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Chapter 2 : Bertia (9 years old)

The next time I met Bertia was the next year’s winter.

Nevertheless we are still in engaged. (TN: kind of like unsatisfied feeling? its like they are engaged but they didnt see each other in a year. anyone know how to rephrase this to have that kind of feeling?)

I have invited her over countless times to deepen our relationship, but she’s always confined in Nochesse family territory mansion to [cure her disease].

Everytime her father the prime minister, Douglas Evil Nochesse, attended the court was asked how her daughter was doing, he would always have that expression of biting hundreds of bugs and laughed dryly and replied [My daughter is caught with incurable ‘stupidity’ disease].

…….. [stupidity] was muttered in a small voice , but having learned on how to read lips that has no meaning on me whatsoever. (TN: I really want to know what else can he do maybe use the force…?)

If that happens to be incurable, then it might be hard for her to become my fiancée.

Even as a child I at least know that much.

Furthermore, since after that happened she shut herself on her family mansion, isn’t it more or less [my fault]?

To probe more about this I sent an [Envoy] to investigate.

The report that came from the [Envoy] now and then had recently became my No 1 amusement now.

That’s why I know that every day, on day and night, she’s been wearing a boyish like clothes and running around her mansion.

Usually a young maiden on treatment won’t be screaming [2 Kilometers left!] while running around drenched in sweat right?

She has finally shown her appearance before me on the day before my 11th birthday.

“It’s been a long time, your highness Cecil. You don’t know who I am? I am your fiancee, Bertia Evil Nochesse. I look different right? I bet you don’t recognize me anymore….. Ouch! What are you doing, father?” (Bertia)

“Your highness, please excuse this stupid daughter of mine, I shall have her reeducated” (Douglas)[

Marquis Nochesse and his daughter was waiting in the meeting room, and once she saw me, she smiled and greeted(?) me.

In a sense it’s a cuteness akin to a children, but being the daughter of a Marquis and the crown’s prince fiancée that’s definitely an out.

I unintentionally smiled wryly as Marquis Nochesse brought his fist down to her head and small beads of tears appeared on her face.

By the way raising a hand in front of royalties should be problematic too but being a child I don’t have the guts to point that out to the Marquis that has a compelling smile pasted on his face.

But having him take her back and if that leads to her confining herself again is kind of problematic to me.

After all she is the entertainment…. I mean fiancée that I haven’t seen in a year.

“Don’t mind it Marquis Nochesse, Isn’t she childishly cute?” (Cecil) (TN: cute like small child)

“As always your highness don’t have any childishness in you” (Douglas)

“I’ve been told that often” (Cecil)

As I tried to replied with a childish smile, and Marquis Nochesse let out a snicker.

(TN: I mean laugh snicker not snicker bars in case you’re hungry and dont know it :P)

Still touching her head that’s hit by her father, she looked at me with a slight tinge of red on her cheeks.

I’m not trying to brag, but girls would look at me like that sometimes. (TN: all real lifers should just explode)

Well, instead of [I worry if you’re gonna be a womanizer in the future] or [Sly kid] they shower me with [I have great expectations to your deeds as the king]

“Your highness, can you repeat, I mean could you please repeat that?” (Bertia)

Having lost all her momentum, she began to fidget around.

I tilted my head since I don’t really get what she’s saying, until she embarrassedly muttered [Earlier you called me cute…]

So to her being [‘Childishly’ cute] is a compliment.

No wait, who knows if she had a strange filter that interprets things as they please on her ears.

Still, with a tinge red cheeks and fidgety looking at me with upturned eyes, I have to admit that she’s quite cute as a woman.

“Bertia, you don’t have to trouble your highness with that request, didn’t I always compliment you that? Just put up with that.” (Douglas)

In response to Bertia, the Marquis hurriedly stopped her.

But isn’t asking her to put up with that sounds impossible since its coming from her dad instead of fiancé? (TN: you know its different when you’re called cute by parents and by somebody else that kind of feeling)

“But but… everytime you praised me you would always add a [Like a stupid child] at the end and it won’t make me feel happy. In addition…, getting praised by a hottie feels different!” (Bertia) (TN: hotties should really explode right now…)

“Bertia ….” (Douglas)

The way Marquis Nochesse looked is like looking at a regrettable children. (TN: beyond savings… look at darkness from konosuba and you’ll understand)

Seeing the two sorry state parent and daughter, I tried my best to hold my smile.

I don’t really know how she processed everything but I know that [‘Stupidly’ Cute] and [‘Childishly’ cute] can’t be seen as a praise…. Right, Marquis Nochesse?

