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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 977

977 Crisis and an ancient conversation

Carolyn felt an unknown chill run down her spine.

The presence of a 5-Geno life meant ... It was suspected to be a tenth-grade existence.

A Level-10 civilization?

There was a legendary tenth-level existence at the peak of the universe in this Galaxy?

Now that he thought about it, the Nomad civilization was too strange!

It was so strange that it was terrifying!

She lowered her head and looked at the ordinary life planet.

The civilization level was very ordinary, and it was obvious that it was an ordinary civilization.

“The Nomad civilization is really hiding in the nearby void? Then why are we stopping beside this low-leveled civilization?”

“No occupation, no action ...”

Caroline carefully stepped back and said in shock:

also, the tiel civilization seemed to have received the same treatment. They did not occupy it and did not make any moves ... In fact, at that time, they even communicated with the relatively low-level tiel civilization and stayed there for a period of time.”

According to the records, the tiel civilization could no longer remember the appearance of those mysterious extraterrestrials who had come down from a certain carrier spaceship. The memories they had left behind were deep, blue.

It was a strange sense of eternity.

as for me, I know that the tiel civilization has been secretly following them for a period of time ... We just think that they’re a civilization with a similar gap ...”

After all, to be secretly followed by the tiel civilization for a period of time, how powerful could he be?

But now that he thought about it ...

There were actually two possibilities for him to ignore the tracking.

The first possibility was that his technological civilization was too poor, and he didn’t notice that someone was following him.

The second possibility was that the enemy was too weak, and the gap between the two sides was too great, so they could not be bothered with the curiosity of the ant civilization toward themselves.

Now that he thought about it, it might be the second possibility.

She kept retreating and became completely solemn. Finally, she left. it seems that I have to seriously study the memory materials and images left behind by the tiel civilization at that time.

She carefully returned and quickly searched through Chartier’s inherited memories in the spiritual universe.

The inheritance of the tiel Empire was very special.

As a powerful technological civilization, they would inherit the emperor’s memory at the same time.

“I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, but it seems that I have to carefully observe the conversation at that time.” Carolyn lowered her gaze. it’s reconstructing the memory of that time.

She closed her eyes.


It was as if she was following the memories of the past generations and saw an inexplicable, blurry disk floating above the planet. It was so blurry that she could not see its shape clearly.

It was the memory of that generation’s Emperor tiel.

they ” came down from the disc, as if the entire planet’s life had come to. standstill, and they could not be seen clearly ... The feeling it gave off was blue.

Even Carolyn was unable to extract any useful information from his memories.

As the memory was too distant, it seemed to be deliberately blurred, ” but it gave people a special feeling. It was as if the moment they saw them, time was frozen, frozen in eternity.

It was this strange feeling.

However, at that time, His Majesty tiel did not seem to be surprised, and even ignored their strangeness.

Instead, they asked where the civilizations came from and if they were hostile. The other party appeared to be very friendly. After exchanging some information affably, the two parties left in their spaceship.

It was that simple.

“I still can’t see any information ...”

Taking a deep breath, Carolyn said, ” it’s just that that blue gave off an absolutely terrifying feeling. It’s as if time had been frozen ... I have to ask the ancient God.”

Turning around, Carolyn had completely disappeared.


Xu Zhi was also sitting on the sofa in front of the TV in a daze.

What the hell is this?

You’re asking me, how would I know?

Previously, the tiel civilization had been a very weak civilization. They had simply sent a few super-sized Saima, and even the weakest disabled rank-9 could be destroyed.

In front of him ... Such an exaggerated one all of a sudden?

“This doesn’t follow common sense at all.” Xu Zhi felt as if he had just taken a cold shower. His dazed and relaxed expression turned completely serious in an instant.

it’s a strange and terrifying unknown civilization. Even Carolyn, who has broken through to rank 9, can feel a strong sense of danger.

However, not following common sense was the reality.

This civilization was still very strange!

But how could it not be strange?

Which true super civilization was not mysterious and unimaginably powerful?

“Sub-brain, what’s the situation?” Xu Zhi asked.

The intelligent sub-brain said, ”

this aura is similar to a level 10 five-Geno life form, but it’s not the same ... Strictly speaking, this is the aura of a 4.5-Geno lifeform.”

4.5 Gene?

Xu Zhi came to his senses at once. He was a weak tenth level that had stepped onto the path of tenth level!

How did one walk the path of the tenth level?

Condensing the fifth gene ...

Wouldn’t it be 0.5 genes if he condensed it halfway?

fortunately, I really thought I hit the jackpot. The first thing I encountered was a tenth-Level Ultimate creature that ordinary civilizations can’t even encounter in hundreds of thousands of years of development. Xu Zhi heaved a sigh of relief.

