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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 990

990 The division of light and darkness

At this moment, LAN-erman and all the other powerful existences, after observing the battle, had gone to the evaluation meeting of the race’s potential.

Only a few low-level gods and a large number of low-level experts who were temporarily staying were left standing in this vast stone square.

Can I join?

The people around them watched the big shots leave and listened to the Lizardman’s words. Their eyes were burning.

This was no longer a question of whether they were cowardly or not.

Even though they were not very experienced, they could still tell that this power was extremely terrifying ... That was a law, which meant that this civilization was at least an extraordinary system at the level of Dao cultivators.

In this mythological world, the vast and boundless Azure abyss divine territory was too powerful for them, who had low-level bloodlines. It was something they looked forward to ...

This was already a rare opportunity, and it was worth the risk.

that’s impossible. The number of magical girls is limited, and there are less than ten inheritances of magical girls. These ancient magical girl inheritances will choose the existence that they like ... Bhikkhu, the little magic pet, said as it floated in the sky.

The inheritance would choose the girl it liked?

This was an excuse.

There was a limit to the faith in the tower world.

Just like creating a star, the traffic was limited.

Every Joss flame God would divide up a large area of Joss flame flow, which was extremely precious. How could they give away the limited “Joss flame deity position” so easily?

The surrounding people were slightly stunned and could not help but show that they had expected it.

How could such a powerful force be found everywhere?

Even the genius disciple of LAN-er man couldn’t help but think, ” it is indeed the inheritance of the torch. It is an extraordinary civilization system that has been inherited from generation to generation. There are less than ten places to inherit? ”

“However, it’s still okay to tell you the history of US magical girls.” Bhikkhu sat down. this is our prehistoric history and Elegy.

The surrounding people were also quite curious.

After all, reading the lines was very cool at first, but after listening to it for a while and watching a few battles, he inexplicably accepted it. He even felt that it was a little interesting and enjoyable.

It was like watching a TV show.

It was like watching a beautiful and elegant dance performance, which was pleasing to the eye!

It should be known that normal battles between powerhouses were too decisive and cold, and they wished to simplify all the moves. There was no experience at all, and they were all the classic examples of powerhouses who were used in actual combat. However, the one in front of him ...

It could balance beauty and combat power ...

“Then can I become a magic girl?”

A mature female expert couldn’t help but ask Bhikkhu, ” I don’t know what the price is, but I want to cultivate the system of your race and become a member of your race.

“Me too!”

“I also want to cultivate!”

that kind of battle was so beautiful and elegant. It was simply a pleasure.

Countless female experts gathered around.

Even female experts had to be killed decisively.

Their ruthlessness was not inferior to any male powerhouse, but the system in front of them was indeed a huge temptation for them. As long as they were female, they would instinctively love beauty.

As for the lines, they were indeed a little awkward, but it wasn’t important. Perhaps he could read them in his heart?

everyone, don’t worry. As long as you believe in the light in your heart and have hope in your heart, anyone can become a magical girl ... Bhikkhu smiled and looked at the people around him with burning eyes.

Did they really think that those actions and lines were designed for the sake of fooling around?

The action was to find the best and most professional martial arts action director!

Have you seen Wing Chun and ye Wen?

It was the kind of extremely handsome movie combat action, the kind that was clatter clatter.

At the same time, for the sake of the dance movements, the teacher had incorporated an extremely beautiful dance element into it, giving people a beautiful, good-looking, strong and shocking impression!

And why?

This was what a movie was! 𝘪𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

The God of incense was a public figure, and their faith was their greatest Foundation. If they didn’t become a ” magical girl “, become a star, and gather fans, how could they survive?

This was a very realistic problem.

Even those awkward lines were carefully designed. Most of the time, the difference between ” awkwardly dumbfounded ” and ” full of style ” was just a fine line.

In all the major games, King of Glory, card games, which character didn’t say cool lines the moment they appeared?

our target has never been a character in real life, but an ideal immortal character in a TV series, my idol, or a 2d wife in a card game ... White clothes fluttering, not mortal, very cool.”

