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Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess' Fiance

Chapter 13 Bertia (17 Years Old) [3]

Chapter 13 Bertia (17 Years Old) [3]

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro

“Where is this…?”

When I regained my consciousness, I was in a pure white space.

“…Is this something like my consciousness’ space that’s been influenced by the light spirit?”

I briefly checked over my body, but there weren’t any particular abnormalities.

Well, since I can’t really check my actual body in reality, I can’t definitively say that [I’m all right], though.

“Now then, I wonder what’s the deal with this?”

Thanks to Zeno’s power and the earring that Bertia gave me, for the time being, I don’t feel that things have gotten particularly troublesome.

In order to break through Kuro’s barrier, the light spirit had exhausted its power to the utmost limit. With the spirit’s remaining strength, it should be impossible to maintain this space for a long period of time and to continue imprisoning me like this.

At most, it would last around 10 to 20 minutes, I think?

“It’s unlikely that I wouldn’t be able to get out if I had thoughts of doing so, but rather than trying to recklessly force my way out and risk suffering the after-effects to my unconsciousness, it’d be better for me to wait until the light spirit uses up all of its strength, I guess?”

Considering the remaining quantity of the light spirit’s power, it shouldn’t be able to make any direct attacks on me, while I’m protected by Kuro and Zeno’s powers.

On the contrary, if I were to try to leave this place forcefully, I would have to attack and inflict damage to this space in some way in order to make an exit.

In that case, there’s the likelihood that I might end up attacking too excessively, causing this space to be destroyed or twisted away from its desired shape.

If I have to take such a risk, it’d be better to wait on and not rampage recklessly.

“Though I hope that the spirit will use up all of its strength before Bertia begins to act rashly again.”

I made a bitter smile upon recalling Bertia’s cry that I heard just before I lost consciousness.

Now then, just right at the moment when I began to think about how I should pass the time here until the time-out…

The white space before my eyes began to shine brightly.

“How dazzling…” 𝗶𝚗𝘯𝘳ℯ𝒂𝑑. co𝙢

I held my hand over my face and shut my eyes in order to avoid the light.

However, that light disappeared in no time.

Feeling that the light faded away from the sensation that passed through my eyelids, I slowly opened my eyes.

Laid out there was a familiar scenery that was completely different from the pure white world just now.

“The audience room… is it?”

A room inside the royal palace that I’ve gone in and out of many times over to attend on my father’s work.

However, when I took a closer look, the ornaments placed and the curtains hanging on the windows were subtly different from usual.

Even so, they were not [unfamiliar things], but [nostalgic things].

These are…

“I-it’s a pleasure to meet you for the first time. I am the eldest daughter of Douglas Ibil Noches, the current head of the Noches Marquis family. My name is Bertia Ibil Noches.”

While I was trying to search back into my memories as I gazed around the surroundings, suddenly I heard the childish and charming voice of a child right in front of me.

As if being guided by that voice, my gaze fell to the place where I was standing, which was right in front of the throne.

Several steps away, there was the figure of a girl kneeling alongside with Prime Minister Marquis Noches—it was Bertia.

She was approximately 8 years old.

Her appearance was exactly the same as when I first met her… In other words, she was still in her plump snowman mode as she nervously stared at the floor.

This scene was entirely the same as the time when I was brought to meet Bertia.

…However, for some reason, Bertia’s reaction and expression didn’t match with what I remembered from my memories.

At that time, she should have turned her sparkling gaze at me who was standing next to my father, then introducing herself with a full smile.

I still vividly remember even now that I reflexively let a wry smile leak out towards her unabashed friendliness.

To put it bluntly, the attitude of the girl in front of me right now is more like the attitude of a [normal] noble lady, the proper reaction.

At around her age, most of the noble children should have mastered the skills to read the situation and to pay attention to their etiquette.

That’s why, when even adults would be nervous upon meeting the king and the crown prince in this audience room, it was normal for a child to be overwhelmed by that kind of atmosphere, became scared stiff and awkwardly gave their greetings in a frantic attempt to stay in accordance with the etiquette.

Being full of expressions and displaying simple-minded friendliness while facing this kind of situation, like how Bertia acted during our first meeting, is considered [odd].

But on the contrary, for me, no matter what, I felt that it was [odd] to see this Bertia who wasn’t [odd].

The moment I unintentionally frowned at Bertia who wasn’t acting like herself, I felt a sense of discomfort in my chest.

And the sensation that my fingertips turned slightly colder.

