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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 987

987 The civilization that froze time

In fact, anyone who saw this magnificent scene would be shocked.

Even the two weak rank-9 Dao cultivators who had lived here for a long time were like this. Every time they saw this deep blue divine territory, they would be extremely proud.

This was the power of time!

In fact, even for beings of this level, moving a planet, or even a sun, was an unimaginably long project.

After all, the stars were too vast and nature was too magnificent.

It was even more difficult than a foolish man moving a mountain. In this situation, it was as difficult as an adult moving Mount Everest with a shovel and a shovel.

However, their lifespans were too long. In the tens of thousands of years, even if they moved a little every day, it was enough to create such a magnificent historical site.

Furthermore, most of the time, this kind of existence would move the planet while cultivating. Multitasking was very normal in the eyes of this level of existence.


They landed on the planet closest to them.

There were all sorts of creatures in the surroundings. They were either queuing up or doing some other activities. It was bustling as they gathered on a sacred square with dark blue gemstone floors.

As they stepped into the city, the dark blue creature introduced, ”

this is the trading place at the entrance. It’s the city of Nader. Many experts gather here to accept missions, explore various historical remains, and also take the assessment for the new life planet ... There are also many foreign life forms like you who live here temporarily for about 50 to 300 years.”

“A temporary residence like mine?” what? ” Viola was shocked. She looked around and saw that there were indeed some very weak creatures that were running, jumping, and touching everywhere with curious expressions.

Some of the more powerful gods were actually very friendly to these extremely weak living beings and were carefully teaching them.

these gods took on a ‘level two evaluation’ job Commission for a planet. I’m a level one evaluation, exploring the planet and then picking up some creatures.

They’ll let the creatures on the planet live and teach them to cultivate to a certain level before they can check the bloodline potential of the race. If they pass, they can join our Azure abyss divine territory ... If you fail, ignore this civilization and put it back ...”

Viola was completely dumbfounded.’So I have to be like them and stay here for 50 to 60 years? I still have to go to school! You clearly told me that one afternoon would be enough.”

don’t worry, we have comprehensive measures against foreign civilizations. Even if it’s an ordinary living being, we’ll try our best not to affect their lives. In advanced civilizations, the flow of time is different. Although it doesn’t cover the entire subspace, our more than 100 rank-9 Dao cultivators have covered most of the area ...

The dark-blue creature had a look of longing on its face. you only need one afternoon here, and decades will have passed. At night, we will send you back to sleep. The next day, you will go to school as usual.

“In fact, there are similar legends circulating in many civilizations. For example, when they were captured by aliens, it felt like decades had passed, but only a few hours had passed when they returned.”

A few hours?

Viola was completely stunned again.

What a magnificent and vast scene it was!

He roamed the universe, roamed the planets, and explored ancient ruins. He was like a Free Eagle in the universe!

“I’ll be received by them and I’ll go cultivate?” Viola said.

no, you can have the two of us take over. Your situation is very special for these weak tier 8 gods, and you can’t afford to make a mistake. The dark-blue creature laughed.

How could he let others have the fat meat in his hands?

Every time they received and investigated a powerful transcendent race, it would mean unimaginable rewards. They could even be valued by the experts of the higher levels.

“You guys have over a hundred complete type 9 divine beasts?” Bhikkhu could not help but ask.

When the players heard this number, they felt that it was average.

After all, it was a long Alliance of 570000 civilizations. This was not just one civilization, but thousands of civilizations gathered together. On average, only one complete rank-9 Dao-achieving individual would appear in 30 to 40 civilizations ...

To be fair, it was just like that.

After all, the vision of a keyboard Saint wasn’t fake.

“You actually know of a rank-9 Dao-reaching expert? It seems that your civilization’s Foundation is quite strong.”

However, the dark blue being was pleasantly surprised. This meant that this civilization had once been powerful, and it could not help but say proudly, ” yes, our core committee has 107 rank-9s, known as the time perpetual motioners, and one level above them are the three great Celestial Masters.

