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Chapter 9 Bertia (15 years old)

“Brother, Please do something about her!!”(Shaun)

“Shaun is that the first thing you tell me after I have returned from a long trip?I’d hoped it to be at least a {Welcome back} instead” (Cecil)

During my second year, due to my father, I took a 4 months break during the spring, going to ourneighbouring country in order to establish good relations under the pretense of an educational exchange.

Father told me to just do my own things and that would be a good restraint to other companies. Thinking that such a naive way of thinking wouldn’t work, As to not waste the 4 months I’m staying there, Whilst travelling, I gathered information and spread the baits on the import tax and the road maintenance fees. With that, I blackmailed….. Negotiated with a favorable conditions.

At first nobody would pay heed to words from a child such as me and there are also people who just brushed me aside. Although when I started using the information I gathered as a topic, their faces started to turn pale whilst listening to me seriously.

I finally realized that humans are surprisingly sensible creatures as long as you sincerely converse with each other.

Well although before you’re able to sincerely converse with each other you would need to lay some foundation and investigation.

Various things happened and I have returned back to the academy according to schedule, and instead of welcoming me, the first thing my Brother was to rant…. Since I haven’t received any sitrep from my “House sitter” I have no idea on what’s going on currently.

Of course I have received periodic reports, but since our country’s territory is wide, It takes time to receive information on the capital when I’m in the neighbouring countries. The information i can get would also be limited and i wouldn’t be able to hear any recent news.

“….Did Bertia do something interesting again?”

It’s rare for my nonchalant brother to be this flustered

the last report from the “House sitter” includes the plan to making Shaun involved on the preparation of the cultural festival, but even so, I heard there wasn’t too much interesting movement from her.

“It’s not about lady Bertia but Baronnes Heronia”

Looking at Shaun who furrowed his brow unpleasantly, I remembered about the girl who’s only good for her average look.

By the way, instead of being one of my target of interest or protection, She’s more like someone annoying pest that i thought i should remove thus I have little to none information about her.

I just recognize her as [someone acquainted] to my close aides and Bertia.

“Shaun, I’m sorry but baroness Heronia is out of my jurisdiction”(Cecil)

I declined Shaun who came to ask for my help as if it’s the normal thing to do.

“Can i ask why?”(Shaun)

“I’m the one who wanted to ask why you would ask me for help”

“It’s because everyone’s been saying that you would take care of all the problems as long as someone asked you”

“ … I’m very curious on who is that [everyone] you’re referring to” (Cecil)

“That lady Joanna is feeling restless now. She’s very hurt because she’s been told by baroness heronia that [You’re too uptight and are not worthy of prince Shaun]. Furthermore She told me while crying that seeing me being proactively approached by baroness Heronia made her feel scared that my feeling would change. Seeing her who’s always looking so capable becoming like this made my heart hurt. I thought that i need to do something to protect her…”(Shaun)

Ignoring everything i’ve said, Shaun grasped his fist with a tinge of teardrop on his eyes.

His resolve to protect her is pretty praiseworthy, but relying on me?

Unlike the perfect and un-cute first prince me, Shaun the second prince was pampered by the adults as he’s unable to do things perfectly.

That’s why, It might be un-inevitable that the unreliable and pampered him would ask for help from someone….. but i still think it’s very shameful as a man to do so.

Well he is way better than last time since lady Joanna who’s educating him had already known the tricks to handle him and had him dancing on top of her hand since then.

As of why, the Shaun from before would think that it’s a given that he should be protected and would never think of protecting anyone.

“If so Shaun, You should try to protect her by yourself. You are the middle schooler’s student council president and this country’s 2nd prince…. besides lady Joanna is your lover too.”(Cecil)

Shaun who looked frustrated while biting his lower lips since he didn’t know how to protect lady Joanna suddenly noticed something was amiss and was surprised.

“Esteemed brother,did you know about our relationship? It’s only been 2 days that we’ve been going out…. as expected from esteemed brother.”(Shaun)

His originally wide eyes went wider as he looked at me suspiciously.

Do I know anything about Shaun and lady Joanna being together?

Of course there’s no way i would know that they already went out.

It’s just somehow i feel that the passionate feelings dwelled in Shaun’s eyes are close to that of being in love. That’s why i tried to hint it out….. hnnn I see so they finally went out together.

With this there’s no more problem on Shaun’s fiancee.