“What is this, this-…”

The moment I put my hand right on top of my heart and wondered at the strange sensation that I couldn’t comprehend, my surroundings were wrapped in light once more.

After closing my eyes tightly, when I opened my eyes again, I was in the royal palace’s garden this time.

It was the garden where Bertia confided in me about the [otome game].

“Could it be?” I thought while looking around my surroundings, and as expected, there were my younger self and Bertia sitting in chairs across from each other, drinking tea.

Looking at that scene, the words that Bertia declared to me at the start in this garden suddenly came to mind: “Your Highness Cecil!! I am a villainess!! My role is to tear at your relationship with the heroine who you’ll meet after entering Halm Academy, and have my engagement called off at the end while receiving my downfall!!”

However, the younger versions of the two of us in front of me at present, were…

“I’m glad to have someone like Lady Bertia as my fiancée.”

“T-thank you very much. I’ll do my best to become a woman worthy of Your Highness.”

I smiled my usual smile and Bertia bashfully smiled back.

Yes. It’s ordinary.

At a place that’s not a bit strange, an ordinary conversation.

But… No, is that exactly why?

It’s extremely boring.

This is not the Bertia I know.

The one who was there was an [ordinary] noble lady who was a bit plump.

Actually, the younger version of me was facing Bertia with a smile, yet he didn’t seem to be having any fun.

It was an expression that looked like I was wearing a mask.

Since it’s myself, I can understand it very well.

The me over there had not the slightest bit of interest in her.

No concern or favor, or delight from the encounter or enjoyment of being together, no disgust, anger or sadness or any other negative emotions either; there didn’t exist a single thing there.

There was absolutely nothing.


The [discomfort] appeared once more in my chest as I viewed the [bland conversation] unfolding in front of my eyes with no emotion.

The [discomfort] this time was more distinct than the previous one.

From my chest… from my fingertips… The [warmth] that should have been there was fading away.

Then, like it was accompanying that feeling, I felt the expressions gradually slipping off my face.

It was a very unpleasant sensation.

It was such a detestable feeling like something precious was forcefully being snatched away, and I realized that I’d uncharacteristically clenched my fists tightly.


My curled fingers all but wouldn’t budge.

When I checked for the reason, I reflexively wrinkled my brows upon seeing my hand.

…My hands had turned into the unmarred arms of a bisque doll before I noticed.

[You, if you hadn’t been chosen by me, then you would just become an intelligent doll without a heart, you know?!]

The words that Baroness Heronia threw at me not too long ago flashed through my mind.

Then, I turned my gaze once more at my younger self who was smiling without emotion as he talked with Bertia.

…It’s the same.

Suddenly, I thought of that.

The younger me in front of myself right now was just like a doll with a smile on its face.

There was not a single human-like emotion carrying the same warmth that I have now.

That was [me].

Therefore, I could tell.

In those days, I was an [intelligent doll without a heart] just like what Baroness Heronia said.

I was merely an existence without a single interest, merely performing the duties given to me indifferently, and expressing emotions befitting of the situation that people were normally looking for.

There was no like or dislike.

Not even good or bad, fun or sadness or even anger… Just a living doll that didn’t have any of them.

That was what I was like at the time.

But that’s precisely why I have one thing that I’ve been wishing for so strongly.

I’ve been wishing for an [existence that could captivate my interest], an [existence that could draw out feelings from me such as… feeling that something is precious].

“That is not [my] Bertia…”

Feeling that the [warmth] called [emotion] that had been collected inside of me little by little ever since meeting Bertia being forcefully snatched away, feeling that I was changing back into that prior “doll” version of myself, I felt a chill running through my spine.

[I hate it], [It’s scary].

I shivered as I felt the unpleasant feelings surging forward within my chest in one go.

I understood that what was happening here wasn’t real.

This place is a counterfeit created by the light spirit—and along with the other [me], I experienced the things happening in this world. The [me] that was created in this world was a mere instrument in which my consciousness was inserted to, but the real [me] that possess thoughts in the real world should still exist, right? , and the real body that’s probably unconscious in the real world.]

Perhaps, the light spirit’s influence can only affect the fake [me] and the instrument [me] within that place.

It shouldn’t be able to influence the consciousness of my [true] self that’s connected to the real world.

At most, it’s something like a dream being shown by the light spirit.

…I understood that.

Despite understanding it, as the instrument changed, it felt like there was an illusion that made me feel as if [my] own feelings also changed.

That is a very mysterious, unpleasant, and dangerous sensation.

