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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 969

969 The Qi refining Empire, a divine item from heaven


The earth was vast and boundless.

Rivers, soil, trees, and mountains.

It was impossible to tell that they were inside a tall tower. It was like a vast and vast world, with luxuriant branches and leaves, and the earth was green. 𝒾n𝘯𝒓𝙚а𝑑. 𝓬𝑜𝙢


A group of top 1000 players appeared on the spot.

At this moment, they could clearly sense that their own density and even the density of the surrounding environment had formed a strange high-energy world that was compressing at a high speed.

Even the powerhouses would find it difficult to cause large-scale destruction.

“The piano didn’t appear here but was taken away? What kind of creature has she transformed into that she’s so precious to Carolyn?”

let’s not care about that. Brothers who have entered, quickly split up according to the original plan!

yes, we’ll follow the plan we’ve agreed on before. First, we’ll collect resources and quickly reproduce the species-television. We’ll make it so that everyone has one as soon as possible.

construction team, quickly start digging and building a basement. We need to quickly build a base and hide in it. Then, we’ll start building a farming style ... Watch TV!”

Countless people began to set up camp.

At the same time, they discovered a very terrifying thing.

This world had only been around for 30 to 40 years at most, but they actually felt that danger was lurking everywhere. Large numbers of Tier 4 and Tier 5 experts were everywhere.

Level 6 was faintly discernible, as if it was the Overlord of some secret realm in the forest.

“A Tier 6 heavenly Emperor has already appeared. Could it be that there’s already a tier 7 heavenly Emperor?”

“Eight or nine out of ten!”

what the f * ck? it’s only been thirty years, and a heavenly Emperor has already appeared? isn’t this too ridiculous? ”

of course, everyone. You must know that with such a terrifying spiritual energy density, coupled with the inherited memories in their minds and the ready-made mature cultivation methods, it’s very normal for them to break through to the heavenly Emperor realm in 30 years if they are given the opportunity to cultivate ... Even the twenty plus year old Dou di next door still exists.”

“That’s true.”

However, the players ‘scalps went numb.

The top 1000 of them who came here couldn’t fight.

This was because they were all studying species with evolutionary potential to be able to walk through the evolutionary corridor ... Those who could fight were still at the back of the evolution corridor. It was still uncertain whether they could enter.

Someone said,

anyway, don’t panic. We’re already mature players. This isn’t the first time we’ve explored a new world. We have to learn how to move by ourselves!

let’s act according to the plan. Our television civilization is not a battle-type civilization to begin with ... we are the foundation of the world, similar to the green vines of Mother Earth. We are only responsible for maintaining the television equipment. They will fight their own, their civilization will develop their own ... We’re just ... Onlookers!”

yes, we are only hosts of live television broadcasts. We absolutely can not interfere with the times. We only provide the foundation of the world, provide television sales, and remain neutral like Mother Earth.

“In that case, let’s start looking for geniuses who are powerful enough to sell television sets.”

“Isn’t that a little too fast? None of us have been able to bring out the quantum body to make contact with it. Is it not safe?”

“Who allowed you to make direct contact?”


The world of the White Tower.

In the blink of an eye, another ten years had passed.

The entire land was in turmoil. These Saima and digital beast tribes were fighting each other. It was very brutal and bloody, and they had suffered heavy losses.

Another ten years passed.

During the period of disputes, there were internal conflicts among the races.

There were strong tribes that developed languages, characters appeared, cultivated land, and herded livestock. Unparalleled heavenly emperors established dynasties one after another, and the fate of the country flourished day by day. There were countless cultivators.

The entire land was filled with the art of true Qi.

In a few years, countless peerless experts who cultivated genuine Qi transformed their Qi into nothingness, flew in the air, and traveled freely between heaven and earth.

The development of this land was rapid. Ten years was like two hundred years of progress in the outside world!

Finally, in the Wushan tribe ... The first godly spirit appeared, and he was known as the great emperor Dongqing.

This Overlord of gods had unparalleled talent and the aura of a Holy Dragon. With the genuine Qi technique of the Azure Dragon Force, he directly pushed through the northern mountain range and the demon Emperor clan who occupied it bowed down to him.

The next year, Emperor Dongqing entered the Western Desert alone.

He had single-handedly defeated the illustrious Grand Martial Emperor of the great martial dynasty and announced his submission.

Another day, he entered the beast race from the South and beheaded the great beast Emperor. Great emperor Dongqing swept across the entire region, and his reputation reached its peak.

The East Green divine dynasty was completely established.

The various dynasties were all conferred the title of hereditary vassal states, and the entire land welcomed an unprecedented unification. Language, writing, and currency were all unified.

In addition, they were required to wear cloud robes and high shoes according to their dynasty and clothing. All men began to grow their long hair and tie it up. They were also required to wear a crown and a jade pendant at their waist to distinguish the status of each major class.

In the Imperial court.

Gold and Jade shone brilliantly, and red sandalwood smoke floated in the main hall.

Dongqing the great emperor, who was wearing a bright yellow Dragon robe, stood with his hands behind his back. He had a dignified look on his face as he sat on the emperor’s throne. He gave off an indescribable sense of dominance.

“Recently, I’ve been observing the edge of the world. There’s another realm in the outer realm that’s above us.” Great emperor Dongqing’s face was dignified. it is suspected that there is a great world in the outer realm. That world is different from us. They cultivate in Buddhism ... We cultivate Qi, the world, a tower formed by many levels, and we are just one of the heavens.”

The surrounding officials were shocked.

There were more worlds in the outer realms?

They had thought that they were the center of the world, the sky round and the earth square.

As for His Majesty, how great was his talent and strategy? He had already seen the outer realm?

our civilization is only a few decades old. We only got this opportunity because of the pity of the immortals.

Great emperor Dongqing was wise and valiant, full of fighting spirit. He said, ” there’s another world out there with countless enemies. I plan to spread martial arts to all the people ... Everyone, there’s no need to hide anything. Only by having all of you cultivate can you become a powerful country ...”

Before he finished his sentence.

Suddenly, a small television fell from the sky and landed in front of the Imperial court, creating a medium-sized hole.

“Which demon dares to disturb my imperial court?”

The experts and guards immediately moved and blocked in front of him.

“there’s no need to be afraid. i’ll see for myself.” Great emperor Dongqing left the Imperial court and walked out of the hall. He saw a light blue television with thick eyebrows and big eyes. It had two small antennas and was indescribably cute.

“A deity from the heavens? What is this?”

Great emperor Dongqing was slightly surprised.

television user manual? ”

Great emperor Dongqing’s face was filled with vigilance.

Could the mysterious meteorite be a gift from the ancient Immortals?

Or was it a trick of some unknown enemy from the other macro worlds?

He couldn’t help but carefully read the instruction manual. The more he read, the more impressed and shocked he became.

The Emperor couldn’t help but clap his hands and laughed, and his laughter resounded throughout the palace. Countless ministers were dumbfounded, and the godly spirit Emperor said, ” the heavens have blessed our dynasty. There’s actually such a divine item in this world? ”

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