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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 967

967 The ambition of the players, the 10000-year-old cornerstone

Upon hearing this promise, Carolyn’s eyes glowed as if she was completely intoxicated. She still wanted to say something.

Xu Zhi laughed and said, ” it’s about the entire evolution corridor. The construction of the New World has yet to be completed. The entire competition is almost coming to an end. We can go and take a look.

“Indeed,” Said Carolyn as she retracted her thoughts.

While they were discussing the world, a few days had passed, and the final result of the evolution corridor was almost out.


The two of them turned around and returned to the White evolution pathway.

Looking from the tunnel, the closest one was only a few dozen meters away from the final sprint. However, the further it went, the more difficult it became, and the stronger the cell pressure was.

“Good luck!”

The truth piano, on the other side of the finish line, said leisurely, ” everyone, let’s sprint! The top 1000 will be the tier 9 resource package! It’s right in front of you!

“How’s the situation?” Caroline looked at Pan Yu Xian.

After all, Carolyn knew that this person’s knowledge and talent in certain areas were extremely terrifying.

in fact, the top players were also extremely powerful.

Just like the alchemy monarch, the racer of Mount Haruna, cutie pie, and the others. They were all very good at evolutionary knowledge, but they were not good at fighting.

Pan Yu Xian’s expression changed as she looked at Caroline and reported the situation. She smiled and said, ” “Right now, the competition is very intense! It can be said that most of the geniuses have entered.”

After all, the top monsters in the ” sorcerer Community ” and ” spore evolution “, who had been fighting all over the world, were now all gathered here.

Everyone had guessed that the ancient gods would be ruthless once they entered the level 9 era. A large amount of resources would be enough to make them go crazy.

“The creatures at the front are all powerful, but the creatures worth mentioning are: The contestant in first place is a Pata Pata small television ...”

Pan Yuxian pointed to a small light blue pixel TV in the front. There were two antennas on its head, and the TV had thick eyebrows and big eyes. it’s a girl. Although I don’t get along with my other companions and don’t have any daily interactions, according to my sources, this girl is the girlfriend of the alchemy factory ... She’s supported by a shameless person, so she’s able to get first place now.”

Carolyn was speechless.

Pan Yu Xian unhesitatingly revealed a certain someone’s Secret, telling Caroline, ” Someone was cheating!

Naturally, the racer of Mount Haruna had a girlfriend in real life ...

But who was it?

Ordinary people didn’t know about this at all. Only a few people in the big shots ‘Communication Group knew.

She wasn’t in the group of big shots, but she had planted a spy, her sister, to observe the actions of these guys at all times.

“An alchemy factory? Is it the creature that has been creating and duplicating di Qi’s genes and bloodlines?” Carolyn smiled. So what if she cheated? everyone relied on their own methods. She only wanted results.

yes, that guy. In fact, that guy is very scary. His talent is a monster. Currently, he is the one with the most powerful evolution talent in our group.

Due to the special characteristics of his species, he had mastered too much information about the bloodline genes. Every day, he created all kinds of genes and created all kinds of creatures. You can imagine the evolved ability that comes from training.”

Carolyn smiled and said, ” this kind of talent, although his aptitude for cultivation and combat isn’t good ... ‘All they do is research on genes, bloodlines, biological structure, and evolution methods. Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be any living environment here ...’ However, with the Asura Dao, it caused an unimaginable chemical reaction.” 𝚒𝐧𝙣𝘳𝒆𝐚𝘥. com

Carolyn had made a reasonable evaluation of them.

this kind of Geno bloodline research talent is extremely rare and powerful. No matter which giant it is, we must grab hold of it tightly ... Caroline took a deep breath. She thought very highly of Pan Yu Xian, because she was now considered as one of her people. With a face full of anticipation, she said, ” “Since it evolved from this creature, it should have some special characteristics, right?”

“Yes, I am.”

Pan Yuxian smiled and said, ” I’m making my own life plans and calculating the species. However. they’re making plans for the sake of the entire Asura path ...

It was impossible for them to not have a plan for this earth-shattering revolution ...

The creature in front of them was a species that they had created together after building, laying the foundation, discussing, and exhausting countless efforts two thousand years ago ...

This is the core of their plan. This creature will bring about the rise of the path of Asura and is their future.”

Carolyn was puzzled. so powerful? ” It bore the fate of an entire civilization? Is this the little Pata Pata TV?”

This television is too cute. I can’t tell that it’s actually carrying the luck of civilization ...

She used her divine telekinesis to scan the television and study its structure.

Every particle he discovered was like a circuit block that could be assembled at will and had a special effect.