“I wonder if it’s better for me to get out of here earlier even if I have to do it forcibly, more or less? No, but, I also want to avoid the possibility that this sensation could influence my real self’s consciousness if I were to act thoughtlessly…”

Staring at my arms gradually turning into a doll’s, I pondered.

The light spirit should only be capable of fabricating a dream like this to confuse me.

Since I know that much, as long as I can securely keep a hold on my sense of self, it shouldn’t be able to that great an effect on me.

That’s why, the best choice in this situation really is to [wait for the light spirit to perish on its own], so I think.

But… it is so unpleasant, after all.

The moment I frowned at the scene in front of me, a gust of wind suddenly blew towards me.

When I slowly opened my eyes which I had closed in the spur of the moment, the scene before me had changed once more.

In front of Bertia who was crying because her mother just passed away due to an illness, I was wearing a sad look and spoke words of comfort while keeping a certain distance from her.

Next to her, there was the figure of Marquis Noches who was standing there without any expression, his eyes tainted with despair and pent-up anger.

It was the future that was supposed to have happened.

Over there was the future that Bertia and I changed together.

Perhaps because the Bertia in front of me was following the different path from the Bertia that I know, her personality, her speech and conduct, even her appearance—they all didn’t match the ones from my memories.

Looking at her like this, even if I felt that she was [pitiful], my feelings didn’t move any more than that.

However, witnessing the scene that differed hugely from my reality, I fully realized that [the Bertia in front of me and the Bertia I know didn’t overlap each other anymore], and I felt something similar to frustration.

At that moment, more warmth escaped from my chest, and from my hands to my shoulders as well as my feet changed to that of a doll’s.

The scene in front of me changed so rapidly that it didn’t even give me any leeway to worry over [what should I do?].

Marquis Noches became ruthless to other people as if he had changed into a completely different person.

He only poured his affection towards Bertia who was his wife’s memento, and Bertia gradually changed into a selfish and arrogant noble woman.

If things didn’t go the way she wanted, her anger would awaken and she would destroy everything she could lay her hands on.

She would take offense at her servants’ speech and conduct, and act violently.

As she snuggled up to me with her coaxing voice, forcibly pressing her plump body close, and at the same time completely keeping in check all other women who got closer to me.

Such scenes kept being projected before my eyes.

And each time, the warmth that was supposed to be inside of me was snatched away, and my body steadily changed into that of a doll’s.

Eventually, the projected scene changed and the grown-up Bertia finally entered Halm Academy.

By then, my body had more or less been changed into that of a doll’s.

No matter what I saw anymore, I wouldn’t feel anything.

…As I was having the delusion that they won’t move, I felt a cruel sense of loss, agony, and sadness.


This is not me.

My warmth… the [emotion] that I was able to gain… don’t you dare snatch [Bertia] away from me.

Inside of the [instrument] me who had changed into a doll, the [real] me, who was locked up, clamoured insignificantly.

The [instrument] that was hiding my surrounding said that [it’s weird to have that kind of emotion], trying to deny the emotion and will that the [real] me possessed.

It’s agonizing. I feel nauseated.

However, with this doll’s body, I couldn’t even breathe, let alone cry.

Even if I had to destroy everything, I thought to break this instrument and leave this unpleasant world.

However, the calm part of myself whispered.

“If you leave this place with this chaotic state of mind, what are you going to do if your real self’s state of mind is affected?”

“If things turn out like that, in the worst case, the [emotion] that you’ve finally able to gain… you might lose [Bertia] for real, you know?”

The moment I thought of that, I felt that the imaginary horror that this space gave couldn’t be compared with the horror of that possibility.

That possibility is the one thing I absolutely could not accept.

“Your Highness Cecil!!”

The moment I thought that the scene changed once more as my surroundings were wrapped up in the light for the umpteenth time, the sweet voice of a woman barged into my ears.

A bright and a pure smile.

I felt the illusion that everything became brighter with her just being there.

Like light incessantly rained down only around her.

I was fascinated by it.

The warmth began to return in my chest once more.

The fingers that had reached out on their own began to return to those of a human’s from that of the doll’s.


[This is wrong.]

[It’s fake.]

The real me who was inside the doll complained with an unconcealed anger.

The one who was at the tip of my extended fingers was Baroness Heronia.

She isn’t my precious fiancée.

My fiancée is…

[…Then, wouldn’t it be fine to just change your fiancée?]



That’s not it.

Despite knowing what the right answer was, there was a part of me that wanted to nod at the whispers made in my own voice.

