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Chapter 1 : Bertia ( 8 years old)

The first time I, the first and crown prince of the Alfostar Kingdom, Cecil Glow Alfostar meet my fiance was when I was 10 years old.

Bertia Evil Nochesse (バーティア?イビル?ノーチェス yes, she has Evil as her middle name)

Crimson hair with lapis blue eyes, the white plump……. nah, lets just be frank here. With a round snowman like body that wears a fluffy dress as a distinctive figures, she is the prime minister’s pig….. Let me take that back, she is prime minister’s daughter.

After having an audience with my father, the king, she, being 2 years younger, declared this while pointing a finger at my face as soon as we went out to the garden.1

” Prince Cecil!! I am actually a villainess!! My Role is to destroy the relationship you have build with the heroine you meet after enrolling at Halm Academy, and at the end of that is to be beaten to a pulp and having our engagement cancelled.” (TN : This feels quite weird…. any help) (Berdia)

Yeah… what the hell?

Hearing that her maid’s face went pale…. no wait let me rephrase that. They seem to have this [Aaaaa, she went and did it as expected] expression on their face.

” But, even if its to deepen the relationship between you and the heroine, as a daughter of a marquis, my pride won’t allow me to show this unsightly figures. Which is why I have decided to become a first class flowers of evil. That being the reason, the prince should become a wonderful person so that I will feel fine even after being beaten to a pulp ” (Berdia)

What should I do? I actually have no idea what she is talking about.

Is this because I am still not mature enough to understand?… nah It doesn’t feel like so.

Even all my retainers were opening their mouths and at their wit’s end. (TN: They basically dont know what to do)

Ahhh, but first I still have to…

”Lady Berdia, rather standing around, why don’t we sit while having some tea?”

I smiled while reaching out my hand towards the tea prepared on the table while inviting her to take a seat.

Even if I am a child, I am still someone who will bear this country on my back someday.

Lets calm down and organize the situation.

Even Father said that when one is troubled, the most important thing is to take a deep breath and calmly organize the situation.

“That might be so” (Berdia)

Surprised by my composed attitude, Berdia quietly accepted my proposal while having a blank look on her face.

“Isn’t prince Cecil too composed opposed to your age? Are you perhaps also a reincarnator too? ” (Berdia ) (TN: here comes reincarnator prince!! just joking)

With a gaze that seems to be observing me, she gulped the aromatic red tea and finished the cream cake that’s made by a popular shop while not noticing that some of the cream stuck to her cheeks.

…. being my fiance, does she forgot that I’m a royalty?

It’s our first time meeting, but isn’t she way too relaxed? (TN : as in the meaning being careless)

Well I must admit, this way is more interesting than having her being too nervous.

” I don’t know about reincarnator or whatso, but me being composed must be because I am a royalty. Being a royalty, Isn’t it natural that I’m composed since I was taught that since young age?”(Cecil)

I replied to her with a smile pasted on my face. She looked at me with a [ Is that how it is ] expression pasted on her round face.

…. At my back, Zeno, — my personal attendant that always rambling about [Isn’t your highness way too philosophical even though you’re a royalty? ] [ Why don’t we play something more childlike?] [I think that at your being childish is also important!] — was shaking his head, but of course I ignored him.

“That being so, would you mind explaining what you mean by [villainess] , [heroine], [cancelling our engagement] and [being beaten to a pulp] in a way that I can understand?” (Cecil)

I requested her explanation as she reached out her hand for a second serving of cake.

Well, I don’t really mind,but even though it’s a master-retainer relationship, isn’t her maid too lenient with her?

“Of course, I must have you completely understand my situation and be a wonderful person that will reject me”(Bertia) ( TN: she basically says that she’ll be troubled if the prince didn’t become wonderful enough by the time he refused her)

She declared as she gripped her fork and looked at me seriously.

Well even if she looks serious, with the cream that’s all around her mouth, it doesn’t look the least convincing.


It seems like I have been overestimating myself all this time.

Even if this is coming from me, I thought that I have a brighter head amongst my peers.

Even if I’m going to Halm Academy, the main purpose of attending that academy is to learn on how to make connections with my fellow peers and not to study there since I have already learned everything that is being taught there.

I think of myself as having a bright head, being 10 years old and understanding everything that’s taught up to 18 years old at the academy. (TN: he basically says he knows every subject taught at the academy and the academy is attended until up to 18 years old)

But what is actually happening? I don’t understand anything that this 8 years old maiden sitting infront of me is saying.

This goes ways beyond saying she sucks at explaining things.

“What I’m saying is, your highness will meet the heroine and will be drawn to that naivety and fall in love.Seeing that I will become the incarnate of jealousy and will start bullying her, once my bullying been brought to light, the furious you will break our engagement which eventually would lead my family to ruins” ( Bertia )

So basically what she is saying is about [What will be happening from now on].

With her memories of her past?? She seems to be getting all these information from the light novel she read in that past life.

There are still some details here and there but today I’ll just leave it at here.