If it is during the talk between parents it may sound like a praise but saying it in-front of the people can’t be seen anything as an insult.

“Your highness, I really think that I should have a talk with my daughter and re-educate her, I will take my …” (Douglas)

“Don’t worry about it, Marquis Nochesse, since it’s also one of her characteristics, isn’t she adorable?”

The Marquis trying to separate us by using re-educating as an excuse was stopped by me.

I don’t know if it’s to prevent her daughter showing her crude side in front of a crown prince or it’s [I won’t let you have my daughter] feeling that parents have, Regardless I won’t let you do that you know?

After all if I can’t see my fiancée I will feel bored…. I mean lonely.

On top of that I need to know if she has the disposition to become my fiancée and the future of the queen before I reach adulthood.

“” Your highness”” (Douglas & Bertia)

They both replied me at the same time.

But somehow…. I feel that the feeling brought by that reply is subtly different. One is the feeling of revering and being happy and the other one is like acting sorry while bei1ng vexed. (TN: the daughter-con is strong with this one…)

Even if Marquis Nochesse does brilliantly at jobs, it seems he can’t hide his feelings if it’s about his private life.

More like he doesn’t feel like hide his feeling.

“Marquis Nochesse has an audience with father scheduled later right? Is it alright if I invite her to a tea while you do so?” (Cecil)

“Absolutely no………” (Douglas)

“Gladly” (Bertia)

Just as the Marquis refused with a frowned face by reflex, Bertia interrupted him and accepted.

Marquis Nochesse, no matter how you pasted that smiling face, I heard that you clicked your tongue earlier you know?

“Thank you very much, incidentally why don’t we make our plans for tomorrow too?” (Cecil)

I acted as if I didn’t hear the Marquis’s refusal.

Since I also added [plan for tomorrow], the Marquis probably can’t refuse now.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Since I and Bertia is still young, we still haven’t made our social debut. But since I’ll be the lead in tomorrow’s birthday party, I need to have my fiancée to fulfill her role as my partner.

In a sense this will also be a practice for when I grow up.

Well since it’s the crown prince’s birthday party, it’s going to be a public event. Since I haven’t made my social debut, slight crudeness in my behavior will most likely be overlooked, and getting used to these kinds of things before the real thing is not a bad idea.

By the way I did make sure to investigate if she could behave properly at public places but she seems to have mastered it. Although this is going to be the first time she appeared in public.

Being the more experienced one, it’s a given that I would follow up on any misses that she made but I still think that I need to discuss this with her in advance.

Since I made a hint of doing that, the Marquis can’t really refuse me now.

Of course since it’s a favor from a royalty.

“As your highness know it’s my stupid, incompetent, and useless daughter so please take care of her. There might be unsightly behavior but since she’s still young, please overlook her” (Douglas) (TN: he actually said 不束な、不束な、不束な娘です but since it can mean that 3 things I just put it there at the moment…. I don’t know does it sound right?)

In short – [ You know she’s a sorry for a children right? But the one that’s saying it’s alright is you, you know? That’s why even if she did something stupid just take it as something [ a child will do] and overlook everything – kind of thing, right?

Whatever since I wanted to chat with her, I intend to do that anyways. As long as it kept me entertained anything goes.

“Of course, I am after all her fiancé. Rest assured that no matter what happens, I will try my best and follow up on her.

Hinting that I understand what he meant, I looked at the Marquis’s eyes and nodded with a smile.

“I am relieved since the brilliant… genious you had said so. Bertia, even if your highness Cecil had said so, make sure to behave yourself!” (Douglas)

The Marquis looked at me worryingly for a while, but I tell him from my gaze that I understood what he’s hinting (TN: I know this looks like a repetition of earlier but just think of it as the author trying to describe what the Marquis is feeling at this moment)

Whilst giving a glance at his uselessly energetic daughter, he bowed his head and left after saying [Please take care of her].

“Now then, since the preparation for the tea is finished, let’s be on our way”

“Yes, thank you very much your highness”

After looking at the figure of the leaving Marquis, Bertia smiled merrily and approached me. To escort her I reached out my hand and she happily took it. (TN: this prince is smooth as f…)

Being pure and all is good but isn’t she uselessly energetic?

Now that I think of it isn’t she aiming to be an [Flower of Evil]?

It’s true that she has slimmed down, and her face is looking better and better… but isn’t her personality the complete opposite of what she’s aiming to be? Is this alright…?


(Part 2 starts here)

“Please have a seat.” (Zeno)

As Zeno pulled the chair to guide Bertia, I sat myself directly in-front.

