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Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess' Fiance

Chapter 16 Bertia (17 Years Old) [6]

Chapter 16 Bertia (17 Years Old) [6]

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro

“…And that’s why, she went to the monastery that is located at the tip of the north.”

After quickly carrying out the entirety of the punishment and we could finally take a break, I explained the conclusion of this case after being pestered by Bertia.

It’s the spring break now.

Once the break was over, she would’ve found out about former-Baroness Heronia’s departure from the academy whether she wanted to or not.

There might’ve been another opportunity to explain it to her at that stage, but unfortunately… Really unfortunately, I’ve graduated and wouldn’t be there then to explain the truth.

Her friends or Kulgan or Shaun might be able to explain things well to her, but depending on the situation, there was also the possibility that a third party could end up telling her a version that had been dramatized here and there.

In that case, I judged that it’d be better for me to explain the truth ahead of time.

“So, that was what happened, huh? As expected of the heroine!! In order to restore the spirit who was injured due to protecting her, she went to offer her prayers at the sacred temple located at the northern edge by her own choice!!”

“That’s right. She’s surely doing her best over there.”

I smiled and gently patted Bertia’s head as she happily smiled with a relieved expression.

…I’m not really telling a lie, okay?

After all, the former-Baroness Heronia decided to go to the northern monastery by her own choice, right? …I only gave her two options, though.

In addition, the monastery made a temple its annex, and the temple is [sacred] in its entirety.

There’s also the possibility that the spirit will be restored (in some decades or so) so long as she put forth the effort.

…Well, I intentionally omitted a bit of the superfluous details and made things sound the way that Bertia liked.

This much is surely still within an acceptable range, right?

Incidentally, I’ve already informed her friends and my close aide candidates of the parts that I shared with Bertia just now.

I’m sure they will be able to deceive her well in the future, too.

“Then, when will the heroine return? Until then, I will be preparing myself to step down from this position…”

“She won’t return anymore, and you will become my one and only partner, so you can’t step down from that position, okay?”

I cut off Bertia’s words as she had the wrong idea about things again and was about to continue in an outrageous direction, and quickly blocked off her escape route.

The hindrance was already eliminated after great pains, so it’s really unthinkable for me to let go of my cute Bertia.

“Eh? She won’t return?”

“Yeah, she won’t return. The spirit’s injury was severe, so even though it is able to heal, it would take some time, so going over there was also for his sake as well. That’s why she would be living there (by force) for the rest of her life. …In addition—”


When I hugged Bertia closer as she sat sideways in my lap, she jumped in surprise, with her face turning red.

“Even though you’ve captured me just like this, you still want to leave me, Tia? If that’s the case… I might take it a bit more seriously and try to capture you, okay?”

We’re in my room in the royal palace.

Almost immediately after she entered the room and sat down opposite of me to drink some tea, I embraced her and tugged her into my lap.

At first, her face turned bright red and it was adorable, but as soon as we talked about the former-Baroness Heronia, she became immediately became immersed in the conversation. I was somewhat irritated at her whose thoughts easily drifted away, so I forcefully made her where she was at the moment, and it successfully got rid of my dissatisfaction.

“Wh-what exactly is capturing meant to entail?!”

“We~ll, this just so happens to be my own private room, and I’ve already cleared the people out from this room, that’s a fait accompli already, but…”


“Your Highness, what are you saying?!”

“Eh?! Ha?! W-w-w-what…?!”

Contrary to Tia who began to cower with her face that turned bright red right away, Kuro who was on top of her lap tried to threaten me with her tail fur standing on its end.

Yes, Kuro was on top of her lap.

Kuro who was in the form of a little maid and stuffing her cheeks with snacks.

Then, behind me, there was Zeno who rebuked me while being half-surprised and half-exasperated.

Yup. As usual, I was able to clear out people from this room, but I couldn’t with the spirits.

I went through great pains to get Bertia on my lap, and even though Iwanted to bask in the sweet atmosphere between fiancés, the third wheel placed herself on top of Bertia’s lap as if it was natural.

