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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 974

974 I have a bold idea

Tap tap tap tap.

Xu Zhi landed gently in a mountain range and looked into the distance.

He saw a small God’s residence.

A few gods that trusted each other were hiding together, hiding their auras deeply.

only if one doesn’t go out for a lifetime can they build such a strong protective concealment array ... Otherwise, once you went out frequently, you would definitely be able to find your lair by following the clues. No matter how high the shielding effect was, it would be useless. However ... I’m really not going out for a lifetime.”

Xu Zhi’s gaze was leisurely.

But do you think that the main body is their weakness?

That would be ridiculous!

The main body’s combat strength was the strongest.

After all, it was a copy of the crippled quantum gene, only 70% of the original ... If you can’t even beat the clone, you’re really looking for death if you go to the main body ...

In this land, small televisions were already a popular product among the gods.

Xu Zhi calmly spent some resources and managed to get a small television. He then built a house in a hidden place.


Xu Zhi sat in the living room that had just been built in front of the small TV, experiencing the rules of life in this world. it looks like the live broadcast is about to start, right? ”

He sat on the sofa, bored, and fiddled with a few TV channels, only to find that there were unexpectedly few channels.

“Virtual life”

Quantum combat body was the function of the core.

“Television shopping.”

It was currently very simple and crude.

There were no high-grade divine artifacts.

There were only various novels, books, and spiritual reading materials. The most interesting thing was that Xu Zhi had even discovered a game handheld device, which actually had pokémon, daphomet, and so on.

“Let the gods play with these?”

Xu Zhi’s face darkened slightly.

What kind of strange technology tree did these animals choose in order to make money?

Smelting iron, making electric circuits, industrialization, starting from scratch, and now even a handphone had been invented ...

As expected of a professional farmer. He was not good at fighting, but he was the first in the lifestyle class ... There were definitely talents in the electronics department working there.

“Focus interview”

This one had just joined.

And then there was nothing else.

What Xu Zhi looked forward to the most was another very important ” variety film and television “, which would broadcast movies, create film and television ” stars, ” collect the power of will, and use incense to gather them into a God of incense ...

However, it seemed that the program had not appeared and was still going on as planned.

After all, the arrangement of incense and the planning of the TV series were very complicated.

I reckon that Carolyn is going to start her livestream soon? ”

Xu Zhi sat on the sofa and watched the small TV, feeling a little bored.

For these natives, the current television barely had the three elements of an otaku: Gaming entertainment, novel reading, film and television programs.

It could make these natives stay at home for the rest of their lives and live happily as otakus, but for Xu Zhi, it was really quite boring ... After all, it was a common occurrence.

“Why don’t you find something to do?”

Xu Zhi held his chin and frowned. The other deities had their own families, sitting in rows to watch TV together, but this house was empty.

Everyone had a daughter and son to accompany them ...

they invaded the universe garden. Now, let the universe garden invade in reverse ... Bring Medusa and Shi Ji to this living room and watch TV together?”

secretly observe the development of this new civilization together? ”

He was shocked by his wild idea.

This operation was too flashy.

I secretly observed my own civilization.

He felt that he might have been led astray by the tricks of those idiotic players, which was why he came up with this idea. However, after thinking about it, it was actually not bad!

After all, Carolyn’s development had been too smooth.

The development of di Qi and the three pillar gods was too smooth, and they did not suffer any major losses ... The universe garden had suffered a huge loss, but they wouldn’t take revenge? Renemansky’s show was over just like that?

That would be such a waste.

The universe had to fight with each other. He did not have a deep hatred with reinimansaga. Although they were not enemies, they were at least neutral forces that did not have a good relationship with each other ...

Reinymansky could give them some pressure.

A strange expression appeared on his face. furthermore, bring Shiji and Medusa over and learn their civilization system in reverse ... After all, you’re the only one who can learn my culture. Without me, I can’t learn from you.”

otherwise, Medusa and Shi Ji might not be able to keep up with the times the next time we meet. Those people are really crazy about learning everything ...

When Xu Zhi thought of this, the corners of his mouth curved up slightly.

I really need to balance it out ... He couldn’t just help Carolyn and the tier 7 heavenly court ... I still have to help Medusa and quantum world rise. Universe garden-although it’s my new extraordinary sandbox, I can’t always favor my ‘biological son’, the small universe world, who followed me here, right?”


Cosmos garden.

The earth was green and lush, and there were countless beasts.

This was the land of several planets, and it was extremely vast. At the same time, there were some living beings that appeared. They were actually some level nine existences from the crystal wall system universe, and they descended and wandered on this land.


The little girl was still working out, waving her fists, punching tens of thousands of times a day.

Medusa was still practicing martial arts.

Soon, the two of them were called to the study.

The sunlight outside the window shone into the study, and the dark red carpet was covered with gold.

Reinymansky sat on a chair and said in a loud voice, ” it’s been sixty to seventy years in the higher dimension space-time since the civilization invasion. How do you feel? ”

In fact, 70 years was only a day after the invasion in real time.

the trauma of civilization has not yet recovered.

Medusa pursed her lips and said indifferently, ” a day has passed. Tiel Empire, extraordinary planet bord ... He was still dealing with the aftermath of the battle and had not recovered yet.