“From now on as a fiancee and partner, you both would be a pillar to our country. There would be lots of trials too. Would you still be asking me for assistance every-time you meet such trials?

If so you won’t be able to protect your loved one and this country”

Shaun can’t always be the pampered kid he is, it’s about time for him to get his act together.

Then i should act accordingly and be strict towards him.

After all I’m his [Elder brother]

“But instead of someone like me won’t things resolve better if someone like you did it…?”(Shaun)

“If so you won’t be able to experience anything thus unable to grow. Besides the one who wanted to protect lady Joanna from baroness Heronia is you right? Are you willing to let another guy be the one to protect her?”

“That … is a little…”(Shaun)

Imagining it, Shaun’s face started to worry unbefitting of his childlike face.

“All the more so, isn’t this the time to show your manliness? She is counting on you right now as your lover you know? How about trying to protect her in your own way. If that doesn’t work out it’s alright to ask for my advice”(Cecil)

With this,I hope Shaun will mature.

Even like this, Shaun did all of his work as the student council president perfectly and he seems to be good at his studies.

His abilities are in itself marvelous, all that he needs is just confidence and the resolve to do it when the time comes.

Besides, even if he failed I can salvage the situation, and lady Joanna seems to be leading the situation so i’m sure she’ll be able to do some follow ups.

Especially since this case is something that lady Joanna has set up as his homework.

I’m sure there is already a plan B put in place.

After all she’s good enough to make me want her as my subordinate.

“B…. But…”(Shaun)


In my opinion, it’s ridiculous to be worried about this “homework” which has already been planned out perfectly for him to solve. But since Shaun has not noticed this, he must still be feeling uneasy to solve this on his own.

To a certain part of females, his uneasiness might seem ”cute and charismatic” but as a prince of a country, i wonder about that.

I furrowed my brow while waiting for him to continue.

Shaun who looked like a small puppy being scolded, peeked at my expressions with upturned eyes as he opened his mouth slowly.

“Even i have paid attention numerous times and tried my best to keep my distance from her, but she never listened. Insisting that she is the best candidate to join the student council, she kept looking down and pester lady Joanna and the other noblewoman, whilst acting like she is some kind of damsel in distress and cried in front of the onlookers….. Especially it got much worse during the times you’re absent. I tried my best to smooth things over everytime, but with some retarded reasoning, she made it look like i’m actually on her side. It made me to don’t know what is right anymore.”

I feel relieved to see Shaun with tears on the edge of his eyes did actually tried his best to solve the situation in his own way.

From what i heard from Bertia, This year’s number one target seems to be Shaun. I’m sure he’s in a similar position to the me 2 years ago.

No, from what i deduced from Shaun’s story, The more things happened outside of the scenario, the more troublesome things get.

Because Shaun has that soft side on him, he [ignoring],[eluding],[not associating] is not an option. He should be quite racking his brain on how to deal with her.

“Besides, Elder brother, it’s not completely unrelated to you, you know? After all the no. 1 target of her attack seems to be lady Bertia. Lady Joanna might look strict, but she’s kind on the inside. Even though she is troubled with her own problems, when she looks at Bertia her heart ache more. I couldn’t stand looking at her being heart strucken like that.

“….Bertia is the main target of her attack? how did things become like that?”

As soon as i hear Bertia’s name,my brow twitched a little.

It’s that baroness Heronia that has been meddling with a lot of noble ladies we’re talking about right here.

Of course she’ll be meddling with the self proclaimed [Villainess], but i never expected it to be especially bad for Bertia.

I overlooked that a little

Bertia is my fiancee and of course is within my [Jurisdiction].

You should protect your beloved yourselfs. Shaun who tried his best to do so but with no avail started to lighten his expression once I started to lend an ear to him.

I’m sorry to disappoint you but, I’ll be lending a hand to his [Homework].

Even so it is only to the point that Shaun could protect his lover himselfs and I can ascertain the situation of my fiancee and help if it is needed.

In the first place, lady Joanna could possibly take care of someone like baroness Heronia as easy as grasping her hand, but instead of doing that, she used such a roundabout way and asked help from Shaun by giving him this [Homework].

If I take care of things perfectly, instead of being happy, she would be extremely furious.

“I may not know what the reason is, but I’ve heard that various rumours about Lady Bertia destroying baroness Heronia’s belongings; looking down on her; asking the other lady to isolate her; and being corrupted like her father marquis Nochesse; being spread around.

