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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 54

Talking with the King of Babylon

However, now that Li Shengjiang had reached the stage of a level four sorcerer, he was gradually getting uncomfortable.

“As far as they know, I am still a level three sorcerer. They have no idea that I have broken through to level four a year ago. However, for a group of level two witches, it was already extremely difficult for them to provide me with resources to cultivate when I was at level three… Now that I am at level four, I can only secretly think of another way to get resources.”

“Elizabeth and the others are astonished by my abilities. However, their standards are a bit low.”

Li Shengjiang frowned and shook his head with a wry smile. “My skills are amazing, but it is far inferior to the three witches back then. I am not even as strong as the gifted daughters like Lilith and Medusa… If I cultivate like normal, I will definitely be unable to catch up to them. However, I have my own strength. I have been in this world for more than 40 years now and had not lived through those years in vain. I have finally created my own Technology Tree!”

He eyes slowly looked up ahead in front of him. There was a mechanical creature that he had secretly created.

This creature was a three meters tall slender man. He held a round shield in his left hand and a dark blue cane in his right hand. He had snow-white skin and a holy face. He wore a long blue sorcerer’s star robe. He was like a God in the Norse mythology.

He looked like a humanoid creature, but in fact, he was made of solid bones from numerous beasts that had dense enchanted textures attached to them. There were various profound and mysterious runes that looked like circuit diagrams, which gave people the feeling of extreme danger.

“In my original world, I had only lived until my forties as one of the world’s top geniuses in mechanical science and technology. I had even opened my own high-tech enterprise. Now, in this different world, although it is more complex and slower, however, I have already gained some understanding of the psychic phenomena of this world after having only lived here for more than 30 years. The foundation of the psychic force and the science and technology from biological alchemy is not difficult for me to understand.”

With a slight jump, he leaped into the fire hatch of the chest, pulled the bellows with his tentacles, and poured his psychic force into the control panel. He then started to control it like a wand.


The hatch slowly closed, and a perfectly handsome man, who was three meters tall and slender, slowly walked out. “From now on, no one will know that I am Slime. My name is Grantham!”

“But, do I need to control the body of this mechanical creature to start fighting monsters and upgrade my level so that I can get the cultivating resources of a level four sorcerer?”

Li Shengjiang thought about it and immediately rejected the idea. As a farming player who cultivated leisurely, he naturally hated the bloody violence. “It seems that I need to live off of someone else, someone who can afford to raise me.”

On this day, Li Shengjiang walked into the Palace of Babylon.

He had great respect for the legendary Defeated King. To be able to submit to humiliation and retain his kingdom was something very difficult for ordinary people to do. He even gave up his lover and was abused.

Over the years, Lilith had remained in the realm of a level five sorcerer.

It was not because she was depraved. It was just that she had a demon that plagued her heart and was not able to break through completely. A sorcerer paid the most attention to psychic cultivation, so she could only remain stuck on the threshold of a level five forever. She could not step into the mythical level six legendary sorcerer.

In the Rose Kingdom, many level five sorcerers had appeared over the years who were far more powerful than her. The Babylon Kingdom had completely lost any resistance.

“If it wasn’t for the appearance of the Slime who relieved the pressure on men, my kingdom would already have....” i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

At this moment, Lilith was sitting on the delicate Throne of Babylon with a sad expression on her face, while holding a wooden cane in her hand.


A man had arrived inside the palace out of thin air.

He was perfect, tall, elegant, and slender. He held a shield in one hand and staff in the other, like a God from the myths.

“Who are you? You can actually cross the defensive line of the palace without a sound. A three meters tall human? How could there be such a tall and powerful person?”

Lilith slightly frowned and silently sensed the strength of Li Shengjiang. He had the force of a level four sorcerer. In her Babylon Kingdom, there was actually a level four sorcerer who cultivated secretly?

Lilith was so surprised that she stood up from her throne. “How could we have missed a wizard?”


Li Shengjiang pulled the billows with his hand, as his force slightly exploded, as it confronted Lilith.

“This is the strength of a level five sorcerer.” Lilith’s mind went blank. “How can this be possible! He is clearly a level four sorcerer, yet the power he emitted is of a level five sorcerer?”

Li Shengjiang was silent for a moment. He knew what kind of explosive change he would bring to this primitive and rough sorcery world that used energy. “This is the power of alchemy.”

Li Shengjiang stood within the palace and talked to the poignant king who was holding a wooden cane.

“In the Age of the Three Witches, Hermes Trismegistus, who was born as a God, turned into a raven and talked to the people of Babylon on earth, teaching them Sorcery, Meditation, and Alchemy, the Triple Knowledge of Wisdom. The three great witches only found the first two… Right now, I have opened the ‘Gate of Alchemy’, and have understood the truth of the world.”


Lilith’s mind went blank.

According to legend, alchemy was the most mysterious and difficult knowledge.

Mercury, the God of Wisdom, had once said that this was the mysterious method of creating life and the unknown. It would pry open the path to the Gate of Truth of the world. If one was able to master this Knowledge, then it would be possible for them to gain the true glory of the entire world, and all the obscurities in the world would disappear from them.

“This means that the man in front of me possesses endless wisdom. He has achieved something that the three witches back then was not able to achieve...”

Lilith’s eyes turned fiery, as the palm of her hand that was holding the cane started to tremble.

“At last, our kingdom…” Fiery flames and a trace of madness flashed across her face. It was as if she saw their only hope in this man.

The only hope for the Babylon Kingdom.

Heaven would not destroy our Babylon Kingdom!

At this moment, the scene in front of her suddenly changed.

Li Shengjiang opened the hatch, and a cute green Slime jumped down from within. It was cute and lovely as it bounced down. The soft tentacles on his head trembled as it said, “Come on! King, give me the power of the entire Babylon Kingdom. I will defeat Medusa, the Great Lord of Death, for all of you!”

Lilith was confused.

What just jumped out of this man’s chest?

Was this his real body?

A Slime!?

Lilith’s mind went blank, as she had one last thought in her mind,

“Some men looked like a powerful level four sorcerer on the surface, but in reality is actually a Slime, the weakest creature!”

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