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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 1008

1008 We are going to rise!

At the side, the elemental youngster named al couldn’t help but ask loudly,”Our ancient civilization isn’t truly powerful? Then where did the glory we once had come from?”

If their bloodline system was not strong enough, how could they become a level 10 civilization and have a glorious history?

Elemental lifeforms like them were almost invincible existences of the same level after they were formed!

Young man Ji only smiled and said indifferently, ” “After it takes shape, it will naturally be powerful ... However, would there be a chance for it to take form?

The pure elemental creatures would definitely be destroyed in the future because there were too few suitable genes and they could not find any. What’s the use of having an imaginary future that’s powerful?”

After a short pause, he continued. and even if you find it, you’ll only be able to fuse it with the genes of the same species. Four genes that are similar in general and have almost no major differences in their characteristics can not be considered truly powerful without your own genetic combination.

elemental lifeforms are undoubtedly strong, but other flesh lifeforms aren’t weak either. They can even fight elemental lifeforms. As long as you can find the right genes and complement each other, you won’t be weaker than elemental lifeforms of the same level.

The elemental youngster named al didn’t refute.

This was indeed the case.

Their genes were all elements and were too singular. There was no genetic compatibility ... Although it was very heaven-defying, if the four genes of a flesh life form were perfectly matched, each of them was also very heaven-defying. They could indeed fight and even win.

“But that’s too rare! It’s extremely rare for a normal bloodline being to cultivate multiple heaven-defying Bloodline Systems at the same time.” A ‘er said fiercely.

Xu Zhi was speechless. This elemental young man seemed to know quite a bit about these things. It seemed that he was familiar with the history of the ancient civilization. He said with a faint smile, ” could it be that the probability of finding all four elemental genes, breaking through to level nine, and regaining the glory of my ancestors is higher than this? ”

“I ...”

All of a sudden, he completely stopped.

It could be said that their ancestors were extremely lucky to have survived the primitive accumulation and found the other three elemental civilizations. The probability of them forming was also not high ...

There was no difference between the two.

Even if they could go out, they would have to find new bloodlines of the three elements and set sail again, which was a very low probability of success.

It was no less difficult than finding three extremely heaven-defying bloodline genes.

that’s right, ” young man Ji smiled and said, ” having a body of flesh and blood means that we can fuse all the genes of a living being with flesh and blood ... We’ve lost the characteristics of a pure elemental life form, but we now have the ability to fuse our genes into our flesh and blood, as well as the abilities of our elemental genes. We have more choices.”

Al’s heart skipped a beat.

The survivors around them looked at each other, and a glimmer of hope flashed across their old and desperate faces.

In the beginning, they felt that their race had lost the glory of their ancestors and their two most heaven-defying talents. They had become an ordinary race.

His clan had been crippled and was walking towards mediocrity ...

However, this was the last resort. He could only accept the cruel reality. But now that he thought about it, perhaps it was not cruel. The present was a good choice. A new future? Unlimited possibilities?

Yueshen Ji turned around and walked past the stubborn young man.

He looked at the bustling and desperate elemental remnants in the entire cave and said lightly, ” stubbornly guarding the glory and carrying a heavy burden is the stupidest. The path is one’s own. Sticking to the past is the stupidest ...

Why pursue the glory of the ancient ancestors? Step on the path that belongs to us. In the future, we will naturally be on the same level as him! The future generations will reach the end of the great path for the second time!”

As soon as he said that, the eyes of all the despairing and dispirited elemental life forms in the tomb burst with bright hope.

He had reached the end of the great Dao for the second time!

“Can we have that dream again?” The elemental leader suddenly became muddleheaded, and he was full of longing as he recalled his youth.

Back then, wasn’t he the same as this thorn-like al in front of him? They were fighting for their own race.

However, as he continued to struggle and go out to explore the ruins, he gradually understood that his ridiculous dream and reality were so cruel. When he returned to the tomb of his race and saw the old leader of his race, he would never forget the words he said before he died:

I don’t have any more chances ... ‘Our glory has been completely lost ...’ This was the world of adult elemental creatures ... I don’t have dreams.”

Recalling the past, the leader suddenly fell silent and whimpered, ” “Can we still have dreams?”

that’s natural. The door of dreams has always been opened for everyone who is eager to chase their dreams. The young man smiled warmly.


Their dispirited eyes were completely lit up with hope.

that’s right, that’s all the gossip. I still hope that you can build hope and not continue to be dispirited ... I’m here to know if there’s any way to isolate the spatial turbulence and build a teleportation formation.” Yueshen Ji said with a smile.

“Yes, of course I do ...”

although we are extremely weak and don’t have the suitable genes to fuse with and cultivate to become high-level experts, ” the elemental leader said hurriedly, ” we can request our Guardian, akatz, to separate a stable space for teleportation and build a space teleportation formation.

“That’s good.” Xu Zhi laughed.

then we’ll immediately ask for instructions and contact The Guardian. They were very excited, and the group of elemental creatures were shocked. The other party told them that they had dreams and that they had to believe in their dreams ...

Indeed, they should not be in despair. There was still hope for their civilization!

Now, there was no need to defend to the death. If they could rise again in another way and civilization, that would truly be the glory of reviving their ancestors, and that was what their ancestors wanted to see!

“We still have hope!”

The leader looked at the survivors around him, waved his fist, and shouted excitedly, ” over the years, many powerful cultivators have fallen in the ruins. We’ve been collecting their flesh and blood, their powerful genes ... We might be able to get a lot of powerful genes and bloodlines, which will give us a good starting point!”

The surrounding survivors were all excited.

Generations after generations, they had tried to collect the remains of those experts, hoping to merge them into their bloodline. However, they couldn’t do it ... But now, they could rise!

“Leader, you’re too wise!” Al Said excitedly.

The leader was also very excited. isn’t that? ‘When I was young, I was just like you. I was full of hope and drive. I went to ruins everywhere to look for rank-9 cultivators who were killed by The Guardian gods ...’ After that, I became dispirited and felt that I was doing useless things. Now, my savings have actually come in handy!”

Al Said excitedly, ” those who can become Daoists will have good genes. We have collected a lot. We can combine them into a heaven-defying gene!

“Hahahaha, that’s how it is.”

The elemental leader laughed. it’s not just us. Some of the remnant tribes in the other tombs are also like us. Let’s go and contact the other tribes. We’ll take all the genes of the fallen warriors they’ve collected over the past 100000 years!

open the treasure vault and offer all the remains of the cultivators we’ve accumulated to that existence. There’s hope for the rise of our elemental race!

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