“Not [Spread around ] but [Being spread around] ?” (Cecil)

(TN :I may not have phrased it properly but shaun said that someone is spreading the rumour instead of the rumour spreading by mouth to mouth.)

“Yes, it’s [Being spread around]”(Shaun)

…… Doesn’t that mean that she tried to spread bad rumours about Bertia, but got found out and now it became a rumour?

She is just digging her own grave….

What are you actually trying to achieve, baroness Heronia…

“Lady Bertia is actually very famous among the middle schoolers. And those who admire her started to have negative impression on lady Heronia. Especially the member’s of [Bertia loving society]. They are enraged and the friction with baroness Heronia is getting more and more common……… and the person on top of that is lady Joanna.

Lady Joanna sure is aggressive for someone who cried for being distressed…

I’m sure, her character setting in front of Shaun is [Although i’m afraid, i tried to act tough].

Well nevertheless, during the times of my absence, quite a lot of troubles did happen in the middle school section.

On top of that, Bertia is in the middle of all of that….. I might need to observe the situation and gather some information on this.

“I see… hmmm then, I’ll be taking a look. Like Shaun who’s protecting lady Joanna, i also need to protect my own fiancee”(Cecil)

Shaun heaved a sigh of relief.

Seeing that, i might need to give him some warnings.

“But, i’ll only help on [problems related to Bertia]. I say it again, you need to protect your own lovers. Besides it is also the student council’s job to settle dispute between students. Shaun is already not on the side who needs protection anymore so you need to get your act together.”(Cecil)

I erased my smile and stared at Shaun seriously.

Shaun who relaxed started fidgeting.

He looked determined, and replied with a [Yes].

Yeah, he has a good expression on him now.

He started to look like a [Man] now.

OchHDF-san: ~Oh my gawd Shaun is growing up.

“Now then, since i need to pack things up, let’s just leave it at here today.”(Cecil)

Sending a glance behind, my attendant have stopped their hands due to the second prince visiting.

In the first place, there is no need for me as the crown prince to tidy my things up, but since someone with a high nobility have visited, my attendant’s can’t continue their work.

As long as Shaun is here, there is no way that they could tidy up this room.

“I’m sorry to trouble you when you have just gotten back, Esteemed Brother”(Shaun)

Having got a little leeway, Shaun looked at our surroundings and smiled wryly.

“No problem, i also am happy to see you after so long” (Cecil)

“Oh yeah…”(Shaun)

“Is there anything else?” (Cecil)

“Esteemed brother, welcome back. I’ve been waiting for your safe return” (Shaun)

I smiled to reply.

“Yeah, i’m back. I’m glad that you’re doing fine too”(Cecil)


…… now then, what should i do.

Now that i’ve finished tidying up my belongings, send my greetings to teachers and my parents, I should start to think about the Bertia and baroness Heronia’s triffle.

After that, from the [House sitter], i’ve heard that things are progressing as Shaun described and baroness Heronia is doing something stupid towards Bertia.

But instead of people avoiding her, there are a certain group of students who keep supporting her and things have been worsening.

Although unlike Bertia who has people following her because of her own charisma, from the information i got, people only follow baroness Heronia because of the power of her light spirit.

Regarding this, i think it is better to have a solution as soon as possible.

In theory, nothing good will ever happens if you are involved with something occult (not human).

For now, i think i should listen to it directly from Bertia.

I also feel like I haven’t saw her in a while.

“Zeno, Could you deliver this to Bertia?”(Cecil)

I gave the prepared bouquet and the lunch invitation letter to Zeno.

Zeno properly bowed and left the room.


I received Bertia’s reply almost immediately.

Because of the preparation of the [Cultural festival],I’ve heard that she’s quite busy so I thought that it might take some time but it seems that she did made some time beforehand because she had heard of my returning schedule.

And then the awaited time has finally come.

Even if i say so, it’s the usual lunch at the saloon though…

Even so, since it’s been a long time since i saw her interesting actions, i became excited without realizing it.

During my exchange program i’ve been surrounded by straightforward people and to be honest, it’s really boring.

It felt like i was gonna get bored to death.

“You, Just cut it out already!! Do you know how much trouble someone like you brought to Bertia sama? To put it bluntly, Don’t put your hands on someone with a lover or fiancee. Don’t you know Shame?!” (??)