…It was truly unfortunate.

“Just a joke, I was only joking. I’ll set aside my cute Tia’s first time for after marriage.”

“Speaking of which, in the first place we were only having a conversation, so how were you able to make this into a parent-child turtle, did you… Pfft… Where you thinking of making advances?!”

…Just now, you were laughing, right, Zeno?

It was true that Bertia was on top of my lap, and on top of Bertia’s lap there was Kuro who was in the form of a little maid—it might look similar to a parent-child turtle, indeed. But nevertheless, to laugh at your master, don’t you think that it’s not quite appropriate for a chamberlain to do so?

“…Zeno, can you become a horse over there?”


“A [horse]. It’s a [horse]. You can pretend to be one, right?”

“Y-y-y-your Highness?! W-w-w-what are you planning to do?!”

“We~ll, it isn’t good for you to be left out. I’m thinking of letting Zeno be included in the parent-child turtle. Don’t you think it’d be complete if I were to sit on you while you pretend to be a horse?”

“I’m sorryyyy!!”

I glanced at Zeno who bowed futilely while unhesitantly apologizing, and after telling him, “Let’s talk about it later, okay?”, I returned my gaze to Bertia.

After all, if I were to start lecturing him here, we’d quickly arrive at the time limit that the overprotective father-in-law decided, and my opportunity to talk with Bertia would be gone.

Time management is pretty important.

“Well, that about sums it up, so Tia doesn’t have to worry about the heroine anymore, okay? Even if something goes wrong, we’ll deal with it. That’s why, won’t you be at ease and just come with me as my bride?”


“…It’s been decided since we were younger, so why’re you surprised now?”

“No, but, uhm…”

“Also, since this mark had already been engraved on each other, won’t you just accept that we are inseparable?”

When I took Bertia’s hand and gently rubbed my thumb over the engraving of the mark bestowed by the spirit, Kuro’s face turned even more unpleasant, and Bertia’s face was reddening even further.

“B-but, I’ve always aimed to become a first-class villainess. Therefore, for me to become Cecil-sama’s princess, my confidence is…”

“It’s all right. Tia has always been working hard in your training to be my fiancée, after all. In addition, even if something were to happen, I would cover it up for you, and if it’s necessary, I’ll completely crush the opponent, so…”

“Eh? Crush…?”

“Not that. I said that I was going to persuade the opponent with utmost effort until they agreed, okay?”

“Eh? Eh?”

Bertia tilted her head as she was bewildered at my words, thinking, “Did I mishear?”

On the other hand, I felt that Zeno and Kuro were gazing coldly at me, but surely it was only my imagination.

“Besides, we also have reassuring friends and the spirits, right? So, you can rest assured that it’s fine to take the seat of my wife.”

After sweetly smiling, I looked towards Zeno and Kuro, urging them with my gaze.

Kuro and Zeno who were in my line of sight seemed like they wanted to say, “Good grief!”, but they firmly nodded in agreement in order to make Bertia feel relieved.

“C-cecil-sama, I…”

Bertia showed a slightly relieved expression at their presence, but this time, she looked towards me with a serious expression.

“I, since things have turned this way, I’ll do my utmost to let Cecil-sama become a splendid king!! And then, and then, I’ll make you become so very happy!! To the extent that you definitely wouldn’t think of inducing a war out of having nothing else to do!!”

Clenching both of her hands tightly, Bertia declared vigorously as she snorted, “Humph!” with her nose and naturally, my lips curled into an arc.

Because she was here, I was able to smile from the bottom of my heart.

Though it was still vague, I’ve also become able to understand the meaning of the word [happiness].

I’ think I want to improve this country where I live along with her even further.

Since I was little and up until now I had always thought to do so, but it was out of obligation [for being the crown prince]. But now, I can think so with my own will.

That’s why, not only do I not have any time to spare, and I don’t even have any interest in war.

Since I have an amusing existence called Bertia by my side.

“I see. That being the case, you definitely can’t leave my side, okay?”

“Of course!! I will properly support you by your side!!”

“I clearly heard your words just now, all right? It’s a promise, okay?”

