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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1764 - 1764 The Wallet Determines the Decision

1764 The Wallet Determines the Decision

No, it was not only the holders of Universe Corporation’s stocks. It included the shareholders of Meng Chao’s own Superstar Company and its associated companies.

In the past few years, Superstar Company had been the most popular and fastest-developing company in Dragon City. It was a model of a medium-sized innovative enterprise that was big, round, and tantalizing. It had always been highly regarded by the large number of small and medium-sized investors as well as even large institutions.

At the time when Meng Chao fell into the Raging Tiger River and his life and death were uncertain, Superstar Company’s momentum had already taken shape.

Not only did his disappearance not affect the stock price, but it also painted Superstar Company as “valiant” and “legendary.”

In addition, Lu Siya’s official participation and the establishment of the Azure Alliance had pushed Superstar Company’s stock price to soar, and its total market value was infinitely close to that of the nine mega corporations.

Meng Chao’s return was bound to open up a breakthrough for Superstar Company’s stock price. There was a lot of room for imagination in the future, and those who held shares related to the Superstar Company were naturally willing to go through fire and water for Meng Chao. They would not hesitate to do so.

In fact, the investors of Universe Corporation and Superstar Company would not be the only ones benefiting. All the investors of the nine mega corporations and the financial market could benefit from the cooperation between the Azure Alliance and the nine mega corporations.

The most typical example would be the superhumans from humble families who joined the nine mega corporations.

Although the nine mega corporations were known as “noble families” and the Board of Directors was firmly controlled by the nine noble cultivation families, the nine mega corporations were still extremely powerful.

However, it had only been half a century since Dragon City transmigrated and began its extraordinary era. The social classes had yet to solidify, and the scale of wealthy families was not too large.

As mega corporations that spanned across many fields, they had thousands of employees. It was impossible for all the basic employees and middle managers to be the children of the rich and powerful.

Whether it was Universe, Sky Pillar, Thundercloud, or Soaring Dragon, most of their employees were superhumans from the humble class who had joined through open recruitment or acquisition.

In the recent game between the nine mega corporations and the Azure Alliance, the humble-class employees had been in a delicate and awkward position.

On one hand, they were often the first and only superhumans in their families and communities, and they were truly the “hope of the whole village.”

Their parents, relatives, and neighbors they came into contact with every day were not supernatural beings.

With the intense competition and the severity of the involution, they did not have the confidence to guarantee that their children would become superhumans either.

Therefore, they could not be like the children of the rich and powerful who were loved by the heavens and were 100% on the superhumans’ side. They regarded it as a natural principle for the superhumans to rule the world. Instead, they would consciously or unconsciously protect the interests of ordinary people.

At the same time, there was a fierce competition within the nine mega corporations, a heavy workload, and an invisible glass ceiling. As such, the superhumans from the humble class who had no power or influence felt resentful and wrong. They could only rely on their own hard work to fight all the way and stumble across a single log bridge to see the backs of some rich kids.

They were in the same company, yet there were different assessment systems. The children of the rich and powerful could ignore administrative work, be the leaders, receive shares and dividends, enjoy the high-quality resources purchased at the company’s internal price, and enjoy a large number of paid holidays. They could cultivate comfortably and be far ahead in terms of their realm.

On the surface, the superhumans from the humble class were the company’s “backbones” and “technical experts,” but in reality, they were hardworking cows and horses. They had to work hard and deal with endless affairs every day. Plus, they were often picked on by the rich kids, who were their immediate superiors. They would be praised, criticized, humiliated, controlled, and even mentally abused.

Even with the body of a superhuman, they would often be dragged through the mud after years of hard work.

How could they have the time and mood to cultivate when the pressure of work was so great? How could they improve their realm?

The superhumans from the humble class, who had suffered all this, were often the ones who understood the disadvantages of the nine mega corporations the best.

Once they jumped out of the nine mega corporations and set up their own business, most of them would be the most intense opponents of their old companies and the strongest supporters of the Azure Alliance.

However, there were only a few superhumans from humble families who were willing to jump out of the nine mega corporations.

Most of them chose to endure the pressure of work, the obvious unfairness of the company assessments, and the mental abuse from their superiors.

It could not be helped. The boss was evil, but he gave too much!

The salaries given by the nine mega corporations had always been the most competitive in Dragon City.

Any dissatisfaction, anger, or grievance would disappear in the face of money.

Of course, it would be fun to set up an independent company, but the competition in the market was so fierce that nine out of ten companies would suffer a loss. How could they compare to a mega corporation under the wings of a group that would emerge victorious in every battle and earn without losing?

Having said that, cash did not account for a high percentage of the nine mega corporations’ salary system.

Most of them were still shares.

Furthermore, it was an option that could only be realized after a few years.

For the superhumans from the humble class who had a lot of options in their hands, the recent changes in Dragon City really put them in a dilemma.

For one, they agreed with part or even most of the Azure Alliance’s ideas.

They also wanted to use the Azure Alliance to push for the reform of the nine mega corporations, get rid of the “big enterprise disease,” and create a fairer, more competitive working environment.

Be that as it may, they did not want the stock prices of the nine mega corporations to fall either. That would cause their wallets to shrink and their interests to be greatly damaged.

The dilemma would naturally force them to think with their a** instead of their brains.

It was hard for a person to betray his origins.

But it was harder to betray his wallet, especially when he still had a family to feed.

If Meng Chao showed his strength today and tried to kill them all so that Superstar Company and the Azure Alliance could monopolize the big pie that was Picturesque Orchid Lake and not leave any way for the nine mega corporations to survive…

Then, no matter how much the superhumans from the humble class acknowledged Meng Chao, how much they saw him as a great hero, how much they marveled at his soul-stirring adventure in Picturesque Orchid Lake, and how much they praised him…

To protect their stocks, their wallets, and their lives…

They had no other choice. They could only brace themselves and stand against Meng Chao.

Similarly, their wives, children, and elderly might have been Meng Chao’s loyal admirers. They could have been deeply moved by Meng Chao’s fearlessness and could have sworn to become the next Meng Chao.

However, once they found out that supporting Meng Chao meant that their assets would shrink by 30%, 50%, or even return to what they were before the overnight success…

These ordinary people could only make the choice that was most in line with their own interests.

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