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Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess' Fiance

Chapter 7: Bertia (14 years old) [1]

Chapter 7: Bertia (14 years old) [1]

In one of the salon shared between high school and middle school division.

Called as the special room, it’s a place where a small amount of people are able to gather and socialize together. There, Bertia and I had our lunch 3 months after my graduation from middle school division.

“So, your highness, how is your relationship with the heroine? I haven’t hear any information on both of you [getting along] together.”( Bertia)

While chatting and drinking our tea after we had our dessert, Bertia suddenly stared at me.

“Hmm? Heroine? Aah, the bird girl. How do I describe it, our relationship haven’t even reached the level of introducing our names to each other. I don’t even know her name. If I have to describe our relationship, she would be a suspicious person that I usually met.”(Cecil)

The bird girl — the daughter of baron Inderon, Heronia.Inderon

Since Bertia would keep yapping about Heroine, and someone who I would seldom meet, I did some investigation on her.

That’s why, honestly I knew more than just her name.

I also know that Bertia who would usually interact with me and my close aides, would sometimes unintentionally called the over familiar suspicious girl who always came and talk to us – baroness Heronia, [heroine] in a public place. And since then her hidden second name had become [heroine].

Different from the meaning that Bertia had when she called her [heroine], the people around called her [heroine] just to shorten her name. because her name is [hero]-nia.[in]deron.

To Bertia, it must be a silver lining to a dark cloud.

Well because of that although I do know about, Barronness Heronia commonly known as [heroine], there are a lot of social rules preventing me from saying so.

Even if I do know about her, if we haven’t been introduced by someone, or haven’t made our greetings, we have to act as if we’re [Strangers].

Talking about her with other people may be fine but, no matter how often we met each other, or how often did we have small chat, it’s the manners to not interact with her as if we’re [acquaintance] or not calling each other with names.

That’s why even now, [heroine] and I are still [strangers]

…… Although I don’t know whether she understand this.

“H-How could this be?! Even after I had guided you to all those event spots.After meeting for year, why are you still on the level of unacquainted?!” “Hmm? [guided] you say? As expected all of that is not a coincidence huh?”

During the time between Bertia’s enrollments to the middle school division, until I have graduated from the middle school, there are a lot of time where I’m called by Bertia and met baroness Heronia there.

Since its Bertia, I thought that she would ask me out to a place where I’m more likely meet baroness heronia, the [heroine].

In truth, it’s a favor from my cute fiancée so I don’t really mind to actually be [acquainted] with her.

After we’re [acquainted] I just need to ignore her as I see fit while keeping our distance and it shouldn’t be a problem.

But, I do feel that situation won’t be so interesting. Thus in the end, everytime I heard baroness heronia’s voice or see her figure, I would smile and leave the place immediately.

“That- that’s because I wanted your highness to be happy! That’s also for the sake of the citizens in this world!! But because I’m a villainess, I can’t directly meditate between your highness and the heroine. That’s why I thought, at least I would help you by making the event start normally.”(Bertia)

Noticing my smile has a certain pressure at it, she tried her best to make an excuse.

Although, as her fiancé, that’s nothing but meddlesome matters.

The only merit, would be that seeing her figure of doing (futile) effort is sometimes (interesting) cute.

While baroness Heronia is quite a stalwart and interesting person, she’s not as interesting as Bertia so I don’t really admire her…… Recently there’s even a part of me thought of her as a little bit troublesome.

In the first place, it troubles me when I didn’t give her any roses she told [Your highness, thank you for the beautiful roses that you sent me earlier. I was so happy that I display it nearby my windows]. Furthermore, although we didn’t have any interaction before, she would tell me about her bird—the light spirit and say [Pi-chan isn’t easily attracted to people, but your highness seems different. She must like me being together with your highness]

……… At the time, hearing her story the bird-like spirit hurriedly wanted to make it a fait accompli and rushes to me in a great momentum, I was perplexed and I almost reflexively smashed that bird.