On my way to meet Bertia on the saloon, suddenly i heard the scream of a woman. I naturally turned my sight towards the source.

It’s on the corner of the garden we pass to reach the saloon.

In the midst of student’s enjoying their food, there is a table that has been giving out different vibes.

There are about 3 noble ladies surrounding a woman that’s sitting on a chair while holding her teacup.

And that woman is….. Ah it is baroness Heronia after all….

On her table, there is about two more male classmates sitting.

I tried my best to remember who they are….

He should be a rather quite popular student that looks good and has a decent noble rank.

And If i’m not mistaken, he is the fiancee of the lady screaming at baroness Heronia.

Looking from the sidelines, it’s a perfect carnage of a triangle relationship.

But, somehow the first thing that the screaming lady spoke is not about her fiance merrily having a lunch with baroness Heronia…

“I did told you to complete and submit the documents i handed over to you by the end of last week. It’s about the distribution of roles on the [cultural festival]. You haven’t forgotten about it right?” (??)

“Wa ,What are you talking about? I didn’t receive anything like that.”(Heronia)

“Don’t Lie! It’s a paper distributed from the student council!! I’ve told you countless times to not forgot about it. The only one who hasn’t submitted is you!! Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused the student council?” (??)

“T, That’s why I’ve been saying, I don’t know anything about this. Ah!! Maybe it’s lady Bertia that’s trying to pull a prank on me….” (Heronia)

“Wha!! What are you even saying? Lady Bertia is no such person! Throwing away your responsibility like that to other people… You’re the worst!”(??)

“That’s not… I’m just ….” (Heronia)

With tears in her eyes, baroness Heronia started to act scared.

And the two students who are trying to console her

Those two students, Their eyes look a little blank..

When I squint my eyes, the bird resting upon baroness Heronia’s shoulder started to give a mysterious aura.

It’s not to an extent of a powerful magic, but it does emit little mental interferences waves.

Even at this situation, the guy’s still looked at baroness Heronia with an unusually happy expression. They looked like they’re one step away from drug addiction.

Well, it’s not really a strong mental interference, as long as they get away from her, they should return to normal in to time.

“How cruel… Even when I don’t know anything….” (Heronia)

The silently weeping lady, the boys hugging to console her, and the ladies that are glaring at them from above.

At a glance, it might looked like a crying victim and the perpetrator who’s staring at her.

Actually though, the one’s that hugging her are the fiancee of the one’s staring, and the student’s having lunch around are having [What the hell is that girl talking about] vibes while watching them. I’m sure there are also a lot of people who witnessed her taking the documents.

The girl’s around baroness Heronia, started to support her and expressing their discontent towards Bertia.

In contrast to that, baroness Heronia with tears welling in her eyes, refuted saying that it’s all Bertia’s fault and insisted that she herself is the victim.

…… It’s not a nice scenery to watch.

It might be the same to the surrounding students, other than the measly student supporting baroness Heronia, they all looked at her with cold gazes and furrowed brows.

Now then, it’s about time to stop looking at this farce.

After this, there is the long awaited lunch with Bertia after all.

I overlooked the whole situation from behind a tree to not let other student’s notice that i’m observing baroness Heronia.

When I tried to escape from that place, suddenly….

“What’s all this fuss about?”

A clear voice reverberated on the garden.

The surrounding started to quieten.

There, the figures of lady Silica and lady Cynthia together with Bertia appeared.そこには、シー

Bertia who got her name called by one of the noblewoman looked at her with discontent and furrowed her brows…… with her eyes full of satisfaction.

……. I’m sure she’s thinking [ Don’t I resemble a villainess? Aren’t I amazing? As expected from me!]

On the other hand, Lady Cynthia and Lady Silica stared at baroness Heronia with a stern expression.

It is annoying enough to have her meddling with their fiancee and now she even tried make their friend a villain.

No matter how she looked like a victim…. No It’s because she looked like a victim that it made them furious.

“Heronia-sama, so it’s you again.” (Silica)

With a sharp tone, Silica voiced out.

“We are already at the last year of middle school. Isn’t it time for you to learn your manners as a noble?”(Cynthia)

Hiding her mouth behind a fan, Cynthia with an annoyed voice sighed.

With the [ I hate her] aura coming out from the two, the air seemed to have grown cold.

