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Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 11: Nip the Problem in the Bud

Chapter 11: Nip the Problem in the Bud

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Someone was assembling a gun.

Behind the wall was the living room, not the master bedroom.

Meng Chao’s gaze turned a little dangerous. He picked up the emergency flashlight and, like a ghost, quietly left his room.

The sound of his footsteps was a little strange. When the tips of his feet landed, they slid forward a little. He was moving like a leopard on a hunt. He did not make a single sound.

Breathing came from the corner of the living room.

Bai Jiacao seemed to have fallen asleep.

Meng Chao smiled and suddenly turned on his flashlight and shone it in her direction.

He was just in time to see the girl with her eyes sparkling brightly. She was not sleeping at all, but was toying with a strange gun.

Bai Jiacao wore a pink set of pyjamas with pictures of puppies printed all over them.

When the light shone on her, she looked just as dumbfounded as the puppies on her pyjamas.

Half a second layer, she quickly hid the gun behind her, but she was not as fast as Meng Chao.

The girl’s vision blurred, and the gun landed in her brother’s hands.

“Where did you get this gun?”

Meng Chao sized up the gun and found it incredibly familiar.

The gun turned into red soldering iron in his hands, and pain seeped from the tips of his fingers to the center of his eyebrows. Memories of his previous life started dancing like butterflies, and the nightmare appeared in flashing bits again.

Sparks, screams, and mysterious monsters.

Bai Jiacao, in her puppy pyjamas, held a gun tightly in her hands. She fired while trembling.

Sparks flew, smoke filled the area, and the recoil threw her back.

Things burned and collapsed. Their father shouted in anger, their mother screamed in pain, Meng Chao himself shouted, and his younger sister cried in regret, but it was too late.

It was this gun!

Meng Chao came to a shocking discovery. Before the fog descended in his previous life, Bai Jiacao had acted like the reckless teenager she was and used a gun to fire a shot at a mysterious monster.

It attracted the monster’s attention, and it rushed to their house.

Since their mother suffered from leg disabilities, she was heavily injured.

Because of it, Meng Chao became short-tempered. When he went to school the next day, he could no longer stand his class rep’s mocking words and started a fight with him.

But there was no way he could be Zuo Haoran’s opponent.

He was injured by the class rep, who used incredibly diabolical methods against him. At that time, he did not notice it, but a few days before his national college exam, his breathing became painful, and his maximum punching force plummeted by thirty percent.

In the end, he did not manage to get into a higher vocational college because he lacked a few points.

Bai Jiacao blamed herself greatly and believed that her mother’s severe injuries and her brother failing his national college examination was all due to her recklessness.

This matter turned into her internal demon and was the starting point of her road down the demonic path.

“Big Brother, what’s wrong? You’re scaring me, Big Brother!”

The girl’s voice finally reached Meng Chao’s ears.

He shuddered and snapped out of his thoughts with a hum.

Bai Jiacao sighed in relief. “We made this during our handicrafts class. I snuck it back home to play with it. Big Brother, hurry up and give it back to me. If our old-fashioned father finds it, I’ll be scolded!”

The girl had an obsequious smile. The only thing missing was her wagging her tail.

She reached out to grab the gun but missed.

“I’m confiscating it.”

Cacha, cacha.

Meng Chao disassembled the gun into individual pieces with one hand.

“Ah, my gun!”

The obsequiousness instantly turned into anger. The girl jumped up from her folding bed and bared her teeth. “I went through a lot of trouble to make this! The survival committee announced that when the fog descends, all citizens above fourteen years old are allowed to legally wield cold weapons and firearms to protect their lives and their homes. I have the right to fight!”

“Just go play on the side.”

“What right do you have to say that to me?”

“Because the gun you assembled is rubbish. Your compartments aren’t polished finely, and you actually dared to go for the highest firepower possible? This sort of scrap will release a lot of smoke and sparks when you fire it, which will make it even more eye-catching than firecrackers. You’ll definitely be discovered by monsters if you fire this.”

Bai Jiacao was exasperated. She swung her fists and threatened him. “Who said that? I rank first place in my class when it comes to assembling guns, and I got ninety-nine points in my midterms. Stupid big brother, bad big brother, awful big brother! Give it back, or else I’ll snatch it!”

“Snatch it?” Meng Chao asked as if he had heard a joke.

“That’s right. Don’t force me to take action. You have no idea just how strong I am right now.” Bai Jiacao rolled up her sleeves and said smugly, “Big Brother, I’m not lying to you. You’re really not my opponent right now. It’s still not too late for you to surrender now.”

“With your abilities?” Meng Chao beckoned her to fight against him.

The future Dark Witch flew into a rage.

Like a hungry tiger pouncing on a lamb, she jumped on her big brother.

Ever since she beat up eight hooligans in the alley behind her school, she had become incredibly confident in her monstrous strength, which was increasing by the day.

She even gave a few reminders to herself. ‘Hold back. You must absolutely hold back. You can’t injure your stupid big brother, or else, when he cries out and tells Dad, it’ll be bad.’

But unexpectedly, when this thought flashed in her mind, Bai Jiacao felt the world spin, and she was flung back not too heavily, but not too lightly either. All her strength scattered.