I immediately calmed down and dodged half a step to avoid it, in the end the bird-like thing couldn’t stop in time and crashed into the wall. After that it couldn’t fly straight for a while but that wasn’t really my fault.

I only dodged it by half a step.

It’s that baroness Heronia and bird like thing that asked for it.

That’s why when she screamed behind me [No, don’t mind it and you also don’t need to apologize. Ah, but I have some problem with my studies, and I would be happy if you could teach me later], I just ignored her and leave the place.

In the first place, if that thing really crashed into me, there is a chance that I might get hurt, thus dodging it as self-defense would be a given.

Our not interaction like interaction usually has that kind of feeling.

I think that her speech actually does match Bertia’s past life story and it might be interesting to observe her for a while but at the moment I don’t have a speck of interest on her.

In the first place, most of the time her speech pattern is following a script and it’s not really interesting that way.

It’s like an ad-libing show that has a lot of interesting actor on it, and there’s this new guy who act following the script and couldn’t follow the flow of the stage.

Well if she’s just forcibly following the [scenario] in the [otome game] that bertia always talked about. That’s exactly what she’s doing isn’t it?

But I don’t really care about that and I don’t have any interest in it.

“Ac-actually I did ask Joanna-sama and the others to introduce Heronia-sama to your highness. But they would always refuse me by saying [Bertia-sama, that kind of kindness can hurt people you know?] or [There’s nothing worst than getting helped by the partner of your illicit loves.]”(Bertia)

I’m sure because they don’t know what’s Bertia true motive, they thought that she was pitying baroness Heronia for having illicit love on me and would like for her to have a little bit of sweet memories in doing so and misunderstand her favor as an act of kindness.

Then, I’m sure Bertia who’s downhearted and tilting her head right now as she tried to mimic Joanna-jyou’s speech, didn’t understand anything that they’re trying to tell her.

“Bertia, I have my own reasons for keeping my distance with baroness Heronia. That’s why, you don’t need to try so hard and just look over me okay?”(Cecil)

“Your highness, did you did that because there’s some complex reason in it? Of course it is, your highness wouldn’t just let an adorable princess leave just like that. I’m sure there’s some kind of strategy in it.] (Bertia)

“Of course. I won’t just (overlook) leave a (stupidly) cute princess just like that. I’m trying my best everyday you know?”

I half-heartedly told that to the troubled bertia. She seemed to leak out a she get it aura, so I think that she splendidly misunderstand it.

I don’t even need to say that I just left the misunderstanding as it is here.

Taking my distance is mainly because [ It seems troublesome, and I don’t want to be close to a suspicious person. Besides, I don’t want to shorten my time on observing Bertia] and it’s a valid [reason]. Besides, in my case, [(stupidly) cute princess] refers to Bertia and I actually don’t want to (overlook) leave (any interesting thing that she does) alone.

See, even if I didn’t clear the misunderstanding, I didn’t tell any lies on her right?

Ah come to think of it, I remembered that [I won’t overlook any of Bertia’s interesting action]

I have something I need to tell her.

“Come to think of it Bertia, recently my friend always talked about you”(Cecil)

“Hmm? About me? What kind of thing did they talk about? I have no recollection of doing anything”(Bertia)

“……ummm, I think it’s because there are a lot of things happening recently. Even last year there’s a lot of happenings too”(Cecil)

I smile wryly when I looked at Bertia tilting her head having no idea what had happened.

“You, starting from last year, started to put some effort on interacting with my friends right?”(Cecil)

“Ah, about that. I did my best to prevent the reverse harem and their conquering routes.”(Bertia)

Finally noticing what I was talking about, her expression brighten and held her chest up as if I’m complimenting her.

…… Didn’t you know how much my close aides complained because of you?


On last year’s summer.

Charles was having a red face with tears on his eyes while complaining about it to me about Bertia, who god knows where got ahold of the information that Charles was having a hidden crush on his brother’s first fiancée candidate Anne-jyou, and had told her about it.

