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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 983

983 A dumbfounded look

“What evil aura?”

The young man asked.

The two of them frowned slightly as they felt the aura flash by.

It was very evil, dark, and chaotic.

It gave people the feeling of an evil creature with countless dark emotions mixed in.

“It seems that this planet is not simple ... There might be a relic of the ancient civilization? Or have the fallen Daoist civilizations that are after us arrived?”

They looked at each other, planning to investigate.

On the other side, Viola quickly accepted reality.

In the afternoon, when he was going to school, Viola was walking on the streets in her student uniform. She was followed by a Bhikkhu that was dancing in the air.

She was surprised to find that no one around her could see it. The White porcelain rabbit with cat ears turned a blind eye to it.

“What wish? I haven’t thought of it yet.”

but, you said that witches are all evil. The ancient seal has been broken, and the great magical girl with the principle of magic circle has fallen into a deep sleep ... Therefore, the witch’s awakening would gradually bring harm to the entire world and bring about disasters ... If you really need someone to stop them, I can try to help.”

“Yes, you can do it! You can become a great magical girl, defeat those witches, obtain the seed of lament, and purify them.” Bhikkhu was floating behind him like a balloon.

the power of a magical girl comes from the human heart. A just and kind person must be a magical girl!

and the demoness is an evil creature, formed from the evil darkness of human nature ... In fate, one was good and the other was evil. Their powers came from the human heart. They looked at each other from a distance. As long as there was a witch, there would be a magical girl ... They exist in each other’s hearts like cause and effect.”

Listening to these words, Viola felt that there was something wrong with them.’This is too mysterious ...’ She thought. It means that only those who are kind and upright can become magical girls.”

“Yup,” “The magical girl is a great hero who protects mankind,” Bhikkhu replied.

In fact, even if this ” hero ” wasn’t kind in the beginning, with the gathering of incense and people’s impression of a hero, it would also make the other party kind. His personality would gradually change, and he would become a hero in the eyes of the people.

The so-called Joss flames were just so evil.

“By the way, why have you been floating behind me?” Viola asked. I can’t even see you.”

The magic pet floating behind him did not answer.

As an unmanned camera, it naturally had to follow behind to film and conduct a live broadcast for the audience in front of the television.

I can feel a wonderful change in my body ...

As for Viola, she could also feel a strange power circulating and moving through her body. This was the emotions and incense that the gods had gathered. The blessing of the gods.

This power was rapidly making her stronger.

At this moment, this surge of energy that cleansed her aptitude made her originally extremely ordinary aptitude, which even had no cultivation talent, become extremely exaggerated.

This was a power that exceeded common sense. It did not even need to cultivate to become stronger ...

The Joss flame God was a special energy creature, just like Ultraman. Once it was formed, it was already a God. It did not need to advance step by step like ordinary creatures. It was a creature that gathered the thoughts of all living beings.

However, this also came with a huge limitation.

She would follow the gods and the emotions that gathered on her body, and she would imperceptibly become a living incense creature.

This was the extreme demonic nature of incense.

However, if she was strong enough, she could resist the erosion of the Joss flames and become a Joss flame creature that could still maintain her sense of self. If her will was not strong enough, or if she kept dying, the Joss flames would completely erode her will ...

The incense was poisonous.

At that time, she would become a true Joss flame creature in the eyes of the people. She would move according to the impression that the people had of her. She would be like a mechanical creature that had no sense of self and was given intelligence by the people.

However, such an opportunity was extremely rare.

It was hard to imagine that the gods would gather their faith and place it on a mortal ...


Just as she was walking, the entire Street suddenly fell silent.

The pedestrians on the street had disappeared. She gradually walked out of a colorful, brightly-colored plaid Hall.

The evil and sorrowful song of a young girl rang out around him.


There were many colorful balloons floating in the sky.

The strange dark blue pocket watch was spinning.

The gears turned into a train and passed by with a click. The collapsed world formed by the pixel grids gradually took shape. It was colorful, like a fairy tale Kingdom in a comic book.

