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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 1319

1319 Heavenly Daoist gathering, setting the rules

draw up the rules and methods for the Saints to prove their Dao in the chaotic era of the universe? ”

Rong Cheng was a little nervous. the sage of many universes is the rule of Dao vindication for the nine universes. It’s the rule that rules the nine universes ... the saints that have been drafted now are the heavenly dao rules that rule the 120000 and 600 universes?”

Originally, he was a Sage of many elements.

Were all the Saints in the universe now?

“That’s right. The rules still need to be set.”

The God of Destruction said, ” the rules of the universe are all living beings. They are completed and created in each era ... No one could know the future of the universe, and there were no stable rules, so it was natural to rewrite them ... This is a major change.”

“Can’t I vindicate Dao to you? You are in control of all the universes at present.” “As long as I can prove the rules of Dao to you, how can the other universes not follow your orders?” the venerable sovereign said.

Rong Cheng’s heart trembled.

It turned out that this existence had come here to discuss with the mortals how to deal with the catastrophe and to set the rules for the future?

Were they discussing the new situation in the universe?

In his daze, he seemed to recall the primordial age of the primordial universe. Before heaven and earth were separated and chaos filled the air, a group of the first Saints began to discuss and formulate the first rules to create the world.

now, they are in power and are splitting up the initial power! His breathing quickened. Fortunately, he was quick-witted and came here. Otherwise, he would have suffered a huge loss if he didn’t know anything.

This was the Round Table meeting of chaos, where they would set the rules together.

“Let me control it and let the common people vindicate their Dao? This isn’t a long-term solution.”

At this moment, the God of Destruction shook his head and retorted, ” although I created those universes, I can easily control them now. If you prove your Dao to me and explain the rules to me, I can indeed command those universes.

But what about the future? Once it was fully developed and endless, it would be difficult to control it and it would be difficult to coordinate with one’s own power ... ‘At the same time, if I return to the top in the future and my will vanishes ...’ Therefore, only by setting the rules of Dao vindication can one vindicate the Dao.”

As soon as this sentence was said, the people on both sides saw two different meanings.

The first reaction of di Qi and the others was:

After all, the God of Destruction was the natural and vast will of the great path of the universe.

He had now developed his own will, so he could plan, but what about the future? If he were to regain his authority, his will would ‘dissipate’ and return to the will of the universe. Who would be left to handle this?

Even if he defeated the God of creation, the will of the God of Destruction did not return to the assimilation. This kind of thing could not always be handled by his own subjective will, and it had to be controlled by the rules.

Just like a judge, if he relied on himself to judge prisoners, he would eventually make mistakes. The best way was to set up fixed ” rules ” and let the rules decide by themselves.

Without rules, there was no square!

Rong Cheng, pheasant Ji, and the others ‘first reaction was, ”

This universe leader would eventually die of old age and dissipate!

This was what he meant by ” will dissipation “. If one died of old age and dissipation, how could one coordinate the universe?

He couldn’t rely on this rule. He had to establish a new and perfect rule.

Rong Cheng thought to herself,’this being’s idea is probably to take advantage of the current era when it has just been born and has yet to flourish. As the leader of the universe, it can still control these universes and help us set the rules ...’ Otherwise, once the numbers increase and he falls in the future, he won’t be able to control the flourishing race.”

after all, this is not the general trend of the universe. It can not be reversed. If we don’t help, this general trend will be destroyed!

After all, everyone knew that a universe era would not go far without a mature and fair Dao vindication rule for the Saints to vindicate their Dao and obtain benefits!

He wanted to work for the cow but didn’t feed it. How far could he go?

Saints and the universe were mutually beneficial from the very beginning. If you completed my rules, I would give you temporary authority. humans and nature could live in harmony and benefit from each other. only then could the great cosmos walk step by step towards the maturity and completeness it had today.

The current universe was like this.

If the path of the “Saints” was not formulated, then the era was destined to be dead. How could they resist the destined general trend of the future?

At this moment, Rong Cheng had unconsciously integrated herself into the ‘universe’ and the Saints around her as she thought about it. She began to discuss how to develop with them.

“Setting the rules of Dao vindication in the universe? This is too troublesome!” Rong Cheng also felt that it was tricky. There were more than 129000 of them. How were you going to set the rules?

He had to think about this!

However, it was hard to imagine that it was equivalent to the node of the next era.