This is a nightmare.

As long as the light spirit has used up all of its strength, I’d wake up from this dream and my rational thought would return.

However, this nightmare itself is way too unpleasant that it makes me want to cling to this immediate comfort in front of me.

Although that [comfort] is the opponent that forced this kind of asceticism onto me.

I bit my lips as I stared at Baroness Heronia who was smiling at me, and at myself gradually beginning to show a real human’s expression instead of than the fake smiles I’d made.

Despite feeling that my body, which had changed temporarily into a doll’s, returned to that of a human’s, I got irritated by the process even when I should be feeling relieved.

Contradiction. Contradiction. Contradiction.

I couldn’t maintain the consistency of the emotions inside of me.

At any rate, everything will cease to exist so long as I wake up from this dream, so why don’t I try to yield myself to the fake emotions that the light spirit is displaying without resisting?

It should be easier that way.

Such a thought suddenly crossed my mind.

After I thought about it, I decided that things would be easier that way without a doubt.

Also, if things will return as the way they were before in just a few minutes, then there’s no meaning in trying to resist it so hard.

It would just be a pointless effort.

The feeling of wanting to oppose and the feeling of wanting to stop resisting are clashing.

“I… like Your Highness Cecil. Even if I antagonize Bertia-sama, I can’t change how I feel.”

It’s a scene that resembled the eve of Halm Academy’s graduation ceremony.

Baroness Heronia sweetly murmured that to me after I’d felt anger at Bertia’s cruel actions towards Baroness Heronia and had decided to discard Bertia.

Inside my chest which had never felt any kind of emotion apart from [interest] or a faint [favoring], something ardent was accumulating inside… such was my delusion.

[Is this the emotion commonly known as love? For the one who gave me this kind of feeling… there’s already no way I can let her go.]

I embraced Baroness Heronia closely and gave a dark smile that managed to send shivers down even my own spine.

The one there was no longer the “doll” me.

Ardent emotions were filling my chest.

I closed my eyes gently as I felt a returning joy from the warmth that I managed to feel inside myself.

Just a little longer, let’s yield to this comfortable sensation.

The moment I thought so…

“Your Highness Cecil!! Why?! Why is that woman standing next to you?!!”

I heard Bertia’s sorrowful cry.

When I reflexively opened my eyes, it was a scene of condemnation.

I’d seen all of Bertia’s violent actions up to this point inside this world that the light spirit had created.

That’s why, the scene of this world’s Bertia being condemned in front of so many students and their guardians like this was supposed to be a catharsis.

However, even though her appearance was somewhat different, she had features that greatly resembled my Bertia, and when she sorrowfully screamed with the exact same voice as my Bertia, my heart began to ache.

And then, the moment I saw the teardrops that spilled over and fell from those amber eyes, that image overlapped with the tears that the real Bertia showed to me.

The feeling of wanting to temporarily yield myself to the fake solace from Baroness Heronia quickly disappeared all at once.

Though it wasn’t reality and even if it was merely for just a short time, I truly hated acting in accordance to the light spirit’s expectations and yielding myself to the one who hurt my Bertia.

I can’t accept that, no matter what kind of agony doing so would bring me.

The moment I thought so, something other than the warmth that was forcefully given to me began to boil inside my chest.

It was certainly the [emotion] that I possessed myself.


I heard the cracking of something like a thin shell.

When I looked around at my surroundings, there were cracks here and there around the space I was in.

“Has it reached its limit at last…?”

Before I noticed, the scene around me turned into something like a flat surface, and the scenery was torn off just like a wall crumbling down.

A collapsing world.

However, only one part, the area around Baroness Heronia alone was slightly glittering with light as each crack was restored as if something was resisting.

“Why don’t you give up already? No matter what kind of illusion you show me, my heart won’t change. …I will never consider your master no matter what.”

I faced the empty space and declared.

Even though I couldn’t see its figure, it was supposed to be there based on the presence I felt.

Sure enough, the light spirit clearly heard my words and erased the surrounding scenery like it had given up on preserving that space, returning it back to a pure white world.

However, unlike the first time, there was a small boy around 5 years old standing there by himself.

It seemed like it was difficult to be take form even in the world that he created himself as his figure was transparent, and seemed to be on the verge of disappearing at any time.

“…Why? Why can’t it be Heronia? There’s supposed to be that kind of future waiting for you, you know?”

I smiled bitterly at his figure who was trying to frantically appeal to me as he rubbed his dripping tears with the back of his hand.

