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Nurturing Humanity

Chapter 1007

1007 Civilization’s glory and conversation (2 in 1)

The deeper The Crystal Maze went, the more complicated it became.

The entire white short star was like a huge diamond honeycomb. Every grid was once a prosperous town or village. Some of them had been excavated long ago, while some still had relatively intact relics.

At that moment, Xu Zhi had inherited his bloodline, and the repulsive pressure was instantly dispelled. All he had to resist was the increasingly thick elemental ocean and the electromagnetic storm.

They went deeper.

“The ruins are becoming more and more complete ... It was already very difficult for an ordinary rank-9 to reach this place ... I have to say, the civilization mechanism of the elemental creatures is very good at protecting their ruins.”

The elemental guardians of these tombs were born on the corpses of the tombs.

Although it didn’t have much intelligence and wisdom, it was like an elemental creature and had an endless source of power. You couldn’t defeat it at all. Instead, it could exhaust you to death!

Xu Zhi was in a Crystal City, looking at a tomb.

even if your physical strength is amazing and you’re fighting with The Guardian of this city’s Cemetery, you’ll exhaust the other party’s energy to death and make the other party vanish into thin air ...

‘You won’t be able to get anything either, because The Guardian God has already sucked the remains of the entire tomb-the elemental heart-dry and shattered ...’ The tomb is already empty.”

This was the disgusting yet perfect tomb-guarding mechanism.

It was like fighting someone who practiced the “nine revolutions mysterious art.” Even if you exhausted your opponent to death, you would find out that you wouldn’t get anything from the remains of your opponent. Instead, you would end up in a sorry state.

Therefore, in order to break through a tomb, one could not use brute force to fight the elemental Guardian God.

He could only resort to trickery, or rather, completely overpower the other party with his strength, and instantly launch an assassination, attacking the weakness of the other party’s Tomb Guardian and cutting off the other party’s energy source.

so, in this ancient site, a very rare scene appeared. Along the way, the tombs of all sizes are relatively well preserved. The burial items and corpses are all well preserved ...

They would only choose the weaker tombs to attack. If they did not have the ability to break through a Guardian God of the same level, they would not use brute force. Instead, I’m going to go deeper, search, and find the tombs of the relatively weaker elemental villages.”

Xu Zhi looked at the tombs of all sizes.

Some powerful and prosperous city cemeteries were not to be broken through. Most of the ancient elemental races would hide in the cemeteries and survive, forming a Cemetery civilization.

As for the existence of others, they might encounter the vestigial tribe living in the tomb that was broken through.

Xu Zhi walked all the way and finally stopped in his tracks. He looked at an extremely prosperous Super City, which could be said to be the largest town he had seen so far.

“This should be a pretty good ancient town. It should be very prosperous ... If the tomb is powerful and The Guardian is powerful, there should be a lot of elemental survivors living inside.” Xu Zhi stepped forward.


He led a group of newborn and young fellows and directly walked into the tomb.

The crystal tomb was extremely luxurious and sparkling.

There were transparent elemental creatures living in the caves, wandering around.

One of the strong and tall elemental creatures could not help but have a slight change in expression as he sensed something. other elemental creatures have come in. Didn’t I tell them not to enter? ” We’ve already filled up the rooms here.”

They didn’t suspect that an outsider had entered.

This was because the tomb’s elemental Guardian, akatz, did not react at all.

there’s no other way. Recently, there are more and more evil gravediggers outside ... More and more tombs were destroyed, and too many refugees were running around ...” On the side, a flame giant holding an elemental steel fork said, ” “I’ll go and take a look ...”

He had just taken a step.

However, a group of strange-looking creatures walked in.

The leader was actually a gentle-looking human youth. He was fifteen or sixteen years old and had a handsome appearance. He had red lips and white teeth. He wore a classic robe and looked like a sunny fairy tale youth who had walked out of the library.

“Enemies from the outside!”

“It’s a living person!”

The entire elemental cavern was in chaos.

Screams, wails, and whispers could be heard.

They were too weak and only had one gene. Which of the existences who could enter were not great Daoists who had transcended the laws of the universe? Breaking through the tutelary meant that they would die without a doubt.

“No... They’re giving off the same aura as us, they’re from the same race as us ...” At this moment, the tall elemental creature in the lead said, ” there’s no need to run. No matter what, if we really have to die, no one can escape.

Same race?

They stopped in their tracks.

The aura was the same, so there was no mistake about them being of the same race ...

However, why was his form so different from theirs?

Moreover, the creature in front of him was clearly an ordinary human-shaped life form with flesh and blood. How could it be of the same race as him?

“Who the hell are you!” The leader asked.

