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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 1462

1462 Chapter 1469-blending in

The God of creation?

A rank 12 descendant?

Everyone knew that rank 12 was just a code name. It was no longer a realm, but a representation of the entire universe itself.

As for level 12 existences, which meant that the universe was giving birth to offspring, was this really possible?

Without self-awareness, they were no longer individual life forms, so how could they reproduce like individual life forms?

Everyone fell into the shadow of a fog. It seemed like this, but it also didn’t make sense.

Reasonable. Naturally, this was the only way to explain the incredible talent of venerable sovereigns, which even exceeded the limit of the new creatures like tu Xin.

The difference in talent displayed in that battle was too great.

If the difference between the new and the old humans was like the difference between humans and monkeys ...

The difference between a venerable sovereign and a new human being was like the difference between a God’s wisdom and the mortals on the ground.

The difference between the two was like heaven and earth, extremely obvious.

After all, the descendants of level 10 Saints and level 9 cultivators all had a form of life that surpassed the lower life forms and inherited a part of their father’s bloodline. It was indeed normal for the descendants of level 12 Saints to have all kinds of terrifying abilities.

However, the unreasonable part ...

How did the great cosmos give birth to the next generation?

“What proof do you have?” Meng Mei widened her eyes in disbelief. My husband’s son is actually a venerable sovereign? This was simply too ridiculous!

then who do you think it is? the identity of the venerable sovereign has always been a secret.

The racer of Mount Haruna looked around and looked at pheasant Ji, Rong Cheng, and the others who were in disbelief. He said softly, ” there was already a foreshadowing before, but you just forgot about it. Do you remember the mystery we were discussing about the venerable sovereign? ”


that’s right. As the civilization of our era improved and gradually became stronger, the various mysteries of the venerable sovereigns have almost been completely solved. However, there is still one big mystery that has been lingering in my heart!

“The largest?”

do you still remember the creation era of the evil god? ” according to our analysis, ” the racer of Mount Haruna said, ” it should be a deliberate attempt to guide the evil God in the dark and open the ancient magic box of the genesis! The ancient gods, renemanska, and moon god Ji are going to change the general trend of the universe!”

Everyone nodded.

The calculation of the racer of Mount Haruna was indeed accurate.

These three existences were doing this on purpose!

These three ancient existences from the prehistoric universe didn’t just want to save this universe. Their true goal was to let the future God of creation descend and restore his will!

Now, he had completely achieved his goal.

The general trend of this cosmos epoch had been completely changed.

my deduction at that time has now perfectly connected with the current history.

The racer of Mount Haruna continued, ” at that time, the venerable sovereigns entered the oddity. How could they have survived? there were no rules in there. We thought it was unbelievable. We did not know about the realm of the oddity at that time. However, with the hidden strength of a venerable sovereign, it was only natural that it was perfectly fine ... However, do you think that’s the explanation for entering the creation era?”

“Isn’t that the case?” The cute girl said.

“Wrong! You only saw the second level! I thought it was the truth!”

The racer of Mount Haruna raised two fingers proudly. and what I’m looking at is the third level! Although you can enter the oddity perfectly, why did the venerable sovereigns enter the oddity when they were perfectly fine?”

Meng Mei could not help but say,’at that time, the venerable sovereign could not defeat the evil god and was sucked in by force ...’ You have to know that the Dao technique is so terrifying that even tu Xin could be forcibly sucked in, and he couldn’t escape at all ...”

But the next second, she suddenly choked.

That’s right!

The logic at that time was forcibly sucked in by the venerable sovereign, but this logic was not valid at all! How could a venerable sovereign be sucked in when she had hidden her strength so well? she was afraid that the venerable sovereign had entered on her own accord ...

Xu Zhi had already walked out from the area where he had deduced the cultivation technique of the great universe. He happened to hear this group of people talking about it outside and could not help but have a strange expression on his face.

I really couldn’t beat Medusa at that time, so I was sucked in.

you still don’t understand? from the beginning to the end, it was a sophisticated plan!

While Xu Zhi was still at a loss, the racer of Mount Haruna said with a serious look on his face, ” “We were looking at it from the wrong angle! Now that I think about it, the sequence of events back then should be like this. The three ancient existences guided the evil god, opened the era of creation, observed the God of creation, and the variable that changed the universe directly descended in that instant!”

at that time, the God of Destruction first arrived in this universe, and he was starting to regain his consciousness. The venerable sovereign went straight in. Do you still not understand? ” the racer of Mount Haruna said.

At this point, if the others still didn’t understand, then they were truly fools.

venerable sovereign, I’m afraid he went to see the God of Destruction who had just been summoned and came to this universe. When he had just recovered a little of his consciousness, he saw his father ...

In this era of creation, the venerable sovereign was clearly on a journey to find his family!

Pheasant age, Rong Cheng, Zhi Zhu, tu Xin, and even the bug clan Queen were all shocked.

So that’s how it is!

Long ago, they had already used this “era creation” Dao art to observe the God of creation of the ancient era. This caused this great being who had reached the Dao integration stage without a will to descend into our cosmos and create the first change.

His children were already waiting for him in this new era ...

They had already made a foreshadowing a long time ago, foreshadowing the opening of the universe.

“I didn’t lose unjustly.”

Tuxin was silent for a long time. Finally, he let out a sigh of relief and softly said, I can’t believe that the evil God’s creation era returned to the collapse of the singularity. The method of creating the incomplete singularity was already set up before.

I’m afraid this situation was set in motion 10 billion years ago in the universe, when the prehistoric era of the universe began. Quality candle also sighed. no wonder I couldn’t beat them even though I’ve accumulated all the Trump cards in the history of the universe. They’ve accumulated even more. This was a long plan. I didn’t lose in vain.

After listening to the history and internal affairs of the racer of Mount Haruna, they finally understood that this was not a coincidence.

“You deserve it! You always think that you’re the most sinister in the universe, but you don’t know that there’s always someone better!” The bug clan Queen Mother couldn’t help but say, ” even a quality candle like you is so sinister. You’ve used countless tricks in the longevity world to ensure that you won’t lose in the future. What about the other party? The other party must be the same, so we have no chance of winning from the beginning!”


The three of them were completely silent.

“Venerable sovereigns are unrivaled throughout the ages and cut off an era of the universe. Where do you get the chance to win? You’re just looking forward to an incredible dream!” The racer of Mount Haruna continued, ” “But you should know that there are no dreams in the adult world!”

that’s right, you losers can only discuss in the open space outside and wait for those ancient existences to come out and give you orders. Rong Cheng laughed.

He felt that at the very least, he had chosen the right side from the start.

Rong Cheng and the other longevity Saints were secretly elated.

This candle was simply an old and sinister thing. It had long replaced the Overlord of the lifelong realm yet they were still so foolish to serve it and almost died from being tricked.

Fortunately, the candle had abandoned them, allowing them to join the right side by mistake.

“In the future, we’ll have to see how pheasant season works.” A group of longevity Saints couldn’t help but flatter him.

Pheasant Ji stood in the crowd, still in a daze. Her mind went blank from the sudden rush of happiness. She had suddenly become the daughter-in-law of the God of creation?

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