“I promise!! After all, since there was an irregular existence like me, the scenario ended up changing. That’s why I’m going to work hard to take responsibility for it!!”

“I’m relieved to hear that. …Because even if the scenario changes, the most important conclusion won’t change.”


Perhaps not understanding the meaning behind the few words that I muttered, Bertia turned gazed at me in inquiry, looking lost.

In contrast to that, my face showed a whole smile and I took her left hand.

“Yes, the most important thing is that the [fated girl] for me is here, and together we will be leading an [enjoyable (mostly just me)] life from now on until forever.”

When I lightly lifted up her left hand and kissed where I had been touching earlier with my thumb, my and her mark of partners faintly glowed as if they were hailing each other.

Yes. The most important thing is that the woman I chose is here.

That is the requirement for me to properly be the crown prince, and so that I can be myself.

I showed the same refreshing smile I usually displayed to Bertia, so that she wouldn’t see the contrasting warped smile that I had as I recalled the story I heard from my father just earlier.

It happened on the night of the day that former-Baroness Heronia’s punishment was decided.

Though I already had a rough guess, I still hadn’t confirmed it yet. So, in order to ascertain the truth, I asked my father to set some time aside. Then, my father and I sat opposite of each other on the sofa in my father’s study, just the two of us.

“…Would you like to drink sake?”

Before clearing people out of the room, Father took out a pair of wine glasses and a bottle of amber-colored sake called as Kiwis that he’d had the butler prepare, and offered it to me.

It hasn’t been long since I came of age to taste alcohol, and in addition I spent most of my time inside the academy which prohibited drinking alcohol, so I don’t have much experience drinking sake. However, the Kiwis that I had tasted previously was really delicious, so I accepted his offer with pleasure.

Speaking of which, when we were drinking before, Charles said that he wanted to see me get drunk and let me drink a lot, but I never got drunk in the end.

Even if I were to drink a lot of sake with a high degree of alcohol, at most, my ears and my fingertips would just become a little warmer, so I think that it’s naturally difficult for me to get drunk.

I wanted to try experiencing the high spirits from getting drunk, so it was a bit unfortunate.

Well, there will be a lot of chances for me to drink in diplomatic settings in the future, so that is actually a good thing, I guess.

“You haven’t had your graduation celebratory drink yet, right? I’ve brought out some of my best sake.”

Thinking that it would be bad to let my father who was the king pour the sake, I intended to take the bottle from my father’s hands, but my father laughed and held out a glass instead.

Surely this is the [celebratory] sake exactly as he stated before.

If that was the case, I thought that it’d be better for me to just gratefully accept the drink that he poured for me without caring about our status, so I took the glass that my father held out.

Looking at the situation, my father seemed to be in a good mood and filled my glass with the amber liquid, and before I could reach out my hand to take the bottle, he also filled his own glass.

The hand I had reached out to take the bottle to pour him sake in return lost its destination and loitered in the air, but seeing my father waved his hand as if saying, “Don’t worry about it,” I bitterly smiled and retracted my hand back to my own glass.

With a small “clink,” I clanked my glass against the one my father silently held out.

“Congratulations on your graduation. You’ve worked hard.”

“Thank you very much.”

Even though I couldn’t say I worked particularly hard, let’s just obediently accept those words here.

If it had been a long time ago, I wouldn’t have felt anything. But this time, feeling pleasant, I decided there wasn’t any need to bother putting in a trivial correction.

We enjoyed drinking the sake together in silence for a short moment.

The first person to open their mouth was my father, choosing just when the atmosphere had become relaxed.

“The matter with Lady Heronia was quite difficult, wasn’t it? With this, it was finally settled and we can take a break.”

“I was relieved that one troublesome matter had disappeared.”

“Well, we’ll become busy again from now on in preparation for the marriage.”

“It’s not something [troublesome], but something [to look forward to], so it’s fine.”

When I answered with a salaryman smile, my father—who smiled nastily at the hecticness in wedding preparation— widened his eyes in slight surprise, before muttering, “I see,” that relaxed the line of his mouth.

