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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1761 The Simplest Choice

Besides, according to Meng Chao's introduction, the Turan orcs were not the most powerful civilization that ruled over the Other World.

On Earth, even a three-year-old child understood the principle of "when two tigers fight, one would definitely be injured" and "when the sandpiper and clam fight, a third party would benefit."

Obviously, the people of Dragon City were not willing to be the clam.

They only wanted to be fishermen who would benefit.

At this time, many websites and social media sites that were actively operated by the Azure Alliance immediately launched voting options. They were afraid of world chaos.

On one side, it was the Turan civilization, which consisted of savage, brutal, and aggressive half-human half-beasts.

It might even include ogres, the undead, two-headed trolls, Ice Giants, and other strange orc races.

On the other side were humans with golden hair, blue eyes, and snow-white skin. They were surrounded by Holy Light and looked sacred as well as inviolable.

Who were their enemies and who were their friends?

In Meng Chao's nightmare of the apocalypse, the people who made the decision were the higher-ups of the nine mega corporations. They were the high-and-mighty elites who ruled Dragon City.

The "friends" that the elites chose were, of course, the people of the Holy Light, who had blonde hair, blue eyes, and snow-white skin.

Now, however, those who logged into major websites and social media to cast their votes were the millions of Dragon City citizens, ordinary people with sincere feelings.

In just three minutes, at least several million users had voted on the major websites and social media. π‘–π˜―π‘›π™§e𝙖𝙙.c𝒐m

Plus, the number was still rising at a speed visible to the naked eye.

According to the current data, the number of Dragon City citizens who chose to ally with the Turan orcs, ogres, skeleton soldiers, undead, two-headed trolls, and Ice Giants reached an overwhelming 61.7%.

Only 12.5% of the ordinary citizens were willing to form an alliance with the golden-haired, blue-eyed human race of the Holy Light.

The remaining citizens chose to "wait and see."

The number of Dragon City citizens who were willing to form an alliance with the orcs had actually reached five times the number of people who were willing to form an alliance with the Holy Light human race. That was somewhat incredible.

However, when considering that on Earth, from the start of the trade disputes and proxy wars in the 21st century to the all-out war in the middle of the 22nd century, and even the nuclear war that was suspected to have already broken out before Dragon City's transmigration, the decision of Dragon City's citizens was not surprising. It was based on their simple emotions during their turbulent and magnificent history.

Many of the determined citizens expressed that no matter how barbaric the Turan orcs were, how dirty the ogres were, how strange the skeleton soldiers and undead were, they could not be more despicable, sinister, and evil than the blonde and blue-eyed humans.

" As Dragon City people with black hair and eyes, when humans with blonde hair and blue eyes are on one side of the scale, even if the other side has a demon from the deepest part of hell, we should stand on the demon's side without any hesitation."

"That's right. Of course, we don't know what the Turan orcs are or what they're thinking."

"However, we know too well what the f*cking white humans with blonde hair and blue eyes are up to!"

This comment expressed the general public's thoughts.

It instantly received over 100,000 messages of support.

The so-called votes launched by these websites and social media naturally had no legal effect whatsoever.

To be honest, in the past few decades, Dragon City civilization had not been anything like Meng Chao had boasted to "Jackal" Kanus. Whether it was a peerless expert who could destroy the world or a weak ordinary person, they all had the power to look forward to and even decide the future.

However, the future, most of the time, was still decided by the strong.

That was the cruel reality.

Nevertheless, when the thousands of ordinary citizens, who were too weak to even truss a chicken, united, they would have the chance to become experts who would decide their fate and future.

The number of votes that had been collected by the major websites had exceeded ten million. Although they were not legally binding, they represented the strong public opinion.

It also made the countless fragmented ordinary citizens realize that there were actually so many of them with the same thoughts. It turned out that they were the majority and their own will was the will of Dragon City. The future they wanted was the future that Dragon City civilization should create.

Soon, the storm of public opinion swept through the entire city at an unstoppable momentum.

Even the unparalleled powerhouses in charge of the nine mega corporations were shaken by the thunderous storm of public opinion. They had to seriously consider and re-plan.

There was only one problem left.

A lot of people knew that entering Picturesque Orchid Lake was the established strategy of the nine mega corporations.

In order to achieve this goal, the nine mega corporations had recruited soldiers and bought horses. They had formed a company armed force that was even larger than the one they had during the Monster War.

On top of that, they were raising funds in the financial market crazily, not hesitating to blow their bubble bigger and bigger.

If they changed their plans and went from marching into Picturesque Orchid Lake to allying with the Turan orcs, it would mean that their war machines, which had already been running, would have to cool down again, or at least slow down. The losses would be astronomical, and it would probably cause a great earthquake or even collapse of Dragon City's financial market.

Besides, the nine mega corporations and the Azure Alliance were fighting in the Survival Committee.

The Azure Alliance had originally been a rising star, but with support from Lu Siya, other new generation of powers, and the superhumans from the humble class, they became increasingly courageous. Now, with the return of the legendary Meng Chao, they were like a tiger with wings. Their momentum was reminiscent of a rainbow.

In that case, would the Azure Alliance be able to completely suppress the nine mega corporations in the Survival Committee and become the leading force in Dragon City?

Would the nine mega corporations be willing to keep their cool, admit defeat, support the Azure Alliance, and continue to fight for the future of Dragon City's civilization?

Would the newly-born Azure Alliance, which did not have a strong foundation, be overwhelmed by the sudden victory and turn from "dragon slayer" to "evil dragons" after seizing the highest power, just as what had happened countless times in history?

This was a serious matter. If they were not careful, the financial market would collapse, and the Azure Alliance and the nine mega corporations would completely come apart. The entire Dragon City would fall into the abyss of eternal damnation!

After their initial passion receded like the falling tide, many wise individuals appeared to be deep in thought and full of worry.

However, the appearance of one person was like a superstorm, instantly blowing away the dark clouds in the minds of all Dragon City citizens, allowing everyone to see a golden road leading to the future.

" Look! That's a luxurious fleet of cars!"

"The flag of Universe Corporation, one of the nine mega corporations, is stuck on the front of the car!"

"Hasn't Universe Corporation been caught in a series of scandals and chaos recently? Even its founder, Shen Yuanbao, was almost assassinated, and no one knows if he's still alive or dead. How can they still have time to build such a large-scale luxury fleet and join in the fun here?"

"T-The person who's walking down from the luxurious sedan and walking to Meng Chao's side is... Is heβ€”"

"Shen Yuanbao!"

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