At the same time, she felt a high degree of similarity to the creatures in the alchemy factory from this creature, as if there was a special degree of compatibility.

their TV species also needs non-flesh and blood creatures to evolve, and it needs to be in granular cells. Iron-based life forms are fine too, but they don’t ... As such, their entire clan is their current choice, and they took this opportunity to enter like me. ”

Pan Yuxian looked at the TV, ” they want to use this guy to carry out an unprecedented reform of the era and lay the foundation for the entire civilization.

Carolyn was extremely interested and could not help but ask, ” “What functions does it have?”

“Um, it doesn’t have any functions at the moment.”

Pan Yu Xian thought for a moment, but she didn’t know how to answer, ” mm ... How could he explain this? This is a heaven-defying functional tool, an alchemy factory’s exclusive auxiliary vehicle.”

Carolyn’s vision was completely blurred.

it’s precisely because it doesn’t have any functions, is pure and blank, that it is called the cornerstone of civilization ... This was because any species or living creature that defied the heavens could be eliminated in the future ... They consider more than anyone else and think further.”

Pan Yuxian thought for a moment. have you ever played a game console? Those low-end mobile phones, the red-white ones, the ones that have a card inserted. You can play whatever game you insert.”

Naturally, Carolyn knew that low-end civilizations would have such handheld games.

Insert the card?

Could it be that this creature had formed some kind of array by making circuit boards to particles so that it could be like a red-white machine that could ” insert cards ” to achieve various functions?

Then, the game card inserted in this TV ...

Could it be the various plug-ins produced by the alchemy factory?

“The current functions are still very simple ...” Pan Yu Xian took a deep breath, ” but, at present, the most important function is still there. Do you see the two antennas on the small TV? ”

“I see it.”

when the time comes, I can insert the ahoge of the ‘quantum gene’ into the two antennas to form the real antennas. At that time, other people can entangle their own quantum bodies from the antennas through the television ... By watching television, he could see the quantum combat body on the television, remotely control it, and engage in battle and slaughter ... They call this TV channel virtual life.”

Carolyn was speechless.

She was at a loss and a little confused.

Was he hiding behind the television ... Battle?

Should he hide in the dark like those quantum martial Dao grandmasters?

She had already imagined an extremely strange scene:

In this civilization, the experts all watched television in the living room and did not step out of the house.

And they could control the people on the TV to fight by watching it ...

That scene was simply too beautiful to look at!

yes, the main function of this TV is to load all kinds of electronic components produced by the alchemy factory-bloodlines, such as the quantum bloodline. A normal one only has 60% of the original bloodline power, but with the enhancement of this special material, it can be increased by another 10%.

70% of the original’s power?

Although 10% seemed to be very little, it was actually very powerful.

If the sixth level was of little value and only had about half of the original’s power, then 70% could barely be used as the main combat method.

that’s too shameless. He’s sitting behind the TV and fighting? ” Carolyn was completely stunned. She couldn’t help but say, ” “This is only one channel on the TV. Does that mean you can change the channel?”

“Naturally, you can change the channel.”

Pan Yu Xian smiled and continued, the second TV channel is the entertainment channel.

“What is this?”

this time. I’ve changed a plug-in. It’s loaded with Mother Earth’s dragon vein to form. Joss flame array ... The people who watch the TV are all kinds of powerhouses. By gathering their power of will, you can turn the creatures on the TV into incense creatures, which have powerful combat power and become their guardians.”

for example, they’re already preparing for their first TV series. They plan to broadcast it in a trial run. It’s called ... The Legend of Nezha.”

Television could even gather incense?

Become a guardian God?

Carolyn’s expression became even more shocked. What the hell was in the brains of these people?

The cornerstone of a civilization had actually been made so strange and bizarre ... She didn’t even know how to describe it!

Everything could be done by sitting in front of the TV.

“Wait ...”

Carolyn’s expression was completely off. Looking at these strange and lively creatures that were still racing in the evolution corridor, she said, ” this matter is definitely not that simple!

these guys have not even entered the New World yet, but they’re already thinking of controlling the new world’s future completely in their hands. They’ve already planned out the future path and calculated the future of more than ten levels ... We’ll use the small television as a hub to lead the world’s cultivation system and become the core foundation of the entire world!”

She could already imagine what these bastards were up to ...

Once the small television became popular, the entire new world would become a transcendent cultivation world that loved to watch television ...

The experts were all cultivating in front of the television, and the television had become their personal favorite.

The scene was too beautiful to even think about, and they simply didn’t dare to look at it!

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