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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 1009

1009 Just average

How could they not be excited?

Before this, he was filled with despair.

Without any hope of development, civilization was bound to go extinct. They could only muddle along and survive by hiding in the tombs of their ancestors.

However, now that they thought about it, turning into half-elemental creatures was indeed the best way for their civilization to rise again.

Excitement, excitement, and longing ignited a motivation called desire!

They were simply too excited. They had never been as excited as they were today.

That was because, if the elemental race could fuse with the extraordinary bloodline of flesh and blood, the various genes that they had stored for so many years would be able to fuse with it. It would lead to a huge rise in power!

“Previously, we thought that we had betrayed the glory of our ancestors,”

“W-we’re going to rise!”

“Hurry up, open our Treasury!”

send some men to the neighboring villages and have them bring all their savings here!


wait. Let the villages spread the news to the towns and villages further away. Bring all the remains of the grave robbers that have been accumulated in their tribes for generations! Tell them that there is hope for our clan to rise again! Our Savior has arrived!”

that’s right. Tell them to bring them all here. We want the genes, we want the powerful extraordinary bloodline!

The leader laughed out loud. He was crying and laughing at the same time. He was really excited, ” that existence is still setting up the teleportation array. We have to give him a huge surprise later!

The surrounding survivors were also full of confidence.


The tutelary was in charge of this tomb. At this time, it specially carved out a piece of land and quickly set up a teleportation array in a stable space, opening up a path on both sides.

Ji Yi and Ji Ming, who had been Xu Zhi’s moon Goddess in the past, descended on this land.

They were extremely excited.

Ji Yi took a deep breath. back then, you asked me to take away moon god Ji’s maid and then disappeared until now. But now, you’ve allowed us to descend here? ”

Now, more than a thousand years had passed.

Back then, the maidservant was nameless. She had given herself a name, Ji Ming.

The civilization of the mother stream had also changed greatly. The mother stream had already extended to many branches, connected to many barren planets, collected resources, and had an endless stream of gods.

Sun god ASA, Ji Shang, and transmigrator Li Li were already high-level deities. They had already begun to set foot on the path of rank-9 and were in the midst of a long climb.

As for Ji Yi, she had obtained an opportunity and the two of them were currently climbing up the ninth step.

After all, their bloodline system meant that every two of them would be Dao companions and move forward together.

But in fact, it was easy to reach the level of a high-level deity. The path to the ninth-rank was a very slow trial.

However, they had already developed a unique eternal bloodline. By burning their life force, they could accelerate the speed of their slumber and awakening. Their climbing speed was not slow!

“We’ve already developed to this stage, but moon god Lord Ji has still disappeared ... But now, he suddenly appeared and sent us a mental message. It’s said that this place is the origin of the Moon god Ji clan’s bloodline?”

They were all very careful as they walked out of the teleportation array.

“Moon Goddess Ji’s bloodline is very mysterious. She’s a half-elemental creature ... The four great elemental races, as well as you, the moon goddess Ji’s maid Ji Ming, all have this half-elemental bloodline ...”

They saw a Crystal Palace, some half-elemental infants, and some magical crystal elemental creatures. It was very magical.

“What about the Lord?”

At that moment, the leader excitedly rushed over and looked at the two human girls.

“Lord Ji said that he was going to pick up the ancestors of the four elements. Lord Ji’s descendants have gone ...” Ji Yi was very confused. She did not expect that there was actually an ancestor of her bloodline hiding in their mother stream civilization.

He had never seen it before, so he couldn’t help but be extremely curious about what kind of existence it was.

“Sir Ji, he asked us to come over first to deal with the things here and understand the situation and civilization.” Ji Yi said.

The leader looked at the young girl who was made of flesh and blood and frowned.

This woman named Ji Yi was a living being of pure flesh and blood ... Then, he was integrated with a half-elemental bloodline. It could be said that he was not a pure-blooded Clansman of theirs.

“Is that so? This bloodline is between half elements. If flesh and blood life forms can merge with this bloodline, elemental life forms like us can also merge with this bloodline ...”

After all, they were in the middle of the two races.

In fact, they still had a very strong sense of rejection. They did not like the flesh-and-blood creatures in front of them to be fused with their elemental bloodlines ...

The young girl in front of them had merged with their blood.

It was likely that this flesh body of hers was already her original body. Once she transformed, her huge elemental body would become a giant elemental life form that could cover the sky and earth.

This was something that was very repulsive. One’s own bloodline should not be used by other races. This was common knowledge in the universe.

However, since it was the decision of the moon goddess Ji, there was no reason to object. After all, as a new elemental civilization, they should abandon some of their beliefs.

