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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 51

The Case about Me Being Reincarnated as a Slime

A dialogue box popped up the very instant he clicked the button.

[Please make it to the designated point, breaking the world barrier and getting transported through the Universe Pathway]

What the hell?

Li Shengjiang was feeling confused about what he had just read.

The entire screen was filled with barrages of comments. Everyone had been curious about what the third option would entail, and such a prompt that exceeded everyone’s expectations actually popped up.

Breaking the world barrier? Universe Pathway?

What is the hell is gonna happen!? Are you telling me that there is another world out there!?

A massive bunch of weird-looking players were talking about what just happened in the sandbox, feeling very, very excited.

Li Shengjiang, with the help of the other players, brought his slime to the designated point.

A deep blue dazzling vortex of stars appeared before them when they reached that point, which looked like some kind of a portal.

Woah, a portal!?

Some hidden subplot? Is this a new map altogether?

That was actually an underground pipe that Xu Zhi had previously laid down.

That passage was made specifically for connecting the two worlds, posing as the God of Wisdom in the form of a weird-looking creature, opening up the age of the three witches in the greater sandbox.

No one else was able to see anything after the Insecta Nest mind blocked them all out.

At that moment, the ‘Universe Pathway’ had some dazzling light effects to it, which obviously was something added later.

A new map!

So when one gives birth to a race with potential, one could lead one’s race to a new world then?

This is surreal. I can’t believe this sandbox game actually has another map!

Li Shengjiang brought his race of beings into the vortex tunnel to the new world, while everyone looked on enviously.

It was all pitch-black.

Li Shengjiang brought his race going through the long tunnel connecting the worlds.

That long white pipe was tens of meters in length, which Xu Zhi buried underground. The ant-like beings no doubt needed to go on a very long crawl.

“This place is as dark as it gets.”

His race had a very hard time moving around, given that it could only use the ahoge tentacle on the slime’s head to pound on the ground to drive it forward. Its blobby body looked cute as it bobbed around in the passage.

He finally saw light gradually emerging before him after spending an untold amount of time crawling through the pipe.


A huge lush forest opened up before him as he continued to move forward.

The trees by his side were dense and very, very tall. The ancient trees looked like pillars shooting up to the heavens, casting vast shadows everywhere. Birds flocked together in flight in the azure sky above.

[Warning: Please fit in completely with the natives of this world. You shall be eliminated if you were to divulge any information that is not of this world.]

“This place is beautiful.”

Li Shengjiang brought his slime creature hopping about in the forest and feeling stunned. “This place is really different from that ancient setting of ours back there, where every single creature is simple and primitive. This world, it’s a complete and mature ecosystem on its own.”

“Is this really a true foreign world? Have I just made it through a foreign world with my race, and my live streaming system with me as well?”

He was unable to help but recall all those web novels.

Xu Zhi sat cross-legged on the chair at the entrance of his compound, while biting away leisurely at his apple. “The pipe that I buried underground linking the two sandboxes are finally put to use.”

The guy in question came to a new world and was completely thrilled, being totally oblivious to the fact that he was actually set up by some heartless maker elsewhere.

Xu Zhi deliberately left that mysterious third option among the options for the achievement reward—the ‘second life’. That was without a doubt laid down as a preparation so that players could bring their own races into the greater sandbox.

He simply never expected to need to put it to use so quickly.

“It’s quite a realistic thing to consider after all. I can’t go about picking up new creatures developed every time they were developed, and dump them into the greater sandbox personally like I did with the Evil Eye back then after all.”

It was simply too eye-catching for a giant like him to get near the sandbox.

No one caught that giant that was him in action back then, because the Evil Eye entered the greater sandbox right after a mass extinction event, and there was simply no one around.

As for the time where he dumped the Final Chickens and the Phoenix, that had been convenient since they were capable of flight, so there was no risk of them falling to their death even if he were to just throw them inside from above. He did not need to get in there himself.

However, things were different with the slime creature.

There was simply no way he could dump the likes of the slime creature into the place. It was simply unrealistic for him, a giant, carrying the slime in his hands and putting it down into the greater sandbox.

That limitation gave rise to an idea.

That idea was to let the ones creating the new race to venture into the world of the greater sandbox.

That move could be considered a bonus to the players after all.

Furthermore, those unreal creatures that the players evolved basically on had 20 to 30 years to live, which was equal to several hours back in reality.

A bonus that lasted several hours would not be much of an issue.

None of them would be able to cause too much change in their short lives in the greater sandbox. But then again, it would actually benefit Xu Zhi hugely, if they were to actually be able to leave a lasting impact with their new race, driving the advancement of the civilization in that world.

The descendants of their races would continue to propagate in that great world after the players died.

Time moves at a different rate in the greater sandbox, where one day, in reality, equals to 100 years in the sandbox. However, the Insecta Nest mind said before, that only the brain cells and the rate at which the body of the creatures involved moved that were accelerated. The time acceleration would harm the soul of the one taking command of the creature’s body.

That means that the players could experience the sandbox world for 20 to 30 years in a matter of hours back in reality.

Xu Zhi then frowned. “But then again, how should I sway Li Shengjiang to stand with the good guys—the conventional witches, instead of siding with the evil witches eh?”

That was a huge problem for him.

He then saw something happening in the great sandbox that shocked him to the core when he was still thinking about said problem.