Bhikkhu looked at the magical girl Viola and said,

such a little fairy doesn’t even shit ... As for Viola, if she were to be assimilated by the Joss flames for a period of time, she would probably become half a Joss flame God ... She’s really such a fairy.”

At the moment, Viola was still smiling as she chatted with the people around her, talking about the ancient history of the magical girl.

Not only were the people around them listening, but the people in front of the TV were also listening.

the birth of the magical girl was actually because people discovered the power to make dreams come true ... As long as one’s heart is sincere enough and there are enough people praying, one’s dream can come true ...”

“The heart is all power.”

however. as they continued to make wishes, the magical girls took advantage of the hope and light in their hearts to obtain great power ... The evil power that was stripped away from the human heart also gathered quietly, forming a corresponding number of witches ...”

there are gains and losses. The universe is balanced, and so is our fallen civilization. This is the integrity and desire of the human heart, the divided light and darkness.

the more powerful a magical girl is, the more powerful the witch is ... That’s why the battle has always been brutal, and there has never been a one-sided battle.”

Everyone was shocked by the extraordinary world’s system.

this civilization is very special. Did they transform real human beings into emotional creatures that are rooted in the hearts of all living beings? ” Even LAN-er man’s genius disciple was shocked. The world was full of wonders.

As they listened to the story, they gradually fell silent.

“Ah, Senior Sister actually ...”

They were brought into the story of a sorrowful magical girl. At first, it was a very relaxed daily life. It was originally a group of beautiful girls with dreams and kind hearts who fought against the witch. However, the gentle Senior Sister who suddenly appeared was beheaded by the evil witch ...

Following that, they continued to advance the story and were also brought into the mood.

It was a terrifying cycle.

Tragedy, despair, darkness, and destiny filled the entire world. There was no hope. It was like a curse. Once it was opened, it could not be suppressed and would inevitably welcome despair.

It was as if everyone could predict the sad ending.

“Don’t ...”

“What a tragedy.”

They heard that in order to fight against the witch, there were more and more girls who became magical girls, and as more magical girls appeared, the number of witches also increased.

“This is an endless loop!”

When countless people heard this, they were silent.

And as the story developed, the final battle of the witch’s night arrived.

Lü Muyuan had collected the hope and light in the hearts of all the magical girls in the world, and he was going to fight to the death with the final witch, who had also gathered the power of all witches.

In the end, Yuan Lumu made a wish to the whole world. The cause and effect of the world entangled with Xiao Yuan and formed a huge emotional energy, changing the entire distorted dark world and eliminating all the magical girls and witches in the world.

As for Lu Muyuan, his identity as a witch had also been eliminated. He had also become an unknown existence that transcended the entire witch’s space-time.

“Don’t die ...”

When everyone heard this, they were filled with grief and indignation.

“Everything is just like fate, just like the first sentence: A witch was the gathering of despair, while a magical girl was the gathering of hope ... There were two sides to a single body. Lü Muyuan had corrected the rules of the world and eliminated the two opposing concepts at the same time ... The curse has been removed ...”

Bhikkhu said with a gentle voice, ” however, today, countless years later, someone touched the magic box again, and the magical girl appeared ... I clearly see the future, and the witch is beginning to follow. All of the more terrifying dark history is repeating itself.”

The surrounding powerhouses were touched. They looked at the future hero and felt that the awkward words from before were somewhat solemn.

The reason for this feeling was that the historical background of the story had been enriched.


At this moment, a ray of light suddenly appeared on Viola’s body. Her cultivation level slowly increased, and she had actually surpassed the level of a tier 7 heavenly Emperor. In fact, she was only one step away from becoming a god.

Everyone was stunned.

thank you for your trust, for listening to our stories, and for giving us your hope, the power you look forward to, and your encouragement. Bhikkhu’s face was filled with sorrow, ” we will definitely defeat the witch.

Everyone was speechless.

In fact, the rapid improvement was also because of the tower world’s powerhouses in front of the TV. They were touched by what they heard and contributed a huge amount of wish power. They didn’t expect that they not only had Ultraman, but also such a touching ancient era.

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