Looking at him, I felt that the conjecture within me had come closer to the truth.

“…It might be late asking this now, but, Cecil, do you enjoy being together with Bertia? Does it make you happy?”

It felt like quite a grave inquiry, contrary to the light tone the questions had been asked in.

As he continued to drink from his glass, Father’s gaze in my direction seemed worried in anticipation of my answer.

“Yes, of course. There is no woman other than her who can entertain and make me happy. I think of her as someone so important that… if, for example she were to be taken away from me, I might even be able to inadvertently destroy a country because of it.”

When I answered with my true feelings while showing a face full of smiles, my father made a dumbfounded face for a moment and said, “I see,” and laughed.

“Father, may I ask a question as well?”

By the time my father’s laugher clamped down, thinking that it was a good time to bring that up, I slowly opened my mouth to move to the main question.

“You came here for that, didn’t you? What is it?”

Perhaps due to him laughing earlier, there were some tears at the corner of his eyes. As he wiped those tears, Father shifted his gaze to me.

“Father, are you aware of anything regarding the [fated girl] that I asked you about before?”

After holding the Kiwis in my mouth and feeling its peculiar sweetness and bitterness in my mouth, I asked with a relaxed tone. The hand that my father was holding his glass in shook, and the amber liquid also jolted.

“No, I don’t know anything regarding a [fated girl].”

My father replied with one eyebrow raised in a jesting expression and I hardened my gaze, conveying my conviction.

“Then, do you know something about people like me?”

“[People like you]…, huh?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s regarding people who are like me. Is there something that you keep a secret from me?”


Our eyes met, probing at each other.

A tension-filled silence shrouded the room.

However, it did not last long.

“Where did you find out about it?”

“I didn’t find out. I only guessed from Father’s complicated expression while Heronia Inderon pressed me for answers during the graduation ceremony, and the books that were in the secret archive. It was Father’s reaction just now that convinced me.”

“…I-is that so?”

My father’s mouth twitched at my answer, but the next moment, after he heaved a deep, deep sigh, he muttered with a voice that felt as if he’d given up, “Sheesh, you really are…”

“Father, can you please tell me about it?”

“I have no choice but to do so, right? If it was possible, I actually didn’t want to tell this to my own child, but…”

“I already found her—found Bertia. That’s why, I’ll be okay no matter what you tell me. Besides, it was still something that you’d have to tell me sooner or later, even if I couldn’t find her or a similar existence to her, right?”

“Well, yes, but… Even if I can say it, there’s still a parent’s heart that doesn’t want to hear it, though…”

“At any rate, that secret must be passed on to the next generation of the royal family, right? The difference is only if it’s sooner or later, right?”

“Wouldn’t they react differently depending on if they were told when they were young and if they were told when they were older?”

“…That’s right. There may be something like that, more or less. Now then, please just tell me about.”

“…You, didn’t you just brush off my parental affection too lightly?”

“No matter what Father feels on my behalf, at this point it’s already come to my attention, so wouldn’t there be no change to having to tell me here and now?”

“That’s true, but… Aah, all right. I’ll tell you about it at once.”

“Please do.”

“Is this what people call the rebellious phase? Nah, rather, isn’t it normal for this guy?” As he grumbled those unintelligible words, Father began to talk about one of the secrets that was passed down in the royal family.

“Perhaps it’s just as you guessed. Children with high outstanding abilities just like you would sometimes be born into the royal family. It’s said to be the effect of the blood, since the founder of this country, King Toujin, was like that.”

“The hero king, is it?”

I recalled the origin story of this country that I read when I was just a bored child.

It was an era where many tribes were scattered all over, continuously warring to expand their own territories.

In order to bring peace to that land, the eldest son of a chieftain stepped up.

That person excelled at the art of war and ingeniously managed to subdue the other tribes in no time, building a country that was the foundation of our current Alphasta Kingdom.

Then, he married his childhood friend who was the eldest daughter of an allied chieftain. It’s said that the two of them governed this country and brought peace to this land.