“‘Why,’ you ask? Perhaps I can only say that it’s because I have gone towards a completely different future.”

Certainly, just like what the light spirit said, there was certainly the possibility that such a future existed.

Because of how closely it resembled the world of the [otome game] that Bertia had told me about, I could somehow or another even believe that the possibility was quite high.

However, I have already walked down to the path of another future.

I can only say that it’s impossible for me to turn back to the former path.

Besides, when I was shown the possibility of another future just now, I was convinced once again.

Rather than the original future decided for me, I was many times more pleased with the other future in which Bertia and I could walk down together.

Under such circumstances, why must I correct my track towards the path leading towards the original future shown here?

I do not feel any necessity in doing so, and even if one were to insist on it, I’d want to resist it with all of my power.

Because I’ve been having a lot of fun in my current life with her—with Bertia.

“If it’s now… you can still change things, can’t you? Hey, I’m begging you. Choose Heronia! At this rate, Heronia will only be sad and feel bitter.”

His actual age should be far older than me, but looking at his youthful appearance as he was appealing with his teary eyes brought a little pain to my chest… no, I don’t feel any pain.

I didn’t really feel compassion towards the enemy who hurt my Bertia and who tried to snatch Bertia away from me.

It might be considered coldhearted to others, but these are my true feelings.

Though I’ve gradually come to understand that thing called emotion and there’ve been a couple of [exceptions], nevertheless, my true nature is still to be lacking in emotion.

The illusion that the light spirit created allowed me to come to this realization.

As well as the importance and loveliness of the unique existence who let me experience such [exceptions]…

“I’m sorry, but it’s impossible. After all, I dislike her. Originally, she was a [stranger that I have no interest in], but you two have repeatedly done foolish things in order to snatch Bertia away from me, haven’t you? This is the situation that you two have caused on your own.”

I answered with a smile.

The light spirit opened his originally large eyes even wider at my words.

“Why? Why?! I mean, Heronia said so. That you are Heronia’s destined person. And that’s why it’s a matter of course that you’d come to like her. Even in the scene that I showed earlier, although there were a few additions, but in the first place it was the prophesized future that I created based on Heronia’s memories, you know? Even though Heronia was just doing her best to guide you onto the correct future!!”

The light spirit who couldn’t accept the reality cried, “This is weird,” as if he was throwing a tantrum.

He looks so foolish… and pitiful.

“No matter how hard you tried, I was quite pleased with Bertia by the time I met you, so it’s very unlikely that things would change in the future. And that’s only to begin with, but don’t you think the direction of your endeavors couldn’t be more mistaken? If you hurt someone in order to grant your own desires, you will definitely provoke someone’s anger and hatred. Who do you think would like someone who’s repeatedly speaks and acts selfishly when their wishes don’t come true? I won’t say anything about having to defeat the opponent for your own wishes. After all, it’s a necessary thing to do in order to procure the one and only position. However, if you want to defeat someone, you don’t do it by scorning your opponent, but you should work hard so that you can stand one step ahead of your opponent. Isn’t that right?”

In order to grant her own wishes, Bertia also kept repeating her (useless) endeavors.

You could say that she and Baroness Heronia are a bit similar in that sense.

However, there is a big difference between her and Baroness Heronia.

Even while saying [I want to become a first-class villainess!], Bertia had never hurt her opponent in the literal meaning.

Even if she has ever tried to hurt her opponent, the result is—everything has ended up as a failure.

It could be said that it was all due to [luck] up until now, but I think that it was because subconsciously, she wanted to keep things safe without crossing the boundary line.

Though Bertia is aiming to become a [villainess], she isn’t used to hurting people.

She is actually very against the notion of hurting people, and each time she tried to accomplish it, I knew that she herself was hurt in a place she didn’t even realize.

Even so, she kept trying to accomplish it, and it was due to none other than her [kindness].

She is not a shrewd person in the least, so she can’t really conceal her [kindness] that well.

That’s why, I think that her [kindness] naturally reveals itself and attracts people.

She also has another great power.

It is her ability to put in great effort and polish herself in order to grant her own wishes.

Though she acts in a weird direction sometimes and it makes me amused, I think that it’s a very indispensable power.

And neither I nor Baroness Heronia possess these powers.

…Yes, it’s the power that even I do not possess.

“But, otherwise, Heronia won’t become happy, right?”

“Isn’t it wrong? It’s because of you two that she can’t become happy. On top of accepting the destiny that has differed, in order to be happy, as long as she works in order to be liked by the one she wants to be liked by, at least she wouldn’t have to stand in that place of condemnation without any friend other than you by her side, would she? She wouldn’t have been alone in a place surrounded by enemies.”