“Are you the leader of this race?” Xu Zhi smiled and looked at them.

“Yes, I am.” A strong elemental flame being walked out and said respectfully, ” “You, who are you, where are you from ... What kind of creature are you?”

“I’m ji ...” Xu Zhi smiled gently and said,’as for what kind of creature it is? Do you see the group of children behind me? This is the best explanation.”

Only then did they look at the group of creatures behind them.

They had the same aura as them, and their bodies were also shrouded in energy flames of various colors.

However, their eggshells were not crystals or diamonds, but a mass of flesh and blood!

“Their eggshells?”

“What is this?”

flesh and blood? how is that possible?!


These weak survivors were all dumbfounded. There were so many people in the cave that they started shouting noisily, without any organization or discipline.

The outside world liked to call the elemental crystal diamond that they lived in the elemental core. They preferred to call it the eggshell.

It was because they were like ‘egg’ animals.

Elemental creatures would lay eggs in the ” eggshell “.

Their young elemental bodies had to be born in the ” eggshells “, grow up, and live on the eggshells until they became gods. Only then would they break out of the eggshells and be able to truly leave the eggshells.

However, most of the elemental creatures would still keep their eggshells after they grew up. They had a high degree of compatibility and would be used as a container to store energy inside, following them as a magic weapon for the rest of their lives.

In their battles, as long as they could store enough energy, they would have an unlimited supply, and the container they used to store energy was the ” eggshell.

how can your eggshells be a lump of flesh and blood ... Doesn’t that mean that you can’t leave your eggshells for the rest of your lives? aren’t you half flesh and blood creatures?” The leading elemental leader was confused and terrified.


A word appeared in their minds.

After all, the elemental civilization had existed for far too long.

Especially after their decline, they had lived in the ruins for countless years. Perhaps. in order to survive, one of the branches of their clan had undergone some unimaginable mutation. It was not impossible for them to become part of. living being with flesh and blood.

This was because the other party also had the inherited memories of their clan. They were of the same clan, and they had the same ancestor. This was without a doubt.

we’re related by blood. Naturally, we’re related by blood ...

Ji smiled gently. it’s just that I’ve been away from this clan for too long. I’ve been wandering in the outside world for countless years ... I didn’t expect that you would still be in such a miserable state after your rare return. It’s truly lamentable.”

“You are all traitors! Betraying the glory of our race! They’re no longer pure elemental beings like us.”

At this moment, a young elemental creature beside them roared, ” you have flesh and blood, which means ... You will never be able to escape your own eggshells!

All of you will have to leave behind this blood and flesh flaw that symbolizes humiliation for the rest of your lives!

You guys are no longer immune to physical attacks!

Now that you have a physical body, you’ll suffer physical attacks. That piece of core is your fatal weakness!”


Xu Zhi looked at the young elemental creature.

“Al!” The leader’s face darkened. stop talking.

“All of you are already crippled!”

The elemental creature named al was still roaring angrily. He shouted with all his might and cursed, ” at the same time, you’ve gained flesh and blood. You no longer possess the nature-defying characteristic of us elemental creatures-unlimited energy conversion. You’re no different from ordinary flesh and blood creatures. Your physical strength is limited ...

All of you have become despicable and lowly! It was no different from ordinary flesh and blood ... In fact, you’re even weaker than ordinary living beings with flesh and blood!”

The teenager roared and cried at the same time. Elemental tears kept flowing down. wuwuwu, you’re so despicable. You don’t have any faith at all. You’ve lost the glory of our ancestors ...

“Hold him down! Hold that bastard down!”

On the side, the elemental leader of the settlement was completely enraged.

“You little brat, it’s fine if you usually cause trouble!”

you’re still spouting nonsense!?

“You’re looking for a beating!”

In an instant, a few elementals grabbed his eggshell crystal, pressed him down, and dragged him out.

“. ‘m sorry ...”

The elemental leader looked nervous. that fellow has always been a thorn in our camp.

“I’m fine.” Xu Zhi watched quietly as the elemental boy was dragged away into the cave and locked up. he’s right. He’s a very smart little guy ... A half-elemental creature has already lost all the advantages of being an elemental being, such as physical immunity and the ability to convert unlimited energy ...”

That was the truth.

In the beginning, the half-elemental creatures represented by the phoenixes did not have the nature-defying characteristics of pure elemental creatures.

He had a flesh core?

Then, there must be a flaw in the material theory.

He had lost the powerful advantage of elemental creatures and their strong physical immunity.

He had a flesh core?

It had to go through the process of absorbing elements, flesh, and energy ... This way, he would lose the infinite energy conversion rate that he could achieve in one step.

