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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 970

970 An ordinary office worker


“Good, this is good stuff!”

with just a little investigation, we’ll know that this divine item can’t be created by some fellow from a world that has risen to power with us for only a few years!

“This is a divine item from the heavens!”

Seeing the great emperor Dongqing’s delight, the ministers in the hall were shocked.

What could have shocked such a talented and ambitious Overlord? he had always been a serious person.

Year 3 of the East Green dynasty.

Then, something strange happened.

A meteorite fell from the sky. The Dongqing Emperor, who had been working hard to rule the country, no longer attended morning court sessions. It was as if he was obsessed with Celestial Arts. He stayed in his harem day and night, not caring about the outside world.

Countless officials in the Imperial court began to discuss this matter, and they couldn’t help but rage.

“Evil, that’s an evil! His Majesty had made great efforts to rule the country, how wise was he? Your mind has been contaminated by this thing!”

“This subject wants to risk my life to make an audience!”

Year 7 of the East Green dynasty.

His Majesty still ignored everything.

In the midst of the country’s panic, the Prime Minister was in charge of all the National affairs.

The Prime Minister worked hard to govern the country and worked hard to carry out the policy of “military deployment to all people” for His Majesty. He vowed to be loyal to His Majesty, hoping that when His Majesty returned from the wrong path, there would still be a healthy dynasty.

Ten years in the East Green dynasty.

The entire dynasty was still in chaos and was on the verge of collapse. The vassal lords all over the country were already showing signs of rebellion.

hahaha, I have come out of seclusion again. I have actually mastered such a peerless divine skill!

On this day, the Dongqing Emperor reappeared. He used bloody means to suppress the entire dynasty. He wiped out any disgruntled voices and ruled the world again.

When the Prime Minister saw this scene, he could not help but burst into tears. Your Majesty, you’ve finally turned over a new leaf. You’ve turned over a new leaf ... It’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back. Don’t get addicted to those evil things.”

There were also officials who sobbed,

“It’s just that His Majesty’s strength is too wasteful, and he only has 70% of his previous strength left.”

“It’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back ... Our dream of conquering the Outworld can be reignited.”

The eleventh year of the East Green dynasty.

His Majesty returned and made great efforts to rule the country. At the same time, his strength began to gradually recover and even rise again, and he began to step into the mid-level deity realm.

Ten years later, His Majesty led an Army and crossed the world above-the Buddhist world.


An earth-shattering battle erupted.

A mighty figure of the Buddhist League from the Buddhist league’s macro world was also a God that was not inferior to His Majesty.

“I’ve been tolerating you in the forum for a long time.”

Great emperor Dongqing spoke as if he had known this existence for a long time. His voice was cold and domineering, and he said something that none of his subjects understood. you have indeed come as promised. I’ll see you at the offline entrance. You’re not a coward after all.

This powerful being of the Buddhist sect was like an enraged Vajra, ” if you want to fight, then let’s fight. Using your sharp tongue to insult me for not being good with words. Wait until I rule your world and kill you forcefully. I’ll cut off your tongue and let everyone watch.

you’re just a sharp-tongued person. Is a level four really that powerful? ”

your level is higher, ” great emperor Dongqing said coldly. it’s just that you broke through to the God-level before me in your world. You’re just one step ahead.

“You’re looking for death.”

This battle had caused the entire mountain to collapse.

A powerful pressure swept out. The two unparalleled existences were actually fighting to the death without any mercy, as if they had a deep hatred.

This battle lasted for three days, and both sides were exhausted. In the last fight, they both died.

“What’s this?”

“His Majesty has fallen?”

All the elites and experts of the Lord dynasty were shocked. This was too unbelievable.


On the other side.

In a secret room in the entire western sea Empire.

In an elegant living room, a middle-aged man in slippers was sitting in front of the TV. He was slovenly dressed in a loose nightgown, looking like an unemployed middle-aged office worker.

“Eh? They both died?”

The middle-aged man scratched his head and a serious look flashed across his face. With a faint smile, he said, ” I didn’t expect this guy to be so powerful. His cultivation base is indeed stronger. However, I’m not weak and can be bullied. I self-destructed and died with him ... However, I have to create a new body. I don’t know how much time that will take.”

“Dad, mom called you to eat.” The little girl’s voice came from the side.

“I know. I know ...”

Although the middle-aged man said that, his eyes were still fixed on the screen,’it’s good to create a shadow first ...’ It proves that I’m still alive. Otherwise, the dynasty will be in chaos.”

“Daddy, come and eat. Mommy is angry!” The little girl shouted.

At the table beside them, a beautiful middle-aged woman pulled the little girl and said softly, ” “Let’s eat first. Don’t call your dad. He’s at work. He’s at work.”

The little girl looked puzzled and said,”what work?” Her father had never left the house and had been working at home. Could he be an internet operator? Or are you a programmer?”

The little girl had never left the outside world, but her parents had used some special means to exchange for many real-life books for her to entertain her and kill time.

There were all kinds of books, science fiction, reality, urban, and fantasy.

gradually, she began to understand how the outside world was like from the books.

“Your father is indeed working.”

The beautiful middle-aged woman was silent for a moment. She sat at the dining table and gently said, ” it seems that I have to tell you the truth. Our family has never left the house. Your father has long used a special method to shield the entire room for our safety ... After all, your father has many enemies.”

The little girl was shocked and said excitedly, ” “Dad, could it be a spy from the country? Working in secret underground? He’s so powerful.”

Her father was frivolous, wearing floral shorts and big slippers.

He was not an ordinary office worker!

She was so excited that her mouth was wide open.

Which little girl didn’t fantasize about her father being extremely handsome and an unfathomable super big Shot?

“No, no.”

The beautiful middle-aged woman picked up some food for her daughter. I told you to just read those fictional novels. Don’t believe them. They are all fake ... What supermarket, 9 to 5 work, TV, computer, science ... That’s a fictional world, it doesn’t exist.”

then my father is a very ordinary ... White-collar worker.” The little girl’s eyes flashed with disappointment. No wonder he was so free, playing with her all day, reading books with her, discussing the plot, playing with toys with her, and making her happy.

“It’s not like that. He’s a special white-collar worker.”

His mother pointed to a middle-aged man in slippers sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was watching TV with a serious face and said gently, ” “Your father is the great emperor of a Qi cultivation region-great emperor Dongqing. He rules over hundreds of millions of cultivators and is a great God! One of the most powerful people in the world!”

The little girl sat in front of the dining table in the living room. “???”

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