“Silica sama, and Cynthia sama…. I haven’t done anything, but these people started to…”(Heronia)

I wonder if she realized that saying such things when clinging to the chest of someone’s fiancee has no credibility at all

Sure enough, the face of the girls surrounding baroness Heronia turned grim.

“Bertia sama, Silica sama, Cynthia sama, I argued because she wouldn’t submit the required documents. Since that might cause inconvenience for the student council, my anger got the better of me….”(random girl A)

With the appearance of Bertia, the girls have calmed down somewhat. Looking at the situation at a glance makes them look like the bad guys so they tried frantically to justify themselves.

I couldn’t believe that the main reason of the fight was not because of [trying to lay a hand to their fiance] but because of [Might have troubled Bertia and the others]. But I was convinced once I looked carefully at the desperate girls, they have that cold look on their eyes that seems to say [ We’ve given up on our fiance].

“Bertia-sama, this all must have been plotted by you. How could you do such a cruel thing to me.”

Weeping profusely, Baroness Heronia stood up from the seat and glared at Bertia.

Did she just say something that has no relevance to the preceding talk….?

Maybe it just happens that I couldn’t understand it. If I use all my might to interpret it, i might understand that Bertia plotted everything out.

Nah, I’m probably not the only one who has that thought. Look, the surrounding students are tilting their heads and send doubtful looks at Baroness Heronia.

The bird riding on her shoulder, flies off and try to release some light attribute magic to brainwash everyone. Noticing that Kuro waved his tail to hinder it with dark element magic.

In the midst of rising anger towards Baroness Heronia, Lady Silica and Cynthia stood in front of Bertia to protect her and said [Enough with your excuses].

Even with the sharp glances from the gallery, baroness Heronia keeps acting like a victim as if not noticing the atmosphere.

Such a joke.

“Please wait a second”

A cool sound reverberated clearly amongst the sighing.

All of the gazes went towards Bertia.

Straightening her back and with the attitude of a haughty noble, Bertia walked to the front.

After sending a sharp stare to Baroness Heronia, She glanced around as if to take control of the surrounding.

The girl’s idolizing Bertia looked at her nervously to watch over her, While Bertia herself was having that satisfied face as if she’s done it

Now, what would happen?

I retracted the steps i took and decided to look over the situation for a little bit longer.

Of course, I only was interested in what Bertia would do after this.

If, things started to go sideways, I just need to intervene.

“Bertia sama, do you wish to further inflict pain towards me?”(Heronia)

For someone who acts scared, her eyes sure look provoking.

She really isn’t suited to be an actress. Even when she needed to act as a damsel in distress, she still looked at Bertia with anger and arrogance.(something like looking from above, any idea to improve this?)

You don’t feel an ounce of urge to protect her.

“My… How rude of you to talk to Bertia-sama like that.”(??)

“Aren’t you the ones who are troubling and making it harder for Bertia-sama?” (???)

When it seems like the conflict between baroness Heronia and Bertia’s Support is restarting, Bertia screamed [STOP!!].

Feeling lonely when her place to shine was taken, Bertia with tears in her eyes said.

“Li-Listen to what I’m saying!! I don’t like being ignored!”(Bertia)

To Bertia who pleaded wholeheartedly, all the noblewoman apologized and straighten their posture to listen properly.

When the center of attention shifted to Bertia, Baroness Heronia murmured [even though I’m supposed to be the heroine] with a displeased face.

By the way, of course I couldn’t hear what baroness Heronia is saying.

I just used lip-reading and tried to interpret what she’s saying.

“Heronia-sama is my prey! That’s why I won’t let anyone interfere. Bullying is also no good! I will deal with it myself. Doing it sneakily from the back is what a third rate (villain) will do. If you want to do it, you must do it from the front! That is what I would call a first rate (villain)”(Bertia)

“How could you…”(Heronia)

“As expected from Bertia-sama” (???)


“I understand, no matter what is being done to you, if you only retaliate sneakily, you’re just a third rate [lady]” (???)


“Furthermore, to not let us be blinded by unsightful rage and envy, I can’t believe you would choose to confront her by yourself is just….”(???)

“No i mean….”(Bertia)

“On top of that, even when she had made you go through rough times, to think that you would confront her yourself to protect her from this many to one situation…. What a merciful lady…”(???)

Against Bertia’s declaration of war, when baroness Heronia thought that things would finally go her way, for some reason the noble ladies started to praise Bertia.