“Oh right, this is the bloodline we collected ...”

The leader had a serious look on his face as he took out all sorts of remains and meat. He smiled and said, ” this way, our tribe will rise again. We’ll be very powerful. We’ll have a strong foundation from the beginning.

Ji Yi looked at the corpses of the Dao cultivators and was shocked. There were too many of them.

However, when he heard about bloodline, he frowned. his realm is terrifyingly powerful. But bloodline ... Although I didn’t look at it in detail, I think it’s just ordinary.”

“How can it be ordinary? Take a closer look.” On the side, the young Al was instantly dissatisfied. those who can enter our civilization’s ruins are not weak. In the entire universe, they are all very strong.

“Your civilization’s ruins. Oh right, can you tell me about it?” Ji Yi asked. She was quite curious about the history of the moon goddesses.

The elemental leader confidently began to talk about their history, their strength, and their two heaven-defying characteristics.

although he was very serious, the two of them didn’t get too excited.

Al was also full of confidence. although our ancestors gave up the two most powerful heaven-defying bloodline characteristics, and in the future, we will be ordinary flesh and blood creatures and set sail again ...

However, we can also become very strong! In the future, he could be on par with his ancestors ... Now, the bloodlines we’ve collected are a good start.”

“Mm ... Elemental civilizations are just so-so, I guess.”

ji yi thought for a moment and said very honestly, ” “i now know about the ancient history of moon goddess ji. so this is her background ... But thinking about it, if it wasn’t for the destruction of a civilization and the lack of manpower, re-developing the mother stream civilization now ... I won’t think of you.”

Our ancient glory? Just average?

If it wasn’t for an accident happening to their own civilization, would they not think of us?

Al was completely stunned. could it be that the mother stream civilization has developed to a heaven-defying extent and is no longer inferior to us? ”

The information revealed by these words was simply too shocking.

At first, they had thought that they were going to set sail again and collect genes. Who knew that the other party would directly tell them that they were already unimaginably powerful and that they were no weaker than they were in their ancient glory days?

you’ve already collected three types of transcendent bloodlines that match our half-elemental bloodline and formed four gene combinations? ” The elemental leader said in surprise.

not yet, ” Ji Yi replied. at the moment, our civilization only has two genes.

The other party was completely furious. didn’t we just get excited? it’s just as we thought. Aren’t we just looking for genes? A transcendent civilization formed from only two transcendent genetic cultivation systems and you say it’s stronger than ours?”

It wouldn’t be too strange if four genes could match up to them. However, there were only two of them in front of him ...

How weak do you think they are?

Ji Yi cast them a glance. my race’s half-elemental bloodline gene, plus another gene, eternal life ... Two very simple structures. Do you think that our race’s half-elemental genes are weak? Just the potential of this gene alone isn’t any weaker than the potential of your pure elemental genes.”

the civilization of the mother stream was only established by half-elemental life forms. Other pure flesh and blood life forms, elemental life forms, can not establish it at all.

Ji Ming mumbled softly, ” as for the mother stream civilization, the tree of the mother stream has a strong undying nature. Even if they die ... He could be resurrected at the source of the mother stream ... Although I can’t compare to your infinite energy, I don’t think I’m weaker than you in terms of limitlessness.”

The mother stream civilization?

They were slightly stunned.

Endless resurrection, resurrection at the source of the mother stream?

They did not understand, but after listening carefully, they understood that this half-elemental creature, as a living being of flesh and blood, was actually as heaven-defying as their elemental civilization.

His physical body was in the source of the mother stream ... The elemental body followed the branches of the mother stream and climbed into the universe. The elemental body ... It didn’t matter if they were killed. This was something that they, as pure elemental lifeforms, couldn’t do.

The mother stream, coupled with eternal life, would allow his main body to stay at the source of the mother stream, and he would be able to live forever ...

such a civilization ... Such a civilization!” Al clenched his fist. He was shocked. Indeed, with the perfect combination of two flesh genes, he could be on par with them.

If he were to incorporate other new genes into it, wouldn’t that be amazing?

a civilization with two genes has already developed to such an extent? ” The elemental leader was also very excited. it seems that our race has made a new choice. Being a half-elemental is the right path. We will be more glorious than before! Quickly take a look and see if there are any more powerful genes here ... As the remaining genetic slot, it’s more suitable ...”

Ji Yi and the other woman were helpless at their enthusiasm.

However, just as the two of them were in shock, they saw Moon Goddess Ji descend through the teleportation array with a strange lamp in her hand.

As soon as the lamp was opened, the creature inside walked out. As soon as it came out, they felt a kind of bloodline connection, which made them tremble. This Elemental Bird covered in flames was their ancestor?

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