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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 1465

1465 The non-existent prehistoric level

A thousand years.

Everyone knew that they were only given a thousand years.

This was a short test of time.

It was a test of their talents and the limits of their wisdom!

Once the 1000 years were up, they would lead their own plans and return to this Palace. They would describe their plans for the future of the universe and decide the possibility of reaching the top of level 11.

This was already the fairest arrangement, and everyone was convinced.

It was not only to prove one’s Dao with kindness, but also to test one’s most fundamental talent and wisdom, which were the most fundamental things in the bones of the strong.


The group of people dispersed.

A thousand years might seem long, but in the higher dimension space-time, it was only ten days. It was just the blink of an eye.

Everyone disappeared from the palace. Xu Zhi also took a step forward and disappeared from where he was. He came to take a walk in the void high in the universe.

The great cosmos in the distance was getting smaller and smaller.



the universe is really wonderful. Throughout the entire historical era, the creation of the heaven and earth, the integration of laws, the complete maturity, and the arrival of level 11 ...

looking at the history of the universe’s development as a whole, it’s like a life. It’s born, young, mature, and gives birth to children. And it only has ten children.

every rank 11 is a child of truth born from a singularity in the universe. They are young life forms born from a singularity of truth, and they are the most outstanding geniuses in the universe. They can grow up at any time and become a vast, mature, and complete universe that has lost its own will.

from this point of view, being born, giving birth, and then dying, is like a perfect life law ...

it’s like a hymn of the vast universe’s historical main storyline, a plot outline of a novel’s script, a plot outline of a movie ... This hidden thread has connected the entire history of the universe.”

“This hidden thread can be called the general trend!”

the general trend of the universe’s growth is like a human. It’s in its infancy, growth, adolescence, maturity ... Therefore, it’s very difficult to reverse the natural growth pattern of humans!”

this is the ultimate core truth of the universe’s general trend.

At that moment, Xu Zhi’s understanding of the universe was beyond ordinary.

He reversed the general trend and changed the natural growth law of the universe. It could be said that no one understood the fundamental principle of the general trend better than him.

then, is the universe an alternative life form like plants? ”

The corners of Xu Zhi’s mouth curled up into a brilliant arc as he looked up at the sky.

how wonderful. Deducing the universe’s extraordinary sandbox, deducing the natural extraordinary system ... Even if one were to explore the mysterious laws of nature for a lifetime, one would still find it endlessly beautiful ...”

Xu Zhi stepped into the void and looked into the distance. He could not help but open his arms. His eyes were filled with brilliant anticipation. she’s so beautiful ... It made me feel her hair-raising, bottomless beauty.”

the true truth that ‘he’ is hiding is terrifying, but I can’t help but dig it out.

Xu Zhi was observing the entire universe.

He searched the entire great cosmos for clues.

Because he had already become the universe itself, in the end, he confirmed that there were no ancient ruins of the prehistoric universe, nor any hidden level 11 existences of the prehistoric universe.

There were no traces of history ...

This was only natural.

This was because the collapse of the universe would cause all matter and energy to be completely revived and turned into nothingness ... Any prehistoric relic would return and be re-molded.

But there were no prehistoric level 11 lifeforms?

This was enough to make Xu Zhi curious.

This would be his last question about the vast universe era.

“There’s no level 11 from prehistory, so there are two possibilities!”

Xu Zhi said nonchalantly, ” the first possibility is that although there are reincarnations in the cosmic Era, we are still in the stage of the first reincarnation. We are the first century, and we are the beginning.

Was that even possible?

This was naturally possible.

This was because Xu Zhi had been constantly deducing and using the heavenly music sect to continuously ” create eras.

Xu Zhi discovered that 99.999% of the original universe environment of the Atlas tree produced by the singularity Big Bang of the universe was a ” dead tree, ” a universe structure that would not give birth to life.

These universes were all dead.

His entire life span from the explosion to the collapse, the middle period was empty, it was all dead silence.

This was not strange.

The birth of life was always a miracle of countless small probabilities.

It required a suitable law, soil, environment, ecology ...

Just like how 99.999% of the entire universe was a dead wasteland, human astronomical technology on earth had been constantly observing extraterrestrial planets, but they could not find another ” earth ” that could really give birth to natural life.

therefore, we are in the cycle of countless dead universes. It is possible that the first universe that produced life by chance is us. We are the source!

Xu Zhi said softly, ” and the second possibility is that we are not the first. The prehistoric space civilization does exist. As for those level 11 existences ... They’ve already chosen to go to the distant universe.”

The corners of Xu Zhi’s eyes drooped slightly.

When you are completely invincible in the universe and have reached your limit, will you still stay on this land and be the mastermind behind the future of the universe?


After living for tens of billions of years and ruling the universe for tens of billions of years, he still hadn’t had enough fun. He still wanted to continue ruling the next cosmos epoch after the Big Bang and big collapse of the universe, becoming the mastermind behind the scenes?

Do you think that she really likes to cut off your future?

You’re overestimating yourself.

Why would a giant human have the time to monopolize the future of an ant under his feet?

At different heights, one’s thinking would naturally be different.

They might choose to leave the great cosmos and head into the boundless outer region void to find another great cosmos that might exist.

in the past, in theory, there could not be any other universe outside of the universe. This is because the return and collapse of the universe is like a terrifying vortex, madly sucking everything around it and twisting it into a singular point ...

but, ” Xu Zhi said, ” if two singularities are far enough apart, then there is a possibility of existence between them ... However, how could there be another singularity outside the universe? Who brought it over?”

The corners of Xu Zhi’s mouth curled up.

Then, the whereabouts of the pre-history level 11 could be known.

It wasn’t entirely impossible for him to seek out other great cosmoses and other opportunities.


if I were them, I would definitely take advantage of the moment when the universe collapsed and exploded. I would follow the terrifying thrust of the big explosion and fly directly into the endless void like a rocket!

Xu Zhi said softly.

At the moment of the Big Bang and the birth of the new universe, the great existences of the past followed the Big Bang and headed far away into outer space.

Therefore, it was inevitable that they couldn’t find the prehistoric level 11.

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