Bertia who acted like a normal first rate villain, is confused with the sudden increase in popularity.

How amusing.

I expected no less from my fiance.

“Wait a minute, something’s wrong with this development, Isn’t this the place where everyone is pitying me and protect me?”

The perfectly isolated baroness Heronia, screamed furiously in anger.

I think’s it’s more impossible to be pitied when you’re surrounded by enemy alone in enemy grounds.

After you’ve attacked the enemy general, I don’t think anyone would listen when you tell everyone that [I attacked because she’s bad],[I’m the victim],[I’m pitiful].

When you failed to become the perfect victim, baroness Heronia’s plan had already fell apart.

And the best way to get out from this completely disadvantageous situation is to quickly [Escape].

Maybe, if a royalty were to lend a hand to her, she would get away with a draw, but starting with me, even Shaun viewed her as an enemy and it would be impossible to lend her a hand.

Thus the only choice left for her is only to escape.

But she didn’t take that choice.

Without concealing her rage, she stared at Bertia.


“In the first place, everything is your fault!! If you’re trying to be a villain then act like a proper hated villain!! Why the hell did you gather the rival ladies and became popular! On top of that you also helped the rival ladies to make up with the conquerable targets, and having lunch happily with Prince Cecil! Really you’ve done nothing but troubles for me!”(Heronia)

“Eh? But I did my part properly towards Prince Cecil….” (Bertia)

“In the first place, you know it right? Excluding the other conquerable targets, your precious prince Cecil won’t be happy unless he’s paired with me. Only i can save prince Cecil. A villainess like you could only make him suffer! If you understand, then don’t stand in my way.”(Heronia)


As if looking at unknown things, the surrounding couldn’t understand what baroness Heronia’s saying.

But, the only one that understand, Bertia couldn’t voice a reply and bit her lower mouth with a hurtful expression.

Bertia always wanted me to be hooked with the [heroine] to gain my happiness.

I always felt that Bertia has a feeling towards me somewhat, and even if it’s a setting from an [Otome game], I couldn’t understand how she kept recommending me to her love rival.

Since I’m not attracted to the [Heroine], she should just pair the [heroine] with the other love targets and keep being my fiancee

….. But, from what I’ve heard from baroness Heronia, unknown to me, it seems that there is a reason that I must be connected to her.

Is that reason also set by the [Otome game]?

However, from how things proceeds until now, isn’t that also a changeable fate?

Bertia would always say [The counter Force] and would give up on things easily, but to me it seems that the [counter force] is not working.

If it’s me, wouldn’t there be a way to resist?

I hurriedly stopped my thoughts that have run wild without noticing.

Now is not the time to have idle thoughts.

Gripping her dress tightly, Bertia couldn’t withstand anymore of baroness Heronia’s lashing.

Not understand anything, the gallery are thus unable help Bertia and they keep staring at baroness Heronia

“You’re just someone to serve as my foil, a third rate villainess that can’t be a rival. If you’re unhappy then everyone will be happy. If you relinguish that role, prince Cecil could never be happy. His happiness will be taken by you. You will never replace me, I mean after all I’m the [Fated girl].” (Heronia)

(TN: I wonder what’s wrong with her head = =)

Not losing to the staring of everyone, Baroness Heronia snapped.

For everyone who doesn’t know what the[Otome game] means, it’s just a rambling of an insane person. But it’s not the case for Bertia.


[I understand]

Probably there is no one that heard that. Bertia gritted her teeth as hard as possible and murmured that out with tears falling from her eyes.

I can’t explain how furious I am when I heard it.

I can’t look at this any longer.

I might like to observe Bertia, but i don’t want to see her like this.

I need to hug her now and tell her that [Everything’s going to be alright]

Before my head started to work, my legs have moved.

But before I did, there’s someone faster than me.

“FUSYAA!” (Kuro)

Unable to stand the sufferings of Bertia any longer, her spirit Kuro stood infront of Bertia and howled with all her hair standing.

To a normal people, they would only see that a maid clothed youth…. Bertia’s youth standing in front of her master to protect her.

But to someone who can see the spirits like me, it’s a really dangerous situation.

Around Kuro, there’s a black thunder crackling everywhere.

It’s to the point that there’s no surprise if it struct baroness Heronia.