Her older brother even reached forward with two fingers at lightning speed and pinched her nose.

His fingers were like a pair of iron pliers. He showed absolutely no mercy.


The girl could not breathe through her nose, and it hurt so much that she started crying.

Her head was in a mess. ‘What’s going on? I’m supposed to be the beauty with monstrous strength who is unbeatable throughout middle school!’

Bai Jiacao struggled with all her might and tried her best to escape from Meng Chao’s devilish claws.

But she was suppressed. Meng Chao showed no mercy to her. “Say that you’re wrong.”

“Wrong, my foot!”

The future Dark Witch had a lot of backbone.

“Well, yeah, your foot’s indeed wrong.”

Meng Chao nodded, and amusement appeared in his eyes.


Bai Jiacao sucked in a deep breath in preparation to scream.

“Go on and shout. Get Dad and Mom here. Let them see the gun you assembled.” Meng Chao was very calm.

His words struck Bai Jiacao’s weakness. The girl’s eyes went wide, and she lost all her fight in an instant.

The stalemate lasted for a few more seconds before fat tears started falling from her eyes.

“Big Brother, I... I was wrong,” she said reluctantly.

“That’s better. Good girl.” Meng Chao let go of her, satisfied.

Bai Jiacao cupped her nose and rubbed it for a long time.

She looked at the gun she had assembled with a lot of effort taken apart in her big brother’s hands, and she found that she really wanted to cry, but had no more tears.

‘Help me. My big brother turned into a demon king. Please save me, an innocent girl who has to go through all sorts of torture.’

The future Dark Witch covered her nose and mouth and used her softest voice, which was as soft as a mosquito’s buzz, to screech.

She swung her fist in her heart and made an oath. ‘Don’t you look down on me because I have nothing right now. One of these days, I will defeat you, you demon of a big brother. I’m going to stomp on you!’

“Hmm?” Meng Chao narrowed his eyes and gave off a bit of murderous intent. “What’s that sound?”

“It’s... a mosquito.” Bai Jiacao was so terrified that she stuttered. “The fog is getting denser, and the mosquitos have all mutated. I just saw a really big Aedes mosquito fly past.”

“It’s fine. If I hear it again, I’ll kill it with a smack.”

When Meng Chao saw how docile his younger sister had become, he became incredibly satisfied.

After taking away the self-made gun so the mysterious monster would not be attracted, the tragedy in the nightmare would not happen. His younger sister would not blame herself, and she would not turn into the Dark Witch anymore, right?

As he thought about this, the strange flame shone before his eyes, and a notification popped up.

[Special citizen Bai Jiacao (Dark Witch)’s possibility of being corrupted has been reduced by 1%. The degree of chaos in Dragon City in the future has been reduced. Congratulations for making an outstanding contribution to civilization. Increased contribution points by 500.]

‘I knew it!’

Meng Chao was delighted. He had just received a huge amount of contribution points.

He remembered vaguely that when his younger sister turned into the Dark Witch, not only had she caused huge trouble in Dragon City, she also went all over the Other World and made countless enemies. The trouble she caused even affected Dragon City.

If he could prevent his younger sister’s corruption, he would definitely be encouraging a healthy atmosphere and promoting harmony so that their future would be brighter. It was a great thing.

...Wait. Why did the possibility of her corruption only drop by one percent?

If he thought about it carefully, his younger sister should have been at least ninety-five percent corrupted or even one hundred percent corrupted in his previous life.

Only one percent had been removed from the one hundred percent corruption rate.

Didn’t that mean that the stupid girl was still not changing her ways and there was still a high chance that she would get corrupted?

Meng Chao smiled with absolutely no joy as he stared at his sister.

Bai Jiacao sensed danger from the darkness, and like a fox meeting a tiger, she shuddered.

“Big Brother, w-what’s wrong?” She forced out a smile and said obediently, “I promise you that I won’t toy around with guns anymore. I’ll definitely listen to the most handsome and best big brother in the world.”

“Will you? Heh.”

Meng Chao exercised his limbs and wondered about how he should teach the future Dark Witch a lesson.

Suddenly, the piercing shriek of a siren came from outside the window.

After three urgent buzzes, a long horn followed. It was the signal for Grade One war preparations.

The fog had descended, and the monsters had appeared!

“A’chao, get ready for battle!” Meng Yishan rushed in like a whirlwind. “Young Cao, get the medical box and food cans ready. Keep an eye on your mom. I’ll go and get Granny Wang from next door.”

When he opened the door, the alarm became even louder.

Rapid but orderly footsteps could be heard upstairs and downstairs.

Regardless of whether they were men, women, children, or the elderly, all the citizens moved.

The young adults and those who were skilled with swords, sabers, and other cold weapons were assigned to the Bayonet Team. They gathered downstairs and prepared to engage in close-quarters combat.

The elite sharpshooters of the past were all stationed at their windows or balconies to form crossfire paths through the embrasures.

The old, weak, women, and children went to prepare emergency food and medical boxes. They also picked up daggers, steel thorns, and military shovels.

If monsters invaded the resident buildings, they would be the final defenders.

After decades of being baptized by hardships, Dragon Citizens had become very strong mentally.

Even if monsters appeared in a toilet, they would calmly grab the toilet plunger to fight to the bitter end.

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