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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 27

A Pathetic Position

In the Babylonian tribe, houses were well-spaced and laid out in a neat arrangement. The tribe had grown quite prosperous.

The three witches were much, much weaker than Gilgamesh, but they had stil just about been able to defend their homes against the giant beasts.

The humans now occupied a position in the middle of the massive food chain of the giant beasts.

Though unable to fight off some of the more terrifying beasts, they were not weak to the extent where just any kind of beast would be able to treat them as food. Even the powerful giant beasts would have to pay a terrible price before they could attack the tribe and take them as food to feast upon.

In the field were women planting crops.

In the distance, people dressed in animal skins were dissecting the huge carcass of a giant beast that was more than ten meters in size.

There were warriors constantly patrolling the area all around the tribe to prevent terrifying beasts from attacking the Babylonian tribe.

After they had ensured that they could safely survive in the area, they began to frantically breed and expand the population of their race because they needed a huge population base. They needed more women to assimilate the blood of the Evil Eye and needed to bring about the emergence of more witches. This was the only way they could protect themselves.

In a valley deep within the lush green mountains outside the tribe.

The Emiya Pool was like a realm of fantasy, a dreamland where the ground was covered with lush green grass, flowers were blooming, and white mist lingering all over the place. Within the pool, three beautiful women were bathing. Their snow-white skin was like ice jade, and their bodies were slender and beautiful; they were just like perfect goddesses out of ancient myths.

More than ten years had passed, and the three witches from before were already in their thirties.

Bugapes would age and die at the age of around thirty or forty, so most of their peers had almost left the world or were on the verge of dying of old age. But the years did not seem to have left traces on them.

The three women who were bathing in the Emiya Pool were still as youthful and fit as if they were teenage girls.

Gilgamesh had lived for more than two hundred years after assimilating a second gene. They were only in their thirties, so for them, a long life had just begun.

Medea had immersed herself within the clear spring water. This determined and decisive witch, who was in charge of warfare and glory of the tribe, languidly stretched her smooth, perfectly shaped legs. She emerged to the surface and said, “Melicast has also passed away last night… Our sister who grew up with us, who explored the world with us as children, who was someone from our tribe who stood by us and shared our dreams in researching for ways to conquer the giant beasts with such great passion. She has long be a graying old woman.”

Cassandra gently flicked the water, creating ripples as a result. This gentle witch was in charge of caring for the herds and producing medicinal herbs for the tribe. In a low voice, she lamented, “Countless children and grandchildren were by her bedside to watch over this old lady and see her off on her final journey. This is already the most satisfying ending to life… Over the long years that passed, I havee to realize that only the bond between us, as well as the feelings that we three sisters share, is eternal. Everything around us is ever-changing, but we are the only ones who will not grow old.

Circe smiled flirtatiously yet looked beautiful doing so. Her bright eyes were twinkling as she said, “How about it? My two sisters who stood high above everyone, as the great, majestic guardian goddesses of Babylon, you have to live alone. Are you envious of all the other ordinary girls, who had loving husbands and children?”

Circe swam over from her side of the pool and teased them provocatively, “Sisters, the two of you are so elegant, but have always been so cold and aloof, why not I…”

Medea and Cassandra took a few steps back at the same time as they warily looked at her. Then in a calm voice, they said, “Circe, show some respect! Don’t you ever use your unseemly ways on us.”

“What does it matter?”

Circe smiled, subtly but playfully, and said, “It’s not like a man’s life is at stake. I’m not one of those weak men, even if you lose control of yourselves and cause an outburst of psychic power, you won’t kill me at all.”

The two other witches, however, remained wary of her.

They knew what Circe wanted to do. She was trying to make them fall, step by step, and gradually sink into a life of depravity. Then finally, they would be just like Circe herself and would join her in bringing harm to the men in the tribe.

Back then, after the two of them had seen Circe’s ruination which hade from caving-in to her desires, they had made a silent vow and set three iron laws for witches.

1. Before being tested with the blood of Evil Eye, a witch must be a chaste woman who has sworn to God that she will not love anyone for as long as she lives.

2. After bing a witch, acts of immodesty are strictly forbidden! It is forbidden to touch any man. Once a witch loses her chastity, she is bound to fall. God will turn his back on her, and she will turn into an evil witch.

3. Witches are not allowed to abuse their power and use it to attack other people.

Circe was a classic example of a witch that did everything that was the opposite of what was expected of her.

She had a husband before and after she became a witch, yet she still went looking for men.

But the psychic power of a witch was overwhelmingly powerful. It was so powerful that they were unable to control their emotions at will and would end up killing the weaker men the moment they lost themselves in pleasure.

With such terrible side effects of their powerful and violent psychic power, they were doomed to have no lovers.

Over the years, Circe had bepletely synonymous with death and fear in the tribe. Every single man that she had seduced in the past had died.

Countless men were fearful.

Circe was aware of this, but every month, there would always be a few men in the tribe who died inexplicable deaths.

In fact, over the past ten years or so, the tribe had seen the birth of four new witches after hundreds of deaths.

They had also been strictly abiding by the “Three Iron Laws of Witches” and became the guardian goddesses of the tribe. Therefore, the Babylonian tribe now had four subtribes.

And over the years, it was not that there had not been any males who tried to take the test of death by assimilating the blood of Evil Eye. The tribe was never short of brave men. But the blood of the Evil Eye was extremely unique, and the probability of success for females was much higher than their male counterparts.

But that said, not all of the men had failed.

Over the past decade, there had actually been four females and one male who had successfully received the power of the Evil Eye. For the tribe to actually witness the birth of a male witch was indeed a rare sight, and it was much to Circe’s delight.

With the birth of a male witch, Circe thought that she finally found a man who would not die.

Unfortunately, Circe’s psychic power had grown so much stronger over the years that other ordinary men basically could not survive even a single night with her. And this male witch, after lasting an entire week of satisfying Circe’s pleasures, also died upon collapsing from a mental breakdown.

And the sudden demise of the only male witch left the remaining men in the tribe inplete despair.

On this day, the brave and valiant Babylonian warriors reached aplete realization…

We have beenpletely reduced to reproductive tools.

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