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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1763 - 1763 Savior

1763 Savior

This maturity and calmness instantly reaped a high reward.

In just a few short seconds, Meng Chao gained hundreds of thousands of absolutely loyal supporters in Dragon City.

He was an investor of Universe Corporation, a holder of Universe Corporation’s shares.

It should be known that ever since they won the Monster War and Dragon City entered the “big construction period,” the stock index had been skyrocketing at a visible speed each day.


Ordinary citizens listened to financial experts from all walks of life discussing the inevitability of Dragon City’s conquest of the Other World from various angles. They also claimed that Dragon City’s comprehensive index would definitely skyrocket by tens or even hundreds of times in the process of conquering the Other World. If the people did not immediately throw their lives into this fast-moving wealth express, they would definitely be left far behind by the endless tide of the times and so on.

In addition, those who dared to take risks had indeed received envious returns.

How could the ordinary citizens, who were blinded by envy, jealousy, and hatred, resist such temptation?

Of course, they would sell everything they had, mortgage their property, and even take illegal loans. They would “breathe with Dragon City, share its fate, gamble everything, and be firmly tied with it!”

As one of the nine mega companies, Universe Corporation and its associated companies were obviously the most popular investments in the financial market.

Hundreds of thousands or even millions of ordinary citizens had exchanged their life savings and the loans that they had mortgaged with their real estate and pension for Universe Corporation shares.

That’s right. It was said that Universe Corporation’s helmsman, Shen Yuanbao, had been seriously injured in the fierce battle with the monster mastermind. That had brought Universe Corporation a lot of hidden worries.

As a result, in the half a year after their victory in the Monster War, Universe Corporation’s stock price remained lukewarm. There was even a period of time when it fell slightly.

However, in the words of financial experts, that was the best time to buy shares in large quantities and build a baseline!

“According to the judgment of the most authoritative medical experts in Dragon City, Shen Yuanbao merely overused his spirit energy temporarily, hence he needed to rest for a year and a half. They believed that it wouldn’t be long before he returned in full glory. By then, Universe Corporation’s stock price would skyrocket by 500%. How can we be worthy of such an unparalleled expert?!”

“In the past six months, the stock prices of the other eight corporations have increased by several times on average. They have long missed the best opportunity to build up their warehouses. If they continue to increase their stock prices now, it is inevitable that there will be some adjustments. On the other hand, Universe Corporation has been biding its time. This is called ‘accumulation and success when you’re not famous.’”

“There’s a top secret that the younger brother of my aunt’s third uncle’s classmate, who is the head nurse of Universe Medical Group, told me. I’ll tell you, but you can’t tell anyone else. It’s said that Shen Yuanbao wasn’t seriously injured. On top of that, he also gained a blessing from that disaster. In the decisive battle with the monster mastermind, he obtained a great opportunity and comprehended the profound truth of martial arts. It’s very likely that he’ll become the first person in Dragon City to surpass the Deity Realm! He hasn’t been recuperating, but he’s been in seclusion. Once he breaks out, Universe Corporation’s stock price will definitely soar!”

Similar news had spread throughout the streets of Dragon City overnight.

It also spurred countless ordinary citizens to become “shareholders” of Universe Corporation.

Even in the other eight mega corporations, there were many white-collared and even gold-collared workers who believed it and felt tempted. After they cashed out their family’s shares, which had risen several times, they did not take them for granted but exchanged them for Universe Corporation’s shares.

Then, they stepped into a pit.

Shen Yuanbao, who had claimed to be “cultivating in seclusion,” showed no signs of “achieving great success and coming out of seclusion.”

Universe Corporation’s operations were also lukewarm.

Although the Red Creek Project had been a wonderful promise to all the investors, the rise in their stock price was only average for a mega corporation.

Even that small increase turned into a dream with the explosion of the Red Creek Project’s crystal warehouse and the assassination attempt on Shen Yuanbao.

When the explosion and the assassination happened, the two pieces of bad news arrived one after another.

Universe Corporation’s stock price was like a fence that had been attacked by a beast horde. It plummeted without a struggle.

In just a week, Universe Corporation’s average share price had plunged by more than 35%, and there was no sign of it stabilizing.

Countless shareholders were dumbfounded. They wanted to cry but had no tears. They could not even stop their losses in time.

Rumors that circulated in the market said that Shen Yuanbao had gotten seriously injured and died. As such, Universe Corporation had no leader and was about to fall apart and withdraw from the ranks of the nine mega corporations.

At such a time, which fool would have the audacity to be cruel and take over the plummeting market?

Anyone with eyes could see that Universe Corporation’s stocks had not completely collapsed because the other eight mega corporations were worried that the collapse of Universe Corporation would trigger a chain reaction that would lead to the collapse of Dragon City’s entire financial market. So, everyone braced themselves and donated their blood to Universe Corporation to keep it alive.

However, they could not hold on for long.

Universe Corporation was too big. Even if the other eight mega corporations wanted to help sincerely, they could not maintain the situation for long.

In the past few days, the internal struggles within Universe Corporation had become increasingly intense. Many people suspected that Shen Yuanbao was already dead, hence there was a show of “nine dragons fighting for the throne.”

Once the news of Shen Yuanbao’s death was officially announced, Universe Corporation’s share price would definitely plummet, and even the nine “Apocalyptic Beasts” would not be able to stop it.

Besides, countless small- and medium-sized investors who had gone bankrupt or even owed high debts could only line up to reach the rooftop!

To their surprise, just as countless small- and medium-sized investors fell into despair and went crazy, Meng Chao and Shen Yuanbao joined hands and appeared as saviors.

Whether or not the plan of Picturesque Orchid Lake’s joint development by the Superstar Company and Universe Corporation would come true, this unprecedented great benefit would certainly be the super fuel to push Universe Corporation’s stock price back to life, at least at this point in time.

As the saying goes, “cutting off one’s path to wealth is like killing one’s parents.”

On the other hand, helping someone reconnect with a cut-off source of wealth was no different from having a new father and mother.

In the beginning, no matter how much the ordinary citizens supported the Azure Alliance and Meng Chao, they would not be able to support them to the point where they would swear their loyalty to them.

Yes, there was a lot of darkness and injustice in this society, but as long as they could make do, would the darkness not be over after they endured it?

Most ordinary people thought so and could only think so.

Now, however, for the hundreds of thousands or even millions of small and medium-sized investors who held Universe Corporation stocks, for the sake of their share prices, their wallets, their lives, their wealth increasing, and even their dreams of freedom, they were truly willing to charge at all their opponents under Meng Chao’s lead, be it Apocalyptic Beasts or Deity Realm experts. They would charge forward in waves and face death with no fear!

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