As if to match our movement, the maid started to prepare for the tea.

Bertia stared at the tea and snacks that has been served on the table. Like a dog that’s being ordered to [wait], she waited until I tell her [Go on].

Suddenly the maids made a cough.

Hearing the cough she realized and muttered [diet…..]

I made a wry smile as she had an expression like a dog with a laid down ears feeling down.

“I originally am not good with snacks that are too sweets…… the cakes here don’t have that much sweet in them you know?”

Saying that, I made a gestures to the maid, asking them to separate the cakes that have lower calories and sweetness in them.

“Less sugar cakes!!”(Bertia)

Looking at the cakes that had been separated, I can almost see a hallucination of her ears started to standing up, and wagging her tails excitedly……

Miss Bertia, I know you like cakes, but please don’t be too happy that you started to regress into a kid alright?

Since now she’s still young it’s cute but if this happens when she became a queen then it’s a no go. People around would start treating us awkwardly.

It’s alright if it’s only in-front of me though, since it’s more interesting this way.

As I said [Please help yourself], she started devouring the cakes in a big mouthful.

The way she eats the cakes makes me think that the cakes is especially delicious today. I took a bite on the cake but as expected the taste was the same as always.

Drinking the tea to wash away the sweetness in my throat, I started asking about the thing that made me curious.

“By the way lady Bertia, aren’t you wearing a quite peculiar scarf today?” (Cecil)

It’s a black fluffy fox fur coat scarf.

We’re indoors so wearing a fur coat scarf was somewhat strange but there are stranger things that’s occupying my mind.

If I’m not miss-seeing things, that scarf was not a [Fur] but a [Fox].

…… furthermore it’s alive.

“Your highness has keen eyes, it’s a lovely fur coat right?” (Bertia)

She took her eyes off from the cakes and smiled ears to ears.

No I know it’s a lovely scarf, but I think the important point wasn’t that.

I stole a glance behind, Zeno still tries hard to maintain his usual smile though the end of his mouth has started twitching.

“Indeed that’s a lovely fur coat, still I saw it moving slightly from time to time you know?” (Cecil)

“Ah, you found out? This is strange, even father didn’t notice it” (Bertia)

The thing that shouldn’t be able to ride on her shoulder looks like [it’s floating] and somehow coiled around her neck as a scarf.

She doesn’t seem to notice that it’s been moving slightly as she titled her head.

The maid’s serving her has that blank look while tilting their head but only the head maid was diverting her gaze away.

“Well that looks interesting so it’s fine as it is. Although wearing that during my birthday party might attract attention so don’t do it okay? Later I’ll go and have a talk to father so that you can bring it not as a [scarf] but as a [fox]. (Cecil)

“Wearing a fur scarf in an indoor party does seem to be weird. Alright I got it. Being able to bring kuro as a pet really helps a lot. This kid, after I pick it up doesn’t want to separate from me. No matter how I tried I couldn’t make it stay at home thus I decided to camouflage it as a scarf.” (TN: holy ….. she’s a natural born trainer” (Cecil)

….. It’s not completely camouflaged though?

And she picked it up…? A fox?

“You picked it up? Did your father know about it? What are his thoughts?”(Cecil)

“In a forest beside our territory. There was a place with a strange looking stone there. I would pass it during my runni…. taking a walk time everyday and as I rested there it would look at me. Since the stone resembles a [Torii], I thought it was an [Iinari God]. Thus making use of my past life memories, I tried to offer a [Iinari sushi]. It seemed to like it and had since been following me.” (Bertia)


[Inari God]??

[Inari sushi]??

Today I also couldn’t understand what she’s blabbering about.

Whatever.. for now I’ll just interpret it as when taking a walk instead of running, she met this fox and she offered something.

“At first like a villainess, I thought of taking its fur, but this thing is just so cute and polite. When I fall down and scratched myself during the journey home, it even licked my wounds. Then I unintentionally gave it a name and became attached. I wanted a fur scarf but I guess coiling it like this is also fine. Then when I told father I want to keep it, though his face went pale and said [Put it back on where you took it!!], after I told him about how it licked my wounds and I became attached after giving it a name, he decided to let me keep it. After that he always keep nagging me to [Please cherish it dearly]. Really does father think I will mistreat it?”

Licking her wounds(blood) and even got it a name huh.

Yeah I believe your father can’t say anything other than [Please cherish it dearly].