“It’s not a laughing matter to have an admiration for my elder brother’s fiancée! It shouldn’t be known to anyone! I tried my best to quickly forget about my feelings and this is the outcome?! Your highness, Bertia-sama is your fiancé right? Do something about her!! Before the feelings that I held deep down in my heart burst out!”

Looking at the usually cool Charles opening the door in great momentum and desperately pleaded to me in a hurry, I unintentionally smiled wryly.

By the way, Charles himself didn’t notice it but in the opposite of the opened door, Bertia and the red faced Anne-jyou who are chasing after him is standing there.

Probably, since his love got exposed, Charles who started to panic ran away immediately without saying anything and feeling concerned about him, the two followed him here.

Trying to see when will he notice the presence of both of them, without noticing, Charles who started to get excited while pleading, started to talk about her love with Anne-jyou while crying. Having lost the timing to stop him, we could only listen to his heated confession.

“I fell in love at the first sight I met her.” (Charles)

“Just by listening to her voice, my heart… and my body started to heat up. But given her standing I can’t do anything about her. I mean isn’t it a given? She is the fiancée candidate for my elder brother. From her perspective, It’s better to marry my elder brother than me, the second son of a duke that can’t inherit its position. And after having that thought, it’s even harder for me to act.”

“It’s started to become unbearably hard when I think about her, thus to forget her even a single day earlier, I started to go out with various women but to no avail. For some reason her figure just keep popping out in my mind. I painfully know that there is no replacement for her and even so, I repeating that thinking that one day I will forget about her.”(Charles)

“I loved her deeply, But as my loves grow deeper, my hate also grows. I mean think about it! Having stolen my heart until this degree, she was destined to be wed with my elder brother. Thinking that from now on, I need to look at the figure of her that had become my brother’s make me feel that my heart is ripping apart.”

The over-h11eated confession to her loved one who’s not here (at least he himself think so ).

About charles’s love, I do have a slight inkling from how Charles looked at Anne-jyou, his reaction when meeting her, his blinking speed that increases to about 1.2 times, his slightly rising body temperature, his 0.01 second reaction to stop himself from being excited. But I didn’t know that it was to this degree.

I think no one noticed that, the womanizer Charles would be so devoted to a single person until this degree.

Until hearing the word directly from Charles now, even Anne-jyou herself didn’t notice it at all

I think noticing it would be harder since Charles is usually good at hiding his own emotion.

In the end, receiving charles’ heated emotion, I don’t know if it’s because of Anne-jyou’s face that flushed until the explosion point, or just wanting to hear it directly from Charles’ but at this moment, bertia suddenly shouted and closed the curtain of charles’ love confession.

“What an unsightly figure, Charles-sama!! If you’re so obsessed with her, why didn’t you try to steal her from your brother?! Can you call yourself as a conquerable target with that!?”(Bertia)

“It’s because I can’t give her happiness more than my brother!! Even if my home has a few more titles other than a duke and you could somehow live as a noble with it, that in the end is an inferior version of being a [duchess] and the value in that is……………… A-A-A-A-Anne-jyou?!!”(Charles)

Charles who keep looking at me turned back to retort when hearing bertia’s voice. Finally he noticed anne-jyou’s presence there.

With eyes that looked like he has seen ghost, Charles started to open his mouth like a goldfish…… Even I feel sorry for him.

“There you should tell her that [Even with that I will make you happy! Please choose me as your partner]!! Certainly, to live a life you would need to have a certain amount of wealth. But just with that, she wouldn’t be happy! In a world where political marriage is a given it’s even more so that she seeks for love. When a person who sincerely loves us trying our hearts from other gentleman, there is nothing more fabulous than that. To ladies that kind of this is a kind of moe…… I mean Admiration!! If we’re able to live our life with someone who think about us this much, I think we would still be happy even if we were to lose our position!” (Bertia)

Holding his both hand, Bertia tried to convince him.

But, haven’t recovered from the lethal damage, Charles didn’t have any reaction to it.