Honestly. I don’t think I’ll be blinded by the thing called love and break this engagement that has a strong political influence. Furthermore I still cant believe that the maiden in-front of me will become the incarnate of jealousy.

In reality there are a lot of unrealistic places where I want to retort , but my head is starting to hurt.

Well today’s plan was [ To meet My Fiancee], and there is not much time left for our meeting. Even if she told me all the details, I don’t think my mind can process it all.

Oh but there is one thing that I need to ask.

“Lady Bertia, is it alright to ask you one question?” (Cecil)

“Of course, since I regained my memories, I have always wanted to talk about all of these with your highness.” ( Bertia)

As she leaned forward, I let out a wry smile.

In truth, I don’t care about it even if its imagination or precognition.

The problem was…

“What do you mean by becoming a first rate flower of evil?” (Cecil) (TN: flower of evil seems to be talking about those girl villains that’s hot but bitchy at the same time)

This is the most important things.

No matter what everyone she had become my fiancee.

Being my fiancee means that in the future she will become the queen of this kingdom.

I don’t know what kind of being a heroine is but, she being a [flower of evil] does not seem to be appropriate as the future queen of this kingdom. She should be traine…. I mean she should be led to the proper way, and even if that is proved to be impossible, It should be discussed with father as soon as possible.

No matter how you put it I’m still the future king.

“That is without saying being awe-inspiringly beautiful. No matter what others may say, to push through my own path. An flower of evil that will not falter even if the path leads to one’s ruins. That is the kind of being I strive to become!” ( Bertia)

“Awe-inspiringly [beautiful] huh” (Cecil)

Please let me make an excuse.

At this time, I have just casually looked at her stomach.

I just somehow wondered how she think when she looked at her own-self,does she not realize..?

I don’t want to discourage her while she is being dead serious. (TN: he’s implying that she’s not even have the B in Beautiful)

Indeed, I thought that looking at her belly when hearing this seems rude so I quickly looked at her face and smiled.

But it seems to be too late.

She seemed to have noticed where I’m looking.

After realizing it her face turns beet red.

“It’s not what it looks like!! In the first place Bertia Evil Nochesse is an underdog like existence and a character that has a subtle face.” (Bertia)

“[Underdog]?? that is….. so pitiful. Are you alright with that?” (Cecil)

“Of course it’s not alright. In the end That’s Bertia. I am…. different from Bertia Evil Nochesse, I am me. I will aim to become a purer and proper evil flower!” ( Cecil)

Did she blow her fuse? (TN: something like doesnt know what she’s saying and panicked)

I feel that becoming purer and proper evil flower seems to be quite contradicting, but she doesn’t seem to notice it.

Beet red in embarrassment , she stood up with a loud sound.

“That’s why your highness, I will properly make a fresh start and retrain myself. Please excuse me , I bid you well” (Bertia)

She bowed in a fluster and run away without giving me a chance to stop her.

Following that her maid bowed down hurriedly and followed her.

I absent-mindedly looked at them until they left.

“… What the hell was that?” (Cecil)

“Your Highness , Is there any problem?” (Zeno)

Zeno asked in response to my mutterings.

If asked what seemed amiss, the answer would be [ Being engaged to her]

Since being engaged with a royalties have a strong political influence, if I told father that [She doesn’t seem to have the disposition to become the queen] even if it doesn’t come immediately, the talks of cancelling the engagement will surely be brought up sooner or later.


“That girl is kind of interesting. Being a noble born, her personality is not twisted and since she’s so straightforward its easy to manipulate. Lets just observe for a little while.” (Cecil)

I haven’t had so much fun in a long time

Its not like I liked her as a man, but how do I phrase it…? She’s stupidly cute or should i say I found a new toy….? I don’t really get it but I have never been this excited before.

To me that can do almost anything after 1 try, this world is a boring place. (TN: he’s just bragging now isn’t he?)

I don’t feel the sense of accomplishment that other’s have, and the world seems like a colorless dull place to me.

But having met her today, my world started to be filled with colors.

This feeling of [not knowing what will happen] that I haven’t felt before had made me excited.

“Fufufufu”(Cecil) (TN: Laugh sfx)

Without noticing, I started to laugh.

[Laughing naturally] is something that I rarely do.

“Your highness, you seem to be having fun” (Zeno)

“Yeah,I think this unpredictable feeling is not bad, Its making me feel excited” (Cecil)「あぁ、この予測不能な感じは悪くないかなって思うよ。気分が高揚する」


“Its fine having fun… but how about having something more childlike kind of fun?” (Zeno)

“I am having fun like a normal child though?” (Cecil)

“Oh right…. I forgot that you left your childness in the queen’s belly. Sorry for asking for something impossible”(Zeno)

“As always you always say the rudest thing. Well I’m in a great mood today so I’ll let you off the hook.” (Cecil

“Thank you very much”(Zeno)

After Giving a glance to the dissatisfied bowing Zeno, I shifted my gaze to the direction she left.

I wonder how much fun she will bring me being my fiance?

“Don’t disappoint me alright?” (Cecil)

After whispering that, I looked up and closed my eyes.

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