“Their higher-ups have all been taken away, leaving behind only the old, weak, and disabled citizens. Our disciples, the thirteenth Prince, Charles, and the others, are already doing their best to save their civilization.”

Medusa did not care about those low-level civilizations in the first place. If she did not like them, she would just let them run their own course. She was already too busy with a crystal wall system universe.

Renemansky laughed, his gaze seemingly penetrating through the ancient era. He said with a complicated expression, ” more than 100000 years ago, that God’s Buddhist and Daoist civilization was already an unimaginably powerful giant in my era.

‘However, when I woke up again, his era had passed, and he was old ...’ Even though I was not as good as him in that era, now that I’ve recovered, I’m gradually catching up to him ... Not long ago, we fought once, and he actually had internal injuries ... I’m afraid that he has fought against a powerful opponent before.”

Medusa listened carefully.

It contained a terrifying ancient message.

However, renemanska laughed and did not say anything else, which made her heart itch. “Enough with the nonsense. Let’s get down to business. The enemy seems strong and we’ve suffered a big loss. However, they don’t know that I’ve left a secret technique.”

“You left behind some kind of technique?” Medusa said in surprise.

that’s right, ” renemansky said. as an existence who has come into contact with the ultimate path, I still have some means. I’ve also cultivated quantum martial arts. I’m unpredictable and have already followed them into their world.

Yes, it was.

Medusa’s eyes suddenly burst with a bright light!

Since he was a close friend of the evil god, it was only natural that he had already cultivated quantum martial arts ...

And quantum martial arts were very strange!

He left behind some quantum particles and secretly followed them ...

‘They invaded our world and stole our civilization. Now it’s our turn ...’

“Father is so amazing.” Shi Ji’s face was filled with excitement.

but you have to be clear that this is not a decisive counterattack. We will not make too many big moves. We don’t even need to descend in our true bodies. We will definitely be discovered ... “However, if we split off an extremely small portion of our quantum bodies to sneak in and lay dormant, it’ll be enough.”

Reinimansaga laughed. the other party has created a new world. We can go and take a look. It will be a wonderful journey.

“A new world?” Medusa asked.

that’s right, ” renemansky said with a smile. the other party has reached the final stage and is giving it their all. They are using all their resources to develop their civilization and cultivate a new heir ... ‘Although I don’t want to start a civilization war with them and get myself into trouble ...’ However, sneaking in without being discovered ... Then nothing would have happened.”

His main body would be cultivating here while his quantum battle body would head over to explore ...

Medusa immediately felt that it was a good idea when she heard that.

After all, Shi Ji had also integrated quantum genes into his body, and he had already formed a part of his quantum body ... However, she only needed a part of it. A strand of hair was enough ... After all, his main body was too huge!

‘Adjusting the quantum body size ... They’ll use the tiny size of their world as a standard.” their war has nothing to do with us, ” renemansky said. we just need to keep our identities hidden.



He received two affirmative answers.

“Be careful. Remember not to be detected.” Reinimansaga gently extended his hand, and a teleportation formation appeared. The two of them entered with bright eyes.


They entered a living room.

As soon as he entered this world, he saw a strange but familiar scene. It was as if this world was covered by an extremely powerful Daoist, who had distorted the material density of this world.

The density of their bodies was actually continuously shrinking, turning into a small person.

When they came back to their senses, they found that their father was already sitting on the sofa, watching a small TV. The shape of the TV looked a little cute.

“Where is this place?”

Shi Ji’s heart trembled as he felt the environment. He could not help but exclaim, the environment here is highly compressed. This is clearly a copy of our iron-based life form’s body-compressing technique!

This was very familiar. How could she not feel it?

This new civilization that the enemy had just created was too terrifying and shameless!

He was actually learning their clan’s system and cultivation techniques? He had created a new world with this?

At that moment, not only was Shi Ji shocked, Medusa’s entire being was completely solemn.

She looked at the antenna of the TV and felt the quantum genes. not only did I learn from your race, but I also learned from our evil god race ... This world came to our universe garden and plagiarized the systems of our two races to form!”

He was too shameless!

He was too shameless!

Looking at this new civilization, the two of them were shocked, and they had the same thought.

At the same time, they also felt an indescribable fear. The other party clearly didn’t obtain their genes, yet they were still able to produce such a specious effect. This proved how great the other party’s talent and Foundation were!

This world was too unbelievable.

On the contrary, this wasn’t the only thing that shocked them. On the television, a familiar figure quickly appeared, Caroline, and she reported, ”

this new world has been developing for more than 70 years. There are already a few beings who have stepped onto the path of rank-9 and are close to completion. I’m here ...

As soon as he said that, the two of them felt that they couldn’t keep up with the times.

Not only did they mix their civilization systems, but they had also developed to such a terrifying extent. It had only been 70 years, and they had developed from nothing to something. Even weak level 9s had begun to appear so quickly?

This was like a fantasy story.

“Don’t get too excited,”

let’s take a look. reinnemansky sat on the sofa with a gentle expression. He motioned for the two of them to sit down and watch the TV. we will slowly observe this mysterious new civilization. We will have an answer to everything.

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