In short, it was a common tale of the founding of a nation.

“The hero king, huh…? That’s right. King Toujin is certainly called that. However, it’s nothing but something that was tacked on at the end.”

“Tacked on… was it?”

“The outstanding children born into the royal family all considerably lacked emotions in exchange for their abilities. They are unfamiliar with even simple emotions such as like and dislike, with no limit to their obsession with interesting things able to draw out their emotions. That’s why, they endlessly pursue what they’re interested in or the things that can draw their emotions out, and they will adhere to it once they find it. Then, because it’s hard for them to turn to other interests, they become completely absorbed in that one interest that it can be out of control. King Toujin was exactly like this. Nowadays, it’s said that [he unified the tribes in order to bring about peace], but the truth is, he simply loved wars.”

“I see. He’s a [warmonger], isn’t he?”

I suddenly recalled the story of Bard’s route that Bertia talked about before.

I might also end up like that if I was careless, huh?

“That’s right. [Warmonger], it could be said that he was exactly like that. However, King Toujin wasn’t called like that, but he was called as the [hero king]. In addition, the existence of the person who became his wife played an important role.”

From there, Father talked about the story of Queen Alnay who became King Toujin’s wife.

It was a story of the truth that had never been transmitted or widely dramatized like in the currently existing books.

Originally, King Toujin and Queen Alnay were both the children of tribal chiefs whose tribes had built up a mutually favorable relationship.

Likely, they would solidify that relationship through marriage sooner or later.

Ever since they were children, the two of them were attracted to each other and played together.

It hadn’t been documented clearly, but perhaps they were betrothed to each other.

Since those days, King Toujin was basically a child who showed no interest in anything.

To him, who always managed to perfectly do anything asked of him and who constantly looked bored, Queen Alnay who always laughed happily was like a mysterious existence.

For King Toujin who always easily excelled at any game, Queen Alnay proposed new games whenever they met.

Then, one day, he was engrossed in a new game that Queen Alnay had found.

It was a game that imitated war, that the adolescent boys in those days often played.

It was a game where you had to advance pawns that had their own fixed roles and movements as you snatched your opponent’s pawns.

King Toujin who enjoyed playing that game with Queen Alnay then asked the adults of his tribe to become his opponents and the enjoyment of the game was soon stuck in his heart.

…Then, eventually it being only a board game became insufficient.

At that time, luckily or unluckily, a war between King Toujin’s tribe and the neighboring tribe occured.

At that time, King Toujin had officially transitioned from a boy to a young man, and asked his father, the tribe’s chief, to go to war commanding a small army of his own.

The tribal chief’s expectation were quite high towards King Toujin, who had been extraordinarily smart since young and possessed superb combat ability, and King Toujin lived up to that expectation splendidly.

From there onwards, King Toujin rapidly became absorbed in warfare, demonstrating his ability fully.

It was originally an era with many wars. There were plenty of wars to raise his achievements.

Before long, the tribal chief, his father, recognized his achievements, raised his position on the battlefield, and finally it reached the point where he entrusted his full authority to King Toujin.

At that time, King Toujin had become one who’d unified numerous tribes into one, holding greater authority than his own father.

“King Toujin indulged in the battlefield as if it were just a game one played as a hobby, and there was no one who could stop him. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone.. When people started to get anxious over King Toujin gradually losing his restraint, one girl stood before him.”

“…Was it Queen Alnay?”

“That’s right. Queen Alnay was originally a person of gentle disposition, and hated wars that stole away people’s lives. Many times war was inevitable in that era, but when King Toujin began to start wars for his own enjoyment, she stood in his way and reprimanded him with teary eyes. Then lastly, she said, ‘If you meaninglessly take away life, then I will come to hate you.’ At her words, King Toujin was terribly perplexed. Then, from there, he abruptly stopped liking wars and worked hard to build a peaceful country.”

“She was certainly his [fated girl], huh?”

I felt somewhat astonished at King Toujin’s simplicity, but since many of his circumstances and feelings overlapped with mine, I didn’t feel like saying anything negative.