He looked at the condition of the slime’s race at the moment and was completely baffled, wearing a weird expression on his face. “Well, perhaps there wouldn’t be a need for me to guide him after all. Li Shengjiang has already locked horns with the evil witches now, and there is no way things could settle peacefully between them.”

In the lush forest.

Huge, tall trees shooting to the heavens were seen everywhere. Peculiar plants of dazzling colors were found all over the place. Butterfly-like creatures flew everywhere. The scenery of that whole new foreign world was so beautiful that it looked dream-like.

Li Shengjiang took a break and walked around the place for a bit, confirming that he was safe before turning on live streaming to share the beautiful scenery with his viewers.

[Live streaming unable to work due to the different rate time passes between both worlds. One day in the heavens, a hundred years on land]

Different rate of passage of time?

One day in the heavens, a hundred years on land?

So, what this means is that the two sandboxes progressed at different rate of passage of time then. 100 years over in this sandbox game equals to just a day in the other sandbox?

Li Shengjiang was utterly thrilled, being impressed at how such unknown black tech was already capable of mimicking reality and extending one’s lifespan.

“This cannot be!!”

Li Shengjiang was shaking all over and his mind became blank.

He logged out of the game right away and took his VR headset off, finding in utter surprise that despite having spent hours in the game, less than 10 seconds passed since he entered the Universe Pathway. Everyone else was still raving about his achievements at the moment.

This is scary!

This looks exactly like how it was when I just got in!

He was feeling goosebumps all over his body, logging into the game quickly without wasting any time.

He dared not even spend one more minute outside the game.

Days would pass in that game despite only several minutes passing in reality. What happens if my creatures and my body in the game were to actually die, in just a few minutes I’ve spent back in reality eh?

“This is so so sooooo cool! This is my second life! According to estimations, this slime creature of mine would be able to live for over a dozen years. An engine would be considered something for being alive and kicking for over a decade after all. But here, I could spend over a decade as a slime over here, and it would only be several hours out there. All of them would still raving about me when I get out.”

He came to somewhat resent the low lifespan of that creature he created.

He regrated not making his creature to be one with long life.

“But then again, over a decade of extra years of life would be more than thrilling. I would now experience an entire lifetime as a slime in a foreign world!”

He was unbelievably excited at the moment, shaking all over his body and feeling like he was about to explode from the high he was feeling.

He brought his pack moving slowly in the forest, exploring as he assessed the world in silence. There should be a race of civilized beings in this world. The slimes are the weakest monsters in western myth, but under the leadership of me, Li Shengjiang, we shall rise to the top of the world. I might even find ways of prolonging life in this world.

He was confident that his race had such potentials in them.

While his slime was something that would never develop intellectual capacity and would remain a low-end lifeform without intelligence, but it would be enough for him to just be able to control his creature.

What are the slimes eh?

Biological engines.

According to what he knew, possessing engines meant having command of the core driving industrial technologies. The number of machines that could be developed would be endless, and there was no way he could not beat those primitive natives.

No way they could beat me!

I’d develop planes and cannons alike, and I’d run over them all with the machines!

Half a day passed and the slime slowly got out of the huge forest under Li Shengjiang’s leadership. There seemed to be people speaking in the forest, and those people seemed to be a group of girls.

“Someone’s out there!”

Li Shengjiang put up his guard right away.

He had no idea what that world he got himself into was like, or those people would be friend or foe. He wanted to evade them, as he only had one life. However, it was obviously too late. Those people apparently had terrifying levels of perception, as they detected his presence right away.

A group of beautiful girls dressed in vibrant rose-colored sorcerer’s robe and wielding wooden staffs slowly walked in his direction. They were all thrilled to see those weird slime creatures. However, those people were speaking in a language that he was unable to comprehend at all.

“There seems to be a language barrier between both parties. I guess I could just pretend to be some wild animal without any capacity for intellect, and I’d just watch them.”

He took the ‘slime king’ curling up in the bunch of other hopping, innocent-looking slime creatures of different colors.

“What kind of a creature is this? I’ve never seen anything like them.” The witches of the Rose Church were very shocked and thrilled.

“They’re so cute!”

“How about we keep those creatures as pets then?”

“Indeed. Just look at the tentacle. It looks just like that of our usual pet, the Evil Eye…”

They were different from conventional witches.

Every single evil witch from the Rose Church kept a magic pet.

Those magic pets of the witches were none other than the Evil Eye, as they were useful for furthering their training. That was the way they had grown powerful as well.

Common was unable to withstand the psychic shock of their meditative methods which were akin to training through sex. Only the likes of the Evil Eye, which possessed psychic forces equal to theirs, could help further their training.

Training with Evil Eyes was a tradition all the way back during the time of Circe. Men would have gone extinct if a man were to die as their training tool every day.

“I sure as hell would love to have a wizard who is immortal. Our rate of advancement would definitely be a lot higher. It’s a pity that there are just too few wizards around. Those are training resources made available to powerful witches of at least level five after all.”

“Minor witches like us could only use Evil Eye pets for training… The men given as tribute by the Kingdom of Babylon were not something we could touch anyway. Perhaps these cute tentacle beings could replace those sticky disgusting Evil Eyes. They are a hell lot cuter anyway…”

The witches discussed feverishly where they stood while sporting cute expressions, with their staffs still in their hands.

Li Shengjiang, who was lurking in the midst of his slime creatures, was feeling surprised. “Hmm, they sure look friendly and they seem to like these cute creatures of mine. Nothing is gonna happen to me… right?”

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