“From then on, whether we could be happy depends on the value of the man! From then on it depends on you on how much are you willing to commit and how much love are you going to give to make us happy. I admit that trying to steal your elder brother’s fiancée is no simple matters. But Since its still a [Candidate] fiancée the chances is not that slim you know?! From the rumors, Charles-sama’s elder brother is quite a womanizer unlike the fake womanizer you. And Anne-sama is quite troubled with it. Won’t you feel regret if your beloved Anne-sama got stolen by that kind of person? I don’t want you to feel regret and become even more of a womanizer than you are now. When Anne-sama finally became your elder brother’s fiancée and couldn’t feel happiness because of the political meeting, I also don’t want to you heave a sigh murmuring [I don’t have any right to console her when I didn’t even fight for her happiness] while biting your lips and with eyes that looked at a distant photo… scene.”(Bertia)

Bertia did you say [photo] earlier?

That is undoubtedly something from your past life right?

“If you want to act, now is the time! Even Anne-sama prefers to be married to someone who truly loves herself rather than marrying a gentleman who doesn’t love her even if that means becoming a duchess.”


Anne-jyou nodded when the talk suddenly pushed to her.

Ah..Charles eye’s that has become hollow like a bottomless abyss had light returning to them.

“Is that true Anne-jyou”(Charles)

“Eh?I mean…” (Anne)

Receiving both of charles and bertia’s gazes that are full of expectation, the beet red anne-jyou started wander her eyes around.

Even though she is troubled, she couldn’t outright deny it since Charles is looking at her with a pleading eyes. Furthermore, what Bertia said is not totally off the mark too.

While thinking about that and enjoying the scene in front of me, my eye unintentionally met with anne-jyou’s.

I could only smile wryly to her eyes that are looking for help.

After all this absurd situation is brought by my fiancee Bertia.

Maybe I should do a little follow up.

“Both of you, stop asking a maiden with such an attitude. Look,anne-jyou looked like a ripe apple because of that.”(Cecil)

To my words, Bertia seemed unsatisfied but Charles seemed to have noticed it and apologized to anne-jyou.

“Ah, by the way charles, it’s true that social standings are important but being my, the future king’s close aides you should get a social standing close to it.”(Cecil)

“Oh thats true! Just as what your highness said, Even if you cant succeed the duke position and became an earl, by being the kihg’s close aides, you will gain a suitable social standing. I’m pretty sure that anne-jyou’s family won’t have any complain.”

“No, but I dont’t even know if I would be able to become the king’s close aides”(Charles)

“What are you even saying?! Isn’t that depends on how hard you work for it? Isn’t that right your highness?”(Bertia)

“That is right. Since I liked talented people, in that point, Charles is already a suitable candidate. What’s left how hard you work for it. Both on being my close aides, and the right to marry Anne-jyou.”(Cecil)

When I show them my smile, Charles’ eyes went wide open.

“Hm but first you would need to confess your love to Anne-jyou and start doing your best so that you can be useful to me. If I saw potential in you, I might even lend you my help”(Cecil)

Charles nodded while staring at me.

From now on, it’s up to his resolve and hard work.

Noticing my intention, the usual frivolous Charles changed. His eyes now bring a strong resolve in it now.

“Anne-jyou, I have always admired you. You’re like a high class flower and I gave up knowing that there is no way I could possess you. But if there is a slight possibility of doing so then i will bet on it. I want to be someone that could possess you. No I will become it. That is why, could you look over me?”

Charles who knelt in front of Anne-jyou has not a single doubt on his eyes.

Realizing that Charles is sincere about it, even though she is troubled, making her resolve, she put her hands on top of Charles’ hand.

“I am a daughter of a noble, I’m not as ignorant as not to understand the meaning of political marriage. But If it is possible, then I would like to live happily by marrying someone whom I love and loved back in return like what Bertia-sama said. Although I still don’t understand what’s like and love, I’m very happy about Charles-sama’s feelings toward me. That’s why, if you would like to work hard for my sake, then I will carefully think about my future from now on. Is this kind on answer acceptable…?”(Anne)

Anne-jyou looked uneasy.

