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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 984

984 Who is the country bumpkin?

An image that reversed time.

In fact, this was not a secret that only they had. It was something that all Daoists could do.

As for the fact that this was a powerful spell that involved the legendary ‘time’ law?

This was not a matter of time.

Reverse time images were very common spells.

The fundamental principle was:

when we observe a distant planet countless light years away, what we see is not the current picture of the planet, but a historical picture of it countless years ago.

As long as they jumped far enough, they would be able to capture the video.

It wasn’t a real jump.

It was some kind of special ‘spatial fixed-point summoning array’. Through very exquisite calculation and positioning, it transmitted a long distance light image in reverse and summoned it.

“Have you located it?” The dark-blue creature laughed.

I’ve located it. Let’s see what happened two hours ago ... If it’s two hours, then with the speed of light, it should be a light projection in the South near the edge of the entire solar system. Now, I’m going to start reverse-opening the teleportation formation and summon that light projection over ...”

Another creature laughed. This was a very delicate task, and it had to be accompanied by the distortion of the law of light in order to extract clear light and shadow data. although it’s my first time participating in this planet assessment mission, I’ve still practiced this kind of spell before.

In reality, this was a very substantial universal spell in the universe, and there were hundreds of types.

The two of them could still easily walk on the grade-9 path, but the images they could capture were not long enough. They could only take two or three days because the distance they could summon was too short.

However, it could only be used on most low-level cultivators.

As for those who were involved in the laws, even if they were powerhouses who had stepped onto the path of the ninth step, their bodies would be surrounded by distorted laws, and they could not be detected.


They activated the teleportation summoning array and saw a clear scene.

It was an image from two hours ago.

“I’m Bhikkhu ...”

“Do you want to become a young mage?”

Demonesses are all evil. It’s the ancient seal that has been broken ...


They were completely dumbfounded by the scenes they saw.

two hours ago, this young lady was still an ordinary person? ”

Their eyes flashed with a brilliant light. This was simply inconceivable, and it was extremely fine.

It looked fancy now, but in fact, she had the combat strength of a sixth-tier warrior. They had thought that this young girl was a peerless genius who had reached the sixth-tier in her twenties, but who knew ...

Two hours ago, she had been an ordinary person.

countless realms and systems of civilizations? ”

there are some elemental-like life forms that don’t need to follow the rules to advance in realm? ”

They conversed excitedly.

If they discovered the remains of a powerful civilization or a race with potential, the higher-ups would give them enough opportunities and gifts.

There were some things on this planet that they might be commended for in this exploration mission.

the two of us are gods who have stepped onto the path of grade-9, and although we have little knowledge ... However, even if it’s an existence above, it will still shake, right?”

another mysterious civilization that is beyond common sense? ”

The dark-blue creature looked at the two sides and said, ” “I can feel a very strange aura. The power of the two people seemed to come from the positive and the negative emotions, respectively ... This is very strange.”

Although the movements in front of them were very gorgeous and exaggerated, and they had to recite all kinds of gorgeous spells and moves during the battle, which was very embarrassing, they were only surprised for a moment.

“Does this planet have the glory of the ancient civilization?” The two of them had calm expressions as they conversed indifferently.

“That might not be the case ... If there was an ancient civilization’s ruin, then the planet’s destruction was too thorough ... The probability of a prosperous civilization existing here was very low. Perhaps, an ancient civilization of a Galaxy once existed here, and this planet was one of the very remote planets at that time ... That was how I was able to survive the destruction.”

This kind of thing was too common in the universe.

In a normal war, the core planet would be destroyed along with the civilization. On the other hand, it would be the extremely remote and backward planets that had some survivors or some civilizations.

Most of their relics were discovered from these remote planets.

it’s impossible. Is it bait from the fallen civilization? ” The young man asked as a matter of course. After all, he had just heard about the situation and was still very touched.

The dark-blue creature smiled at the young man and explained, ” I don’t know, but there’s no need to figure it out or be suspicious ... This was something that couldn’t be stopped. It would be extremely easy to enter the Azure abyss Divine Domain.

the universe is too huge. For those who have achieved Dao, all kinds of strange and unknown civilizations, and methods beyond our understanding, it’s easy for them to sneak into our midst and use all kinds of methods to hide.

we have thousands of civilizations and countless living beings. Are we going to pick out the three great heavenly venerates one by one? That was unrealistic.

Even the two of us could be spies from the fallen Daoist civilization. You have to be careful ...”

“Two teachers, how could you be?” The young man was surprised.

“Hahahaha, an analogy! It was just a metaphor. In short, try not to believe anyone, but at the same time ... ‘We can’t be suspicious just because we see a civilization ...’ “Otherwise, we would not be able to absorb such a large number of civilizations and form a huge Alliance after hundreds of thousands of years of nomadic civilization.”

“Isn’t the spy very scary? I can still sneak in.” The young man said.

“Hahahaha, how could it be scary? We naturally have a set of mature civilization mechanisms to deal with them. Otherwise, how could we have survived to this day?” The dark blue creature laughed heartily.

you should know that only the three celestial Venerables whose ‘great Dao. is weaker than level ten hold the true core decision-making power ... What’s the use of the other grade-9 cultivators? Come here and carry out missions for us? Travelling duty? They’re just helping us to develop our civilization and serve us.”

The young man froze slightly.

in fact, our Abyssal Blue divine territory is very vast and diverse. There are definitely many people who have disguised themselves and fallen into the Dao ... So what if they couldn’t find them?

they can’t divide us up or sow dissension, because our internal structure has always been loose and on guard against each other. The only people we can trust are the three Supreme gods. They assign tasks for us and keep us in one piece.

