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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 973

973 The Nomad civilization

“That’s not what I think. In the vast universe, there are many inheritances that are like this.”

The ancient God shook his head.

“Many civilizations are like this? Is this the best way?”

Carolyn was slightly surprised. After carefully thinking about the profound meaning behind this, she revealed an expression of understanding. indeed! You’re a super ancient God, you’ve lived for hundreds of thousands of years, you’ve seen many things.”

In fact, this was indeed the law of many powerful races in the universe.

At this moment, Xu Zhi naturally knew about it based on the inherited memories of the renemansky clan.

This was because, now that he thought about it carefully, renemansky’s inheritance also suggested that talented descendants cultivate a perfect Dao Foundation and then break through to rank-9. If they did not have the talent, they should not force it.

But why would he suggest it?

And not directly tell the truth about the tenth level of the iron-based race’s descendants?

because the world is too cruel. It’s better not to tell ... To avoid despair.”

Xu Zhi looked up and said, ” even the tenth-grade ancestor of the reinimanska clan did not think that it was possible for his descendants to break through to the tenth grade. Therefore, the inheritance only vaguely suggested that the later generations cultivate a perfect Dao Foundation and did not directly explain it. This could prevent the later generations from falling into demonic obsession and despair when they were at the divine Spirit stage ... He didn’t even break through to rank-9, but he killed himself just to improve his 4th-tier Dao Foundation.”

This was a cruel reality.

When a race with a strong inheritance and few clansmen didn’t even have a level 9 descendant and had many generations of level 8 gods, all dying of old age on the path of weak level 9 gods ... If not even a type 9 had appeared, then in a few generations, this race would definitely age and go extinct!

There must be a reason for this segmented memory inheritance method to be popular at this time. Time had proven its practicality.

Even many powerful races in the universe had to do the same.

the universe’s cultivation path is truly a struggle against the heavens. It’s a hopeless and bumpy path with no end in sight. Xu Zhi shook his head and sighed. He was filled with emotions.

Right now, he was planning to do the same, imitating the powerful races in the universe outside.

He was instilling in them the concept of being stronger with four genes, but he was also hinting that if they couldn’t do it, it would be fine even if they didn’t create a perfect gene. They could break through directly, but they would be weaker than other rank-9s ... Such a concept.

After all, it was true that most of the grade-9 creatures were leeks, but Xu Zhi still hoped that among the leeks ... There was a possibility that a true tenth level would appear.

“Then, we have to tell them and inform them.”

of course. Carolyn smiled and said, ” after all, this was only known during the evolution corridor period ... This was something that happened later, and it wasn’t left in their inherited memories in advance.”

As the two of them talked, they talked about the future of the era and the model of prosperity. In fact, the two of them were also discussing a new way of civilization development by harvesting leeks.

“Ancient God, do you want to descend with me? It’s time to meet the descendants of this new world, as well as the living beings ...” Said Carolyn with a smile.

The ancient God only shook his head. go ahead. I won’t be accompanying you.

Normally, it would be fine to go.

However, when he thought about the sudden change in the supernatural world, he was afraid that it would be broadcasted live on television. After all, even the gods were being interviewed, and it was a focus interview. That would be a little awkward ...

He thought about it and decided not to go.

Instead of going to this kind of awkward meeting, it would be better to do something else ...

“Then I’ll go and inform them.” Said Carolyn with a smile. Carolyn was very used to it, and even felt a sense of familiarity with it.

After all, the izudaardians and the Protoss were in a similar situation back then. The powerful ones were used to live broadcasts on TV.

Carolyn was prepared to move, but she said, ” “That’s right, I obtained some interesting memories from the memories of His Majesty tiel of the tiel Empire and the few Supreme gods.”

“What memory?” The ancient God laughed.

they have hidden it very well. It is the top secret and information of their country. It is only the coordinates of certain special civilizations in their personal brains.


Xu Zhi did not quite react in time.

However, he quickly felt that this was normal.

After all, the development of the tiel civilization for tens of thousands of years, there would definitely be all kinds of information about some civilizations that he passed by, some civilizations that he knew, and all kinds of other information.

This was especially so for the scene before him.

They had become a part of Carolyn’s memory corridor, and even their most confidential memories had been dug out.

Carolyn smiled. however, it is very obvious that the other worlds will not reveal their exact coordinates on their own accord ... “However, Emperor tiel still used some special tracking methods to tail them for a certain distance and learned the rough coordinates of a Nomad-level civilization.”

“A Nomad-level civilization?”

Xu Zhi’s expression was indifferent.

The tiel civilization had not yet truly possessed the ability to move their ” civilization ” at will. They had only barely reached the threshold of civilization. At the last moment, they had been preparing to realize the ” wandering planet project.

The truly advanced civilizations in the universe must exist in the form of ” nomads “. This was an inevitable law.

At the same time, a civilization of this level would have an exaggerated demand for energy. Therefore, it was impossible for them to stay in the same star system for a long time. They would choose to leave after mining enough resources.

At the same time, it was not only illusory, but also unimaginably flexible and difficult to track.

This was a truly powerful civilization in the universe. The planet could no longer restrain them, and they could even move the entire planet.

Just like the Nomad tribe on the grassland, when the resources of one grassland were exhausted, they would migrate to another grassland to continue grazing and growing.

To make a simple analogy, it was like floating around the ‘ancient wood planet’.

She explained, ” I know the general location. I’ll stay on that piece of land. As long as I carefully explore the void of that area, no matter how good the concealment is, it can’t escape my eyes.

That was what she thought.

After all, she considered herself to be one of the most powerful existences among the ninth step.

“If you’re interested, you can visit her.” The ancient God laughed. but don’t play around and lose your mind. You have to focus on improving your cultivation.

Xu Zhi was really not too interested in the culture of the outside world.

The tiel civilization from before, planet bord?

It was simply like playing house, not even in his eyes!

In the end, it was Xu Zhi who acted as the universe garden and made a direct move, which made Carolyn and the others feel powerful ... Otherwise, it would have been an easy battle against the natives.

The Nomad civilization in front of him might have truly entered level-9 ... However, he didn’t think that Carolyn couldn’t defeat the other party. Even among the Daoists of the universe, she was one of the most powerful ones ...

However, observation was still necessary, but that was all. Xu Zhi intended to completely build his focus on the sandbox that opened up and developed the extraordinary world.

“Okay, I’ll be careful.”

that’s right. Carolyn smiled and said, ” we’re looking for civilizations from the outside world and all sorts of new stars to find some energy to replenish. Otherwise, if we continue to rely on your accumulated reserves to provide energy ... It’s too much of a pity.”

Xu Zhi smiled and did not say anything.

After exchanging a few more words, Carolyn bade her farewell and left to inform the entire tower world about her future path to the 9th rank, as well as how to break through and advance.

Xu Zhi looked over with a calm gaze.

She was busy with her own things. Although she didn’t show her face, she couldn’t rule out the possibility that he didn’t want to explore the world.


In a flash, Xu Zhi entered the entire world of the tower.

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