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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 28

Divided Views

It was the 11th year in Babylon.

It was already very rare for a male to be able to incorporate the blood of the Evil Eye, and the only male witch had died after merely a brief appearance. Finally, the fear of being subjected to the dominance of witches erupted into chaos!

“Run away! This is no longer the Babylonian tribe of old. It’s hell!”

“Times have changed. The era of male domination, the time of Hero King, Gilgamesh, is over. Now, it’s a dark age of terrorizing witches!”

They were all frantically trying to escape from the tribe. They would rather struggle for survival or survive in solitude under the domination of wild beasts. But they were not willing to remain in this horrible tribe and live in the shadow of a witch’s strange power.

“Circe, she cannot be forgiven!”

In the tribe, Medea and Cassandra locked eyes with each other. Both were raging with anger. They had pacified and calmed the warriors of the tribe and had gotten into a huge fight with Circe where they directly struck her out of anger.

There was simply no way they could tolerate her behaviour anymore.

Over the years, the tribe had seen the emergence of four new witches and no longer lacked thebat power required to protect the tribe, so the two of them decided to do something to suppress Circe. But after the great confrontation, they were horrified to discover that Circe had secretly grown far much stronger than them over the years.

The two of them had to work together in order to suppress her.

It seemed,pared to the two of them being good witches who normally suppressed their emotions and desires, the evil witch, Circe who indulged herself without inhibitions, had ironically enabled her psychic power to grow stronger and stronger.

It was already the 16th year in Babylon.

Everything seemed calm and peaceful for the three witches, the three great guardians of Babylon, as the three sisters enjoyed a bath together while happily chatting away. In truth, there was great tension lurking and brewing beneath this amiable front. It had been five years, and Circe was now at such an unfathomable level. Even with the two of them joining forces, they were still only barely able to put up a fight against her.

“Well? My dear sisters, are you sure you don’t want to try it?”

Circe was still gently stirring the water with her fair, white hands, creating ripples on the surface as she looked at her two sisters with a gentle expression. “Instead of suppressing it, why not indulge your desires? That is the best way to cultivate your psychic power and grow as a witch.”

Medea, who was soaking herself in the spring water, smiled back and tried to persuade her sister with nice words. “No, Circe, I don’t think this is the right approach. What will be of the tribe if we join you?”

Circe’s beautiful and enchanting face turned serious as she started to give due consideration to the question. She immediately came up with a blueprint for a bright future, and said, “We will take over the reins and rule the entire Babylonian tribe again. The women will be responsible for defending the tribe and the men shall be in charge of growing our numbers, producing offspring, and taking on the responsibilities that our women have been doing.”

“This is tyranny.”

Medea gently replied, “This would make us no different from the brutal Sumerians who so audaciously attempted to defy God. That’s barbaric, not what civilization should be. This is not what an intelligent species should do… Do you know what is the reason why back then, the great Hero King, Gilgamesh, gave the orders for history to be recorded?

“What is the role of history?” Circe asked with a smile.

“The role of history is to record the courage and hardships that our predecessors had suffered in going against nature. We have to learn from the history of our predecessors and select the right path based on their experiences… Your choice is one of barbarism, not civilization. You are leading us down the same old path of the Sumerians, the path to extinction.”

Medea said, “Aren’t you afraid that we will call upon ourselves a second Great Flood that will destroy all our world?”


Fear flashed across Circe’s face.

The stronger she became, the more fearful she felt.

Right now, she was only able to kill an Alla beast without difficulty. Compared to the iparably powerful Hero King as recorded in history, she was literary hundreds of times weaker. And yet, even a great existence like the Hero King, who was able to challenge the great giant beast, Fina, had headed for extinction…

Circe’s breathing quickened. Then after a slight pause, she suddenly burst out laughing.

Submerged under the water surface, she laughed so seductively, herely and fair body was breathtakingly beautiful.

“Pfft! Don’t lie to me, my sister. I’m not attempting to provoke the Creator, nor am I going to destroy other species and ruin the ecosystem. Even if it is tyranny, it’s at most an internal struggle within our human race. He would not be paying any attention to me at all, right?”

Circe immediately smiled smugly again, “The progress of your spirituality over the recent years has been too slow. It’s not even a third of mine. My method of cultivation is the quickest, most unrepressed, and the most enjoyable, why do you even care about how then men end up?”

Medea immediately retorted in a powerful voice, “Your method of cultivation is simply too evil and has led you astray. We must search for the correct and proper method of cultivation to hone the psychic power of us witches.”

Circe paused for a moment. The expression on her face was slowly turning cold. She said, “Since I can’t convince you, I’ll have to force your hands and make you cultivate as I wish.”

Theplicated expression on her face was gradually bing difficult to read, and she said, “I never wanted to kill the two of you. You were the only truepanions who could stay by my side over the long years. It had always been us three sisters. You will soone to understand that your little sister’s choice is the right one and that I am doing this for your own good. I only need you to try it once. You will love it and understand why I am going through all the trouble to make you do this.”


Circe’s face grew gloomy and cold. An extremely frosty and eerie spiritual aura started to spread from her body. The ripples in the water around her actually started to roll away, one layer at a time, “Let me, force you, to accept men!!!”

“You’re this strong!”

The expressions on Medea and Cassandra’s faces instantly changed.

“Do it!”

At that moment, four beautiful newly born witches appeared next to the pool.

They were dressed in exquisite animal skins, held black wooden staffs, and wore crowns made of flower wreaths. It was obvious that Medea had long been preparing for this. She planned to unite the power of all the existing witches to defeat the evil witch Circe, who had be so unimaginably strong because she had headed down the path of evil. It was impossible to let her go on doing evil as she pleased any longer.


“You! So what if you all work together…”

Circe’s violent mental willpower suddenly surged.

The snow-white water splashed out of the pool. Under the impact of that terrifying psychic power, a violent and vast expanse of turbulent ripples started to spread outwards in a circular pattern. Several fish were shocked and dazed and floated up to the surface with their bellies up.

“So, this is the power of a witch?”

At that moment, a gentle voice was suddenly heard.

It came from a strange creature that none of them had ever seen before. It was a black-feathered, three-eyed crow with a weird and mysterious aura. No one knew exactly how long it had been there, quietly perched on a branch amid the lush trees, observing everything that all of them did.


The witches’ minds were greatly shaken.

This place was enveloped by the spirituality of the witches. Medea and Cassandra were most particular about their chastity; thus, no foolish and lustful men of the tribe would be able to sneak into this place to peep at the three of them as they bathed. The consequence of forcing their way in to get a closer look would be an excruciating headache.

But now…

“Let’s join forces to kill it first. We will deal with the grudge later.”


For a moment, all the witches present, including Circe, acted at the same time. The impact of their intense spiritual attacks converged. They intended to join forces to first attack and finish off this unstable existence.

They were too decisive in intending to eliminate the unknown first.

This convergence of psychic power was so violent, evil, and bizarre, that even the most terrifying beast would die in an instant. But at this very moment, it seemed as if their joint attack had fallen into a puddle of mud and had absolutely no effect on the black three-eyed crow at all.

“How is this possible!?”

For a moment, all the witches, with their throats dry and their voices hoarse, could only stare at the black three-eyed crow perched on the lush green tree. There was only one terrifying thought echoing in all their minds. “What power is this…”

“This is the power of meditation.”

Xu Zhi spoke from where he was on the branch.

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