This kind of creature should be very rare, or even almost invisible. After all, when low-level ants fought, any possibility would no longer be in the same time and space as you.

But right now, even if he didn’t win the Super special prize, he had won the grand prize.

Ten levels weaker, what did that mean?

This was a Super Monster who had maxed out on all four of his genes, then broken through to rank-9 and stepped onto the path of rank-10!

How hard was it to Max out on four genes?

One could imagine.

There were not many level-9 civilizations in the universe, and most of them were difficult to break through. However, the strongest legendary peak level-9 civilization had come?

A civilization that had hopes of reaching level 10?

originally, I thought that it was just an Ordinary level-9 civilization and could barely fight ... To increase the pressure on Carolyn, who knew that there would be such a ...” Xu Zhi took a deep breath. sub-brain, what’s the difference in combat power? ”

if the other party were to kill us, our civilization would most likely be destroyed. The intelligent sub-brain replied, ” only a few people can escape.

Di Qi, Carolyn, and the others, if they all went up together to fight head-on, would they all be beaten to death? They could only run? Completely unable to resist?

Xu Zhi’s expression became completely calm.

This was normal.

He was ten levels weaker, but he had stepped onto the path of a tenth level ... How are you going to fight?

It was like a tier 8 God who had stepped onto the path of tier 9 and could distort the laws. If an ordinary tier 8 God were to face him, they would not be able to distort the laws. They were not living beings of the same dimension!

The fact that Carolyn, di Qi and the others were able to escape was under extremely heaven-defying circumstances.

“Then, it’s better not to provoke them.” Xu Zhi thought about it.

The universe was too huge. Just a Galaxy was as small as a grain of sand thrown into a desert. Only God knew how strange and powerful a civilization was!

we don’t have to fight them head-on. Those weaker than level 10 won’t be able to break through the current protective shield of the Zergs.

The sub-brain of the Zerg replied, ” the other party can’t follow the traces of the laws and trace our location ... This is because we already have several powerful type 9 Daoist cultivators, countless paths to type 9, and millions of gods and heavenly emperors.”

Xu Zhi was stunned.

He quickly understood what the sub-brain meant.

Just like the three pillar gods, they used the huge race’s fate that was condensed by all living beings ... The other party was not strong enough to completely break through the defensive power of an entire race.

in other words, our zergs have a large number and high quality. Even a weaker level 10 can’t crush the luck of the entire zergs and break through the Zergs ‘protective shield to track us down? ” Xu Zhi sorted out his thoughts.

In that case, Xu Zhi was a little interested.

Although they couldn’t fight them head-on, as long as they kept hiding, the other party wouldn’t be able to come over and find the coordinates of this world by following the laws.

However, he had to observe the situation of this civilization first.

The Zerg sub-brain said, ”

[ the memory inheritance image of the current king of tiel has been restored. Do you wish to retrieve it? ]

Xu Zhi was speechless.

As expected of a professional neighbor, reading the inherited memories of other civilizations and races was a piece of cake for him.


Xu Zhi said softly.


What Xu Zhi saw was a little clearer than what Caroline could see, but he still saw some mysterious alien creatures with a hazy blue.

But this time, the conversation was clear.

our appearance is the best form that you can accept.

The dark blue creature in front of him was a beautiful deer-horned beauty. She was lithe and light blue in color. She was more than two meters tall, giving off a tall and Holy feeling. please don’t be surprised. We are trying to reduce the rejection your civilization has against us with this attitude.

The other party’s voice was very gentle, as if he was from a kind civilization.

“Where are you guys from? What was the goal? What are you going to do to us?” That generation’s Emperor tiel said in a very vigilant manner. He had asked three extremely simple core questions right from the start.

we come from the other end of the universe. Our goal is to travel through space and collect resources from other civilizations. We are not hostile. At the same time. we are also taking care of the cleaner civilization in the universe and some fallen advanced civilizations ... To protect the growth of your civilization.”

“The cleaner?”

yes, when you reach the threshold of our civilization, you will see the frequent wars at our level. In this civilization stage, most of the level 9 civilizations in the universe will gradually evolve into fallen advanced civilizations.

Their knowledge could no longer be broken through, and their civilization could no longer advance. They were empty, lonely, and lonely. Gradually, they started frequent wars, attacked low-leveled civilizations, and even destroyed themselves ... And we have to stop that from happening.” 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you all very powerful?”

we can express that we understand that you can’t understand our words because your civilization has yet to reach this level. However, we are indeed very powerful. We are one of the few advanced civilizations that can continue to break through. We are different from those fallen level-9 civilizations. We have a broader future.

“I still don’t understand.”

you’ll understand in the future. We’re very curious about your space Railgun because we were born with similar abilities.

“What ability?”



“Haven’t you noticed? Only a few seconds had passed since we started talking ... 0.3 seconds.”

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