After all, the universe was divided into 129600 parts and was too small. If one didn’t become a Sage and was only a single Sage in the universe, they would be unimaginably weak. How could they fight against the enemy?

How was the chaos sea going to fight against its destined fate?

Therefore, the concept of “Saints” and the rules that ruled all the heavens and realms were imperative!

but if I can solve this difficult problem, I can also gain a lot. He began to think.

Xu Zhi looked at the people on both sides and fell into deep thought. He chuckled in his heart.

How could he prove the rules of the universe?

Of course, it was possible to find him to prove it.

After all, if Xu Zhi proved his way, he would be able to rule over all the heavens and realms, and the effect would be the same.

But Xu Zhi was not stupid.

He had seen too much history. If he was pushed to the front, everyone would vindicate his Dao and obtain the power to control the universe from him, he would be overthrown sooner or later!

Therefore, the authority of the universe could not be controlled by one’s own.

It was very complicated to do this. He could control it, but he couldn’t ... There were many twists and turns, but it had to be done.

you can put forward your own opinions. If it’s feasible, I can do my best to help you set up the rules. The God of Destruction said lightly.

Everyone’s breathing quickened.

This was the true power!

Who didn’t want to become the yimang of this era? The first Sage who created the world and created the first laws of the universe?


The first Sage was the general framework of the universe!

Everyone knew how terrifying it was. A set framework meant that all the later Saints could only vindicate their Dao in the universe set by the other party.

Di Qi sorted out his thoughts, then said with a smile, ” “I believe that the clan divine system will be the future structure of the universe ... It was the Dao vindication system of the sages! ‘Not bad ...’ Right now, we’re trying out this path. ”


The God of Destruction chuckled. the cultivation system of the clan divine branches ‘transcendent cultivators? ”

di qi, carolyn and the others looked at each other and said, ” now, we’ve left a secret door in the descendants of our bloodline life forms, so that the universe of our descendants will have our bloodline and listen to our ancestors ... In the long run, after generations of reproduction, it will become a core ancestral universe and 129600 cosmos heirs!”

Di Qi continued, ” in the future, as long as you vindicate your Dao towards the ‘core universe’, which is the Holy Land of the core of the heavens, you can vindicate the 129600 rules at the same time!

He looked at Ji RUO. for example, miss ruji, if you want to vindicate the contract rules of the heavens and realms, you only need to vindicate the universe of the core Holy Land hub. It’s equivalent to vindicating the heavens and becoming the Saints of the heavens, ruling over the rules of the heavens and realms.

“After all, nothing can be accomplished without rules.”

even the nine universes at this time have multiple sages who rule the world and manage each era of the universe. There will be too many worlds in the future. If there are no rulers and we stand in the ‘chaos heavens’ to work and set rules to rule the world, it is destined that we will not last long ... Then, how are we going to fight against the coming era?”

there is not much time left for us to develop!


as for the multi-dimensional Sage itineraries in the universe ...

Di Qi laughed again. the core universe can die too! This was because a universe had a lifespan as well. When the core universe died, the next ruler-level universe would ascend the throne ... At that time, the Saints of the old era of the core universe who ruled the rules of the myriad worlds will all fall, and the multiverse Saints in the new universe will ascend to the throne and rule the world!”

Rong Cheng was slightly surprised. The other party had come prepared and had already tested it. i𝒏𝑛r𝑒𝘢𝙙. com

How shameless.

Rong Cheng cursed in his heart. No wonder he didn’t care about me coming here. He must have calculated that I wasn’t prepared.

The God of Destruction could not help but laugh. it’s a good suggestion. Perhaps you can use it as a reference. I can help you to set up such a structure so that it can operate on its own after I leave.

Di Qi gave a faint smile and took a step back.

Medusa walked out and said, ” I think it’s the God and Devil system, where 120000 or so thousands of heavens and worlds are each a cell, gathering into a vast life form, and the universe exists in the form of a giant ...

She spoke with fervor and assurance, causing pheasant Ji and Rong Cheng to be shocked.

This was another existence that had come prepared.

When the two of them heard this idea, they felt that it was very shocking!

At this moment, ruji also felt that she couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled her husband and helplessly said, ” everyone is prepared and has begun to snatch the power of the universe. Don’t you have a plan? ”

The venerable sovereign smiled and walked out, saying, ” “I believe it is the reincarnation system.”


As soon as he said this, everyone turned to look at him.

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