If Bertia were to tell me, “I will come to hate Cecil-sama!!”, I felt like I’d surely follow anything she said without question.

Of course, it’d only be when [I’ll hate you] was said for real, not when she was just sulking.

“There wasn’t anything about that name you gave, but now that you mention it, certainly one could say that she was his [fated girl]. In short, what made him truly happy wasn’t only war, but it was another existence that he was interested in—[Queen Alnay]. She became his restraint and he didn’t become a tyrant or a foolish king, but the [hero king] instead.”

Whatever his original reason or process might be, it was unmistakable that King Toujin managed to unify the country and brought peace upon this land.

Everything was fine as long as the results were good.

Of course, it was necessary to manipulate some of the information and hide the truth in order to protect the royal family’s authority. However, as long as it was true that he brought peace to the land, everything else could be managed somehow or another.

King Toujin was said to be an intelligent person, so of course he wouldn’t do anything that would lower confidence in him, and instead surely would have lead things in a better direction.

“Even after that, someone was born into the royal family with extraordinary abilities just like King Toujin once every few decades, but every one of them also possessed the same adverse effect in their heart. Though their ability was high, their emotions were scant, and they couldn’t find interest in most things. They’d cling to the one thing that could grasp their interest to the ends of the earth. They were such existences. They were certainly double-edged swords. If the thing that captured their interest was a good influence, they’d become wise kings, but if it was a bad influence, they’d become a foolish king, or they might have disappeared even before that.”

“The author of the book I read in that hidden library was one of those kings, right?”

There were numerous books stored inside the hidden library that I found before.

The information recorded there hadn’t been revealed to the world yet nor should it be revealed.

They had the quality of books containing knowledge from the past hundreds of years, and it was definitely something that couldn’t be discovered or thought of by ordinary people.

The names of the authors of those books, each and every of them contained the last name of [Alphasta].

In short, it was the hidden knowledge that my ancestors wrote, concealing the dangers of their family, or even of themselves.

There certainly were a plethora of royalties in the past who had a similar mind as mine, interested in chemistry.

“Yeah, that’s right. There is a lot of unused knowledge acquired by the past royals who were called geniuses. Since many of the people written about were ones who would persist in doing something that captured their own interest, they abandoned their right to the throne and immersed themselves in their studies, leaving politics.”

“What were the other people like?”

“I also don’t know everything, but there were people who were skilled at everything and became known as wise kings just like King Toujin. On the contrary, I heard that among those who could not find anything to hold their interest, some spent their life just like dolls, and also others who ended up severing their own life since they couldn’t bear with their boredom.”

“It was a horrifying story, huh?”

Especially since I knew that there was a possibility I could end up like that, I had goosebumps now just by thinking of it.

If we were to omit the few examples that had things gone smoothly, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was a story of the royal family’s darkness.

As the royal family that should become the target of people’s respect, it’s not a good idea to let this information leak outside by any means.

“A short time after you were born, when it became clear you began to understand and speak words earlier than the other babies, I blanked out. Even though I understood that there was a possibility that such a child might be born, I had never thought that my own child would be like that.”

“I guess you were surely dejected, right?”

Even I knew that I lacked human emotions as a child and wasn’t a cute.

That was why a bitter smile floated to my face.

However, looking at me, my father slowly shook his head and denied my words.

“Rather than dejected, I was more worried. It was good if a child that could be called a genius were to be born to the royal family, but as expected, as a parent, I still wished for my child to experience many emotions and be happy.”

My father, who responded to my self-deprecating words in a somewhat sad tone of voice, showed me a bitter smile containing a different meaning from mine.

“Even though you were lacking emotions ever since you were born, I knew there were several successful examples starting with King Toujin, that there was a possibility that you could learn human emotions bit by bit while growing and find happiness. Also, most of those people were more interested in [people] rather than [things]. Surely by finding someone precious to you, emotions would sprout more easily with that person as the focus. Therefore, I made a gamble.”

“Was that gamble Bertia?”

“That’s right.”

Looking at my father who was slowly and firmly nodding, I sensed a refreshing feeling as if all the pieces fell into their places neatly.

