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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 962

962 A race against time, a generation of monstrous talents

This Tower of God could be said to be Xu Zhi’s biggest investment.

“Let’s see if it works ... After all, this is the first time I’ve done something like this with such a high spiritual energy concentration.” Xu Zhi’s expression was very calm. it’s tens of thousands of times higher than the sandbox world, which has the highest concentration of spirit Qi!

How big was the God’s Tower?

After investing tens of thousands of years of accumulation by the tiel Empire, one could imagine the energy density.

In such a dense world, there would definitely be many vixens, plants, and animals that would naturally become intelligent and become demons!


Now, he lowered his head to look.

The river wasn’t clear, but had a trace of pure white.

The dense spiritual energy formed a mist inside, slowly rising and immortal Qi rising in spirals.

The mountains, rocks, and sand were all immersed in the energy and became extremely solid, forming a special material like a spiritual treasure.

The material density here was so high that even the heavenly Emperor, who had great battle strength, could only have the battle strength of a fourth or fifth stage cultivator. He could break stones, destroy roads, and destroy forests.

“Perhaps, this is the true higher dimension in a sense? Even a God would find it difficult to have such destructive power in this world. It was already very powerful to be able to destroy a city ...

It’s just like the descriptions in some novels. After ascending, the world’s dimension has increased, and the strong who can destroy cities and countries can’t even break a few big rocks here.”

Xu Zhi looked at that group of players, who were frantically evolving in the evolution corridor, integrating themselves with pixel life, and were on the journey of the digital beast.

They were evolving crazily, turning into pixel life forms.

A day had passed, and countless new Asura cultivators began to break through while absorbing the dense spiritual Qi.

“Hahaha, my form evolution at the first stage is half-pixel, and my form evolution at the second stage is a full-pixel creature! I’ll be leaving first!”

“I’m at the second stage too. Let’s go!”

“Brothers, hurry up!”

who cares? any species is good, no matter how bad it is. I’ll first transform into a digital beast and rush to the finish line! The reward for the top 1000 is mine!”

“The ancient God must have taken out all his assets, right? We can’t not be ruthless!”


Countless people were roaring.

The success or failure of fate would depend on this.

With a smile, Carolyn looked at those guys and shook her head.

this race of evolution is a marathon ... He hoped that a stunning peerless genius would appear ... I’ve already calculated that they might choose the bad money to drive out the good money and reach the finishing point first to fight for the reward ... But they’ll soon find out that those who advance in such a hurry can’t do it. ”

Sure enough, the first batch of digital beasts that evolved started to bleed after walking a few hundred meters. It was obvious that they couldn’t withstand the pressure and could only stop and continue to evolve.

However, they were already at Tier 2, and their forms had been fixed twice. Their potential had been exhausted ...

Some of the smart people behind him revealed an expression that said,”as expected.”

“Hahaha, so what if those stinky bastards in front can run fast?”

yeah, we’re all from the wizard community. We’ve all trained before. In order to get meditation coins, we’re very familiar with the first and second levels. But does it matter if we’re at a higher level? ”

there’s plenty of energy here, so I’ll definitely be able to break through quickly. However, it’s a competition of whose evolved form is stronger!

Yes, it was.

you’re a trash species. Even if you break through to the third rank, you might not be able to reach the end.

It was useless to compete in terms of cultivation level. What was more important was evolution!

“They’re definitely competing on endurance! Whose species has to reach a special threshold to withstand the pressure and reach the end of the corridor, to be compressed into a super-small ant!”

Behind them, someone laughed and continued the performance.

However, among the tens of thousands of Asura Dao, there were a few players who were extremely skilled. Their progress was obviously very fast, and they soon reached the front. They were only at the first stage, and they were standing side by side with the few second stage digital beasts.

The scene instantly turned chaotic.

“F * ck! Isn’t this too f * cking exaggerated? You’re already a pixel creature after breaking through one level during the first transformation?”

most people have to be at level two and go through two physical changes before they can become pixel creatures, right? ”

“I recognize this fellow. Isn’t he a Buddhist Big Shot from the Asura Dao? The one with the Gatling gun, why is it here?”

Someone immediately cried out in alarm, ” and this guy, isn’t he the first sect master of the clear sky sect? how did he sneak into our group?!

After exchanging information, everyone was stunned.

He reacted in a few moments.

These guys had probably committed suicide before this. They found the management of the district server and got in through the back door. They kicked out a few original members of the district server and sneaked into the district server of today’s PvP combat competition. Then, they came in directly and became new players again ...

They were instantly filled with anxiety.

“F * ck! These animals are cheating!”

“F * ck! Why are they among us newbies?”

Countless people cried out. This was very unfair. They were not on the same starting line at all.

At this moment, a strange-looking vegetable player smiled and said, ” these big shots are now reincarnating in the impure earth. Even if these hundred over people all go over ...

There were still more than 800 spots, what was there to be afraid of? Isn’t there enough for us to split? Don’t you have confidence in yourself? Moreover, if they really had unparalleled talent, even a newbie could beat the speed of these seniors ... For example, me. ”

The crowd looked over to see who was so arrogant.

It was only then that he realized that the player who spoke was already a Tier 1 player who had evolved into a digital beast ...

Then, he strode forward and actually walked a few hundred meters. The marathon’s length had instantly surpassed those old Asura path players.

“Who is this person?”

“His first order digital beast can actually go further than those big bosses ‘first order digital beasts? Longer?”