It seems interesting so I’ll investigate about its type later. (TN: as is type of animal etc etc)

“Is that so, that’s a relieve. I also think that you should cherish it ….. for future’s sake” (Cecil)

“I got it, I will cherish it” (Bertia)

Behind me Zeno muttered [You must also cherish it too], but of course I ignored him.

“Well since I’ve asked what I want to know, let’s start talking about tomorrow” (Cecil)

“Please leave it to me! I will be your highness’s partner like a haughty villainess.”

…..How should I put it even though her words seems reassuring, I felt uneasy.

Just in case I’ll just warn her in advance.

“….How reassuring. But the thing about being a villainess, let’s just keep it as a secret between both of us. Of course your past memories too. Since the society that we would soon enter is a world where you won’t know what would happen. If you want to become a first rate flower of evil, you should be able to hide your talent. I mean if you show too much openings, won’t you become a normal mob?” (Cecil ) ( TN: I say abilities but its more like the thing that you have and others don’t have. Openings as in letting people know what you’re good at and letting them take advantage)

“That makes sense, I understand! Without showing an opening and crush your opponent while grinning is the true first rate, whilst running off your mouth and digging your own grave is a third rate. After all I’m different from the original Bertia and will become a prideful flower of evil, I’ll show you that I can keep myself from speaking unnecessarily and simply grin!” (Bertia)

“………………. Thank you for understanding.” (Cecil)

Somehow I felt that there are some misunderstanding…. I guess I’ll observe for now and follow up on her mistakes.

“By the way, Did marquis Nochesse explained on tomorrow’s general proceeding?” (Cecil)

“Yes I have heard of it. We would be entering the hall together. After your highness have finished your greeting with the king, I was tasked be your first dance partner. I think that is everything” ( Bertia)

“It’s roughly correct. Since we haven’t finished our social debut, being able to do all that seems fine. Still if there happens to be any hard or unclear situations, you must first consult with me. Never make a judgment on your own” (Cecil)

“Will your highness do a follow up on me?” (Bertia)

“You are my fiancée, I will help you as much as possible” ( Cecil)

“Fiancée….. that actually doesn’t sound bad. Ahh but I understand, after fulfilling all my roles, I will be brilliantly be beaten into a pulp after all.” (Bertia)

“Huh..? Anyway make sure to try your best to fulfill your role as a fiancée. I will also be trying my best to fulfill mine” (Cecil)

Feeling down for a moment, she made a fist as if to cheer herself up…. I think that something is really wrong there.

“I feel happy to be able to pass my 11th birthday with you” (Cecil) (TN: smoothhhh)

Continuing the misunderstanding seems to be more interesting so I didn’t bother to correct her and smiled to her.

“I too am happy to be able to celebrate your 11th birthday together…… wait 11th years old? Your highness you are turning 11th?” (Bertia)

“Hmm? Yeah, you didn’t know that?” (Cecil)

“No, I knew it. But…. Since you’re turning 11 tomorrow, my last birthday should be my 9thbirthday. So that means my next birthday would be my 10th” (Bertia) (TN: I think since she recover her memories late and didn’t know how old she is)

Seems like she knew of my 11th birthday, but realized something right after that.

Her face ashen as she continued to mutter alone.

At that moment, at that sky blue eyes, beads of tears began to appear.

“Your highness, my mother will!!!!” (Bertia)

Finally she couldn’t keep her tears any longer and started to sob.

Ehh?? What happened? Is this my fault???

But she clearly stated [My mother will].

I wonder what it is? I don’t understand.

Seeing her suddenly burst into tears, her maids started to panic and tried to wipe her face with a handkerchief. Suddenly they stopped panicking, and put the handkerchief on the table.

Could you please don’t look at me with that [ I leave it to you ] gaze??

I’m still 10 … I am turning 11 tomorrow though, but still I’m not omnipotent you know?

Besides isn’t she your master?

Following up on her should be your job…… Okay I got it already. Stop looking at me with that clinging look. I will try my best to do it.

“What happened miss Bertia, could you please tell me about it? I would help you if you needed assistance.” (Cecil)

“You.. Your highness” (Bertia)

Hearing my words, her tears intensifies and started to explain while sobbing.

Understanding her difficult to hear words, I was shocked at the unbelievable talks.

According to her, in the [Game?] that I was the main character’s setting, just before she welcomed her 10th birthday, her mother passed away.

Horrifyingly, that is due to the epidemic that assaulted the capital 3 months before.

The disease was also never seen before…… to be accurate, the epidemic was caused by an evolved disease and it took almost a whole month to find the cure.

What makes it worse, the herb that’s being used to make the cure, it’s not only hard to grow, it’s also rarely used as a medicine, thus it has a shortage of stock.