“Then, what should I do?!”

The light spirit shouted.

Even while doing so, his body is steadily becoming transparent.

Heading towards the end… In that person’s words, it’s proof that the countdown to his death has begun.

“You trying to protect her from feeling sad was what made her actions becoming more impudent. If you truly care about her, on top of showing her the reality, you should just reprimand her at times and be her support nearby, wouldn’t that be enough? If you do so, it might not manifest in the way she wished for, but I think that she would be able to obtain a certain degree of happiness. …Well, it’s already too late for that, so even though I’m quite sure of it, it’s already impossible to confirm how things would have turned out in reality.”

“No way, because… because…”

I looked down at the light spirit who sat down in shock at my words.

Though he may feel a deep regret, there’s no more time left for him to start over.

“Speaking of something even more serious, if you disappear here from using up all of your power, she will really be all alone. If the things happening up until now become big, at the level of a baron house’s power, they wouldn’t be able to cover for her. If they were to cover for her poorly, the house would fall into ruin. Baron Inderon will undoubtedly forsake her. If you’re not there, the friends that were gathered to her side by your power would also leave. And, you yourself won’t be there by her side. It’s a complete isolation.”

“Heronia… Heronia…”

“This is the future of the path that you two chose to walk.”

The light spirit had faded to the extent that even his silhouette couldn’t be discerned clearly.

He fell prostrated on the floor as he was lamenting at his master’s fate.

I can only look at that scene in silence.

If I were to say [Leave Baroness Heronia to me], he’d be able to die with a peace of mind, but I already have a partner that I have to cherish.

I can’t protect someone who might hurt that partner of mine.

And by doing so, there’s a high possibility that I myself might also hurt the very person that I have to cherish.

That’s why, no matter how pitiful I think he is, I can only watch.

Seeing me just standing in silence, he should have realized that, as well.

After that, he disappeared a little.

When that happened, he stopped lamenting and raised his face.

He roughly wiped the sopping tears from his face and fixed me with a strong gaze.

“I-I’m aware that Heronia and I have caused troubles for you guys. That’s why, I understand that it’s wrong for me to be asking this of you, but… can you convey my message to Heronia?”

“If it’s only that, then I don’t mind. I dislike you two, but… because you two were here, there were things that I came to realize. I will listen to your last wish as my thanks.”

“…Please tell Heronia, [Even if you can’t see me, I will always be with you.] I can’t do anything else other than that.”

He desperately tried to smile even when he was in sorrow, and his smile was crooked because of it.

He probably also has many regrets for having to leave in this kind of circumstance.

In exchange for his life, Heronia’s remaining hope of being tied together with me was also severed.

“Even if your figure couldn’t be seen, you will be by Heronia’s side. Is that your wish?”

“After all, even if spirits have used up all of their power and disappear, they will just return as a part of the world. I, my consciousness as an individual will disappear, but I will become one of the grains of light that illuminate the world, and I will be by her side. I want her to also think so. I want to tell her that she isn’t alone, that she has a friend.”

Looking at him who was nodding firmly with a gaze full of determination, I couldn’t help but think [If only that kind of expression was made a little bit earlier, I wonder if something might have changed?]


I looked in his eyes and nodded back.

After he made a slightly relieved expression, his eyes slowly closed.

I can tell that the world of the light spirit that’s imprisoning me is also going to disappear.

At the same time, the light spirit’s life as a spirit is also disappearing.

His human figure returned to that of a simple light.

I’m sure that his consciousness has become thin enough to make it even more difficult for him to think.

“…It looked like it’d be bad for me to be waking up with this kind of ending, somehow.”

In front of the life that was gradually disappearing, this time, my heart was genuinely hurt a bit.

It is very unlikely for me to come to like them, but even so, there are certainly things that I managed to learn thanks to them.

Just like I’d told him earlier, it might not be so bad to lend a hand in order to reward them for it.

It was a very small hope to give.

I’m not going to cover up for Baroness Heronia.

After all, you ought to reap what you sow.

The rest is up to them.

“Zeno, lend me your strength.”

I put my hand to my chest as I call out to the spirit inside of me—to the connection that I have with Zeno.

If the collapse advances like this, then it should be possible for him to send me some power through the cracks.

“Well then, shall we go back post haste?”

While slightly smiling at the quick answer and power given, I gently stretched my hand in front of me.

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