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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 13: Light from Earth

Chapter 13: Light from Earth

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A Flying Flaming Beetle’s left wing was torn from its root, and fluorescent green liquid gushed out.

The beast fell down while swaying in the air.

“Not bad, Chao’er!”

Granny Wang did not see the situation outside, but based on the energetic way Meng Chao fired the three shots, she could sense that they were good shots. “You aren’t much worse than my husband when he was still alive!”

Meng Chao’s lips twitched.

He had been aiming at the center of the arthropod mouthpart, which was the greatest weakness of the Black Beetles.

He had fired three consecutive shots, which should have made the creature explode.

But he was distracted by Granny Wang’s chatter.

‘Are you on my side or?’ Meng Chao found himself not knowing whether he should cry or laugh.

A notification jumped in his field of vision.

[Severely injured a Flying Flaming Beetle. Increased contribution points by 1.1. Skillfulness of Normal Level Basic Gun Technique increased by 0.8%. It is now at 25%.]

How stingy, it just gave him one contribution point.

But the feeling was still pretty great. His familiarity with guns grew a little, and his ability to handle them the way he did in his previous life gradually returned to him.

Meng Chao composed himself and fought at full strength. The more he attacked, the smoother his movements became.

The strange flame shone, and notifications started jumping about.

[Killed one Flaming Black Beetle. Congratulations on your first kill. You have contributed to defending civilization. Increased contribution points by 10. Increased Skillfulness by 8%. Current Skillfulness is at 53%.]

[Killed one Flaming Black Beetle. Increased contribution points by 1.9. Increased Skillfulness by 0.9%. Current Skillfulness is at 55%.

[Killed one Flaming Black Beetle. Increased contribution points by 3. Increased Skillfulness by 2.5%. Current Skillfulness is at 58%.]

Meng Chao whistled. He was completely in the zone now.

The rising and falling of gunfire caused Meng Yishan’s heart to crawl.

He was busy with work and seldom paid attention to his son’s education. He did not know that the high school students’ gun techniques had become so good.

“I was injured last year, so it was really hard for me to continue practicing martial arts and I decided to practice shooting more,” Meng Chao explained.

“Okay.” Meng Yishan nodded with his heart aching a little for his son.

As the father-son duo and the other sharpshooters in the district worked together, the offense of the monsters came to a temporary halt.

Only one Flying Flaming Beetle landed on a residential building. It brandished its sharp arthropod mouthpart, stabbed into the armor of the outer walls like a can opener, and started tearing at it madly.

It only managed to tear open half of the armor when the crossfire shot it full of holes.

The dense bullets ignited the flammable sticky liquid in its body, and the creature turned into a ball of flames that fell from the building.

Cheers came from quite a number of embrasures.

Meng Yishan sighed in relief as well, and a smile appeared on his face.

But Meng Chao narrowed his eyes. He continued to search through the area for the mysterious monster that appeared in the fragments of the nightmare he recalled just now.

Suddenly, he saw a large Black Beetle with bright spots levitating quietly in the dark sky shrouded by blood-red fog.


It opened its wings, but they were not transparent. Instead, they were golden. There were two profound spots resembling ghost eyes on them.

The ghost-eyed golden wings were more than ten meters long. Every time they vibrated, golden powder spread out like golden flames.

‘That’s it! The evolved form of Flying Flaming Beetles! It’s the Ghost-eyed Golden Winged Flame Beetle!” Meng Chao’s pupils shrank as a terrifying name resurfaced from the depths of his memories.

“What’s that?”

The expressions of the citizens in the embrasures, the fortresses behind the field, and the trenches changed drastically.

They had never seen such a strange Flying Flame Beetle before.

Their skins crawled at the sight of the terrifying ghost eyes.

“Superbeast,” Captain Li Dayong of Blessed Heavenly Garden’s Joint War Defense Tactics Team said through gritted teeth. His face was already pale white.

Humans were categorized into normal humans and superhumans.

Monsters were also categorized into normal monsters and superbeasts.

Normal monsters were just strengthened monsters.

They were slightly larger, faster, had sharper teeth or claws, tougher skin, and were cunning as well as brutal.

Normal humans could win against them as long as they used firearms, worked with military organizations, and were not afraid of sacrificing their lives.

But superbeasts were something completely different.

No one had expected that Blessed Heavenly Garden would have such horrible luck. They did not run into monsters for half a year, and when they did run into monsters, a superbeast decided to drop by.

And it had just evolved, so it was a mysterious, inscrutable, unidentified superbeast. They had no idea of its weaknesses, its fighting style, or its attacking style.

“Gather all your firepower together and kill that superbeast!” Li Dayong gave an order and grabbed the communicator to start shouting into it. “We discovered an unidentified superbeast at Blessed Heavenly Garden. I repeat. We discovered an unidentified shell-type flying superbeast at Blessed Heavenly Garden! Please send superhumans for support!”

Unfortunately, the fog had descended, and spirit gas surged about. They created interference for radio waves and only static could be heard in the communication channel.

There were monsters invading the entire city, so no one knew whether any superhumans who were all already in fights had heard Blessed Heavenly Garden’s cry for help.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!

The citizens were no longer stingy with their bullets when a superbeast appeared. More than one hundred lines of fire instantly filled the sky.

The Ghost-eyed Golden Winged Flame Beetle beat its wings and stirred up a golden whirlwind to avoid the first wave of concentrated firepower.

Then, it opened its four-sectioned arthropod mouthpart and revealed a gaping mouth. It spat out balls of red fire at the ground.

The fireballs were like napalms. Flames quickly spread over the buildings.