Bertia is a hard worker, and there is no objection regarding her lineage for becoming the crown princess.

Considering that there are excellent people in her surrounding that want to be of help to her, it can be said that she was also quite popular.

However, I unfortunately can’t deny that there are some idiotic parts to her.

No matter how much I keep that in mind and follow up for her, if someone were to ask if she was the most deserving to fill the position of crown princess, there’d be a question mark.

Especially since she was way too lively and would often behave recklessly like a child.

If one were to look only at personality and reputation, one could say that Lady Joanna was more suitable for the position.

Even so, why was she chosen?

It was probably since they judged that the noble daughters who merely possessed high abilities wouldn’t be able to attract my interest.

“Lady Bertia may have some loose screws, but she also possesses interesting charm. She is a mysterious noble daughter who can fascinate people, isn’t she? Her expressions are rich and her feelings are full of intense ups and downs. However, she is a deeply compassionate and gentle child. In a sense, it can be said that she is the total opposite of you. In addition, she doesn’t hide her favor to you. I thought that if you were with her, then something would be able to sprout within you.”

“And then, that prediction was accurate, wasn’t it?”

If Bertia herself heard this, she’d probably deny it with all her might, but if I were to look at it, she was almost exactly as what my father said.

If I were to correct him, it wasn’t that Bertia wasn’t hiding her favor for me, it was that she intended to hide it, but couldn’t hide it in the end… I guess it was just about that.

“Even you said it yourself without any hesitation. It seems that my prediction was correct. Even before now, ever since you met her, you always seemed to be having fun to some extent. I felt relieved upon seeing that. When you asked for a birthday present on your own for the very first time, I celebrated it with a toast together with the queen. That’s why, we’ve avoided the arrival of the worst case scenario, but… Since you noticed it yourself, sure enough, it’s time to talk about it.”

My father who was drinking the Kiwis wine was indeed in a good mood, and I could easily feel that he was truly delighted at the [emotion] and [precious existence] that I discovered.

“Father had a lot of worries that I didn’t realize, huh?”

“Nah, it’s natural for a parent to worry over their child’s future. That being the case, I will be receiving a lot of filial piety from my child from now on.”

“Are you declaring that you will foist some official matters on to me?”

“It’s a parent’s privilege to have such an excellent son.”

“For the time being, you’ll be doing your best to make sure Bertia is by my side, right?”

“The fate of the country is in her hands, huh?”

“If she is by my side, I will even be able to enjoy managing the boring official matters.”

“…For the time being, I will increase the number of people guarding Lady Bertia.”

“I like observing her lively, free and uncontrolled self, so don’t become too conspicuous, and please just stealthily keep watch from the shadows.”

“I will take that into account.”

And just like that, my father and I made a toast again and drank the night away.

Speaking of which, it went without saying that my father was the one who got drunk first and fell asleep, and was fetched by my mother.



Bertia looked up dubiously at me as I was engrossed in the memory of the conversation with my father for quite some time.

Noticing that, I smiled as I lightly shook my head, “It’s nothing.”

It’d be easy to tell Bertia what I’d heard from my father about the royal family’s bloodline.

It’s already been decided that she would become the crown princess—to be one of the royal family members, so there’s no problem at all to tell her about the royal family’s secret.

However, I don’t intend to tell that story to Bertia.

[I don’t know what I would do if she were to leave me because I inherited the dark fate of the royal family’s bloodline.]

Come to think of it, we’re talking about what a kind person she is. It would surely be able to bind her to me more than ever.

However, I feel repulsed about binding her to me with something that I didn’t choose with my own will, such as bloodline.

I dared to act on my own volition and thoughts, and wanted to make her choose to hold me in her heart as well.

Besides, above all, isn’t it more romantic to say, ”Because it’s fated” rather than saying, “Resign yourself to your bloodline”?

Well, if in the worst case scenario she actually wants to leave me, even if she says, “Your bloodline is insane” I might still be able to forcibly bind her to me, but… I don’t expect things to fall into place like that, so I don’t feel that it is necessary.

