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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1760 - 1760 The Will of All Citizens

1760 The Will of All Citizens

“I told ‘Jackal’ Kanus, the new master of the Turan civilization, that although the mother planets of the Dragon City civilization and the Turan civilization are separated by billions of stars, they are highly complementary and have the space to seek common ground while keeping their differences. We could collaborate in various ways in modern agriculture, infrastructure, light manufacturing, and even military science and technology. As the saying goes, ‘cooperation will benefit both sides, and fighting will hurt both sides.’ There is no reason for us to turn each other into irreconcilable enemies just because of our different appearances.”

When the huge waves on the internet continued to hit the minds of all Dragon City citizens and shook their three views, Meng Chao’s speech came to an end.

“I will never use the word ‘good’ to describe ‘Jackal’ Kanus. The ambitious leader of the wolves has nothing to do with the labels of ‘integrity, kindness, and mercy’ either,” Meng Chao said.

“However, my fellow countrymen, please have absolute trust in me. ‘Jackal’ Kanus is a smart person who managed to turn from a corpse-eating dog that robs graves into the new master of Picturesque Orchid Lake. He’s a person who’s willing to make friends with anyone for an astronomical number of benefits, regardless of whether the person is a devil from hell or a transmigrator from Earth.


“The new master of Picturesque Orchid Lake was very interested in my proposal and took the initiative to throw out a package of agreements to work together. He was willing to open up Picturesque Orchid Lake’s agriculture, light industry, ore mining, and smelting industries, as well as a huge market that included tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of consumers, to the Dragon City civilization. However, all that came with certain conditions.

“As long as the agreement is signed and implemented, even the most insignificant terms in the agreement will involve the flow of several dozen billion in funds. That will create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs out of thin air and expand all of the citizens’ wallets and accounts in the financial market at a visible speed.

“Of course, ‘Jackal’ Kanus has his own plans. He might even burn our bridge once he’s crossed the river and use the contract to cheat Dragon City of its technology. After he has fully grasped our technology, he will kick us to the curb.

“Nevertheless, I still think that there are risks in everything we do, especially for a lone army like the Dragon City civilization. We are destined to face one risk after another that can crush us at any time. We are destined to make life-or-death gambles repeatedly.

“At the very least, ‘Jackal’ Kanus’ foundation is unstable right now, and he’s facing threats and challenges both inside the Turan civilization and in the Land of Holy Light. He’s in urgent need of a strong and reliable external force to consolidate his rule. He knows what’s important and what isn’t.

“Before completely defeating the Holy Light faction, I don’t think the new master of Picturesque Orchid Lake will risk fighting on two fronts and being attacked from both sides to completely break things with the Dragon City civilization.

“In the next twenty to thirty years, if we can make rapid progress in the most precious period of strategic opportunities and achieve industrial upgrades, as well as leaps in combat ability so that our civilization will be renewed and our destiny will be firmly in control, we may even be able to influence the future of the Other World.

“In that case, what’s so strange about being betrayed, abandoned, and even devoured by the Turan civilization?

“Of course, this is a matter of life and death for Dragon City. I am neither qualified nor capable of making such an important decision on behalf of all Dragon City citizens.

“I’ve told ‘Jackal’ Kanus that Dragon City’s system is different from that of Picturesque Orchid Lake. Every individual in Dragon City’s civilization might have different levels of ability, wealth, and power, but we all have the right to speak and even make decisions for the future of the entire civilization.

“Forget me, even the leaders of the nine mega corporations and the Deity Realm experts with the power to destroy the world can’t overstep their authority and place their will above the will of all the citizens.

“Therefore, I had to return to Dragon City and tell all the citizens about what I saw and heard in Picturesque Orchid Lake, as well as the package deal that ‘Jackal’ Kanus made. Then, you will make the most solemn and sacred decision.

“Now, my fellow citizens, make your choice!

“Do you really want to become friends with the Turan civilization, get more orders, more profits, more business opportunities, more jobs, and more room for growth?

“Or should we become the Turan civilization’s enemy and fight another protracted ‘Monster War’ with heavy casualties?”

This question made all the Dragon City citizens, who were watching the live broadcast of the press conference, fall into deep thought.

Most people had not recovered from the bombardment of information yet.

Their thoughts were still immersed in the magnificent Black-corner City, the ferocious orc warriors, the bloody and cruel arena, as well as the cat and rabbit girls.

It was impossible for everyone to understand and adopt such a radical idea of working together or even forming an alliance with the Turan orcs in just a few minutes.

Countless wise people immediately thought of the numerous risks.

However, from another perspective, the Turan orcs already knew about the existence of the Dragon City civilization.

Even if their long-standing enemy was the Holy Light faction in the North, before ensuring absolute safety behind them, it was impossible for the Turan civilization to send a large army North and leave room for the Dragon City civilization to stab them in the back.

They were either friends or enemies.

It was either an alliance or war.

This was an either-or choice. No matter what, there was no third path to take.

As for the ordinary Dragon City citizens, whether it was their job, their stock accounts, their wallets, or the lives of their entire families, they were extremely unwilling to fight another long war with heavy casualties.

In the end, was it possible for the Turan orcs to steal Dragon City’s technology and abandon the civilization or even kill everyone once Dragon City was no longer useful?

Of course, it was possible.

However, most of the possibilities were in the future. It would be in three to five years, seven to eight years, or even twenty to thirty years.

Meanwhile, refusing the collaboration or alliance with the Turan orcs was equivalent to declaring war on the Turan. It meant that all the citizens’ wallets, stock accounts, and even the lives of their families would immediately suffer visible losses.

The people of Dragon City were not afraid of death.

If Dragon City was invaded again, even if the enemy was more terrifying than the overwhelming beast horde, the vast majority of Dragon City people would rush forward one after another to protect their homes and loved ones even if it meant death.

Nonetheless, in a war that they clearly had a chance to avoid, a worthless death… no, to be more precise, it was not worthless. Instead, it would produce a negative impact, causing a destructive blood feud to form between the Dragon City civilization and the Turan civilization.

The ordinary Dragon City citizens had just started to live a good life, hence it was something that they could not help but think about carefully.

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