Everyone turned to look, clearly knowing what this meant. This meant that his digital beast’s completion rate was higher, and he had greater potential.

“Where did this guy come from?”

“it’s too strange.”

“wait, i know him. isn’t he the big boss who evolved from spores next door? why are you here?”

As soon as he said that, everyone was completely unable to remain calm. Even the professional spore evolution players next door had an extremely sharp sense of smell and took the opportunity to run in and join in the fun.

It was even possible that they had been lurking in the game from the beginning, playing both games at the same time. Although it was very tiring, the degree of baldness of these people was beyond their imagination.

This time, everyone could not help but shout, ” is there still law? Are there still laws? Even the big boss from next door is here!”

“This bastard is still pretending to be a newbie!”

Everyone was screaming and wailing in low voices.

The ancient gods had put in all their savings. It was obvious that they had broken through to the level 9 era and were preparing for the final battle!

A Great War against the mother stream civilization!

... Therefore, with this kind of benefit, all kinds of monsters and demons appeared.

How could they compete? 𝚒𝒏𝓃𝓻e𝑎𝙙. 𝙘o𝑚

Many of them were geniuses.

However, he was no match for the top leaders of the Asura Dao to begin with. The fact that they were able to come in first meant that they were more powerful than them, let alone the group of people who had evolved from spores.

At the same time, not only were they more talented than you, but they also had countless times more experience than you. They were super old players and were also more hardworking than you. How could you fight against them?

“Don’t be anxious. There’s still a share for us among the 1000 spots ...”

Countless people looked into the distance with great difficulty, and their expressions became determined.

They began to sit cross-legged on the ground, or collect all kinds of equipment, pixel plants, and pixel animals, and began to evolve into species.

The most important chance to change his life was here ... Everyone was clear on this point. In the future, they had to kill their way out of this place.

“Have you really settled down?”

With a smile, Carolyn looked at the various creatures that were scattered across the pathway. The first and second teams had already pulled out a long distance and were walking in front.

A day and a half had already passed. Even the lousiest of people had already set sail, but there was still one living being who remained in place.

He was still studying it slowly.

Carolyn frowned slightly. this creature, why is it still standing at the starting line ...

Xu Zhi also looked over and was slightly surprised.

Wasn’t this Pan Yu Xian?

Pan Xue Xian was the sister of this muscular woman who had a dark heart.

Wasn’t he the one who helped the secluded mountain Prefecture Lord in the six realms of reincarnation as a player of the path of Asura? Why did you come here again?

“I wonder what this fellow is planning ...”

Xu Zhi, on the other hand, looked indifferent and thought, ” ever since she helped her younger sister cheat and enter this world ... After that, there was no news of her. Even when she entered the Asura path, she was very calm and hid behind the scenes ... Could it be that she’s using the Asura Dao’s time flow to evolve and study some kind of living creature?”

One must know that she was one of the oldest players in the Pandora’s Box!

Even cutie pie was not as old as her. She was a super big Shot who had the ability to enter the universe in the Sorcerer world era.

His talent in this area was definitely not inferior to the alchemy monarch or the racer of Mount Haruna ...

however, this fellow has been drifting about ... Why are you here?” Xu Zhi frowned slightly. she’s not going to go through spore evolution to vindicate her Dao. Instead, she’s here to be an Asura warrior. What’s she doing here with this group of people? ”

Those with the ability would definitely enter the spore evolution sandbox through the proper way.

Caroline also followed Xu Zhi’s gaze and looked at the person. he seems to be a very interesting little guy ... She was using an extremely complicated, mixed, and subtle way to adjust the life structure of the digital race, turning it into a different kind of entire race ... I’ve never seen such a form before.”

A little fellow?

Xu Zhi, on the other hand, just smiled.

The magic core race of the lava region came from the system’s genes.

As for the system gene, it was the species pan Yuxian evolved ... In other words, without her, there would be no monster core clan.

‘It’s a wonderful cause and effect ...’

However, come to think of it, pan Yuxian was using the entire clan as a base to evolve a new species?

Xu Zhi paid a little attention.

Very quickly, the second day passed.

The vanguards were already halfway there.

Pan Yu Xian was still standing at the starting point, motionless, but finally began her first form change.

She gradually turned into a digital beast. However, this digital beast had a rectangular keyboard, countless pixel particles piled up, and four black table corners, giving people the feeling of a piano.

“What the hell is this?”

When Xu Zhi saw this, he was reminded of pan xuexian’s Pandora’s Box, which was also a similar long-term magic box ...

Could it be that this fellow wanted to go for an enhanced species again?

Looking at the White porcelain piano, Xu Zhi could clearly feel that it was not a decent one. It had four piano legs, the kind that could run away at any time.

On the third day, the vanguard had already started to become a 2nd rank digital beast. It had undergone its second transformation to resist the greater pressure.

And only then did pan Xue Xian’s aura slowly change.

She had completely turned into a piano with fine rules, and a fleeting wave of unfamiliar rules suddenly appeared all over her body.


thump thump thump ...

However, it was this fluctuation and. few light collisions that caused. look of disbelief to appear on Carolyn’s face. this is a law that doesn’t belong to this universe. This feeling of law actually has an inexplicable sense of familiarity. Could it be from before ... The creation era!”

The intelligent sub-brain’s voice also came from Xu Zhi’s side, ”

-the birth of a Zerg hero has been detected.

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