℯ𝒂𝒅. 𝓬o𝘮

Therefore, the other four light armored vehicles and the Heaven Realm experts in the escort team had all been deployed to the front line for the arrests.

Hence, protection of the crystal bomb fragment was reduced repeatedly.

After all, the Blood Alliance, which was struggling at death’s door, did not have the means to snatch the “key evidence” anymore.

Even if it was stolen, it would be meaningless to the Blood Alliance, whose entire organization had been exposed to the world and whose supreme leader had self-destructed.

That was what everyone thought.

Yet, just as the light armored vehicles at the front and the container truck in the middle stopped, a few explosive sounds rang out. The entire parking lot was suddenly shrouded in a pungent smell and thick black smoke!

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