Furthermore, the different in harvest season makes it harder to find the naturally grown grass, leaving the stock to be in dire state. (TN: the plot is strong)

Importing the grass from other kingdoms takes time, resulting the death of most people inflicted with this disease.

“When mother was bedridden with the illness, father searched frantically for the medicine, but it is all in vain…. But in the royal family, there are extra spares for the ruona herb. Father knew it was futile but he still went and begged the king but, the king didn’t spare us some leading mother to her demise. I understand that the king is a fair king thus he is unable to give preferential treatment to his subject and your highness Cecil’s younger brother was also ill with this disease thus he needed to keep some of the herb if anything happens and unable to spare us some.” (Bertia) (TN: wow…. That’s like 4x plot trying to kill her mother)

The tears didn’t stop. When the sobbing stops, her face looked pained.

“That became the trigger and father start becoming strange. Even though he understand that it couldn’t be helped in his mind, his heart couldn’t accept it. Eventually it led to him being corrupted.” (Bertia)

I looked at her and thought.

…….. It’s happening in a year, if I started preparing now, wouldn’t I make it?

Even though it’s not the harvest season, if we started preparing now, no matter how hard it is to grow we should be able to grow quite an amount of it.

If I worked now not only her mother, I could even save lots of my citizen.

That is of course assuming if what she is talking is true….

“Hey miss Bertia, if what I heard is the future, if we started preparing the cure now couldn’t we be able to save your mother? “ ( Cecil)

“If we did that your highness, the scenario would …..” (Bertia)

“Scenario..? that and your mother which one is more important?” (Cecil)

“Of course it’s my mother, but…. But….” (Bertia)

While mumbling incomprehensible things such as [ the counter force ] and [scenario would go awry] I consoled her by telling [ If that somehow becomes trouble we’ll just find a solution together later]

Looking uneasy, she realized that crying wouldn’t solve anything and nodded to my proposal. Wiping her tears, she started to eat the cakes. (TN: she could eat cakes after that?!)

When her tears stopped, we discussed about tomorrow’s proceeding until Marquis Nochesse came to fetch her.

His breath seems to be ragged, it seems like he hurried back here.

Just how much did he distrust his daughter?

“Your highness, I am sorry. I don’t care about falling to ruins but I can’t sacrifice my mom. I’ll work hard to prevent that. If somehow the scenario changes, I’ll do something and make up for it” (Bertia)

….. Why did she care so much about that scenario thing??

Hearing [Falling to ruins] made marquis Nochesse startled and stiffen up.

[Don’t worry, I’ll lend you a hand]

To calm her down, I smiled. She left after thanking me.

Marquis Nochesse standing beside kept asking me [It’s not about helping to make us falls to ruins right? Right????]. I just stood there silently and smiled.

I looked at Marquis nochesse went to chase after miss Bertia with a cramped face.


“Since that’s that, I’ll go to visit father now.” (Cecil)

“You mean to the king’s place?” (Zeno)

Beside me Zeno asked to confirm.

“Yeah, tomorrow’s my birthday you see. I’m going to tell father who’s hugging his head saying [Since he never asked for anything I don’t know what to give] to relish me authority to use green house and ruona grass’s seed .” (Cecil)

“Didn’t he already prepared a present for you?” (Zeno)

“Although he prepared some candidates, he still couldn’t make a decision. He wanted to make this year was supposed to be a surprise gift, so he couldn’t ask me about it”(Cecil)

“If it’s a surprise gift where did you get a hear of it?” (Zeno)

“Hmmm? I don’t know? Did you say anything?” (Cecil)

“No.. I didn’t)(Zeno)

As I tilted my head and grinned at him, he hugged his head saying [ I don’t like this dark prince].

I don’t know how much her story about the future is true. Going along with her stories to challenge the growing of the grass seems interesting so I’ll do just that.

Furthermore if the future is going to be like her story, we could make an estimation on where the general location of the start of the epidemic and contain it before it spread.

That could saves a lot of lifes.

Rather than not taking action because of a shady information and regretting, I rather have all preparations ready to deal anything that might happen.

In the chance that the future didn’t go as her story….. well exchanging the present for my fun wasn’t a bad idea.

“Let’s go Zeno” ( Cecil)

Saying that I lifted my mood and head to father’s place.

If I said that I’m interested in herbalism, father wouldn’t suspect anything and would prepare all of it.

How should I put it, I felt happy having a lots of things to do.

That is also thanks to lady Bertia, I should thank her someday.

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