In contrast to that, like seeing a glimpse of light in the world without hope, Charles smiled happily even more so than before.

“Of course, just by hearing that answer, I think I can even became a subordinate of a demon king.”(Charles)

…[demon king] isn’t referring to me right Charles?

Looking over both of them with a smile on my face, I noticed Charles suddenly shivered for a while. He must be too happy that his body started to shake.

Well thanks to such a thing happening, Charles are able to confess his love to his beloved princess, and I made a best friend (close aides candidate) that are hardworking more than ever. It’s a result that made everyone happy.

After that Charles who sometimes got leaf around the nose by Bertia would come and complain to me. I would always ignore him unless it’s really interesting though.

By the way Bertia would say[ I’m{A love cupid}. It feels great after doing a good deed] in regards to her own action on that day.

…. What is a [love cupid]? Even now I still don’t get it.


Nert’s case is the opposite of Charles. Silica-jyou, Nert’s childhood friend and Bertia’s friend is being led by then nose by Bertia. Nert’s greatly surprised by that.

Silica-jyou is the type of person who’s uptight and is good at taking care of people.

That being the reason, that is exactly why that she couldn’t leave Nert –who’s knowledgable but not sociable who’s always shutting himself in his room– alone.

She would always pay attention to Nert’s action and took care of him.

“Nert-sama, don’t just read your book, try to chat with your friends. If you don’t do so you’ll be left out by your friends again.”

“Wait a second, Nert-sama! Don’t read your book while eating! Look, because you’re not looking at what you’re eating, you’re making a mess. Really you’re such a sloven person.” (Silica)

“You didn’t finish your vegetables again! If you keep doing that you won’t grow any bigger you know? You’re not a kid anymore, finish all of your food”(Silica)

“Why’s there black rings under your eyes? Did you stay up late again? How unhealthy! And do go out of your home sometime! If you keep staying home you’ll grow mold you know?” (Silica)

There’s just no end to the examples. She just keep taking care of Nert.

On the other hand, since her words have that kind of strict tone on it would always thought of her attention as [getting scolded] or [made her angry again] and would always apologize to her every time it happens.

But, that kind of things keep happening since once he started to concentrate, he has the disposition to not notice his surroundings.

From my point of view, His action of closing himself in his own world is fine as long as he didn’t trouble anyone and should just be left alone.

Although, it seems impossible for her who always pay attention to Nert.

The same kind of conversation would just keep repeating between both of them.

On a summer day where such daily occurance happens.

Nert who’s getting irritated because of the hot weather, finally lost it to Silica who advised him as always.

“Ah, mou, I don’t like it because silica is scary!! Since you’re always angry at me, then don’t come near me!! It’s better for both of us that way.”(Nert)

Silica-jyou is shocked as Nert unusually retorted back.

It’s a facial expression that just spells that she is shocked.

But without noticing it, Nert just keeps on retorting.

“In the first place, who are you to me? You’re just my childhood friends so don’t meddle in my affairs! Seriously it’s annoying! That’s precisely why there is no one who’s willing to marry you.”(Nert)

I don’t know why nert snapped at that time.

Maybe it’s just the combination of him having a bad temper on that day, and because of the continuous sleepless night, and he just received a letter full of naggings from his father count Kram, and the weather is just very hot on that day.

But if I have to say a thing, no matter how you think of it, Nert’s retort is just over the line at that time.

Anne-jyou was rendered speechless while grasping the hem of her shirt. She bit her molars and tears started to fall from her eyes.

Seeing that scene at that moment……… Bertia snapped.

“Can you cut that out? What’s with you blaming silica-jyou for you yourself being such a sloven person? Who do you think you are?”(Bertia)

The unmaidenly like voice that suddenly sprung out froze everyone – the member of the student council.

