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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 47

Alchemical Biological Car

Xu Zhi read the person’s posts and secretly observed him.

That player hardly ever evolved anything during his usual gameplay. All of his live streams showed him building stuff and doing construction work. His current residence was somewhere in the mountains near the sea.

That guy had his own house, his own farm, his own fence and even his own mine.

That looked a very idyllic, beautiful home, and he looked like some scientist who had isolated himself from the world.

He had a very simple bicycle that was made of wood in his compound. The threads of that bicycle were replaced by some kind of soft, resilient organic leather. The bicycle was actually rideable, despite the experience being rather clunky.

“Gosh, this is one hell of a genius! He has even managed to build a bicycle.”

Xu Zhi was rather flabbergasted. “There really are all manner of weirdos out there on the net. This guy just evolved himself into some weird multi-tentacled thing and began settling down, getting on with climbing the tree of technology instead of evolving other stuff from spores…”

At present, that player was hard at work evolving into a new type of creature after Xu Zhi clapped him dead before. That guy became a weird being with six arms, and he went straight to his little home after climbing to the shore, returning to the days of farming, mining, and doing woodwork.

His life looked relaxed and normal, and he sported a love for life in the countryside just like Xu Zhi.

The others went on talking about him.

“That guy really is a genius. He evolved into some kind of creature even more awesome than that one before. Look at the serrated mantis scythe arms, look at the shovel arm. Gosh, those are really multi-functional mechanical arms, and they are sh** fast at cutting down trees and digging up stuff…”

“The big guy there really is not getting his priorities straight! Such terrifying talents indeed. He was already able to evolve into a creature with that many arms by just researching stuff a little bit more. I bet he would be able to beat that Racer of Mount Haruna if he were to actually get serious and become the first player to get an achievement. Too bad that he has no interests in fighting for all those things and just get addicted to farming. What a waste of talent!”

Countless players lamented the fact that he was not making full use of his talents.

The guy himself, however, paid no heed to any of them. He was doing a live stream of himself mining beside his place. All six arms were hard at work digging. “No luck digging up anything at present. The ‘Spores Evolution’ sandbox game doesn’t seem to have any minerals. The place doesn’t seem to allow for technological civilization advancements, and I guess evolving creatures is the only route to take.”

Many people began to argue with him.

“What do you expect? It’s an evolution game, for goodness’ sake. That guy is playing it like some civilization origin game, and he actually wants to forge things, craft machines, make cars, cannons, and planes.”

“But then again, this once again proves just how great the freedom being allowed in the game. It’s just like the real world. There are infinite possibilities. What you could make or build in reality, you could do so in the game as well. Even the evolutionary theories of the game completely fit that of modern theories of evolution.”

Everyone continued to talk and the guy shook his head. “Alright, if I’m still not getting any minerals tonight, that would just mean that there won’t be any mines to be had around. That means no making cars or machines. No oil, and no power source of some kind… I’d just have to turn to biotech in line with evolution. The greatest goal of mine at the moment is to build a wooden biological car.”

No metals and no oil, and you still wanna make cars?

Everyone was shocked, wondering just who that guy really was in real life.

Judging from how he talked, he actually was confident of being able to build cars and machines, making such things out of nothing and climbing the tree of technology. Many found him truly fearsome.

Wait a minute? Is he some professor from the Academy of Sciences or some such institution? The kind of unreal expert who was researching stuff like engines of aircrafts and mechanical structures of missiles?

But then again, would some expert like that play games over here?

He made a clown out of himself last time, didn’t he? Shrieking like he was in hell when he last died.

Someone was unable to help themselves and asked, “So umm, big guy. Are you intending to make cars out of wood? The internal structure would just be too intricate. Gears and chassis are difficult to put together. Even if you manage to go that far, you would still need an engine.”

“I’ve given some thought to the part concerning engines. It’s possible to evolve a creature into a biological engine. Some kind of a unique creature, with just a mouth and a very muscled tentacle. It’d only need to keep eating and pull the airbox to provide power.”

He then continued, “I’ve asked some expert friend of a mine, who won awards in the field of biology overseas. He said that it was impossible for such creatures to exist from natural evolution. Survival of the fittest means that it’d be impossible for a creature with just a mouth and a muscular tentacle to survive for long. It just doesn’t fit the usual pattern of evolution, but we could nonetheless control the process artificially, and we have all that we need to do so here.”

The spectators gasped right there and then.

A biological engine?

That’s how you would replace oil or electricity for powering stuff?

The concept was entirely doable, theoretically speaking. Such a being would only need to eat and do work, which meant that no other biological organs would be needed. It was a creature of the extreme end of the spectrum, just like a monster with a huge eye.

“Gosh, this is so unreal. You indeed are a professional. All that technological know-how and innovation are just a whole industrial era ahead of us all.”

“If there were to really be such a unique engine creature created and a wooden car be wrapped around it, that final product would technically be some biomechanical creature. Sh**, this might actually bag you a second potential achievement, man!”

The spectators talked in a frenzy. The creativity was completely out of their world. The world they were in was an ancient, primitive age where the evolution of creatures was still taking place, and yet there was already some guy wanting to make biomechanical life.

“Are you lacking guinea pigs?”

“Dude, do you have evolution blueprints or thoughts already? Just provide the theoretical workings behind it, and I’d be glad to take up the job of evolving the creature into this engine of yours. I have a strong, very hardened liver and I could keep working at it. Doesn’t matter to me if I were to fail a dozen times over. Please use me for your experiments to your heart’s content. You’re welcomed to do whatever you please with my body.”

The I’m Hunyuan Thunderbolt guy casually rejected all the passionate offers of assistance, claiming that he wanted to do it personally, and that he had already contacted quite a number of expert friends of his to help him with the planning. He was naturally not going to just give away the chance at gaining an achievement to others.

Despite appearing and behaving to have little desires, he was still not going to give up such an opportunity.

On the other side.

A biological engine?

Xu Zhi frowned and gradually became elated.

That would be the beginning of alchemy, and he saw that to yet be another pleasant surprise.

It was a pity that despite alchemy having probably come into form, he still had no way of discovering alchemical potions. That made him really frustrated. He needed such a civilization of such a route to be opened up, so as to cure his illness.

“This is one hell of a guy indeed.” Xu Zhi brought up the files on that guy. He was someone in his forties and a founder of a renowned technological enterprise in the country. His credentials were deemed off the charts.

If it were to be in reality, the likes of Xu Zhi would not have been qualified to even lick their boots.

That was seen to be one hell of a windfall. It was incredibly correct to enlist help from so many people. If Xu Zhi were to do so alone, he would not have been able to get so far at all.

He paid no heed to those who continued to rave about it and went to sleep right away. He simply let those evolving beings do the hard work, and he only needed to be there to reap the fruits of their labor.

He rose the next morning after a good night’s rest, and Chen Xi brought him breakfast.

He shot a glance at the lesser sandbox. It was obvious that everyone came to know their place after dying once. Development went on without problems. As for the greater sandbox, change finally came after losing the three witches.

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