As for the spies, if they want to disguise themselves, they will have to carry out missions for us and contribute to the development of this God territory. We will communicate and develop together.”

The two of them spoke with indifferent expressions.

The teenager was silent for a few seconds before he asked again,”so it’s still a hidden danger for spies ...” A small portion of the civilizations on the first and second floors were fine, but what about the spies on the sixth and seventh floors? Wouldn’t it be an internal collapse?”

hahaha, you’re very smart. No wonder you’re a rare genius in our civilization.

The dark-blue creature laughed out loud with a Look of Love on its face. that’s right. The other weak level 10 nomadic civilizations would usually be disintegrated in this way during the process of fleeing and herding. They might die from internal disintegration and infiltration, but we are different ... We are great! We are the strongest!

In our Azure abyss divine territory, the three great heavenly venerates of the Azure abyss divine clan control ‘time’. These three existences can make time stop in our bodies and temporarily turn us into eternal beings ...

Do you know what this means?

All those who join our Azure abyss divine territory will be granted eternal life as long as they are favored by the three great Blue abyss heavenly venerates ... With such hope, how could they turn to the fallen civilization?”

The teenager was suddenly enlightened.

That was indeed the case!

This was a matter of interest, directly tied with interest!

As long as they offered greater benefits than the fallen civilization, it would be fine.

If it wasn’t a last resort, who would choose to fall?

If the three heavenly venerates stopped their ” time “, they would temporarily gain eternal life. They would have enough time to Max out their four genes, walk the path of level nine, and step into level ten ...

As long as they had enough time, all the gods with enough talent would be level 10!

Even if a spy came, he would still switch sides!

This was because they did not accept those rank-9 Dao cultivators who had already maxed out on their genes. Those who no longer had a future, regardless of whether they had fallen or not, they would all be rejected ... They would only accept future geniuses. They naturally knew who to follow and had a better future. They would definitely join them to resist the fallen civilization!

As a result, their deep blue divine territory was growing crazily and the resistance was getting stronger and stronger ... However, they were too fat a piece of meat. They would be targeted by more fallen ones, who would join forces and attack them.

The universe was a dark forest, and they had already become a huge refugee camp of a civilization. They had built high walls, and countless ‘zombie’ fallen civilizations outside were secretly coveting them ...

“Do you understand? This is our strength!”

The dark-blue creature laughed arrogantly, ”

when the three celestial Venerables take in disciples, they never care about the other party’s background. As long as they have heaven-defying talent, it’s enough ... They knew that so what if he was a genius sent by a fallen civilization with ulterior motives? The geniuses would definitely switch sides ... There’s no need to distinguish which side will have a brighter future.”

The young man had a look of longing.

Yes, it was.

Joining the Azure abyss divine territory and becoming the disciple of a great existence, becoming their Clansman, having a bright future, having the strongest bloodline of the Azure abyss time, one could create their own ‘Dao’ and have eternal life. How could they still plunder others?

He was too strong!

Our Abyssal Blue divine territory is too powerful!

The teenager secretly waved his fist.

it’s no wonder that most of the ordinary cultivator civilizations would be destroyed in a cycle of 100000 years, while we have a long and glorious history of 57 years, accommodating thousands of civilizations of various sizes and even passing on for five or six generations. We are still extremely prosperous!

“We’re from the righteous path, we’re upright and honest.”

The dark-blue creature looked at the creature. therefore, you are the hope of our race. I hope to pass the test and become a disciple of the celestial Venerables.

“I will,” The young man said excitedly.

A look of relief flashed across the two men’s faces, and they explained again, ” “In fact, there are fewer and fewer spies, because many of those who are sent to us will change sides. They can’t benefit from us and even have to carry out tasks for us. Are you coveting our common spells that can be seen everywhere?”

They looked at the civilization and shook their heads. “The powerful civilizations that can act as spies must have a deep foundation! How could he not know the general level nine Dao formation spell? No matter how country bumpkins or how shallow a level-9 civilization’s Foundation is, it’s impossible that they don’t know these universal level-9 Dao techniques.”

In their opinion, it was impossible for him to have any ill intentions.

What they taught was ordinary common spells. For example, the ” time backtrack ” in front of them was very common. Unless it was a really backward civilization, why would they want common spells like theirs?

However, how could a truly backward civilization be a spy and hide from them?

This was self-contradictory.

This system should be a native of this civilization or an ancient ruin.

On the other side.

In front of the TV, the players were shocked when they saw the dark blue existences that were lured out. They couldn’t help but shout, ”

“F * ck, brothers, this spell is actually reversing time? Summoning a past image? That’s a little powerful!”

“Hurry up and copy!”

“We’re learning! It seems that this civilization isn’t some backward country bumpkin. They actually know such a powerful and heaven-defying spell.” A player said seriously, ” however, they are probably just some country bumpkins. I just don’t know if they know about the God of creation.

If he didn’t know about the God of creation, he would just be a slightly more powerful country bumpkin.

“However, this spiritual spell is really awesome! There were spatial fluctuations. This might not be a time spell, but a space spell? I think the principle is a little clearer now. The transmission of light is to summon a distant light image that is transmitted to the outside universe? Sort out the data and information flow within?”

this principle is quite impressive. Let’s see if they have any powerful Daoist spells. They watched the small TV in high spirits and displayed their traditional spirit.

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