“Maybe there are some part in Silica-jyou’s talk that are a little bit harsh. But she is an unbelievably gentle person you know? Especially towards Nert-sama. Her dedication towards you is at the point where me and my friends are just left speechless. Even that why would you not understand that in spite of that she’s telling all of those because of how gentle she is and how much she love you”(Bertia)

“Dedication? Gentle? Love?” (Nert)

“Be-Bertia –sama! What are you talking about! That’s not it! I told you that’s totally not because of that!”(Silica)

“Silica-sama, at this moment it’s better for you to tell him straight to the point! Otherwise, at some point he will only think that your dedication and love is just some needless begging and he would be stolen by some nobodies because of her sweet talks to him!”(Bertia)

“P-Please stop this!!” (Silica)

“What do you mean…?”(Nert)

“Nert-sama, It is true that Silica-jyou paid a lot of attention to you. But, all of the thing she done is for your own good you know? She may say things a little bit harsh. But in truth even though she’s nagging all that time that she’s the one who tidied all of the mess that you made when you’re eating, stopped you when it seems like you’re going to dirty your treasured book, and gave you handkerchief to wipe your hands when you are going to touch those books. When your body is unwell because of the continuous sleepless night, she’s the one who made all those nutritious food and gave you tea that has a relaxing effect. And who do you think covered you up with a blanket when you fell asleep when reading those books?! Even the vegetables inside of the cookies that you ate earlier was made by her to make you who’s a vegetable hater to eat a little bit of vegetables. It is the fruit of labor from her relentless research you know? If she did all of those not because of love then what is it for? Do you think a normal childhood friend would do so much for you?”(Bertia)

“That is not true!! That is just a part of my personality so…… Anyways none of that is true!!” (Silica)


The beet-red anne-jyou frantically tried to prevent Bertia from saying any further.

Meanwhile Nert is deep in thought as if to notice something because of what Bertia said and how perplexed Silica was.

Then from the third person point of view, Charles with a distant look on his face said [Un,Un I know that kind of feeling] while nodding his head.

……Isn’t it great Charles? It seems like you have made a companion. Do you want to try making a bertia’s victim club?

“I know that silica is a gentle and caring person. She would always guide me when I’m get lost. She also helped me when I’m troubled and will try to warn me when I forgot my surroundings. But all of those pales in comparison to what she does for you.”(Bertia)

Bertia that [get Lost] is not a metaphor but it’s an actual [lost child] right.?

I know that silica would always help bertia out when she’s lost on her way to her next classroom.

It’s burdensome right when there is a limited time and place where you could take your maids or follower around in school.

It’s even more so for you who realized that you have no sense of direction after enrolling to the school.

Ah aren’t Cynthia-jyou and Silica-jyou are always by your side to prevent you from getting lost? Isn’t it great that you made such a reliable friend.

Oh yeah isn’t there a time where you saw baroness heronia and you started to run without minding your surroundings and got stopped by Silica-jyou who caught your arm? I remember you got dragged into an empty classroom to be educated on how to behave as a maiden for an hour after that.

It’s just something I heard from my [Envoy] though.

“Such a thing is not true! I treat everyone as an equal! I didn’t give special treatment to Nert-sama!”(Silica)

Nnn? Why is it though? The more she denies it, the deeper she fell into the pit.

See, the surroundings started to give them warm gazes, even Nert looks like he noticed something and his face started to turn red.

“Silica… Sorry, I didn’t notice it at all”(Nert)

“Ohh!! Finally you understand her feeling! That’s great! I’m happy for you Silica-jyou! Your feelings got through at last”(Bertia)

Closing his own mouth, Nert apologizes while averting his eyes. Bertia on the other hand looked very content and laughed merrily.


“BE-RT-IA SAMA!! Make your resolve now! I won’t let you off the hook easily!!”(Silica)

“Si-Silica-sama? Why are you angry…” (Bertia)

Finally understanding what kind of situation she’s in now, Bertia’s face started to cramp up.

Nevertheless, it seems she still couldn’t understand why Silica-jyou was so angry at her.

It’s just that she could sense that she’s in danger from Silica-jyou’s anger. She looked around immediately looking for help, at the end her eyes met mine.

