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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 44

Air Hammer of War

Xu Zhi was feeling rather relaxed after he had finished. 𝘪𝓷𝘯𝙧ℯ𝗮𝘥. 𝗰૦m

The first being with extreme potential had emerged, and he was happy with what happened. While there was indeed a bunch of rebels emerging out of that lesser sandbox in his compound, and those ant-like things chatted away about overthrowing him all the time, they were hard at work nonetheless, and something worthwhile had actually come from all that ruckus.

He finished his dinner and left the compound, returning to his kitchen where he washed his lunchbox.

“Can’t imagine a creator having to do his own dishes.

He went next door after cleaning the lunchbox to return it to its owner. He did not rush back to his compound and had took a casual ride down the countryside paths in the night on his bicycle. Bugs and birds were heard chirping all over the place—a testament of how silent his surroundings were.

He recalled something all of a sudden and asked the Insecta Nest mind.

“Oh right, if I were to add that phoenix’s genes into my own, giving me the ability to be reborn in fire, would I become an egg and be reborn if I were to kill myself, and then acquire a body that is free of cancer instead?”

“You might,” the AI replied.

Xu Zhi was feeling very restless right there and then; he had finally found a cure for his cancer.

That idiot of a player brought one hell of a surprise with the creature that he evolved. It was actually a Phoenix that featured heavily in legends, a creature of unreal power, given how it was actually able to cure his illness.

He quickly asked, “Oh yeah, would I still be me if I were to reborn through fire?”

The AI answered, “Going through such a rebirth would mean the end of the original mother queen. It would naturally be your offspring who would succeed your body.”

My offspring?

Xu Zhi was baffled. So, that’s to say that I die, and my son would inherit my body and everything I own? My wealth, my money, my sandboxes, and even Chen Xi? That brat is gonna be my son’s girlfriend?

Damn, what a way to cheat in a relationship!

“Gosh, this is really one terrifying kind of cheating gene.”

He continued cycling leisurely on the countryside path, while shaking his head and feeling speechless. “So I’d be singing a song about me getting cheated on then, would I? Sh**, I’m never gonna put such a gene inside me.”

He gave up that line of thought right away. He would have gladly chosen dying by cancer than living forever in such a way. Furthermore, it would have only been just his son, his grandson, and his subsequent descendants taking over his body as they continued to live after all.

He shifted his thoughts elsewhere.

The greater sandbox would become more diverse after adding a bird with such potent poisons on them. The world would begin to have two supernatural beings. With the Phoenix, practically a god of fire, and himself as the god of wisdom added to the fray, there would also be two world-class gods as well.

The basic structure of the world of sorcerers was considered solidified by then.

“I sure hope the Phoenix grows fast. It will get stronger with every rebirth. Despite only being born today, that thing still packs powers comparable to level six legendary witches. In an era where the three witches passed away, that Phoenix would be considered invincible in that sandbox world, and a true god of fire… now I’d just wait for the bird to develop its own capacity for intelligence.”

Xu Zhi stopped his bicycle.

He was surrounded by lush jungle and there was a stream flowing far away in the dark of night. The scenery was silent and typical of the countryside.

He was there because he had reached the level of apprentice sorcerer and wanted to train his powers of sorcery. He was unable to actually train in that compound of his after all, as getting his powers running amok would have meant a disaster at the level of mass extinction to those tiny creatures.

“Air Hammer of War!”

Xu Zhi willed it for a bit.

A gust of formless, intangible mental pressure gathered the air around, coalescing into a force and began to take shape, before dissipating without a trace.

“Air Hammer of War!”

Xu Zhi flicked his hand for a bit as he chanted the words silently.

It was only his second time casting the spell when the air began to quickly coalesce. Formless ripples merged and gathered about, silently forming into a Warhammer of air which then was brought down hard on the stream before him.


Mild splashes were seen.

“This is just the second time and I’ve already succeeded. My mental powers have indeed gotten extremely powerful after going through three mass extinction events, I guess.” He took deep breaths and felt a glee that he was unable to place deep down.

He was very pleased about it. It was a form of supernatural power told in myths and legends after all. All guys harbored absurd dreams when they were young, such as becoming a powerful sorcerer, or a mech warrior, or a magical girl, all capable of casting magic like Harry Potter.

He gradually became familiari with the use of such ‘air type’ magic. He was of immense talent, and his speed at picking up spells and learning in general were over a dozen times that of the three witches.

He was already an Insecta Hero and was considered an extremely perfect high-level creature after eliminating all the useless, messy genes in him. If he were to actually go down to the sandbox personally to evolve, his achievements throughout his life would probably be greater than that of the three witches.

However, that was definitely something he would never do, as he did not have the time nor the energy to do so. The three witches spent over 200 years before they were able to develop such a path to begin with, after all.

He did not see himself as someone who would spend his entire life doing such things.

“They have learned to use magic staffs and mediums to cast spells. That was the crude structure of alchemy. But I’d have a hard time crafting one such staff in reality.” He was slightly dejected. “The power of this spell would be about three times more powerful otherwise.”

He trained sorcery for one whole hour. With that ‘Air Hammer of War’ developed by Medea, he finally considered himself gaining a measure for protecting himself. The explosiveness of that move was more than enough to cave someone’s chest in.

He returned to the compound, feeling pleased with himself, before realizing that he forgotten something.

He had forgotten to reopen the sandbox.

First day of second testing. Opened for testing for half a day, and the rest for maintenance!”

Damn, this is just too hardcore!

This is absurd!! We want some sort of event!

Open up the server! I can’t take this wait any longer!!

The forum was filled with complaints and ramblings. Everyone was getting very, very agitated as if having their playtime robbed from them would kill them.

Xu Zhi, however, did not feel sorry about such a blunder. He only needed to reopen the server after all.

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