The dark-blue creature was quite curious about this little magic pet, so it didn’t hide anything. This was public information, so it smiled and replied, ” we have eternal life and have never experienced the alternation of death. For 570000 years, there has never been a type 9 powerhouse who has fallen. It has been accumulating. It is normal to have more than 100 of them.

When the players heard this, they thought, ” you have immortality behind you?

That would be even more trashy.

Who knew that the next sentence would directly make them dumbfounded.

“Yes, more than a hundred. In fact, in 570000 years, how can there be only a hundred under normal circumstances? It was possible to accumulate thousands of them ... It’s just that our requirements are higher.”

“Higher?” Bhikkhu began to feel that something was wrong.

our rank-9s all have perfect four-gene Dao foundations. More than 100 of them have been polished to perfection before breaking through ... Therefore, in 570000 years, there were only more than 100 of them ...

Every one of them was a terrifying and forbidden existence in the legends. They were enough to make countless civilizations cry in fear. Even some low-leveled civilizations were spreading their terrifying legends.

In fact, eternal life was also accompanied by flaws. The speed of cultivation was too slow ... The average lifespan of these 100 plus demons is around 200000 to 300000.”

The players were completely dumbfounded.

The f * ck?

There were more than a hundred of those with a perfect Dao Foundation at the ninth rank, which meant that they were on the same level as di Qi and Carolyn.

Since everyone was cultivating all four Bloodline Systems at the same time, they would be on the same foundation. They would compete to see which of the four genes was stronger!

Naturally, they believed that Carolyn and di Qi’s genes and bloodlines were extremely heaven-defying and had two or three ultimate systems. However, since their opponents also had four genes, they might be a little weaker. Wind, fire, Thunder, and lightning, but the difference wouldn’t be too great. At the very least, they should have one or two genes that could be brought out, right?

All of a sudden, the players began to boil.

“He’s a little fierce!”

this civilization is as hardcore as us and is determined to fight for the perfect Tao Foundation? ”

this civilization is very prosperous. Perhaps, it’s almost comparable to the prosperous civilization of the ancient gods ... Even if the other party is slightly weaker, it might not be by much.”

it’s a pity that the civilization of the ancient gods has been destroyed, and it’s still being rebuilt.

All the players were analyzing the information they got from the small TV. It was a terrifying super civilization Alliance.

200,000 to 300000 years of life just to break through from level 8 to level 9?

When Carolyn saw this, she revealed an indescribable expression.

She and di Qi had both broken through in less than 10000 years. This was normal as a level 8 God’s lifespan was 8000 years. If they failed to break through, they would die of old age.

And the other party was so long.

“Is it a side effect of immortality?”

Carolyn took a deep breath. After all, eternal life had its side effects. The eternal life of the ancient gods was to sleep for half the time, which could also be considered as having one’s cultivation speed reduced by half.

However, the side effect of the other party’s immortality was probably ” cultivation speed reduction “. It actually reduced the speed by an estimated fifty to sixty times!

the other party’s talent for immortality is much more inferior than the flaws of the ancient gods ...

Taking a deep breath, Carolyn said, ” however, from what we can see, the other party’s immortality doesn’t require him to be in a deep sleep. He’s always in a clear state of mind. This is a powerful advantage!

The danger of the ancient gods was because they had to sleep.

It was useless no matter how strong he was. He would only be slaughtered if he slept ... The other party, on the other hand, did not have such concerns.

Because the other party had once said, ”

These one hundred and seven rank-9 existences each covered a part of the high-dimensional space-time at all times and maintained order. This meant that they did not need to sleep at all.

Carolyn’s expression turned completely serious. is it time? ‘I seem to have some understanding of the other party’s principle of immortality ...’ Could it be that he had frozen the flow of time in his body, frozen the metabolism of his body, and so on ... It was as if he had sealed himself in ice to achieve eternal life? However, such eternal life would freeze the time of the body, which also means that the speed of one’s cultivation would be extremely slow.”

How smart was she?

As a Super Magic core computer, he was able to see through the principles and effects of the other party’s core bloodline from the traces of the other party in an instant.

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