Yeah, she reap what she sow.

That’s why, go and get yourself scolded okay?

Bertia who tried to approach when she saw my meaningless nod, was caught brilliantly on the first step by Silica-jyou.

“Yo-Your Highneesss”(Bertia)

“Your Highness Cecil, may I borrow Bertia-sama for a while?”(Silica)

In a tone that didn’t allow any refusal, Silica jyou asked for my permission.

“Well, Bertia is in the wrong this time… so I don’t mind if it’s only for about 2 hours.”(Cecil)

Although Bertia is my fiancée, she still are free to do what she wants. If there isn’t any special occasions, there is no need for her to ask for my permission… Of course I’ll still answer her if I’m asked though.

By the way, the 2 hour time limit isn’t because I have a particular business with Bertia. It’s simply because I wanted it to be [left it at about there] and some basic pity on her.

I can hear the surroundings saying [Isn’t 2 hours too long?], but I don’t think it is.

“Having that much is enough. I will thoroughly educate Bertia-sama on maiden’s heart with my all”(Silica)

To the smiling Silica-jyou, although not as bad as Nert or Bertia, I do feel afraid.

Women—-Maiden’s wrath are not something to be seeked.

“Your highness, save me…”(Bertia)

“Bertia, It’s just your bridal training…… probably”(Cecil)

“That’s not….”(Bertia)

“Ah, since you’re my wife, I guess I should call it queen training instead”(Cecil)

“I also thing that’s not right!”(Bertia)

“Do properly apologize to her, and make up with your best friend okay?”(Cecil)


Even when tears started to came out from her eyes, Bertia is stayed silent.

To Bertia, Silica-jyou is her irreplaceable best friend. I’m sure she doesn’t want her best friend to stay angry and have a quarrel with her.

The clinging eyes that she sent to me slowly went to silica-jyou’s who grabbed her hand.

To Bertia who’s looking at her with upturned eye, Silica-jyou smiled.

For a second, I can see the hallucination of a blizzard.

“…… if you make sure to listen to what she say, and properly apologize, I think she will forgive you”(Cecil)

A small critter is quivering there.

Bertia is like a small critter who’s anxiously quivering while begging forgiveness to it’s master now. Honestly it’s interesting and cute.

“It depends on how sincere Bertia-sama is”(Silica)

Silica who was embarrassed and showed her back to Bertia. Bertia hasn’t realized it yet but Silica-jyou’s gazes started to warm up while having[ [there’s no helping with this kid] exasperated feeling on it.

Originally, Silica-jyou’s standing are lower than Bertia’s, thus there is no need to ask for her forgiveness.

If she would just use her social standing and ordered her to [Forgive her] then with silica-jyou’s standing she couldn’t refuse her.

But Bertia won’t do that.

Far from doing that, she’s trying to ask forgiveness as a friend. By doing that, she could more or less lessen her anger.

“……T-then, Ne-nerchu-sama, a-about this talk, w-we’ll continue this someday. I need to have a tyalk wich Bertia-sama, so I’ll excuse myself here. Goodbye everyone!”(Silica)

Silica-jyou gave the impression to have pulled herself together, hold bertia’s arm and left the place.

…… But her face is beet red… and she stuttered earlier right?

It’s plain in sight that she hasn’t recovered from her agiation.

Even Nert’s heart jumped a bit.

Regardless of that, peace returned to the student council room after bertia and Silica-jyou left the place

It seems silica-jyou’s lecture after that did went on for about 2 hours.

I don’t know in what kind of way was bertia scolded, but after that Bertia would be extremely scared of Silica-jyou. During the tea party, that dessert lover Bertia would even offer her favorite dessert to her with tears on her face. Not mentioning when offering bertia would murmur [Maiden’s heart is delicate], [people would hate you if you’re inconsiderate] or [When given the signal I need to shut up.]. After that, She stopped revealing people’s crush to the people concerned or would look at Silica-jyou when she say something that are in the gray area. I think she’s really scared of her now.

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