The surrounding also felt dark and there is this static feeling in the air that touched the skin (you know that kind of static you feel )

The only saving grace is that this is just a [Threaten]

That’s why all the students who couldn’t see the spirit didn’t notice the true identity of Kuro.


The usual calm Kuro is staring at baroness Heronia.

That unusuality makes baroness Heronia startled but not frightened.

I’m sure she is unable to see the spirits.

That’s why she didn’t know that she’s in a grave danger.

In exchange, her spirits are in disarray and tried to protect her.

But the difference in power between them is visible.

“Zeno, I’ll leave Kuro to you” (Cecil)

“As you will”(Zeno)

Hastening my steps, I rushed to Bertia’s side. Zeno released some of his power and contained Kuro’s magic.

“Bertia…. Bertia… Tia!!” (Cecil)

Reacting to my voice, Bertia raised her head.

My figure is visible in her teary and uneasy eyes.

Seeing that figure I realized.

She was scared that i’ll blame her for being in this place.

It contradict with her usual state where she would talk to me about her plans to break our engagements.

I felt a gap from her current figure that’s afraid of being hated by me

Maybe that’s the feeling I’m looking from her.

“Cecil sama….”(Bertia)

Hugging her…. Is certainly a bad idea in front of everyone. I hold her hand that’s still grasping the hem of her skirt and gently smiled at her.

Telling her that everything’s going to be alright.

“Tia, I’m worried since you didn’t show up at the appointed time. What happened?”(Cecil)

I send a blank look to Kuro who seem to say [ Okay the threatening is done] whilst in Zeno’s hand.

Ah… so Kuro did notice that I’m observing from nearby.


“Prince Cecil, Without me noticing, I’ve angered Bertia-sama and then…”(Heronia)

….. How unpleasant.

This is the first time I’ve been this angry.

“I don’t know who and where you come from but i’m not talking to you. Besides don’t touch me as you please. You might not know but I’m one of the royalties. If you don’t keep the minimum manners with me, at worst you’ll be charged with lésé majesté.” (Cecil)

As I smiled, she hurriedly let go of my hand and send a glaring look at Bertia.

To shield Bertia from baroness Heronia’s stare, I cut my way to her vision and hold Bertia’s shaking shoulder.

Hugging in front of everyone might be bad, however holding her shoulder to escort her should be no problem.

TN: ……..i cant understand the difference

ED: Eh Well, one hand on your shoulder or an arm around your waist, which is more embarrassing and intimate?

It might be my imagination that Bertia’s maid’s stare is painful.

“Lady Cynthia, lady Silica, after this I have a lunch appointment with her, can I take her away now?”

I confirm my will to the both of Bertia’s followers, They replied me with a brilliant smile.

“Cecil-sama, it’s no good. The heroine is here. You must protect the heroine. If you didn’t you won’t become happy.”(Bertia)

Sending a conflicted look to me, Bertia said that with a voice less energetic than what i used to hear.

I silenced her with a smile.

“Rather than that, what’s important now is to have food. Let’s leave the place. That way this place would have it’s peace back and there will be no one to hurt you. I don’t want to leave you here.”(Cecil)

I smiled to Bertia even though my voice has naturally become deeper.

I could hear a sigh from the surrounding and the sound of Baroness Heronia gritting her teeth, but i ignored all of them and keep looking at the uneasy Bertia.

“Sorry, Bertia. Even to the disheartened you, now i don’t feel like playing along with your [Game].”(Cecil)

Not understanding what I mean, I told the confused her [it’s nothing]

“Ah, by the way, I did buy a few souvenirs. I don’t know if it suits your taste though”

As soon as we left the garden, I changed the topic and whispered into Bertia’s ears. Finally she let out a smile.

“There are snacks?!”(Bertia)

“I only bought things that can be kept for a few days”

“Wow, I’ll look forward to it”(Bertia)

I patted Bertia’s head.

Behind, the maid is coughing violently, and Kuro who is held by Zeno, keep hitting my back with his tail as if to say [I don’t allow any more than this].

“Your highness Cecil…….” (Bertia)


I implied with my eyes that I don’t want to hear anything about [Heroine] and the [otome game].

I wondered what she might say, but noticing my eyes, she briefly closed her mouth and smiled.

“……. Welcome back, I’ve been eagerly waiting for your return.”

“I’m back, Bertia, I’ve been looking forward to see you again”(Cecil)

I Replied that smile with a smile feeling all the tension leaving my shoulder.

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