Rather than turning her expressions gloomy by placing unnecessary and pointlessly heavy shackles on her and clipping her wings, she’d be more of her charming self if I left her with enough room to do as she pleases while not even realizing she’s been captured.

I do not wish for a puppet that will do as I say.

I like her being unpredictable at times and behaving recklessly, as she was like a box of surprises, and I want her to be like that all the time.

The one who caught my interest is Bertia.

My most precious [special being] is also Bertia.

The one who will become my restraint is also Bertia.

She has drawn my interest thus far, so why don’t I have her take responsibility and be by my side until this heart of mine stops beating?

With her by my side, I will find my days enjoyable and happy.

If I am happy, I think that I can do my best to make the citizens happy, too.

Then, my happiness and the citizens’ happiness will lead to Bertia’s happiness.

More than producing such a beneficial cycle, it also doesn’t harm anyone.

Don’t you think?

“I’m looking forward to the wedding, okay? I want to live with you as soon as possible.”

And then, I’m sure that every day will be colorful and fun.

“W-w-wedding?! I-I-I’m also looking forward to it!!”

Bertia looked just like a small animal, bright red face and restlessly roaming gaze had her looking. I can’t help but think she’s cute.

“It feels so long until your graduation.”

“T-that isn’t true!! It will surely be here in the blink of an eye as we’re preparing for the ceremony!! I-I will also feel lonely not being able to see Cecil-sama every day, though…”

…Because of the difference in our grade, we originally shouldn’t be able to meet every day, but it’s better for me to not say this comment out loud, right?

“I will do my best for the bridal training, lots, lots more than the time I’ve spent training to become a splendid villainess up until now!!”

“Yes, I will also attend the bridegroom training so that I will be able to become a good husband.”

For the time being, should I start with silencing the neighboring country that is like an annoying insect buzzing in my ears?

I obtained various useful intel from Bertia’s information and the information that was collected during Marquis Noches and Kulgan’s infiltration, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

After that, that’s right… In order to turn Bertia into the finest bride, shall I begin one or two operations to increase the budget for her dress and such?

I do not want my cute bride to face any hardships, after all.

“Even if Cecil-sama doesn’t train, you are still a fantastic gentleman!! The best bridegroom!!”

What shall I do with this adorable thing who insistently said so with both of her hands clasped together?

…Kuro, could you possibly hide your gaze that says, “Eh~, this guy isn’t that great, though?”, a little more?

I fulfill anything I set my mind to, okay?

…Zeno, can you stop whispering, “Please just don’t overkill,” as if you can read my mind? Moreover, don’t nonchalantly change [do] to [kill], okay? I can tell by the nuance, okay?

Just what the heck do you think of me as?

Hmm? The fearful demon king? …I will give you a bit of my educational guidance later on, so please come to the office.

“I’m happy to hear Tia say that, but I can’t let you be the only one to work hard. I will also work hard so that I can become a good king as promised.”


When I tried to kiss Bertia’s forehead, whose eyes had become moist with tears from feeling deeply moved… Kuro’s tail interrupted.

I wish you could just let this much slide, though…

Since it couldn’t be helped, I caught the tail and warded it off, then I nimbly kissed Bertia’s lips.



The tail’s fur that was inside my grip immediately fluffed up, but I paid no mind to it.

Bertia tightly hugged Kuro, who was on her lap, as if she was hugging a doll, her eyes widened into perfect saucers and she flushed bright red from head to toe.

“My adorable Tia. I truly never tire of watching you. I will keep observing you from now to forever.”


As soon as I whispered in a sweet voice that even I found to be too sweet and gave myself heartburn, Bertia reached her limit and screamed.

She was trying to get down from my lap right away, but of course I tightly embraced her, refusing to let her go.

As she became panicked and started to act suspiciously, she muttered some things that I couldn’t understand, such as, “I-is this the so-called doting route?!”, “The doting route is so incredible!!”, but since it was interesting, I only observed her just like usual.

Thus, my observation record of her would, from now… and probably until death, continue on.

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