Even though they could not burn through the armor, the crackling fire and thick smoke interfered with the sharpshooters behind the embrasures.

The other Flying Flaming Beetles took the chance to break out and land on the surface of the building. They brandished their mouthparts to damage the external walls.

But that was not all.

The powder that fell from the Ghost-eyed Golden Winged Flame Beetle’s wings stimulated the normal Black Beetles who still did not know how to fly.

Smoke was coming out of many of the Flaming Black Beetles because of the electricity, but once the golden powder fell on them, it looked as if they had stimulants injected into them. It returned them some of their fierce nature.

The black wave charged over again. A few of the high voltage electricity towers and automatic battle fortresses were pushed down. The defense line was in danger of collapsing.

“Bayonet Team, get ready!”

When faced with the aggressive insect horde, Joint Defense Captain Li Dayong tore apart his camouflage uniform to reveal his scar-ridden and built physique; his scars were left behind by knives and intersected with each other.

He jumped on the infantry fighting vehicle and shouted loudly, “Citizens of Blessed Heavenly Garden, I’ve already called for reinforcements! The army and superhumans will arrive soon, but before they come here, we must make these bastards know just how powerful we are!”


“Kill those bastards!”

“Let them see how strong Earthlings are!”

The Bayonet Team shouted at the top of their lungs.

Most of the citizens were normal workers, white-collared workers, chefs, teachers, couriers, and food delivery workers. They did normal, boring, and dull jobs.

But when fog descended and monsters appeared, since Dragon City did not have any walls, they became its walls, its warriors, weapons, and shields. They were also the last line of defense between their families and monsters.

The Black Beetle swarm was only one hundred meters away from the citizens.

“Dragon City will definitely win!”

Li Dayong drew his saber.

“Dragon City will definitely win!”

The shadows of weapons flashed.

The Black Beetle swarm was only eighty meters away from the citizens.

“Humanity will definitely win!”

Li Dayong brought out a pen-shaped syringe and stabbed it into his chest.

“Humanity will definitely win!”

The citizens in the Bayonet Team also brought out burning medicine, which was extracted from epinephrine. They injected it into their hearts.

As they sucked in sharp breaths, their muscles started swelling at a visible rate.

Thick veins popped up on their skin, and they looked like dragons flashing their teeth and claws. The veins circled around their extremely sturdy bodies.

The Black Beetle swarm was only sixty meters away from them.

“Earth will definitely win.”

Li Dayong looked at the horizon briefly.

The night sky was shrouded in thick fog. He could not see a single star.

But he could clearly see their blue home planet in the distant shore of the ocean of stars. It sparkled brilliantly like a blue crystal and was staring at them from far away.

“Earth will definitely win!”

The warriors raised their sabers, allowing the fearsome monsters from the other world to see the light of Earth’s civilization.

The Black Beetle swarm was only thirty meters away from the humans.

The defenders could already see the monsters’ sharp mouthparts and savage looks.

At that moment, a series of incredibly unique gunshots rose from the residential building behind them.

The Ghost-eyed Golden Winged Flame Beetle swayed. A large ball of golden powder gushed out from it. It was shot!


Regardless of whether it was Li Dayong or the residents, all of them were incredibly shocked.

The fireballs the superbeast spat out lit up the external wall of the building. Even though the armor was resistant to fire, there was still thick smoke and fire all around the place. Visibility was practically zero, so who could make such an accurate shot?

In No.704, Meng Yishan shouted, “Someone managed to hit the superbeast, and the bullet seems to have come from our direction. I didn’t expect that there would be someone so powerful in our unit.

“A’chao, hurry up and bring your mom, sister, and Granny Wang outside. I can hold this bastard back.”

“Dad, you won’t be able to do it alone. Mom and the others should run away first. We’ll defend this place.” Meng Chao gritted his teeth.

“Enough with the nonsense and stop being a nuisance here. This is a superbeast. It’s not something you can handle!” Meng Yishan said anxiously.

“I know... what this bastard is!” Meng Chao said softly. His gaze was cold and filled with killing intent. Through the optical sight, smoke, and fire, he kept his eyes fixed on the Ghost-eyed Golden Winged Flame Beetle.

It was this bastard.

In his memories of the previous life, it was this bastard who had killed many of the residents in Blessed Heavenly Garden.

It even injured his mother severely, which resulted in his sister walking down the path of darkness.

‘I won’t let you get your way this time.’

Meng Chao pulled the trigger again.

At the moment the armor-piercing shell shot out, the muscles on his arms and shoulders twitched by reflex to negate the recoil so that the bullet trajectory would be more accurate and stable.

The armor-piercing shell had runes carved into it, which gave it the effect of “armor break”. With spirit energy surrounding and pushing it, it could travel at a much faster speed than normal bullets. It tore through the smoke and flames with the intention of piercing into the Ghost-eyed Golden Winged Flame Beetle’s right wing.

The Ghost-eyed Golden Winged Flame Beetle flapped its wings fiercely and dodged it by a hair’s breadth.

But the bullet tore through a part of its wings, and the mark of the ghost eye on its right wing was no longer in a complete shape. It seemed to have been destroyed.

The Ghost-eyed Golden Winged Flame Beetle flew into a rage. It let out buzzing screeches as it searched for the source of the attack.

Meng Chao cursed under his breath.

‘This bugger is flying too fast! I can’t kill it with just Normal Level Basic Gun Technique!’

“The superbeast is enraged. Let’s go!” Meng Yishao shouted.


Meng Chao had a savage look on his face.

‘Flee, and let the nightmare come true?


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