“Where is this place? How did I end up here?” Aivla was completely stunned.

hurry up, it’s the witch. Be careful! hurry up and take out your wand! Bhikkhu shouted. transform!

Aivla was startled. She hurriedly turned around and took out a short magic wand from her bag. She slowly waved it around and began to chant a spell in a solemn and serious tone.


Endless light surrounded her body, and a Holy and pure white aura spread out.

The magic wand in her hand began to glow, and it quickly turned into a long and straight wand with a golden crystal Gem on it.

“Go! Magic heavenly dance!”

“Burn my heart, maiden of truth, the great God of justice, punish the evil person in front of you!”

She let out a loud shout and waved her staff. It was as if the memories from the unseen world suddenly gushed forth, and she naturally used it with great familiarity. She danced gracefully in the air and fought with the witch.

The witch on the other side sneered. foolish magical girl, you can’t stop me from destroying the human race. Take this, sorrowful sigh!


A colorful battle broke out.

Further away, the two dark-blue creatures were silent. They felt as if their worldview had been shaken.

“This is ... What?”

They were all dumbfounded.

Not to mention anything else, this scene alone caused them to go blank for a moment.

In that case, the gaudy pixel art style and the evil and bizarre creatures ...

The middle school girls were dressed so provocatively, waving their wands, and the two sides were reciting embarrassing ” lines “. They were fighting back and forth, and there were even light effects, all kinds of beautiful colorful light effects.

The teenager was a little shocked when he saw this. “What is this? It looks like the fight is quite good ...”

It looked good.

His vocabulary was lacking, and he did not know how to describe it.

let’s not talk about anything else. This light effect, battle ... It looks like too much of an exaggerated action.” The dark-blue creature frowned. in battle, we need to be frugal, fast, and kill with one strike.

And what was the situation in front of them?

The lighting effects were fully played, and there were all kinds of lighting and even some embarrassing lines ...

Just looking at it made him feel extremely embarrassed and awkward.

indeed, it seems to be a very backward civilization, but even so, they know how to save energy and avoid unnecessary actions.

The light blue creature said,”this feeling, it’s very strange ...” How should he describe it? ‘Hmm ...’ It was just like those TV series from the Science and Technology side, with lighting, sound effects, posture, and movement guidance ... It’s as if you’re putting on a show for others, like you’re performing a beautiful spell.”

He gave a very rational evaluation.

indeed, this civilization might have a fault. It’s possible that they only inherited the palace’s performing martial arts and beautiful magic of performance nature ... That’s why they’re all flashy but useless.”

The two of them observed in the dark and made the most reasonable guess.

However, something that left them dumbfounded happened.

Because they quickly discovered that the more gaudy and beautiful the spell, the more beautiful the movement, the more powerful it was.

On the contrary, there was a period of time when this magical girl’s movements were not gaudy or beautiful enough. Her very simple movements began to lose their power rapidly.

“What is this thing?”

They watched the gaudy fight and suddenly began to doubt life.

“Could it be that this gaudy move is in accordance with some sort of law? It caused a resonance with some kind of law? Only then did it show its power?” The dark-blue creature did not react in time.

“Did you hit your head?” The light blue creature replied, ” that’s against all common sense ... It doesn’t conform to any laws at all. It’s too strange.”

The more gaudy the movement, the more powerful it was?

They were a little dumbfounded.

But in fact, this was the essence of the incense system, a beautiful and carefully designed action.

This was because when watching television, as long as the ” old ladies in the audience were happy and their actions were beautiful, it would form a ” fan culture “, and more incense and faith would surge in.

His moves, battle prowess, and even his own cultivation level would also increase.

After all, believers were the most important to Joss flame creatures.

However, they didn’t know this at all, so they could only look dumbfounded.

“It looks very strange. Let’s go back in time and see what happened to this girl a few hours ago.” The two dark-blue creatures laughed, but what they saw next stunned them.

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