He had lost the second advantage of elemental creatures: Infinite energy conversion.

Pure elemental creatures and half elemental creatures might seem to be only one word apart, but they were two completely different species. They did not possess the two heaven-defying advantages of elemental creatures!

“May I ask, what realm are you at now?”

The elemental leader was very excited.

The elemental remnants beside him were also extremely excited, as if they had grasped onto a life-saving straw!

They also knew that turning into flesh and blood would mean losing their glory.

They would also lose their most powerful bloodline extraordinary system characteristics and fall into the hands of an extremely ordinary race in the universe!

Their most powerful physical immunity and energy conversion characteristics would be lost, but now, in the face of life and death, they could not care less ...

Even if they were to be reduced to a mediocre and weak extraordinary race in the ordinary universe, it would be better than waiting for death slowly and completely!

And they would no longer have the chance to rise like their ancestors.

How did their ancestors rise to power?

Their elemental ancestors were naturally genes. In the beginning, they couldn’t find any genes to fuse with. After all, experts had to continuously fuse their genes. Only with three genes could they become gods.

Therefore, the ancestors of the elemental race at that time were unable to become extraordinary. They first took the path of Science and Technology, developed spaceships, and traveled to various places, white dwarves, and planets with high electromagnetism, in search of similar cosmic elemental life forms like themselves.

He was also very lucky.

Generation after generation, after hundreds of thousands of years, they finally found the first batch of elemental life forms. It took them another hundreds of thousands of years to reach the second type of elemental life forms ...

After all, the number of elemental lifeforms was too small!

Life forms made of carbon-based flesh and blood were the easiest to form. After all, carbon-based was a very common substance that made up 98% of life forms.

0.01% was slightly lower.

Their rise was built on the hard work of generations of their people and millions of years. They were also very lucky to avoid countless disasters because they lived on the white dwarf and lived in hiding. Ordinary civilizations would not come to such a dangerous place ...

Countless years later, they found a fourth elemental civilization.

At that time, he would rise completely!

Four genes meant that he could break through to the ninth-tier of the elemental realm.

Their advantage completely exploded out. They belonged to the late-stage transcendent system and were incomparably heaven-defying and powerful. They accumulated the hard work of countless generations and transformed into Dragons. Their terrifying heaven-defying battle prowess swept through everything and headed towards their peak.

In the end, they had stepped into a level ten civilization ...

To reach the ultimate realm of the universe, the end of the great Dao!

In the later stages, they even continued to collect elemental civilizations, and there were a total of seven.

This was the history of their development. However, at this time, they could no longer rise like their ancestors.

Although they were survivors in the ruins and had struggled for decades in the tombs, this place was also a cage. There was no chance for them to go outside and regrow ...

There was a group of Daoist cultivators guarding outside the ruins, trapping them to death.

He no longer had the chance ...

‘Our glory has been completely lost ...’

The extraordinary elemental Empire was already finished!

They looked at each other. The feeling of their Faith in Glory collapsing was very desperate.

Especially now, seeing his own kind fall to such an extent, reduced to ordinary flesh and blood creatures in order to survive ... They had lost their strongest characteristics.

That was equivalent to cutting off the faith of civilization! He had abandoned the faith of his race! They felt the same sorrow and despair as the young man, al ...

However, they could not show it.

This was because the new race in front of them was for the continuation of their race.

ah, that fellow, ARL, doesn’t know at all. We really have no other way ... The leader sighed. If it was possible, who would give up the characteristics of their own race?

He had given up his dream!

He had to accept the cruel reality!

Al, this was the world of adult elemental creatures.

there are no dreams in the world of adult elemental creatures. The leader looked at the struggling youth in the cage and sighed, as if he had aged another ten years.

“Don’t lock that little fellow up. Let him come out and see what he has to say ...” Xu Zhi said with a faint smile.

“But ...”

“He’s too young, too idealistic ...” The elemental leader hesitated and mumbled.

“Don’t worry, let him out. He wants to talk to me about dreams, so I’ll talk to him about dreams.”

Soon, the young man was released. He looked at the mysterious ‘Ji’ in front of him with hatred.

“Everything is balanced ... Elemental life forms are powerful, but they have lost too much and are too singular. They can not be considered truly powerful.” Xu Zhi laughed.

Our elemental race isn’t considered to be truly powerful?

As soon as he said that, all the elemental creatures had an inexplicable look on their faces.

He looked at the race in front of him, which had started off with a good impression, but gradually turned into a trace of hatred.’So you’ve abandoned our heaven-defying talents and reduced to such ordinary, weak flesh and blood life forms. Are you really strong?’

This was too laughable.

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